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Preview: My road to the 2009 NYC Marathon

Training for the 2009 NYC Marathon

Updated: 2018-03-05T15:46:32.776-05:00




Sorry it took so long to write my race report, but sitting at the computer is not so leg friendly right now. Haha. And lots of thinking/emotions going through my head (all good though!!!). And trying to post this LONG report with photos, was no easy task. Thank God Beachy/hubby, knows what he's doing. I'm not the writer in the family, he is, but here goes:On Sunday, November 1st, I ran my first marathon, the NYC marathon, which runs through the 5 boroughs of NYC; from Staten Island, over the Verrazano Bridge, through Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and finally into Manhattan. I'm doing well, sore, but I'm a marathoner & actually thrilled with my 4:39:21 finish:)!! Wasn't the plan, but at one point didn't think I'd finish, and then was just hoping to come in before 5:30, so, to cross at 4:39:21 made my day.)!! My Hubby took this pic on train ride home!! I didn't blog about my last long run (before the marathon) on Saturday, October 17th, which was supposed to be a very slow 18miler. It turned into a 13.9 mile run because at mile 10 I tweaked my right calf. I tried to run through it (I thought it was a cramp, as I was running slowly & how could I pull something 2 weeks out from the marathon), but finally it got to the point where it hurt & I knew the run had to stop. In hindsight I should have stopped immediately when I felt it at 10 miles, but thought it was a cramp. After running NYC, I now know that during this last long run it was a pull/strain, not a cramp, because I now know what cramps feel like!! haha) I called my husband to pick me up (1st run in 22mths that I couldn't finish & that he had to pick me up). The only upside was training for NYC was complete. Race was in 2 weeks, and I was now in taper. Didn't realize my taper would mean no running at all for 14 days on account of injury, but I wanted to make sure the calf, specifically the soleus muscle, located between the Achilles & the calf would heal. I knew these 2 weeks didn't matter much, and I knew that as long as it healed, I would show up on race day, fresh and ready to go, instead of having tired legs. All went well, calf/soleus was getting stronger/healing by the day, and before I knew it, it was Friday before race day (Sunday), and I was taking the train into NYC to go to the Expo to pick up my Bib# and shirt. This was amazing. I trained for 22 months and when they placed that bib# in my hand I can't explain to you how happy/thrilled I was to run on Sunday. The journey I had worked so hard over the last 22 months was finally here. I was running NYC in 2 days!!! Saturday we drove to Staten Island to my brother’s place (he lives about a mile from where the marathon starts), had a great dinner (pasta with marinara sauce and chicken, with a 20 oz bottle of gatorade), were asleep by 9:30, and woke at 6am. Even got an extra hour of sleep due to daylight savings time, sweet. I woke feeling well rested, had my oatmeal and banana, and then we left for the start at 7:30. I packed a bagel with peanut butter & honey and a banana to have while waiting. Got to the race start around 7:45am, surprised it wasn't raining & the temps were pretty reasonable: windy and low 50’s I think. The day before, I hit a thrift shop and purchased sweat shirts and sweat pants to wear before the start & throw away. I looked pretty funny, as the clothes were extra large, but they kept me warm, and that’s all that mattered. Someone took a picture of us before the race. Here we are Me (with my white head band) in my extra-large pre-race gearAs a member of the Richmond Rockets Running Club, I had the opportunity to join the NYPD running club. They had a tent, so we hung out there till it was time to head over to the start. About an hour before the race I ate the bagel and about a half hour before I ate the banana. Drank plenty of Gatorade, water and coconut water, that when it was time to head over to the start, I felt ready!!! Plan was to run with my brother John, friends John B and John C, all training indicated that we could run together, and come in somewher[...]



