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Barefoot running mother of 4 boys and wife to a superhero musing about Life the Universe and Everything.

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I Celebrate the Mother in Me and all those Other Women I have been.


 After all is said and done,  I will be watching and looking at my own life and who I have been and yet to become and it pleases me that I am a mother even though sometimes I miss the other mes I have been.  I wouldn't turn back but I like to remember who I have been.  As I hug these boy spawn tightly and give them so much of myself, I honor the mother in me that waited silently until the deeply afraid young woman was ready to morph into mother who embraced her bold and primal self.   I like to remember the young mother I have been and celebrate my growth as I now guide other young mothers as they begin their journey.  I still like to dance in the moonlight.  That will never change. I don’t remember whenthe girl of myself turned her backand walked away, that girlwhose thin armsonce held this bodyand refused to work too hardor listen in school, said the hell thenand turned,that dark child,that laugher and weeperwithout shame, who turnedand skipped away.And that other onegone from meand menot even starting to knotin vein or joint,that curving girlI loved to love with,who danced awaythe leather of red high heelsand thin legs, dancing like stoppingwould mean the end of the worldand it does.We go onor we don’t,knowing about our inner womenand when they left uslike we were bad mothers or loverswho wronged ourselves.Some days it seemsone of them is watching, a shadowat the edge of woodswith loose hairclear down the backand arms with dark molescrossed before the dress I madewith my two red hands.You there, girl, take my calloused hand.I’m going to laugh and weep tonight,quit all my jobs and I mean it this time,do you believe me? I’m going toput on those dancing shoesand move till I can’t standit anymore,then touch myself clear downto the sole of each sweet foot. That’s allthe words I need,not poems, not that talking motherI was with milk and storiespeeking in at night,but that lover of the moondancing outside when no one looks,all right, then, even when they do,and kissing each leaf of trees and squash,and loving all the girls and womenI have always been.- Linda Hogan[...]

Ahnu Helena Boot Review


  I came to fall in love with the Helena boot by Ahnu Footwear a little late in the year but here in the Pacific Northwest tall waterproof boots can be worn 9 out of 12 months and spring can be wet.    Oh, how I love the weather here in Washington along the Puget Sound.    Today, as I type this,  it's raining but not too hard and there are flowers blooming everywhere, perfect for leggings, boots, a sweater, and light raincoat.  The Helena boots are quite tall at 15 1/2" shaft height and look great with a skirt, leggings, or jeans.  I have the Pewter color which goes with everything!  They are soft waterproof leather upper and a neoprene panel in the back that is stylish and functional as it adds a bit of stretch.   The zipper is waterproof as well.    My favorite part of the boot is the neoprene panel in the back.  I found that with a lot of position changes throughout the day the stretch makes a difference.   I even taught a 2 1/2 hour class in these with most of it sitting on the floor and I didn't even notice I had them on.   I was pleasantly surprised about that as I figured I would have to take them off when sitting cross legged.  I was dubious at first about the size and the height of the heel.   Being a minimalist shoe lover, I thought that the slight heel would be a problem but so far, I am not feeling any ill effects which usually manifest into backaches but none have happened.   This photo makes the heel look taller and chunkier than it actually is.     There isn't much ground feel in these but they are pretty close to being flat and they kept my feet warm.  The trade off with thinner soled shoes in the winter is that the cold seeps through the bottom of your feet.  I even feel that with my Vivobarefoot hiking boots.  I can feel the ground but even with wool socks I get cold feet if I am out too long.   The traction on these boots is great for urban terrain.   I wouldn't wear these off road or on the trails but for wet sidewalks and all that I have come across in the urban areas, they performed well and I felt sturdy and stable.     I have nice big dogs and am usually a size 11 but they were out of my size temporarily so I opted to try a size 10.5.  They were a smidge tight at first but after the first days wear,  they loosened up and fit perfectly now.   I don't know that they run large but I am glad I didn't go with the larger 11.   I do have to wear thinner socks with these though as they are too tight with thick woolies but they kept my feet plenty warm even with thin socks.   The only downside to these is that the toe box is not as wide as I would like and I have pretty narrow feet.   I wish that the toe box was nice and rounded instead of the taper in at the point of the toe.  It's not enough to make me stop wearing the boots as they have stretched there too but I don't think these would not be a good fit for those with wide feet who want to have plenty of room for natural splay of the toes.  It is hard to find a low heeled waterproof tall boot!  I actually waited for about 2 weeks to  test them out in the rain as it's been surprisingly a bit dry here, of course when I have waterproof shoes to test out.  Sorry I jinxed the rain everyone!    I am not being facetious  either, people up here love the rain!They are great upside down too!  I most recently wore them on a full day trip over to Seattle.  I walked for miles in the Helena boots and not a single blister.  Not even a hot spot!   I even had bandaids as I have learned my lesson more than once that testing out shoes on a big city walking trip can be a huge mistake but not with these!!   They got even more comfortable as the leather stretched and got even softer.  I got compliments on them wherever I went and I will be wearing them often. Follow my twe[...]

