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Preview: The Movement Fam

The Movement Fam

The Movement Fam is Cee and Bekah, Notion, Tommy Gunnz, and ATL reprsenter DJ Grain. Soul, Hip Hop, real music.

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The Fam Moves...



Ahhh Blogger. Can we talk? Yeah, it won't take long. You've been real good to us. But it's time to move on.

Hey Wordpress. What up? You lookin' fine, yo. Can I holla?

Take a look at the all new it's a wrap for this site, there won't be any more posts so please roll to the all new Wordpress site for all the TMF goodness.


The Fam Moves - an original online reality series featuring The Movement Fam and friends, coming very soon...

Eternia LIVE @ Rock Steady Crew 33rd Anniversary Concert (video)


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Y'all know we got MAD love for E at Check this latest video and the jump for the details:

"She jumped the fence in a miniskirt!?!? Now THAT's Hip Hop!"

Eternia w/ DJ Boo performs new "AT LAST" tracks, offers an intense accapella, & jumps into the crowd at Rock Steady Crew's 33rd Anniversary Concert this past Sunday (Lincoln Park, NJ). Much Respect to Big Zoo & Vice Verses of the EoDub Fam for hosting all of RSC & holding E down on stage!

"AT LAST" Digital CD on iTunes:
(or Key Word Search 'Eternia MoSS' in iTunes Store)

"AT LAST" Physical CD at Fat Beats:


Antoine Dodson - Bed Intruder (video)


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So the sage keeps going.

This is the full version of the song. I even bought it on iTunes.

48 hours later and I'm still bumping it non-stop. People at work wanna kill me.

Run And Tell That - News Story Autotuned


OK. I cannot express how important it is for you guys to see this. It's been the core of my life the last 24 hours.

First up, watch the below news story:

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NOW. This is quite possibly the greatest thing you'll witness in your life. I'm serious. Please watch it immediately.

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Amazing eh? This tune has been in my head non-stop since me and Thrizz discovered it last night, after he showed me the original news story. I need the MP3 of this, they need to release it as a single and it needs to be number 1 all over the globe.

You're welcome.

Bangs getting that Honda money


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I caught this last week but couldn't find a video with the embed code. So here it is.

As funny as the video is, the fact that Bangs is getting money off being wack and taking said money away from the real artists is starting to irk me, and I'm sure many others feel the same.

Yoshi featuring Buff 1 & Darien Brockington - Magnetic (Official Video)


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Shouts to the big homie Yoshi outta Ann Arbor, Michigan, for putting me on his video for 'Magnetic' with Mr Darien Brockington and Buff1. Dope track, dope beat, dope raps, dope visuals. Shit is crazy.

Def keep an eye on the kid.

Marco Polo & Rustee Juxx - Rearview (video)


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Raw Hip Hop at it's finest. Marco Polo kills the beat; Rustee is a beast on the mic. Straight up. Nothing much to say but check this shit.

Bangs - 'Meet Me On Facebook' Exclusive (video)


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Ya boy Bangs is back with a new video, this one dedicated to social networking and innocent chatting with the shorties.

This continues on Bangs' classic music video steez, but sans green screens and a little bit less emphasis on the chains. However, the shorties are still uber present.

Watch the views; it's currently less than 10K and it went up yesterday...let's see how it goes.

What Cee be on... Charlie Sloth


Shouts to Iyae for putting me back onto Charlie Sloth and UK Grime/Hip Hop in general. This shit is so fucking dope to me right now, really refreshing.

I been had Charlie's tapes since around '08 but 'Not Like You' with Black The Ripper and Farma G got me back on (pause). Check the videos and make sure you hit up the fellas on Twitter and Charlie's site (and cop the mixtape The Black Book).

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And this joint cracked the 100K view mark in under 48 hours

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Model Feature - Kendal McSorley


The gorgeous women of New Zealand just keep coming...We're back again, this time with Miss Kendal McSorley, a stunning model and make up artist. I seriously think that Nelson must have something in the water to breed so many spectacular specimens...Take it away, Kendal...Cee: Whatʼs your name?Kendal: Kendal Leigh Paige McSorley.Cee: Where are you from?Kendal: I'm from Nelson New Zealand but currently living in Christchurch.Cee: How many years have you been modeling?Kendal: I've been modelling part time for about 5 years.Cee: What are the misconceptions people commonly have about models that are untrue?Kendal: Models don't eat - definitely not true! I love food :)Cee: What shows, videos, magazines, etc. have you been featured in?Kendal: Wild Tomato Magazines, Super League Magazine, LOreal INOA Hair Launch Show, and various fashion shows.Cee: What photographers have you worked with? Kendal: Daniel Allen, Joni Anderson, Tim Skinner and Grant Stirling.Cee: What photographers would you like to work with?Kendal: I would love to work with Christina McFarlane and Joni Anderson (again).Cee: Can you describe the grind of a model trying to break into the industry?Kendal: Handling rejection and never giving up!Cee: Any words for the ladies out there that have aspirations of entering the modeling industry?Kendal: Being confident and not afraid to give it a go. And not letting what anyone says put you down! "When you feel like giving up, remember why you held on for so long in the first place."Cee: What's your plans from here?Kendal: I've just recently graduated in a Makeup Artistry course, so working in this industry also continue with modelling and hopefully make it big! Then travel and see the world!Cee: Hit us with your contact details for folks who want to see more!Kendal: or Kendal McSorley on Facebook.[...]