Yesterday, I ran the Staten Island Half Marathon. I traveled the day before to my brother’s apt (like I did last year), as not to have to wake at the crack of dawn to drive the morning of the race. Haha, but still woke at 5:15 the morning of the race. But it was so nice not having to worry about driving, parking and so on. I ate a salt bagel with peanut butter and honey around 5:45am, with my standard coconut water to wash it down. Was planning to bring another salt bagel for the ride to the start, but forgot it. Oh well. We caught the 7:05 train up to the start, and then walked the half mile or so to the start. And it was cold. The sun was coming up, but the walk was in the shade. I didn’t bring pants, as I wanted to acclimate to the cooler temperatures for the race, but in hindsight that was a mistake. I was freezing, and didn’t really warm up until about mile 4-5. Oh well, live and learn. And my zenzah running arm/calf sleeves should be arriving this week. So can't wait!! Thankfully when we got there the porto-potties were basically empty. Did my thing and then joined up with my friends. My friend John, is a member of the Richmond Rockets running club. After listening to him talk about how great they are, I finally had the chance to meet them (though I had met Amy, Nancy and John C., at the Bronx Half Marathon back in February). They were all awesome. We stashed our bags in the ‘van’, and headed to the start.My goal for today was to beat 1:51:00. I ran this race last year in 1:57:36, and with my training this year I felt the 1:51:00 goal was doable. My friend Josh, felt I could do better than that, and gave me a plan that would have me crossing the finish at 1:47:11. I felt confident from training that I could do this, but I was concerned about a hill on the course at M8, so I ran the course a bit conservative, to make sure all went well at M8. I was able to really run that mile, and then kick it in for the second half, and really sprint to the finish. Knowing I had so much left at the end, makes me believe I could have run the race more solid/faster, but I am thrilled with my finish time. I crossed the finish at 1:49:05, I whole 8 minutes and 35 seconds faster than last year.I took a gel 10min before the start and again at mile 7. I rotated water and gatorade from mile 4 on, but then no fluids after mile 11.Here are my splits from last year, what Josh thought I could do, and what I did this year:2008: Josh’s plan: 2009 results:1:57:36 1:47:11 1:49:05M1 - 8:56 M1 - 8:50 M1 - 8:42M2 - 8:38 M2 - 8:50 M2 - 8:37M3 - 8:29 M3 - 8:50 M3 - 8:31M4 - 8:45 M4 - 8:10 M4 - 8:25M5 - 9:01 M5 - 8:10 M5 - 8:20M6 - 8:49 M6 - 8:10 M6 - 8:07M7 - 8:50 M7 - 8:10 M7 - 8:16M8 - 9:53 M8 - 8:10 M8 - 8:28M9 - 8:59 M9 - 8:10 M9 - 7:59M10 - 9:00 M10 - 8:10 M10 - 8:04M11 - 9:11 M11 - 7:45 M11 - 7:59M12 - 9:26 M12 - 7:45 M12 - 8:01M13 - 8:43 M13 - 7:45 M13 - 7:47.1 - :50(7:38pace) .1 - 7:45 .1-1:45 (6:49 pace).When I ran the race last year, I went out too fast, so when I hit the hill at M8, I was completely spent and died. I was able to bounce back and maintain 9’s or so to the end, but when I crossed the finish (because a runner next to me told me I’ve come too far to quit now), I had nothing left, and was completely exhausted. I truly believe if this runner didn't help me, I would not have finished.Ironically, I took the first 3 miles about the same this year as I did last year, I did run the next 4 miles a tad conservatively, compared to what Josh predicted, but that was because I was still concerned about the hill at M8 (I know Josh, I trained hard, and should have known/believed in the system, my bad), but I attacked the hill this year strongly, and was able to get the legs going to be more close to your predictions to the end (or I should say my mind, because my legs felt strong throughout). Guess I was concerned I’d crash and burn (when will that feeling ever not be there? I do believe and trust in the system, or at least I think I do. Because based on todays results, that belief didn't show up t[...]



Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted to my blog (sorry!!!). The good news is training is going well, and I am right on schedule for finishing NYC with a pretty good competitive time. The downside is I missed a few workouts a couple of weeks ago, but all is fine, I’m HEALTHY and that is all that matters!!!! Back on 9/10, at my yearly mammogram, they discovered another lump on my right breast. I went back on 9/16, for a needle biopsy which eventually revealed the lump was benign, thankfully!! My mom is a 1x survivor, so for years I have been getting checked yearly, and now every six months, so, though it was alarming, I took comfort in the fact that if it was something, they caught it early, and it would be dealt with. Though, at times, to convince my brain of this was hard. Hence, not having the strength sometimes to get out the door and complete a run. (It’s amazing the mind games your head plays at times) I never missed a long run, but getting out the door during that week, wasn’t always easy. So, I could have done without this drama before my favorite race of all time, the Cow Harbor 10K. Up until all of this happened, I hadn’t missed a run, and was feeling really strong. With the missed runs, not having my head in the game, and the needle biopsy, though I had built a huge base/strength in my training, I felt I wasn’t quite prepared for the 10K when the date approached.The good news is I did run the Cow Harbor 10K race on September 26th, and raced to a new PR. Last years PR for this course was 52:41 (prior was 1:01:30), and with my marathon training, I believed I could break 50:00 this year. I crossed the finish line at 47:44 (7:41 overall pace), crushing last years time, shaving off 4minutes and 57seconds. To say the least I was thrilled with my time!! Woo Hoo!! And the best part is my head is definitely back in the game!!!!!What else has been happening? I’ve run one 16 miler, one 17 miler, two 18 milers, a 19 miler and this past weekend I ran 21.4 miles over the George Washington Bridge, and up the hilly Palisades and back. This run was fantastic. Though I was a little disappointed, as it was supposed to be a 23 mile run, and I wanted that distance under my belt. But the group I was running with decided, due to the weather (it never did rain, but the skies were threatening rain storms), and in order to add the extra 2 miles to the Palisades course, I was told you have to run on the busy 9W highway that doesn’t have a guardrail separating the cars from the runners. I conceded to the group’s decision and plugged away at the 21.4 course at hand. I took the 1st half (10.7miles) very conservatively, and ran it in 1:44:32 (overall pace of 9:46), and then really pushed the 2nd half and finished in 1:32:33 (overall pace of 8:38). The best part is I ran the last 3 miles at a consistent 8:30 pace and felt when I finished that I could have kept going for more miles. I still would have liked to have run 23, but I learned that I could have done it if it was the mission of the day.I took a gel 5 minutes before the run, and then again at M7, M12, M17 and M20. I drank Gatorade Endurance every other mile after mile 4. I also took 2 Endurolyte capsules before my run, and then every hour during my run. I still have not trained with water. Not sure why, maybe cause I don’t have the room to carry it, but during this run, I was thinking I should have run the first half with water, and then the 2nd half rotating water and Gatorade Endurance. Which is the plan I have for the NYC marathon, as the fluids will be on the course, and I don’t have to carry it. Not sure why I felt I should have run with water, except when the run was over, all I wanted was water. Could I have had too much salt/endurolytes in me?? Wondering if anyone out there has thoughts to share on this????But, I am very pleased with my solid run. No pain, no cramps, stuck to the schedule and finished. I was told that if you run this hilly Palisades course in a decent time, that the NYC marat[...]