Huge Sale on XeroShoes Barefoot Sandals!


 XeroShoes are my go to shoe.  When it is warm enough I am either barefoot or in Xeroshoes.  It's such a relief to be in Washington and have rainy chilly toes instead of frozen popsicle toes in the midwest this time of year.  The Pacific NorthWest is so much better for my feet!  A pair of toe socks and sandals are perfect.   I have been a fan of XeroShoes for years now and the no tie Amuri Clouds are my favorites!    XeoroShoes is celebrating their 5th anniversary!!!  And they are having a huge sale!  I just can't use enough exclamation marks!  Steve and Lena are amazing and they are working on moving to a bigger facility so they are lightening their load to offer new amazing sandals.  This sale is for up to 75% off.  So, give yourself an early Christmas gift and pick up some for the whole gang while you are at it!    Happy Turkey Day, Happy Holiday Season to you all!  xoxo allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="//" width="560">Follow my tweets @AngieBeeHotz and say Hello! Stop by my review blog www.babreviews.comCheck out my pics on instagramJoin the chat on  FacebookTumble baby tumble! Subscribe on YouTube and add me to your circles on G+Cheers,Angie Bee[...]

new directions


I love how life changes and evolves.
I have been and continue to be many things.
I am now a provisional Bradley Childbirth educator.
It has been a long last 6 months of work and I still have a ways to go in order to be fully affiliated.
Homeschooling is back into full swing and I have also been making jewelry and art.
Life is good here along the Puget Sound.
I am still barefoot daily and am not looking forward to the colder weather when I have to wear shoes.
Today I wore some minimally soled high tops and I couldn't wait to kick them off.
Family, service to others, art, music, friends, food, tea, music.  This is life and it is good.

