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Preview: Run Digger Run

Run Digger Run

thoughts about running and other life pursuits

Updated: 2018-03-06T20:16:16.188-05:00


I will be migrating from blogger to my new website


I've decided to move away from blogger and build my own website with my own domain.  It's live now at and I believe it'll be a much better experience for my visitors and for me.  I'll try to notify people who follow this blog and leave this post at the top.  I'm not sure if I will pull all the posts from blogger into my new site, but may get it accomplished over time.

A great weekend and new beginnings



My wife and I enjoyed a fantastic weekend on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  Friday night we drove south after work and stayed in New Bern, NC, a wonderful town full of boats, maritime history, friendly people, and an historic downtown which includes Tryon Castle, former residence of the British governor.  We spent Saturday morning taking all this in an then drove to Cedar Island where we caught the 2 hr ferry ride to Ocracoke, drove North up the island, then hopped the short 30 minute ferry to Hatteras where we stayed in a wonderful inn called the "Inn on Pamlico Sound" which was fantastic.  On Sunday we drove home with scores of wonderful good memories and experiences of our trip.

Soon I will migrate this blog and my podcast to my own website which will be  I'm excited to be able to have a more flexible approach to this blog and I've grown dissatisfied with Bloggers' somewhat clunky interface. 

Run Digger Run Episode 5


Is up!

In this episode, I give a training update, talk about the "lost memorial" in DC, and share a bit about the hardware and software I use to record and archive my running activities.

Feel free to contact me with any feedback at or leave a comment on itunes.  Thanks for downloading and listening!

Also thanks to Krister for the great email, make sure you listen to his podcast!

weekend plans


Tomorrow I'll get my 10 miler in during the afternoon and intend to follow a nice route across the Memorial Bridge, then East along the mall and then back West down around the Kennedy Center, thru Georgetown and then back across the Potomac on the Key Bridge.  I'll take some pics along the way on put them up on twitter. Then its off to the Outer Banks for a weekend jaunt we've been looking forward to for a long time.  On the drive down, since I've recorded almost everything I need for RDR episode 5, I'll work at editing with an eye toward getting it uploaded and on to Itunes  when we get back Sunday night.  We're really looking forward to the trip!

A new week


Yesterday I had the day off.  I went to visit a friends boat that is having some propellor/hull interaction issues so it gave me an ideal opportunity to do a little survey and analysis.  It's a great school related project for me that I'm having fun with.  It was also a complete rest day which felt pretty good.

Today I ran what I suppose you could call a tempo run as I did 4 miles at a "comfortably hard" pace that ended being 9 min per mile.  That's pretty speedy for me.

Tomorrow I will run again on the mall and pick a landmark to talk about in RDR episode 5. 

weekly long run complete


I had a great long run today of 10 miles.  It feels good to break into double digits on one run, and that puts me over 23 miles for the week.  All is on track for the half marathon next month, and I can't help but think about the marathon coming in October.  Granted it's a long ways away but it'll be my first and I am really excited to keep the base miles up and be ready to bump up the miles into the summer.  

So far my flat as a board feet are doing fine.  The Superfeet blue insole and New Balance 1224 shoe is a winning combo for me.  And, if we get in a flood, I can use the size 14 freakishly humongous shoes as a raft for my wife and I. 

Gut Check


My friend Sean in CO posted a great summary of his recent climbing experience.  He does a great job of describing the dynamics involved of doing something that has perilous ramifications.  Perilous but not reckless. Free climbing an exposed area with his buddy Chad, Sean describes the thought process the team goes through. What may look in the pictures to be a carefree lark at high altitudes is in fact a calculated, disciplined, and courageous process most definitely not for the faint of heart.  In a situation where a lack of mental discipline and mis-step may mean a fatal fall, it is a testament to how a person can challenge himself and still end the day safely. Notice they didn't summit that day but instead had to turn back, and that is part of the discipline.  The clear headed thinking required to not allow the adrenalin and "summit fever" to take over is part of the art of self preservation and is well described in this piece.  

He also refers to the art of body temperature regulation which is a piece of advice from which all cold weather runners may surely benefit.