Plan for today was 18 Miles:
3 @9:00
12 @8:30
3 @8:10 or faster

Brought 32oz of gatorade fuel belt & carried 20oz of gatorade w Nuun (I know, a big no no, but didn't have time to place it on the course). Didn't get on road til 10:35. Temp said 73F and 43% humidity. Just perfect conditions for a long run. Ok, a tad hot at times, but loved NOT running in humidity.

Before the run I had 1/2 an egg & cheese sandwich & a banana, and coconut water. About 20min before the run I took a Gel. I took fluids and gel at the times you told me too. Btw, by the end I wanted to puke from injesting that 4th gel. Was really hard to get that one down. HAHA

Legs felt strong throughout, but as you'll see, I didn't hit your recommended paces. I didn't get great sleep last nite. Kids woke me again. GRRR.... So my plan for today was just get in a grove and FINISH under a 9min pace (wanted to beat last weeks 16mile avg pace of 9:05) So, tho I didn't hit the faster paces, I'm thrilled with the overall time I finished in, as I've never run 18miles before:)!! and I broke the 9min avg pace I wanted to:)!!

18 miles in 2:40:38 (avg pace 8:55) Avg HR 148 Cardiac Drift: 163

Garmin showed these as my splits:
M1-9:00 Avg HR 144 Cardiac Drift: 154
M2-9:03 Avg HR 149 Cardiac Drift: 157
M3-8:53 Avg HR 147 Cardiac Drift: 153
M4-8:59 Avg HR 152 Cardiac Drift: 163
M5-8:44 Avg HR 151 Cardiac Drift: 160
M6-8:50 Avg HR 151 Cardiac Drift: 157
M7-8:47 Avg HR 151 Cardiac Drift: 155
M8-8:49 Avg HR 152 Cardiac Drift: 157
M9-9:01 Avg HR 152 Cardiac Drift: 156
M10-9:02 Avg HR 148 Cardiac Drift: 151
M11-8:59 Avg HR 149 Cardiac Drift: 155
M12-9:01 Avg HR 147 Cardiac Drift: 153
M13-8:58 Avg HR 149 Cardiac Drift: 154
M14-9:03 Avg HR 147 Cardiac Drift: 153
M15-8:56 Avg HR 147 Cardiac Drift: 153
M16-8:50 Avg HR 145 Cardiac Drift: 152
M17-8:52 Avg HR 149 Cardiac Drift: 156
M18-8:51 Avg HR 148 Cardiac Drift: 156



Today's Plan:
Tempo Run- Your mission ... Round 2: complete this 6 miles in under 51-minutes!

Well, I didn't hit under 51:00, but I did better than last weeks Round 1 (51:49) Hahaha, granted I only beat it by 8 seconds, but I'll take it!! It was hot as hell out there today, Temp said 80% w 72% humidity.

45 min before the run I ate 1/2 an egg & cheese sandwich, with coconut water, and then 15 min before the run, I took a Gel.

Legs felt heavy again for the first few miles, but then opened up. I'm pleased with this run because when I wanted to push the last 2 miles, my legs responded. FINALLY, and by the last mile I was sprinting for darn close to the whole mile. Woo Hoo:)!! So, I'd say in this heat/humidity, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED:)!!

6 miles in 51:41 (avg pace 8:36 ) Avg HR 151 Cardiac Drift: 168

M1-8:53 Avg HR 145 Cardiac Drift: 153
M2-8:55 Avg HR 152 Cardiac Drift: 157
M3-8:41 Avg HR 151 Cardiac Drift: 154
M4-8:55 Avg HR 150 Cardiac Drift: 155
M5-8:32 Avg HR 153 Cardiac Drift: 160
M6-7:45 Avg HR 161 Cardiac Drift: 168

My HR avg/max for M5 was 153/160 My HR avg/max for M6 was 161/168
Finally, I pushed at the end and my legs responded. Haha, Josh, I heard you whispering in my ear, push, push, push:)!!



Plan: 6 miles @ Maintenance & Recovery

Legs felt OK, not great in the beginning, kind of like clearing out the cob webs, but by mile 3 things were all good and overall great run. Nothing hurt, just heavy.

6 miles in 1:00:52 (avg pace 10:08) Avg HR 129 Cardiac Drift: 147
M1-10:21 Avg HR 120 Cardiac Drift: 138
M2-10:02 Avg HR 130 Cardiac Drift: 140
M3-10:04 Avg HR 130 Cardiac Drift: 140
M4-10:02 Avg HR 133 Cardiac Drift: 147
M5-10:18(up a hill) Avg HR 131 Cardiac Drift: 143
M6-10:05 Avg HR 129 Cardiac Drift: 140



My youngest woke with pinkeye, and a subsequent doctor's visit revealed she had a double ear infection on top of the pinkeye, hence no camp, and no babysitter, so my run had to wait til hubby got home. No biggie, kids always come first!