5 things I learned from 365 days of handstands


  In the beginning of this one year handstand challenge, I was excited to be done and feel what I would feel at the end.   I would revel in the accomplishment  I would be a different person.  I would be able to do an effortless handstand.......     Well of course I am a different person but that would have happened whether I did handstands or not.   Honestly, this year has taught me many things but unfortunately for you,  I don't have any magic answers. I know I am kind of bummer out about it too.  Maybe I am taking what I know for granted...  I can say for certain that the biggest obstacle that stands in my way is fear.  Fear of failure, fear of falling, fear of looking like a dumb ass, you know the basic fear and anxiety sort of stuff.  If you can get past that fear then you will have fun and it won't matter so much if you can hold a handstand like you belong in the circus.   In this case the idea that the good stuff is in the journey absolutely applies.  I figured it would be the case since most of life is like that  but was hoping for some big fanfare and confetti or something at the end.  It turned out to be just another day.  A happy day.  We did go to a beautiful park surrounded by trees and it was a lovely warm day but really that could have been interchanged with any day.    After having decided that I wasn't done and would go ahead and start over,   I started thinking about what you might want to know about this journey so far.   Here is a list of Five things that I can tell you about my year of handstands.   Number ONE~  Handstands take work every day.   Yes I technically did a handstand daily but I didn't work on it all that hard.   Not every day was there "work".   In order to get BETTER, I have to work at it.     I read this article  and realized that it takes 5 minutes a day.   I get tired.  I am not recovered yet.  I am a million times better but I still suffer from exhaustion and 5 minutes of handstand practice is kind of a lot.  So many days are just little pop ups to be able to say I stuck with it.  I also had to learn to be ok with that.   I have to be ok with a lot of things in the name of getting better.Number TWO~  Gaining weight made it harder.  There isn't a while lot of explanation to go along with that.  BUT, its ok.  I'm loosing the weight and regardless, my body is pretty awesome in general added pounds or not.   I started doing handstands about 15 pounds lighter.    As the weight was put on, it seemed to get harder.  meh.   Regardless of weight,  I think everyone can handstand and can love it!Number THREE~  A year is a really long time!  Not to say that its not perfectly do able to do a handstand every day.  But when you get to day 250 and kind of wish you were done because you feel no better at hand standing, even though you are,  you realize how long a year is AND how much time there is to life.   Choose wisely and make each day count! Number FOUR~  Do not compare yourself to others and pictures are static.  This is a tough one.  There is a fine line between being inspired and jealous.  Some people will make it look really easy.  If I am that for you, I apologize.   It is not easy and most of my pictures are really well timed pop ups and NOT handstands held forever.  I'm not there yet. Number FIVE~  Mundane can be magnificent and magnificent can be mundane.  This sums it up nicely.   I thought it would be HUGE at the end but it turned into something I just do.  It's no less magnificent but I'm not done.  I started over and am day 7 of year two now.    I still can only hold a handstand for a couple few seconds.  Thats n[...]

Lems Boulder Boot review


Every single Lems (formerly Stems, Lemmings) pair I have, I adore.  Its actually hard to write a review of shoes that I can't find anything about that I, or in this case the husband and oldest spawn,  don't love.   For this review I could literally say, "I heart these shoes really hard and I think you would lurv them too and so you should get a pair."  the end.   That would be an accurate review!There is no break in period and they feel great right out of the box. The Boulder boots are worn daily by my fellas and are worn for everything.   The Superhero and the teen spawn have the pleasure of testing out the Boulder Boots and they have tested them in all environments.  The teen especially!  From long boarding to hiking to urban adventures and scrambling along the coast, the Boulder Boots were perfect. The Superhero has the brown and the teen has the black.They have been wearing them for months now and I can't see any wear.   They have been muddy but I have let it dry and then just brushed the mud off.   They dry quickly as well if you do submerge your foot into a creek or puddles.    The upper is made of  water resistant nylon with a cotton lining.   They are treated with a water resistant coating and will need to be retreated over time with Scotchgaurd. The Boulder Boots are warm enough for winter here although here in Washington, at least western Washington, it is pretty mild.  It is however wet often so its awesome that they are water resistant. The roll-it-up-in-a-ball test is a reliable way to tell how flexible a shoe is.  It's a good way to see that the shoe will move with your foot and not dictate how your foot will move.   I don't like shoes that cram my feet into a particular shape.   These boots are nice and wide for your foot to naturally splay.  You can take out the insert but with all of our Lems we have left the insert in.  It doesn't detract from the ground feel of the shoe and makes for longer times being on your feet a tad bit more comfortable. Lems are a bit wide for me and the insert makes them fit my foot better.   The good news for the wide footed folks is that all Lems are nice and wide and you can make them even wider by taking the inserts out.   The width accommodates feet from average width to extra wide. The Boulder boots have great traction.  As you can see from the pictures, they do fine on the trails.   Also they are great shoes for long boarding.   The sole is 9mm and of course they are zero drop.  The boot is fully collapsable so great for travel. The sizes come in only full sizes so be sure to look at the sizing chart closely before ordering.   The Superhero has big feet and he was able wear the Boulder boots as they accommodate his size 14 dogs. The padding along the ankle is fabulous.   I am always surprised to pick up these boots as they are mush more substantial in photos than they are in person.   Theses are the lightest boots I have come across to date. The only real difference between the black and brown is that the black is all canvas and cotton where as the brown pair has leather accents.  The Black pair is vegan where as the brown has leather accents.  You can purchase them for $115 which is quite reasonable for a boot at Lemsshoes.comFollow my tweets @AngieBeeHotz and say Hello! Stop by my review blog www.babreviews.comCheck out my pics on instagramJoin the chat on  FacebookTumble baby tumble! Subscribe on YouTube and add me to your circles on G+Cheers,Angie Bee[...]

