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Preview: "YO-YO" in Paradise... Costa Rica

"YO-YO" in Paradise... Costa Rica

"YO-YO" in Paradise is my acronym for "You're On Your Own". This is not a site for tourist info on Costa Rica. It's just some Tales and Tattles of my experiences, observations, and the ups and downs of every day living by the Pacific Coast in Costa Rica.

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United Costa Rica


Nothing brings a country like Costa Rica together better  than it's SOCCER TEAM!! Congratulations! Watch video of the defining moment here:



This is what you hear after the destruction of Tropical Storm Nate, "No hay luz y agua". Thursday, in the middle of the night, many were awakened with gusting winds and rushing waters from the swelling rivers. Torrential rains ensued.  For many of the good folks of Costa Rica, the passing of Tropical Storm Nate has been tragic and life altering. I am reluctantly posting photos of the misfortune

2017 and Counting


What a Long Strange Trip It's Been Good to see some of you are still here.I discovered something this morning during one of our seasonal *monsoon rains*... it's about animal totems and their meanings.  It's not new, just a rediscovery.    Enjoy the story and others by Eric Labacz's website and Animal Totems:http://

The Deactivation Facebook Challenge


  Yes, I'm back! I took my own challenge to stay off Facebook for awhile and see if I have a life and friends in it! I realized that my blog has totally gone to the wayside since Facebook came into existence. For shame. But it happened and it was easy to fall into the rut of logging onto FB and making a quick update. LAZY!! So, at the prompting of my dogs, I have opted OUT of FB to dog walk

HELLO?? 6.6 and counting......


Maybe we should start getting nervous a little. If you look back in May, which I didn't report not one earthquake, we had loads of activity. About yesterday's rumblings, this is what the institute has to say about the two earthquakes yesterday: "According to USGS event 06:45 pm was M = 6. 2 and P = 9 7 km event 09:15 pm was M = 6. 4 and P = 5 9 km according to EMSC event 06:45 pm was M =

Day One - Month of June opens with some Shakin'


Yes Ma'am!! The first day of June comes with a whole lotta shakin' goin' on!!! Three 3.7 earthquakes occurred at three separate times in this area. The explanation given by the Earthquake Engineering Laboratory yesterday - "The earthquakes are related to the subduction process. The first and third occur at great depth the second not. For that reason, there is no relationship between them

If it weren't for Earthquakes...


guess there'd be no posts at all! Yes, we had another one, well actually, we had TWO! One at midnight and we were the center of that one and another 3.4 mag. early in the morning around 4ish. Didn't even disturb me or my dogs. I so much prefer a bunch a little ones instead of THE BIG ONE.Go here - and check it out.Otherwise, blue skies, nice waves,

Use to It


Guess I've gotten use to it... some say it was a 6.1. Happened 4:00 a.m. this morning. EARTHQUAKE INFO HEREDidn't even phase my dogs...., they use to bark!! I slept through it.Now that I have discovered how to sign back onto my blog... maybe I'll be back blogging again. Maybe it will take another earthquake.On a sad note, Goodbye to Whitney Houston, she died day before yesterday, the day

Just "Get Use to It!"


Link to earthquake in Costa Rica yesterday.... Earthquakes were something I had NEVER experienced before ~ coming from S. W. Florida. The ground literally shifting under your feet, it is an alarming and disorienting feeling. The first earthquake I experienced was "cool". After I saw all the damage in the neighboring

Turtle Egg Rescue


I've always wondered what was so exciting about digging up turtle eggs,,, well I found out today. I saw a HUGE turtle on the beach today laying her eggs. I was drawn to the spot because of all the vultures circling overhead. Of course, I didn't have my camera so I went home, got it, called a friend to help and grabbed a few buckets and gloves. I have to admit, I did not want to interfere

Recovering Mia


Remember me? Remember Mia and Armel, well it's been a long road to hold for Miss Mia these last few months. That's partly why I fell out of blogging. I was busy with taking care of Mia for awhile there and taking care of walking my own dogs, too. Mia got real use to seeing my dogs everyday when they were in training with Armel. When we stopped the lessons, Mia continued to come to my house,

Update - Delusional Illusions


This photo was taken on Week One. Armel was training Max with his dog, Mia so I had to use a telephoto so Max would not know I was there. At this stage of the training, Max would become aggressive to Mia when I was present. Now, it's all different. We can walk as a pack and they allow Mia on their property.Just wanted to give you an update on my dog situation. Momma Brindy passed away in