So after hubby got home and I got everyone fed, I hit the road. 7PM, and hot but the sun was already going down, so instead of doing this workout at the track I chose to do it by the pond route over the bridge. It was delightful running at this hour. Never ran at dusk before. Got lots of funny looks, as I repeated this workout over and over the bridge 8 times LOL But legs felt strong and I nailed it!! All my sets were at 7:45 or faster!!! I also wore my fuel belt as it was hot and I didn't want to have to deal with stopping to get my fluids. I believe I drank after the 2 mile w/u, then after the 3, 5, 7th sets, then after the 2mile c/d. and then pounded the remaining gatorade. In all drank 32oz.

Oh yeah, because I was tired, and was running late, at 5:30 after my kids karate class, I had a cup of coffee (I know, a no no before a run, but I was exhausted), and I had a peanut butter on whole wheat bagel with honey. This was about 1 & 1/2 hours before my run. No issues at all during the run.

Today's plan:
2-Mile w/u
8 x 3-minutes @ 7:45/pace w/ 2-minute jogging recovery
2-Mile c/d

8.69 miles in 1:18:55 avg pace 9:05 HR avg 149; Cardiac Drift: 169

Here is the info that uploaded to my computer when I got home:

2.01 Mile w/u- time 20:12 avg pace 10:02 (6.0-7.0mph) (HR avg139; Cardiac Drift: 156)

.39M - 3:00 avg pace 7:45 (7.7-8.9mph) (HR avg159; Cardiac Drift: 163)
.18M - 2:00 avg pace 10:56 (5.5-8.3mph) (HR avg146; Cardiac Drift: 160)

.39M - 3:00 avg pace 7:45 (7.7-9.8mph) (HR avg154; Cardiac Drift: 159)
.20M - 2:00 avg pace 9:53 (6.1-8.7mph) (HR avg150; Cardiac Drift: 159)

.39M - 3:00 avg pace 7:41 (7.8-9.9mph) (HR avg159; Cardiac Drift: 167)
.18M - 2:00 avg pace 10:53 (5.5-7.3mph) (HR avg150; Cardiac Drift: 161)

.39M - 3:00 avg pace 7:45 (7.7-9.7mph) (HR avg157; Cardiac Drift: 160)
.20M - 2:00 avg pace 9:52 (6.1-7.9mph) (HR avg154; Cardiac Drift: 164)

.39M - 3:00 avg pace 7:40 (7.8-8.6mph) (HR avg160; Cardiac Drift: 165)
.19M - 2:00 avg pace 10:46 (5.6-7.9mph) (HR avg153; Cardiac Drift: 164)

.40M - 3:00 avg pace 7:30 (8.0-11.4mph) (HR avg160; Cardiac Drift: 163)
.20M - 2:00 avg pace 10:03 (6.0-7.1mph) (HR avg148; Cardiac Drift: 159)

.39M - 3:00 avg pace 7:45 (7.7-8.7mph) (HR avg159; Cardiac Drift: 163)
.19M - 2:00 avg pace 10:47 (5.6-7.7mph) (HR avg149; Cardiac Drift: 160)

.40M - 3:00 avg pace 7:25 (8.3-9.7mph) (HR avg160; Cardiac Drift: 163)
.20M - 2:00 avg pace 10:01 (6.0-8.4mph) (HR avg148; Cardiac Drift: 159)

Then 2 mile cooldown 18:43 avg pace 9:20 (6.4-7.4mph) (HR avg148; Cardiac Drift: 155)



Week #12 finished.

Overall, my legs feel good. Heavy at times, but strong.

Weekly Recap: 7/27/09 - 8/2/09

Mon- 5.6 miles - 2m w/u, 6 hill sprints w jog recovery, & 2m c/d
Tues - 8 miles easy @9:28 avg pace
Wed - 6 mile Tempo run @8:38 avg pace
Thurs - rest day
Fri - 16 mile progression long run @9:05 avg pace
Sat - 6 mile recovery run @10:05 avg pace
Sun - Rest day

Total miles for Week #12 = 41.60

Total weekly mileage Week #12 = 41.60



Plan: Recovery Run (9:30 Min/Mile) **NO PACE/RELAX**

Great run with my hubby around the pond. Ran the first 5 miles with him, & the last mile on my own. Legs felt VERY heavy for the 1st 3 miles, but then opened up after that. Hot, but not that bad. Drank Gatorade at miles 3 & 6. Had my coconut water, wwbagel w peanut butter & honey, about 45 min before the run.

6 miles in 1:00:30 (avg pace 10:05) AVG HR 135 Cardiac Drift: 148

Garmin showed splits as:

M1-10:18 AVG HR 130 Cardiac Drift: 146
M2-10:16 AVG HR 138 Cardiac Drift: 148
M3-10:08 AVG HR 132 Cardiac Drift: 142
M4-10:15 AVG HR 135 Cardiac Drift: 143
M5-10:05 AVG HR 135 Cardiac Drift: 147
M6- 9:28 AVG HR 138 Cardiac Drift: 147

Felt great to up the speed for the last mile. Legs feel good, no ill affects from yesterdays 16 mile long run in the heat/humidity. Woo Hoo:)!! Enjoyed Coconut Water right after the run, and then had my COFFEE:)!!



then 3 No slower than 8:10

Legs felt good today, I was ready for this run!! But man the 97% humidity sucked big time!! But got it done, it's over, ready for my next run!! I ate oatmeal/banana, and had my coconut water about 45 before the run. & 30min before the run, I downed a gel. During the run I drank gatorade at miles 3, 5, 7w/gel, 9, 11, 12w/gel, 13 and then rotated water/gatorade for miles 14,15&16. Ok, truth be told, I am SO glad this run is over. Ouch, it hurt, but a different hurt than before.