Beauty and brutality, the female condition, oh, and my uterus sucks.


  My uterus sucks!    I am hormonal and emotional.   I went to the doctor today and although I am not one to feel uncomfortable with a doctor seeing my lady bits, I am more comfortable seeing women, I still feel violated. Those tests today hurt.  I feel resentful towards my body and I don't like that.  I don't want to hate my body but I am absolutely frustrated beyond words with my stupid uterus.  I don't feel violated by the doctor per say but I feel angry that I have to go through all this pain and suffering because my stupid girl parts are whacked out.   Did I mention that the tests hurt....  I want to contribute to the world and its difficult to do so when physically, emotionally, hormonally, mentally, compromised.  My capacity for complexity is so much lower and it needs to change....take a breath.   Biologically speaking, I have played the game and passed on my genetics.  Four times.  There should be a fucking switch I get to shut off when I have paid my dues, when I have done my biological duty for the species.  Blurg.     I am considering ablation to stop my periods.  I don't want to do hormonal birth control and the IUD is no longer working.   So, it's try the ablation and then if that doesn't work or if there is an issue with doing it, then the next option is a hysterectomy.     Tests need to be done in order to see if I am a good candidate for ablation, which in and of itself sounds brutal.  Beauty and brutality, the female condition.Today, I had a biopsy of my uterine lining done, which HURT!  Enough to where even I, with a high pain threshold, felt woosy and needed juice and crackers.   Now, I don't take surgery lightly AT ALL.  It scares the hell out of me but having this stupid fucking period for 2+ weeks at a time and then getting maybe a weeks reprieve and then to do it all again.   No thanks.   I have had my four children and I don't want any more.  I don't want to be constantly battling anemia and having no sex life.  I deserve better.   The midlife crisis part......It's one thing to make a decision that can be reversed and another thing to make a decision that has finality.    It signifies a milestone of sorts.  It makes me wonder and question my purpose in life.  Who am I?   I am I really done having children?  How will this change how I see myself, how others see me?  Do I really have to accept that I am getting older?  It all seems silly but I suppose I have to do this crap and ponder these ideas.  Oh, and the hormonal and emotional part, yeah, that doesn't help.   It just makes me want to cuss.   Why am I writing about it?  Because I think that we as women should feel comfortable being open about our bodies.  So, I am being open about mine.  Being a woman can be fabulous.  We make life.  It was awesome and fascinating and I appreciated every bit of it and plan to help others with their child birthing milestones.  But, now I am done having my own babies.  I want to move on.   My body served me well and was strong and capable in the baby making, birthing and baby sustaining department but now I want my brain back.   I want to make fitness gains and progress.  I want to be better and I don't think accepting where I am right now is enough. Come on nature, work with me here and if you won't.... science, please don't fail me. Have you had ablation or a hysterectomy?  What are your thoughts and advice?Follow my tweets @AngieBeeHotz and say Hello! Stop by my review blog www.babreviews.comCheck out my pics on instagramJoin the chat on  FacebookTumble baby tumble! Subscribe on YouTube and add [...]