RDR episode 4 is up


I had fun with this episode.  In it I talk about my training, the Arlington Memorial Bridge, do some general philosophizing, and respond to some emails.


thanks to those who left comments and emails about the podcast:

Jeff from Lithia, FL
Mark from Kent, UK
"The Jackal"
Stuart from SoCal at quadrathon

thanks for listening!

The week in review


If I said "this week was busy" I would be right.  Work was jumping with all kinds of ankle biting taskers and some crisis reaction here and there.  I was able to run three days during the week.  I'll do a short run tomorrow morning and my long run on Sunday of ten miles and that will put me on pace with where I should be for week 7 of the training plan.

I recorded a segment for RDR episode 4 earlier in the week but part of it was so bad with slap slap slap noise coming from some poorly placed bit of recording kit that I had to erase it rather than subject anyone who wants to listen to my podcast to that infernal repetitive racket.  So, I will record some more tomorrow and then get it processed and uploaded on Sunday.

There are so many new podcasts coming out and I feel bad because between doing my own and listening to the regular "cant miss" ones I am not getting to listen to all of them.  Part of the problem is I don't have a very long commute so on my way to and from work I only have about 20 minutes.  I know, that is a great problem to have, and I don't take for granted how wonderful it is to not have a life force sucking, horrifyingly long commute.  However, it doesn't leave me a bunch of time to listen to podcasts.  When I am at home I like to spend quality time with my wife.  I can't listen to podcasts at work, or anything else for that matter, because I am usually on the phone or talking with someone who has entered the puka or I'm headed to or from some meeting.  I do listen to podcasts some on my runs, but usually only on my long run.  On shorter runs I am typically recording for my own little podcast. 

I am also "behind" on catching up on all the blogs I would like to read.  Even with the use of an RSS reader that handily captures everything I want to read about in one handy page, there are more updates than I can keep up with.

Ahh, the information age.  It's a double edged sword.  Whatever you want is at your fingertips, but it can easily become too much.

I'm glad the weekend is here!

Another taste of Spring


Today I had a nice run across the Potomac and it almost felt like Spring.  It was in the high 40's F maybe 50 F and the sun was out.  If it wasn't for the strong SE wind it would have seemed a great deal warmer.  I decided that for the next podcast episode I would talk about some local landmarks as well as the usual training update and general philosophizing.  Being able to run around the monuments of DC is quite a privilege and it might be interesting for me to pick a few of them, research a bit of their history and interesting trivia, and then talk about it in future podcasts.

RunDiggerRun episode 3


RDR episode 3 has been uploaded and should be available in ITunes shortly.  In this episode, I talk about my training, adjustments to my recording rig, do some general philosophizing about fueling, and share my recent experience with Apple products.

stuff I talk about: 

“mobile me”: 

Nigels’ podcast:

please feel free to contact me with any feedback at, or you can catch me on twitter as “rundigger”, or thru my blog at

thanks for listening!

Saturday long run


I ran 9 miles yesterday for my weekly long run.  That's the farthest I have run in some time; I think it was probably last year at this time that I went that far in preparation for last years Shamrock half marathon.  I didn't have any arch pain and that was a great relief.  It's been a bit of a "niggling" issue for me of late but I believe the active stretching and strengthening exercises i am doing are helping.  
The weather yesterday was perfect for a run.  It was in the high 50's F, sunny, with a bit of breeze. I ran in shorts and a tank top and was perfectly comfortable.  I supplemented with some gel and electrolyte in capsule form which I find very convenient.  I used a fuel belt with one 8 oz bottle with a mixture of 4 oz gel and 4 oz water.  There is a water fountain about three miles into the run which is very convenient so when I run that route I don't have to carry much water. That's one of the things I really enjoy about the Mt Vernon Trail.  I do find that, in agreement with most of the fueling literature I have come across, that any run I do that lasts longer than one hour is helped significantly by moderate use of supplemental fuel and electrolyte.  I use and am a big fan of Hammer products which can be found here.  
I ran a very steady 11:00 pace for much of the run and is spite of some large heart rate spikes at the beginning of the run it steadied out to average about 144 bpm. I felt a surge of inspiration at the 8.25 mile mark and ended up cruising the last 3/4 mile at a sub 8 minute mile pace and it felt really good.  I actually felt so good I was grinning ear to ear and felt pure joy as I came to a walk at the end of the run.