16 miles in 2:25:26 (avg pace 9:05) Avg HR 149 Cardiac Drift: 178

Garmin showed these as my splits:
M1-9:12 Avg HR 152 Cardiac Drift: 152
M2-9:19 Avg HR 146 Cardiac Drift: 178
M3-9:23 Avg HR 152 Cardiac Drift: 169
M4-8:57 Avg HR 153 Cardiac Drift: 161
M5-8:40 Avg HR 154 Cardiac Drift: 158
M6-8:45 Avg HR 150 Cardiac Drift: 158
M7-8:59 Avg HR 145 Cardiac Drift: 156
M8-9:02 Avg HR 144 Cardiac Drift: 152
M9-9:32 Avg HR 147 Cardiac Drift: 148
M10-8:58 Avg HR 150 Cardiac Drift: 162
M11-9:08 Avg HR 150 Cardiac Drift: 155
M12-9:18 Avg HR 148 Cardiac Drift: 156
M13-8:54 Avg HR 153 Cardiac Drift: 155
M14-9:07 Avg HR 148 Cardiac Drift: 156
M15-9:22 Avg HR 151 Cardiac Drift: 155
M16-8:50 Avg HR 149 Cardiac Drift: 156



Todays plan: Finish 6 miles in under 51:00

Well, it was as thick as pea soup out there today. Temp said 78F w 97% humidity. YUCK, but I got out there as soon as I dropped kids off at camp/school. I decided to run the Cow Harbor 10K course, but just leave out the last .2, since I knew this course like the back of my hand, and would know when to push, etc.

Legs felt good, but a little tight, but they loosend by the end of the 1st mile. I took the 1st mile a little slower than usual as it's downhill, and I knew the humidity would suck me dry by the end (M1-8:01). I attacked the 2nd mile (James St), and was very pleased, did it faster than past runs (M2-9:02), and then opened up for miles 3 & 4 (M3-8:40 M4-8:31, legs still felt strong, and then going up Waterside, I could feel the legs getting heavy. Still pushed, but legs didn't want to go. M5-8:45. I was sprinting/pushing in my head, but I think the humidity finally got to me by mile6. @mile 6.5 I got the worst stitch in my rib cage ever. I almost stopped/quit (but that's not in my nature, I downed some Nuun and worked thru it), and finished M6 in 8:50. Good run over all!! I didn't hit my under 51:00 mark, but I came damn close and in this humidity, I say this run was a HUGE success!!!

I wore the fuel belt, and filled the 4 8oz bottles with Nuun. I drank at miles 2, 4 & 6 and then finished all the Nuun at the end of the run. I was completely soaked by the end of the run, and hurt, but jumped in a 7min ice bath when I got home, and feel good as new now!

6 miles in 51:49 (avg pace 8:38) Avg HR 150 Cardiac Drift: 163

M1-8:01 Avg HR 143 Cardiac Drift: 152
M2-9:02 Avg HR 155 Cardiac Drift: 163
M3-8:40 Avg HR 152 Cardiac Drift: 163
M4-8:31 Avg HR 152 Cardiac Drift: 157
M5-8:45 Avg HR 153 Cardiac Drift: 157
M6-8:50 Avg HR 147 Cardiac Drift: 155

8 MILES @9:28 PACE


Plan: 9:30 pace (stay within +/- 10s)

Legs felt strong and I wanted to stay with the hilly course by the club. It was hot out there, but not too bad. Took my noon with me, and drank at miles 2, 4, 6 & 8. Total drank about 32oz.

My plan was to push thru the hills, but not at the point of huffing & puffing, as today was an easy run (and I have my orders to hit under 51:00min tmo for 6miles:)!! I was very pleased I maintained the 9:29 pace throughout all hills/run. Legs felt great and tho the HR was higher today for an easy run, I attribute that to hot/humidity and hilly course, but again, no huffing and puffing, so alls good. Just hope I didn't over do it for tmo's run:)

I'm actually psyched for tmo's run:)!! I'm going to run the Cow Harbor 10K course again, just leaving out the last .2 I know that course like the back of my hand, and it's a hilly course, so will give me a good idea of where I am at.

8 miles in 1:15:50 (avg pace 9:28) Avg HR 143 Cardiac Drift: 164
Mile splits:
M1-9:28 Avg HR 136 Cardiac Drift: 151
M2-9:30 Avg HR 145 Cardiac Drift: 156
M3-9:28 Avg HR 141 Cardiac Drift: 156
M4-9:27 Avg HR 143 Cardiac Drift: 156
M5-9:30 Avg HR 153 Cardiac Drift: 164
M6-9:29 Avg HR 146 Cardiac Drift: 158
M7-9:28 Avg HR 139 Cardiac Drift: 149
M8-9:30 Avg HR 144 Cardiac Drift: 159



2-mile w/u
6 x 75 second hill sprints w/ jogging recovery back down; 10 push ups and 20 crunches each time you get to the bottom
2-mile c/d

Didn't get out till 12:30 pm, not sure of the temp, but it was hot and humid. Legs felt good, and I felt like I pushed harder than the last time I did this workout. Still trying to make my hard run days HARD.

5.6 miles in 57:43 Avg HR 143 Cardiac Drift: 167



Week #11 finished.