a quick core exercise video for handstands


  I don't have an exercise ball.  You know that big ball that you can use for just about everything, well, I haven't replaced the last one.   It is fabulous for working your core for handstands.  So, I improvised and used the rolling office chair that I have.     I like to put my big ol' bun next to the wall and it makes me feel a bit more stable.  Eventually I won't need the wall at all for this especially since I am not afraid to fall otherwise.  The goal is to get the hips to float over the shoulders and then lift the legs up the rest of the way up.   I WILL get there someday!!!   Do you have any tips or tricks for working your core for handstand??xoxo  allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="360" src="//" width="640">Follow my tweets @AngieBeeHotz and say Hello! Stop by my review blog www.babreviews.comCheck out my pics on instagramJoin the chat on  FacebookTumble baby tumble! Subscribe on YouTube and add me to your circles on G+Cheers,Angie Bee[...]

It's all falling into place


  We took a big risk moving to Washington.  It was a calculated, well thought out, and researched risk but a big leap of faith none the less.  All the pieces seemed to fit when we first moved here and landed in Port Angeles.   Even though we wanted to just stay put for a while, it wasn't quite right.    So we researched more and decided to move to Bremerton, about an hour and a half away from Port Angeles and closer to Seattle.  That again was another risk.  It all made sense logically and I covered all the bases in my research but you know, the universe does its own thing ultimately.    What can you do though besides believe that it will all work out and that if it doesn't you will be ok anyways?  Today though, it all seems to be falling into place!   I love our house and our neighbors and the woman that will be working with Jupiter doing his ABA program came over today to meet us and meet Jupiter.  I have a good feeling about her!!   As soon as his program is put together she can start working with him.     AND  I just got off the phone with the people at the Bradley Childbirth education office and my application to become a teacher was accepted!   My class is in June but I can start on reviewing the reading material and outlining books.       This is something I have had on the back burner for years now.   The spawn are old enough to be ok with me being gone for 4 days to do the workshop and I will be teaching out of my home so I will still be to work from home.  The Superhero is excited for me too and he is so supportive.   Its all falling into place.   I believe in the good things comin' comin' comin'...  xoxo allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="360" src="//" width="640">Follow my tweets @AngieBeeHotz and say Hello! Stop by my review blog www.babreviews.comCheck out my pics on instagramJoin the chat on  FacebookTumble baby tumble! Subscribe on YouTube and add me to your circles on G+Cheers,Angie Bee[...]

Happy video, birthday sandwiches, and Happy Birthday to me!


Today I turn 37.  I had a few moments in the bathroom looking at the grays at my temple and wondering what I would look like with just a bit of "work" on my face to make it look younger.  I don't indulge in those thoughts often but, you know,  its my birthday.  I don't look real tired today and I feel good so the thoughts didn't last long.    My lovely little spawn, Milo, turned 8 today!  I love sharing a birthday with that boy!Today is the day to get all those fabulous Facebook birthday wishes on Facebook.   My favorites were one about all the adventure and growth over this last year and a friend also posted the Happy video.  What have I done today?  I went to the store to get dorritos, birthday sandwich ingredients, and soda.  This is what Milo wanted for his birthday.  No cake.  Just a birthday sandwich and dorritos.   Other than the store.  Nothing.  Well, not nothing because I ate too much but I just don't feel like doing anything.  So, I'm not going to!   I might make some jewelry later.  My father sent a whole bunch of crystals for my birthday.  How cool is that!!  I might get creative, but for now, Im just chillin.   This year has been pretty spectacular and the coming year looks to be full of opportunity and new endeavors.   I just sent in my application to become a Bradley Childbirth educator.  My class is in Seattle this summer.  Im making art again and am relaxed and inspired. he won't eat his chips with is fingers  :)  Did I mention how much I love this boy!?!?  This time last year I was searching and searching on Craigslist for a house in Washington. We made the decision to get the hell outta the midwest.   We just couldn't take another winter and after this last winter, we are entirely sure that we made the right choice.  We decided in April of last year to move  and were gone in just a couple of months.   We sold, threw away, and gave away all of our stuff except what we could fit in the van.    We didn't know anyone in Washington and slept in a tent for a few days until we found a house to rent in Port Angeles.  Now we are in Bremerton and I am loving it here!  The people here are so friendly and easy going.  Jupiter will start his ABA program in a few weeks and we have wonderful neighbors AND we love our house.   On Sunday I spent the day at an arts and crafts fair.  I am making and selling seaglass jewelry to raise money for my childbirth educator training.  I had a blast!  I used to do art shows all the time when I blew glass and it was nice to be in that environment again.  It is fabulous to be making things again!!  This time last year I was starting the #handstand365 challenge.   I am on day 344 today!  Im so close!  Someone said today that they expect great things for the last day....  Meh.  Its just going to be another day, much like today.  I plan to keep going anyways.    The thing is, is that I am content with days being just days.   It doesn't make them any less spectacular but I like being able to turn the intensity up or down depending on what the day calls for. I used to be way more wound up and intense.  Now I'm cool with just chillin out today.   Maybe its being in my 30s.  Maybe its being a mom.  I think its mainly that I have all that I need and feel happy.   Its taken a lot to get here and it will probably change tomorrow or at least one of these days.  Today though.......its a good day to have a good day.   Here's to another fabulous year of growth and exploration and being happy!  allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height=[...]