Estelle featuring Nas - Fall In Love


OK, so I wouldn't normally post a video to a track I wasn't feeling, but this one gets a mention because it has two artists I really dig on it. I'm a big fan of Estelle's first album, wasn't such a big fan of the second one but respected the direction she was going in. Now this is just...meh.

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Sounds like "American Boy Pt. 2" and Nas just mails his verse in. He seems a bit out of place to me. Still, not going to write either of them off just yet.

What Cee be on... Tinie Tempah


Tinie Tempah is on some shit. Dude has over 10 million views on the official Pass Out video (but the damn embed code is disabled), and he hasn't even dropped his album yet (comes out in a couple weeks).

These grime cats utilise soul samples in a way that noone else is doing right now, so salute for that. Beats are incredible, raps are average but the hooks are anthemic and shit is finna blow regardless. Dope.

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What Cee be on... Richard Ashcroft


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On the real, I've been to like 5 shows in the last couple weeks, with two more next week, and it just doesn't get old.

I was lucky enough to score free tickets to the 30 Seconds To Mars show on Wednesday, which was brilliant, and last night I also landed freebies to see Mr Richard Ashcroft and his new band, United Nations of Sound, live at Palace in Melbourne.

I've only been a Verve fan for the past couple years (serious #latepass, I know), but in that short time, 'The Drugs Don't Work' and 'Sonnet' became two of my favourite songs of all time. His new project, entirely produced by No ID, is brilliant, and it translated amazingly well live. Even though dude looks like a heroin addict, he put on a brilliant show, and the band were tight as hell.

Dude even managed to bang out some old Verve classics, knocking out 'Bittersweet Symphony' with the band about mid-way through (a song he rarely plays), and acoustic versions of 'The Drugs Don't Work' and 'Sonnet' during the encore. Goosebumps, yo.

The above track is one of my faves off the new album too.

Chromeo - Don't Turn The Lights On (audio)


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Sometimes technology sucks ass. Like when I find the dope new video for Chromeo's second single off their new album, 'Don't Turn The Lights On', but there's forseeable way for me to share said video. So you're stuck with the audio for now.

Someone upload the damn thing to YouTube or Vimeo, please.


The Mitchell Brothers - Solemate


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Shouts to Iyae for this one. I think it's better just to watch this and take it all in, so I'll just shut up. Awesomeness.

Bliss N Eso - Running On Air Documentary (Part 3)


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Here's the final part to the Bliss N Eso 'Running On Air' doco. Really dope stuff. Make sure you cop the album, out this Friday! Tomorrow, actually.

Geko - Detonate Feat. Fluent Form & Raven (video)


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The homie Raven hit me with this today. I been knew that this clip was happening, as a certain graf writer from the south east was giving Raven many a tip as to how to complete this video...

Anyway, check out the latest single from Geko's Crate Cartel Radio album, 'Detonate', featuring Fluent Form and Raven. It's a fucking banger; dope beat, hard rhymes (pause), just fresh Australian Hip Hop. Cop the album.

Lauryn Hill - Repercussions (audio)


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It's always a good time for new Lauryn Hill music. Since the broad done went crazy, her output has been akin to that of D'Angelo post-coke binge.

This is the first new joint from Ms Hill in a hot minute and the shit is fresh. I really dig it. Can't wait to hear more from this ridiculously amazing artist, so long as she keeps her head together.

Model Feature - Jayde Elkington


The rumours definitely aren't true. New Zealand BEEN had hot chicks. Don't front.The second model from our brethren over the Tasman is Miss Jayde Elkington, who was kind enough to chat to us about her modelling and hit y'all with some fresh flicks. Cee: Whatʼs your name?Jayde: Jayde Elizabeth ElkingtonCee: Where are you from?Jayde: Nelson, New ZealandCee: How many years have you been modeling?Jayde: I have been doing a bit of modeling for about five years now and have also been dancing since the age of six.Cee: What are the misconceptions people commonly have about models that are untrue?Jayde: One would be that they are very high maintenance which I think is untrue! Most models that I have met and worked with have been really laid back and down to earth.Cee: What shows, videos, magazines, etc. have you been featured in?Jayde: L'Oreal Talent Spotting, Remix Magazine, Images Magazine, Osprey Boats MTV, C4Cee: What photographers have you worked with?Jayde: Grant Stirling, Carly Ave, Daniel Allen, Glen Bisdee – all from Nelson, NZ, Angela Henderson, Lauretta Goode from Auckland, NZ.Cee: What photographers would you like to work with?Jayde: Would love to do some more work with Angela Henderson. She’s a great photographer, and very encouraging.Cee: Can you describe the grind of a model trying to break into the industry?Jayde: Learning to be able to handle rejection and to be persistent.Cee: Any words for the ladies out there that have aspirations of entering the modeling industry?Jayde: Always be yourself, stay strong and be confident.Cee: What's your plans from here?Jayde: Would love to go traveling overseas.Cee: Hit us with your contact details for folks who want to see more!Jayde:, Facebook[...]