Great week, but was forced to miss Tuesdays run because it rained and the kids didn't have camp. No babysitters, so run was cancelled. So, I pushed Tuesdays run to Wednesday, and missed out on 6 easy miles. But overall, not bad. First missed workout this training and if I'm going to miss a run, better it be an easy run then a speed workout or long run. Also a bit of a milestone this week by going 15 miles for my long run. Woo Hoo, great week!!

Week @11 Weekly recap: 7/20 - 7/26
Mon- 8 miles easy @9:29 avg pace
Tues - Forced rest day
Wed - 7.5miles: Gauntlet track workout
Thurs - rest day
Fri - 15 mile easy progression long run @8:57 avg pace
Sat - 6 mile recovery run @9:43
Sun - Rest day

Total weekly mileage Week #11 = 36.5miles



Saturday, July 25, 2009


Plan: Recovery Run 9:30pace

Legs felt heavy today, but not sure if that was due to PT yesterday after the long run (they up'd the weights on the leg press machine), or the 15 miles, but after the 1st mile they felt better and all was good.

6 miles in 58:20 (avg pace 9:43) Avg HR 135 Cardiac Drift: 150

M1-10:05 Avg HR 120 Cardiac Drift: 141
M2 - 9:38 Avg HR 137 Cardiac Drift: 148
M3 - 9:41 Avg HR 137 Cardiac Drift: 146
M4 - 9:40 Avg HR 139 Cardiac Drift: 148
M5 - 9:40 Avg HR 140 Cardiac Drift: 150
M6 - 9:36 Avg HR 137 Cardiac Drift: 148

M1-10:05 M2-9:38 M3-9:41 M4-9:40 M5-9:40 M6-9:36



Friday, July 24, 2009Plan: 15 mile progression long run4 miles @ 9:208 miles @ 9:003 miles - no slower than 8:20Fluids @ mile 3, 9, 11, 13Gels @ mile 7 & 12Legs felt good. I was excited for this run, as I'm feeling stronger, and I wanted to test out my Nuun that I bought to drink. I ate oatmeal and a banana one hour before my run, and 30 minutes before my run I took a Hammer Espresso Gel (never tried this before, and I liked it, and it didn't seem to matter with my system that I never had it before; no issues. YAY)I wore my fuel belt, and filled the 4 8oz bottles up with water/mixed with Nuun (orange/ginger flavor). I also filled my hand held 20oz bottle with orange gatorade, and I stashed that bottle about a mile from the house, and would pick it up when I ran by. For the NYC Marathon they will have Gatorade Endurance on the course. I am looking for that, and once I find it, will train with it for my long runs of 15+ miles or longer.I never felt thirsty while running, but took the fluids/gels at the planned times. I drank about 3oz at the 3 mile mark, and then finished the bottle when I took my first gel @ mile 7. I took the carb boom orange/vanilla flavor, as I didn't want to have issues while running, and have been using them for a long time. At mile 9 I drank most of the 2nd bottle of 8oz nuun, and another one at mile 11, finishing that one with the gel at mile 12. At 13 I drank the last of the nuun, and when I started for the home stretch, I grabbed the gatorade bottle, and when I hit 15, I downed the 20oz gatorade. I felt strong from the beginning to the end, tho I probably could have run faster the last 3 miles, I was just happy that I was able to give it a good kick at the end. Plan was for no slower than 8:20 for the last 3 miles, and I hit 8:35, 8:25 and 8:18. It was hot by the end, and I was sweating like crazy, but again, I had more energy for this long run than I have for any past long runs. So I think the Nuun was a success. I did weigh myself at the beginning of this run and at the end of the run. Hmmm.... I still managed to lose about 2 lbs over the 15 mile run, even though I consumed 2 gels, and 32 oz of Nuun/water, and a 20 oz bottle of Gatorade by the time I got home. I did spend the remainder of the day replenishing my fluids. With Coconut Water and more gatorade.Also, want to point out, I think todays run was a milestone. Running 15 miles. In Feb I ran 16 on the TM watching my tv shows, but I don't think I had run this far outside. Woo Hoo, and to run it strong, WOO HOO!!!Dropped kids off at camp, and was on the road by 9:30am. Temp said 70F and humidity seemed to be low, running conditions were just perfect.15 miles in 2:14:20 (avg pace 8:57) Avg HR 146 Cardiac Drift: 162M1 -9:20 Avg HR 138 Cardiac Drift: 150M2 -9:22 Avg HR 139 Cardiac Drift: 151M3 -9:20 Avg HR 136 Cardiac Drift: 143M4 -9:21 Avg HR 139 Cardiac Drift: 157M5 -9:00 Avg HR 143 Cardiac Drift: 157M6 -8:56 Avg HR 148 Cardiac Drift: 152M7 -8:55 Avg HR 147 Cardiac Drift: 151M8 -8:59 Avg HR 149 Cardiac Drift: 153M9 -8:56 Avg HR 150 Cardiac Drift: 154M10 -8:57 Avg HR 152 Cardiac Drift: 160M11 -8:56 Avg HR 148 Cardiac Drift: 156M12 -8:58 Avg HR 148 Cardiac Drift: 153M13 -8:35 Avg HR 153 Cardiac Drift: 160M14 -8:25 Avg HR 155 Cardiac Drift: 159M15 -8:18 Avg HR 150 Cardiac Drift: 162[...]



Thursday, July 23, 2009

Rest day, just chillan with kids.