very chilly on the mall today



from "Spring" back to Winter


From 60 deg F on Sunday to 37 deg F today with snow flying, the past few days have been a real roller coaster.  I thoroughly enjoyed running in shorts the other day, but today it was back to full length tights, compression base layer top, and technical shell.  And hat.  So much for the Spring teaser we had.
I did some recording for RDR episode 3 on Sundays run and through the initial editing I've done I'm pleased with the audio quality.  I think it has improved over earlier episodes due to a few adjustments I've made.  I will probably get episode 3 out this weekend since I have recorded more than enough blather for one episode.
My training is going well and I'm pleased to report that after another 20+ mile week I have no arch issues.  I believe the stretch regimen and foot strengthening exercises I'm doing have plenty to do with that.

What a great day. 54 deg!



RunDiggerRun episode 2


Episode 2 is up.  In this episode I talk about my training, running tights, and the motivation to run.  I also ramble aimlessly quite a bit but usually get back to my point.  I still think I need to adjust my recording rig somehow to try to reduce the footstrike sound which seems too much in the forefront.

The winner of episode 1's movie quote of the week contest was Sean from Colorado.  This weeks movie quote might be a bit more obscure but I bet we'll have a winner soon.

Several people took the time to either write me a note or plug me on their podcast or "twitter" me, which I really appreciate:

thank you all very much for the encouraging words!



Beautiful day on the mall



Brighter and brighter each morning



Ugly commute



Thought for a Saturday: "wasted" miles


Steve Chopper just posted an interesting question over at  He asks "what do you find annoying about running?"  Here's my thought. 

The concept of "wasted miles". I've read this term more than once and heard it discussed as well and it bothers me. Unless kept in the appropriate context, professing the idea that any running miles are wasted is at best misleading and at worst, arrogant. All runners should keep in mind how many people in this world would love to run but will never be able to.

The ability to run at all is a gift; a precious gift indeed. And it should be fun, too.

For elite athletes, professionals and the like, and for the hyper-competitive, I understand the concept; when you are trying to squeeze every possible gain from your limited training time in order to achieve a very specific goal, I get it. But the vast majority of us are middle of the pack weekend warriors, juggling family obligations, commitments, other hobbies, and running. We train for races, share our experiences, and live better lives because of the incredible gift of running. We shouldn't ever take ourselves too seriously, because life is too short to stress ourselves out wondering if we just ran a "wasted" mile. Every now and then I leave the Garmin at home and go for a run just for the fun of it. I highly recommend it.

God help me if I ever get to the point that my training is so scripted that I ever truly believe that I have wasted my time by running.

A short week


I didn't get in all the runs I had planned for this week due to some flu like symptoms I've been enjoying.  I ran anyway on Thursday but I'm not sure that did me a lot of good based on how I'm feeling today.  I'm glad the weekend is here so I can rest up and get better.  The big development this week is my podcast is now up on itunes. I must admit that if I didn't have Nigel's help I would have been loster than last years easter egg.  His guide and tips available on his website are great.  I'm using Audacity for editing and it took awhile to get a handle on that but I'm making progress.  I don't think that with everything else going on in my life that I will be able to do more than one episode every two weeks.  Between a full time job, pursuing an education in boat design, running, and spending quality time with my wife there isn't a whole lot left.  I'm also sure, though, that the next episode won't take as long in "post production".

On my run today: icy Potomac



It's a good day to be alive


but I wish my throat didn't hurt and I didn't have that congested "in the tunnel" feeling.  No pt for me today but will instead look to tomorrow.  I'm glad to have my podcast up and running.  This first introductory episode was all over the map as I rambled a bit.  I expect I'll go on tangents every now and then but that's alright.  I will have a plan for each episode for what I will talk about but it will likely be a plan to deviate from.  My overall goal for the podcast is to be involved with the running community at large; to participate in a way that gives back to and engages in the conversation made possible in this transparent electronic age.  I think that primarily it will serve as a diary in the same way as this blog, just in a different format.  

we have a winnah!!


Well that sure didn't take long.  My good friend Sean out in Colorado correctly identified the inaugural "movie quote" contest from RUN episode 1.  The movie is "Outlaw Josey Wales" and the character who said the quote was the river ferry boat operator.  Sean is an avid cyclist and hard corps mountain bike rider.  You can check out his new blog here.  Congrats Sean!