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Comments on Kevin Bonks: My NEW Plan

Updated: 2013-05-18T08:22:57.127-04:00


Kevin, as you are at this point where you want to ...


Kevin, as you are at this point where you want to run less, I really recommend you the FIRST program (Furman Institute of Running & Scientific Training). It only has 3 runs a week, and you can cross-train if you want, but it's not required. The difference is that because the paces are "somewhat faster than the recommended by other training plans" you should be rested for each workout.

It has been proven by lab results that the participants of the program "have improved their running economy their maximal oxygen intake leading to better fitness and race potential".

I am only a beginner, and my pace is really slow, but with this program I went from 30 minutes a day (2.5 miles @ 14 some min/mile) to where I am today in 16 weeks, running only 3 times a week.

Other than the better fitness and race potential, my interest is that I can accomodate easily 3 running workouts throughout the week according to my schedule, and more important, I don't get "tired" of running.

I learned about this program from a Runners World article in August 2005, and I know there is a book about it.
lizzie lee

Kevin, even though sounds like that Alejandra's pl...


Kevin, even though sounds like that Alejandra's plot worked to perfection, we really were running together but apart and she was going to do the marathon.

2 months ago, on Sep 23, one of her best friends of Kindergarden, died in a very, very tragic way. This was extremely hard for Alejandra, and being so far made things more difficult to her. She needed professional counsel, and some volunteers visited her so she could cope with this sad and absurd reality.

This situation made training and/or the marathon of a total non-importance to her. I fully understand that, and as any parent, the only thing I would have loved to do is protect her from this pain, but, that's life. I couldn't.

I will always thank her for bringing me back to running, and as you said, this time is forever. My task now is to take her to run, maybe small distances, so we can continue "Running Alone But Together".

Thanks for your words

lizzie lee

Seems to be a bit of a trend of cutting back and b...


Seems to be a bit of a trend of cutting back and balance in our lives. I am headed for the "body for life" type of workout in an effort to lose some weight. Good luck in your efforts.

Good for you!I still run 6 to 7 days a week, but h...


Good for you!

I still run 6 to 7 days a week, but have cut back on my miles. I am on a personal quest to answer the, "Should this 54 year old clydesdale class runner actually run a marathon?"

Until I can answer that question, I will run 3 or so miles a day...

I don't care - I really hate the strength training. Unless it is lifting a healthy large glass of water to my face, that is! (Water... Yeah, water!)

I heard you talk about your plan on the podcast! ...


I heard you talk about your plan on the podcast! I think it's a great idea. Maybe next year we all train for a sprint tri???

I generally run about 4 days a week - and am trying to get in two days of weights. It worked well for me earlier in the year - so we will see. I think it will make a positive difference for you.

I think your plan sounds great.Although I really a...


I think your plan sounds great.

Although I really admire the miles you've racked up (geez), sometimes it's good to change it up a bit. Plus, with age comes muscle loss and that can be...well, kinda scary! Sigh...believe me, my arms and I can both attest.

I'm hoping for 4 days a week of running and some cross training and weight loss too. Maybe we can compare notes?

Have you ever heard of Body for Life? I did it two years ago with very good results. It was kind of fun too, not to crazy or restrictive. I didn't buy all of the expensive suplements either and my gym was an old treadmill and some free weights in my basement. Still, I lossed 3% body fat and really firmed things up.

I admire you for this. I, too, depend on running f...


I admire you for this. I, too, depend on running for everything. I, too, have had bouts will all other "healthy things."

I would almost like to do the same: back off for a while to focus on getting even more healthy. I bet lots of folks would read insanity into wanting to run less to get healthier. I guess I must be insane, because I understand 100%.

6 days a week!?! Holy cow.

To add to Petra's post, I generally view November and December (especially December) as the time for me to DIET -- so I can at least stay the same through all of the holiday festivities and not gain a zillion pounds!

There are many things I'd like to try: pilates, yoga, swimming, etc. But I don't want to give up my running! And I feel that if I cut back 1 or 2 days of running to add 1 or 2 days of other "training" I'd be less "good" at running, somehow -- but you know what? It would probably make me a BETTER RUNNER.

Good job, Kevin!

Obvious point - wow you're a running nerd.. Are t...


Obvious point - wow you're a running nerd.. Are there any runners out there who aren't type A personalities? I'm with you on the weightloss front - am aiming to lose 10lbs by Christmas.. So tara to all alcohol except champagne (on the basis I get offered less of it so it should make for fewer calories) and no snacking. Oh what fun it is to head into the festive season with carrot sticks and a glass of water!

Ha ha, love the cartoon. :PWow, you have really co...


Ha ha, love the cartoon. :P

Wow, you have really covered a LOT of miles in your career as a runner! What an inspiration. I'm a 5-days per week runner usually, but I occasionally move down to 4 and can really feel a difference- less soreness and fresher legs each time out. With cross training you can easily maintain or improve your fitness even with the cutback. Good luck with your goals Kevin! :)