3 must have pieces of workout wear and why workout clothes matter.


  It's hard to be a sweaty mess in front of other people let alone just get out there and move at all!  We have to make time.  We have to talk ourselves into working hard.   It's easier to just put it off another day.   Being self-conscious about what I look like does not help.  It’s important to have workout clothing that makes you feel good about the way you look.  Clothing that inspires you!  Great clothing not only helps us feel good about ourselves and the way we look but it changes our outlook on everything.   I know that when I feel like I look good, I have more confidence and my whole mindset changes.    When I'm all sweaty and reaching deep inside to pull off one more set, and I look up and see myself in the mirror and like my clothes, it gives me confidence.  So, imagine wearing unflattering clothing that makes you feel frumpy.   It gives you a crappy attitude and there are enough things in the world that challenge our attitudes.   Now, the clothing does not need to be super expensive and anything in particular.   It just has to make you feel good about YOU!  Good apparel combines fashion and function.  I have had some amazing minimal shoes that had everything I wanted in a minimal shoe.   They were ugly though.   I won't name names but I don't wear them because they don't make me smile when I look down at my feet the way the sunshine yellow shoes do.    Same goes with my pants and tops.  So, whether you are at the park with your spawn or at a busy gym or in your living room alone early in the morning, invest in some threads that make you feel happy.Three pieces of workout clothing staples to have are as follows, A good pair of black yoga pants.  Skinny leg, wide leg, it doesn't matter and it is totally up to your taste.   But a basic pair of black yoga pantsworks for everything!  It goes with every color, is slimming, and you can dress it up or down.  Black pants go with your bright Hi Tops and your ballet flats.   After you get your black pair, then go for some color!  Something that makes you smile and feel sassy!  A good fitting tank is a must.  You will get hot moving and since spring is here, it’s the perfect time to get out and get some sunshine after that long winter.   I love my tanks to hug my hips and yet still stay a little loose in the middle.  It’s great for the spontaneous inversion.   There are so many tops to choose from but I find that a tankand hoodie combo is my favorite!  Tanks are so great for layering.  Consider whether or not you want a tank with a built in bra.A comfortable jacket, hoodie, or pullover.  Not too heavy and one that you can move in.   I like mine to zip up as it's a pet peeve to pull things over my head and mess up my already unruly hair.  I also like my hoodiesto be longer and go down to my hips.   Whatever you choose, you will love to pull it on over your tank.   It also doesn't really matter if it’s a "running" jacket or a "yoga jacket".  Most workout clothing is interchangeable.  Just check the fabrics as you shop.   Oh, and definitely explore the fabulousness that are thumb holes!! I hope this helps you and your workout journey.  Let me know what your favorite workout gear is in the comments! Follow my tweets @AngieBeeHotz and say Hello! Stop by my review blog www.babreviews.comCheck out my pics on instagramJoin the chat on  FacebookTumble baby tumble! Subscribe on YouTube and add me to your circles on G+Cheers,Angie Bee[...]