Plan for today: The Gauntlet (Track Workout)

.5-Mile w/u @ 9:30 pace (2 laps)
100m Hard (1 straight away)
200m Hard (1/2 lap)
400m Hard (1 lap)
800m Hard (2 laps)
1200m Hard - @ 8:20-8:30 pace (3 laps)
1600m Hard - @ 8:10 or faster (4 laps)
1200m Hard - @ 8:20-8:30 pace (3 laps)
800m Hard (2 laps)
400m Hard (1 lap)
200m Hard (1/2 lap)
100m Hard (1 straight away)
.5-mile c/d @ 9:30 pace (2 laps)

- WORK WORK WORK! If there is NO pace listed I expect you to push HARD through the entire set ... there is no let down in exertion. You may be tired, but you push whatever you have the ENTIRE set until it is done to jogging recovery- Only after you finish through the 2nd 1200m can you walk at all AND then only for half a lap

I hit the projected times I wanted (faster in fact), but what I found was that on the longer 1600m set my legs got stronger and stronger and just took off (same with the 1200m set), enabling me to hit your paces or surpass them. Whereas, with the shorter sets, my legs didn't want to take off. I'm guessing this is a sign of strength/endurance for the long runs, where my legs are getting stronger and stronger as the distance increases. I'm also, guessing this is a good thing, as I am training for the marathon, and I want my legs to be stronger every mile for the duration, no??

Tho at times, my legs did feel dead, they also felt strangely stronge at the same time, or during the same workout Haha. I'm attributing the deadness/lathargy I felt to the lack of sleep I got last nite (kids woke me 3x) and the fact that I once again did not eat before my workout. Tho this time, I had only been awake about an hour before I ran. We overslept, so with rushing to get kids off, I didn't get my breakfast:( I know, not good. I was going to take a gel to compensate, but forgot it:( I did use Nuun for the 1st time today, I fixed 4 bottles and put them on every corner of the track, about 72oz, I only drank during the recovery runs, and didn't drink at all until I completed the 1st 1200m set. I think the Nuun helped. Strangely I think I felt stronger/recovered quicker with it, but again, it was only my first time using it. I will use it on Friday, during my 15 miler.

7.5 miles total in 1:05:00 (HR 142-161)

Overall, I give todays workout a thumbsup, and can't wait to do it again.



Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Forced rest day, as babysitters kept flaking on me. Will do todays plan tomorrow, and just skip tomorrows easy 6. First day of my marathon training that I had to miss. All considered, I'm still being fairly consistent, but when it rains there is no camp, and when the babysitters aren't available = forced rest day:(!!!



Monday, July 20, 2009


The Plan: 9:30 pace

8 miles in 1:15:56 avg pace 9:29 Avg HR 136 Cardiac Drift: 156

M1-9:32 Avg HR 123 Cardiac Drift: 143
M2-9:29 Avg HR 135 Cardiac Drift: 143
M3-9:30 Avg HR 139 Cardiac Drift: 150
M4-9:28 Avg HR 140 Cardiac Drift: 151
M5-9:29 Avg HR 141 Cardiac Drift: 148
M6-9:28 Avg HR 143 Cardiac Drift: 154
M7-9:31 Avg HR 145 Cardiac Drift: 156
M8-9:29 Avg HR 126 Cardiac Drift: 157



Sunday, July 19, 2009

Weekly Recap: 7/13 - 7/19

Week #10 finished.

Mon- 8 miles easy @9:28 avg pace
Tues -7.42 miles - 2m w/u, the 6x3min @8:00 w 2min jog recovery, & 2m c/d
Wed - 6 mile recovery run @9:27 avg pace
Thurs - rest day
Fri - 13 mile easy progression long run @9:00 avg pace
Sat - 6 mile recovery run @9:41
Sun - Rest day

Total weekly mileage Week #10 = 40.42



Plan: 6 mile Recovery Run @9:45

Got out late today (12:05pm), cuz kids had karate & book club at the library, but I got it done, and supprisingly it wasn't that hot:) Temp said 82F w 50% humidity, way better than yesterday:)!! The 6 miles today were the first 6 of yesterdays long run, and my hr stayed low again, yay, I knew my HR was high yesterday partly because of the humidity:)!!

I weighed myself before and after this run to check fluids, and took G2 at mile 3 and 6 when finished, I was never thirsty, and probably didn't need it at all, but drank it since it was warm and I am coming off a long run yesterday that was really HOT.

It looks like I lost a tad over 1 pound. Hmm, wonder if that means I need to drink more during the run, or just make sure I get 16+ ounces in me at the end when finished???

Legs felt really good and strong today.

6 miles in 58:08 (avg pace 9:41) Avg HR 145 Cardiac Drift: 156

M1-9:38 Avg HR 139 Cardiac Drift: 150
M2-9:45 Avg HR 146 Cardiac Drift: 153
M3-9:39 Avg HR 143 Cardiac Drift: 150
M4-9:41 Avg HR 147 Cardiac Drift: 152
M5-9:44 Avg HR 147 Cardiac Drift: 156
M6-9:41 Avg HR 145 Cardiac Drift: 152



Plan for today:
3 Easy (9:30 pace)
7 Moderate (9:00 pace)
3 Hard/Fast (No slower than 8:30 pace)
Fluid @ mile-4, Gel @ mile 7 with fluids to wash down the gel, then fluid @ mile 9 & 11.