Nike Booty Ad



In the immortal words of Craig David, I am a Booty Man. So when I saw this ad, I lost my proverbial shit.

Too awesome. Much love to the ladies with ass. Be proud of it. Don't cover it up. Flaunt that shit.

P-Money - Falling Down ft. Milan Borich (video)


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P-Money is definitely on that next right now. Dude always seems to come different (pause) on his own shit, and his latest single, 'Falling Down', doesn't stray from that path. Featuring vocalist Milan Borich, who's an old rocker from NZ, the clip is fairly epic and P's acting is awesome. Peep game.

Eminem and Rihanna - Love The Way You Lie (live in LA)


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Once again, another reason why living in North America is the fucking shit.

Check out Rihanna's live show where she brings out surprise guest Eminem. 'Coz that would happen Down Under. Dopeness.

Oh and me and Notion went to the B.o.B gig in Melbourne last night. Wow. One of the illest shows I've ever seen. So much energy, awesome presence. Just pure showmanship. Dude is a superstar. He'll be playing arenas in a year if the universe is how it should be.

Tokyo Cigar Thoughts: Daredevil Born Again


DAREDEVIL “BORN AGAIN” I had a conversation earlier with my boy Danimal ( whut up Playboy ) about the DVD series that DC comics have been releasing. At the end of the convo I stated how despite my tremendous respect for DC comics ( Batman is that DUDE ) , I’m always gonna be a Marvel. I wrote about Frank Miller in my last post for his work on “The dark Knight returns” ( shame on you if you haven’t experienced it yet ) because that is, simply put, the greatest graphic novel of all time to me……..even though I’m still a Marvel. My second favorite is another Frank Miller masterpiece. One he did for the house that Stan Lee built. Daredevil was never a favorite of mine growing up. The stories just seemed too adult to my still developing young mind. If you told me my second favorite graphic novel would be a Daredevil story when I was a kid I would have looked at you like you were stupid ( I probably would have looked at you that way even if you told me something else, I was a real asshole as a kid ) TDKR had already introduced me to the concept of comics being more than just kid stuff, but Daredevil still didn’t grab me. I owned like one Daredevil comic growing up and I didn’t bother to catch the movie in theaters. About a year and a half ago I was online reading up on Frank Millers work to see what I hadn’t read yet and people kept on bringing up “Born Again” So I grabbed a copy and sat back. As I read it I caught the exact same feeling I had when I heard “Method man” for the first time. Which was “What the FUCK?!? This is incredible” Maturity is a cool thing because it brings a whole new level of appreciation for certain things you just wouldn’t give too much of a fuck about as a kid. Daredevil seems to have always been intended for more older readers ( the character spends as much time working as a lawyer as he does kicking ass ) but when you mature and read it, it makes you feel like a kid again. The plot for “Born Again” revolves around Daredevil ( Matt Murdock ) being sold out by his ex girl Karen Page. Karen is a drug addicted, adult film star who sells Matt’s identity to a drug dealer for a fix. The info gets back to New York City’s top crime lord The Kingpin who has had beef with Daredevil for a long time. The villain discovering the hero’s identity thing has been done before but it usually turns into the villain fighting the hero at home rather than on the streets. What hit me about this is HOW the Kingpin attacks Murdock. He gets him disbarred, cleans out his bank accounts, strategically drives him mad from paranoia, turns him against his closet friends, THEN blows up his apartment. I’ve seen Superman get beaten to death by Doomsday, I’ve seen the Joker viciously murder Robin and his mother, hell, I’ve seen Magneto rip the skeleton out of Wolverine. None of them compared to what Kingpin put Daredevil through. Reading the story, I was like “DAMN!!!”The art by David Mazzucchelli is very well done. Serving the story perfectly. I don’t find the artwork as mind blowing as works by Todd McFarlane, Norm Breyfogle or the almighty Jim Lee but it compliments the story better than I think even their fantastic talent could. The same way that the sound of “36 chambers” was nowhere near as polished as “The Chronic” but it was the PERFECT medium for the WU to do their thing on.The magic in this is in the writing. Frank Miller outdid himself with the dialogue, both interna[...]

Bliss N Eso - Running On Air Documentary (Part 2)


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As promised, here's the second part of the Bliss N Eso doco, "Running On Air". About to watch it now, looking forward to this one.

KillaQueenz - Break The Rules (video)


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Sydney's KillaQueenz have been around for a minute. Myself and Revelino worked with the girls on our Soul District project back in 03/04, and it's great to see them making solid music, touring the country and of course, knocking out fresh videos.

Check out the visuals for single 'Break The Rules'. Dope video. Quality Australian Hip Hop. Big ups.