Iggy Guana


This is my (not so) new pet, Iggy Guana. Iggy loves to lay out in the sun all day. Special attention is given to the tanning of the legs......The frogs took off during the rainy season and they had served their purpose.... to desensitize my dogs to them. Toad frogs secrete this milky substance on the base of their head that can kill a dog. Word has it that dogs know they can get high by just

Playa Hermosa


Ever feel like this?I just love this photo of 'the tree' at Hermosa Beach. Gearing up to take more surf shots (waves willing).This is Jason (from Las Olas) making some small waves look fun with his new (for him) board. Go Jason!Check over to the left and you will see a tide chart I just added. I have grand plans to take more surf shots.....

First Valentine (reprint)


My Dad always made sure I had a good Valentine's Day by sending cards, gifts and MONEY. He was great about making me feel "Special".I was probably in 9th grade when I had my first "real" Valentine. The doorbell rang at the front door (the door no one ever used) and I ran to go run off the Jehovah Witness people. There standing at the door was long, tall Jimmy Long and he handed me a heart-shaped

Pura Vida - The Power of NOW


Somewhere, inbetween the sun going down and the moon rising, I found "NOW".I've been catching up on Eckert Tolle, reading his first book, The Power of Now. I can't help but reflect on Cesar Millan's teachings on dog behavior, how dogs live in the moment, the "now". And the Costa Rican way of Pura Vida... You can say it but to know it, you have to live it. Only NOW.Past Posts: Pura Vida What

1.11.11 Remember #1


Oscar gave me the best advice ever, "Remember #1". You have to take care of yourself to be of any service to others. Yesterday, I took care of numero uno.Yesterday, I became a permanent resident of Costa Rica. Trust me, it was not easy.I won't go into all the details or the expense of the whole ordeal and the time/energy involved, I'll just say that although I look the same, I feel different

Zapote - Run with the Bulls


I just happened to catch the last day of the rodeo on t.v. It is held every year in Costa Rica at this time of year in Zapote. It was hilarous to watch and somewhat alarming. Guys get out there and actually taunt the bull to chase them. No, they are not drunk as in years past. The police check and make sure they are NOT drunk and have no weapons on them. Also, they have to remove their



I just love it when the numbers are all the same on the date.HAPPY NEW YEAR YA'LL!!!Two lucky dogs adopted from the McKee Project, on their way to their new home on the beach in Esterillos. They don't know it yet but they have landed in Paradise with their new owners, Larry and Linda.If you would like to adopt a pet or support the spay and neuter program, please contact the McKee Project of

2010 El Zarpe


Friday Sunset, December 31, 2010'El Zarpe' means the last one and this is the last sunset of the year. Hope you are reflecting on a great year in 2010 and looking forward to an even better year in 2011.

Santa Gringos in Jaco


I saw this video and wanted to share it here with you. What a great thing these guys went out and did on their own AND made a video!! I publish it here to inspire me and others .......what just a couple of guys can do to make a difference!!

Take it to Heart


"Sunrise Sunday" 2008 post linkI have to stop and wonder, why does some news hit me so hard? I came to the conclusion that although it is terrible about the bicycle accident that happened recently in Jaco, it is not uncommon. Many people are killed in this country on bicycles, motocycles, and just walking down the road. For so many people, they have only bicycles for transportation and given

His name is Matt


Sometimes, there is something so tragic that happens,,, it takes your breath away and the weight on your chest is so heavy from your heart that you have to think to take a breath. That is how I have felt since I opened up an email on Sunday morning and read Tom's letter to me about his friend being struck by a car while he was riding a bicycle in Jaco. It was their last day here and they were

The Old Bridge in Parrita to Quepos


My friend, Marco, my "Ticopedia", works down in Parrita and provided me with these photos from his cell phone. The old bridge is now under the new bridge and the water lines running under the old bridge are broken. Parrita is a low area and they suffered severely from the rains. People say it's the worst in 60 years. Marco is o.k. but his place there was flooded with six feet of water. Some

Sunshine on a Cloudy Day


That's some lyrics from an old song by the Temptations. I sure miss not having my playlist on here. Yes, the sun finally came out yesterday and everyone flocked to the beach (those that could). Even in the darkest times, the light shines through. The clean-up efforts and collections for those who lost their homes are still in progress. Here are some photos from my beach yesterday.