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By: victor

Sat, 19 Dec 2009 15:11:40 +0000

Really nice article and i appreciate that so its a good information for IT professional

By: Chris Martin

Thu, 10 Dec 2009 16:26:32 +0000

Just as another idea .... we had a mixture of clients on break / fix and managed services, purely by their choice. For people who called in and said .... "help, my exchange server has packed up and 100 people can't communicate with customers" - we'd say "thats ok, we're working on our contract customers at the moment, you can go right to the front of the queue by paying £250, and we'll start work straight away. The £250 covers the cost of the technicians overtime tonight to complete the work we've committed to doing for our contract customers. Are you ok with that?" If they were, great. If they weren't they seemed to be more happy waiting their turn because they elected to. Clearly the £250 can be altered depending on the impact.

By: John Mello

Sun, 06 Dec 2009 21:12:18 +0000

Hallelujah! Someone finally "got it." We who have stopped calling support lines long ago because so-called "level one" support was more insult than assistance cheer on the champions of lean services. How was this predicament created? Nari Kannan, CEO of Ajira, contends that the problem stems from the misapplication of the manufacturing paradigm, which assumes efficiency is the same thing as effectiveness. "If a help desk is focused on metrics such as average handle time, customer satisfaction and hence effectiveness may suffer," he explains. "In healthcare, doctors and nurses [may] be very highly efficient and process a large number of patients through their facility on any given day. However, quality of care may suffer and hence their effectiveness." "Service processes usually deal with a larger proportion of the human element than manufacturing processes.," he continues. "Recognizing that service processes seem to contain a larger portion of subjective elements will help an organization achieve the right kind of lean improvement by balancing efficiency and effectiveness appropriately."

By: Eric Peterson

Thu, 03 Dec 2009 02:52:39 +0000

Managed services are the future of computer repairs. Preventing problems is far more profitable than the break/fix model. My clients love knowing that their systems are taken care of for a flat rate with no more outrageous bills. I have less emergencies since I moved to the managed services model.