Was on the road by 9:25am. Temp said 82F and 70% humidity. Legs felt strong. I had no discomfort on this run at all. On past long runs my calves hurt, or I cramped, or the bottom of my feet hurt by the end of the run. Non of this happened today:)!! Fluid/gel intake seemed ok. I did exactly as Josh instructed, tho at the end I was a tad thirsty, I still felt strong tho. Came home and downed a 20oz Red G2 Gatorade.

13 miles in 1:57:05 (avg pace 9:00) Avg HR 151 Cardiac Drift: 162

M1-9:26 Avg HR 143 Cardiac Drift: 154
M2-9:33 Avg HR 150 Cardiac Drift: 157
M3-9:31 Avg HR 152 Cardiac Drift: 153
M4-8:58 Avg HR 154 Cardiac Drift: 161
M5-9:02 Avg HR 153 Cardiac Drift: 157
M6-9:03 Avg HR 154 Cardiac Drift: 157
M7-9:07 Avg HR 151 Cardiac Drift: 156
M8-9:05 Avg HR 150 Cardiac Drift: 158
M9-9:03 Avg HR 152 Cardiac Drift: 155
M10-8:59 Avg HR 152 Cardiac Drift: 155
M11-8:32 Avg HR 153 Cardiac Drift: 162
M12-8:06 Avg HR 150 Cardiac Drift: 160
M13-8:40 Avg HR 155 Cardiac Drift: 158

(Last .5 mile lost my 8:06 pace as the sun was beating down on me:( But still a great run. Very happy:)!!



Plan: 6 miles @ 9:30pace

Temp said 64F and there was no humidity. Ran around the pond 3x and up past Camp Alvernia (where the hills are). Fantastic run. Legs felt really strong, and I never broke a sweat. I felt like I could run forever.

I did not drink anything during this run and I was never thirsty at all. I did down a 20oz G2 gatorade (cherry) when I got home, but again, never thirsty during the run. Woo Hoo:)!!

6 miles in 56:43 (avg pace 9:27) Avg HR 140 Cardiac Drift: 156

M1-9:25 Avg HR 130 Cardiac Drift: 143
M2-9:26 Avg HR 139 Cardiac Drift: 146
M3-9:27 Avg HR 143 Cardiac Drift: 154
M4-9:30 Avg HR 143 Cardiac Drift: 153
M5-9:30 Avg HR 143 Cardiac Drift: 155
M6-9:25 Avg HR 141 Cardiac Drift: 154



As soon as I got the kids to camp I hit the road. Legs felt good, and really liked this workout!!

Today's plan:
2-Mile w/u @ 10:00/pace
6 x 3-minutes @ 8:00/pace w/ 2-minute jogging recovery
2-Mile c/d @ 9:45/pace

7.42 miles in 1:09:07 avg pace 9:19 HR avg 143; Cardiac Drift: 162

Here is the info that uploaded to my computer when I got home:

2 Mile w/u- @ 9:51 pace (6.1-7.3mph) (HR avg131; Cardiac Drift: 148)

3min @7:53pace .38miles (7.6-9.1mph) (HR avg150; Cardiac Drift: 156)
2min jog recovery @11:43pace .17miles (5.1-6.2mph) (HR avg144; Cardiac Drift: 153) Drank water

3min @7:47pace .39miles (7.7-9.3mph) (HR avg153; Cardiac Drift: 157)
2min jog recovery @9:35pace .21miles (6.3-7.5mph) (HR avg148; Cardiac Drift: 155)

3min @7:58pace .38miles (7.5-8.7mph) (HR avg155; Cardiac Drift: 159)
2min jog recovery @9:40pace .21miles (6.2-7.0mph) (HR avg148; Cardiac Drift: 156)

3min @8:00pace .37miles (7.5-8.9mph) (HR avg157; Cardiac Drift: 162)
2min jog recovery @11:52pace .14miles (4.3-6.5mph) (HR avg142; Cardiac Drift: 155) Drank water

3min @7:47pace .39miles (7.7-8.8mph) (HR avg154; Cardiac Drift: 160)
2min jog recovery @9:37pace .21miles (6.2-7.4mph) (HR avg148; Cardiac Drift: 160)

3min @7:53pace .38miles (7.6-9.1mph) (HR avg154; Cardiac Drift: 157)
2min jog recovery @10:15pace .19miles (5.8-7.1mph) (HR avg145; Cardiac Drift: 156) Drank water

Then 2 mile cooldown @9:41pace (6.2-7.8mph) (HR avg143; Cardiac Drift: 153)

I did not bring anything to drink on this run. I chose to run around my pond route, by the church, as time was limited, and I knew I could quickly duck into the church and take quick sips from the bubbler, if needed. I did just that after the 1st, 4th and last interval before the 2mile cooldown. I was fine during the workout, never felt thirsty, but it was hot out there and I figured what the heck as I was running the recovery jog anyway, though by the end of the 2 mile run, say around 1.85, I was thirsty, and I was thirsty the whole walk back up to my house. When I got home I grabbed a 20oz G2 gatorade, grape flavor and downed it. Then I did the core workout, and Yoga for runners by chaz. Great workout. Compared to this same workout back on 6/23/09, I feel I did better and was stronger this time around. Though last time I did it on the H.S. Track and it was HOT, blazing sun. Today, around the pond, I had the luxery of having shaddy trees for some of it!!