Be Here NOW giveaway!


It's that time of year again when the warmer weather makes us want to free our feet!  New sandals is just the way to celebrate spring! Up front, I don't like to tie my huaraches.   I have tried and I can tie a good knot BUT I loathe having to readjust a shoe over and over.   Some people can do it no problem.  I want my sandals to just slip on and not have to think about them again.   You can tie them that way but I have not yet mastered it. The Sensori Venture by XeroShoes are brilliant!   They come pre-laced and I didn't even have to adjust them when I first put them on.   My favorite part about these is the silicone heel strap.   You can adjust at the heel and the tension at the top of the foot as well.   It holds the shoe snug to your foot but doesn't rub the wrong way.   The only adjusting I have done is trimming them down a bit to fit my foot perfectly.   They have a soft yet strong toe post.  The sizing determines where the toe post will go and then you can trim as necessary.  The side holes never touch the ground and don't rub the side of the foot. The heel cup is comfortable, keeps stuff out, and adds some color accent.  They have some new colors out that makes a total of six to choose from!The tread is 5.5 mm FeelTrue outsole with lovely traction.   I have played all over in these from city streets, playgrounds, scrambling over wet rocks at the seaside and on slippery muddy trails, and have felt confident that I wouldn't eat it in any of those places!   I love the feel of bare feet and yet so want some protection from the terrain.   There is also a new sandal out called the Amuri Cloud.   Definitely go check that out!Now who puts a 5,000 mile warranty on their shoes?? Crazy right, but true!a Rafflecopter giveawayFollow my tweets @AngieBeeHotz and say Hello! Stop by my review blog www.babreviews.comCheck out my pics on instagramJoin the chat on  FacebookTumble baby tumble! Subscribe on YouTube and add me to your circles on G+Cheers,Angie BeeFollow my tweets @AngieBeeHotz and say Hello! Stop by my other blog www.barefoootangiebee.comCheck out my pics on instagramJoin the chat on  FacebookTumble baby tumble! Subscribe on YouTube and add me to your circles on G+Cheers,Angie Bee[...]

Cosmic kick in the ass did wonders for me!


  Sometimes the universe gives you exactly what you need. Whether you like it or not.Yesterday the keys got left in the van and this morning the battery was dead.  So, I walked Archimedes to school.  He is grouchy in the mornings just like his mama!  Later in the morning I decided to walk to a doctors appointment instead of risk not getting a jump for the van.  I so wished I had borrowed the teens longboard as I would have been their in half the time BUT I reconnected with walking.  Walking with a purpose and then walking home just for the love of it.   Look at that sunshine!  Yes, we do get blue skies and sunshiny days here in Washington.  We have had such a lovely mild winter.       There is something about getting out in the fresh air and sunshine and seeing your city from a walkers perspective.  I noticed people and even noticed more about myself while out than I have in a long time.  Some were busy and everyone said Good Morning.  Which is so much easier to say than Good Afternoon although I say it anyways.     I stopped at the grocery store on the way home and got a Kombucha.  I also found an Iyengar Yoga Studio, and stopped into a medical marijuana dispensary and asked loads of questions.   You want to meet super, I mean super nice people?  Go to a dispensary or at least the one here.  Olympian care down on Lincoln is so friendly.     This is what that good ol' cosmic kick in the ass did for me!   That dead battery got me moving and it was so wonderful to have done all that after such a stellar nights sleep.  I did have some chest pain while I was walking but it did go away so not too much stress.  Damn MS.   Today was day 280 of #handstand365 challenge.  My legs were so tired that it was hard to kick up.  We have some serious hills here.  Its not Kansas flat at all!     I also discovered this lovely Sunflower Dream drink today.  Jupiter, my son with autism that has the food issues, can have it too!  He really liked it and I thought it was pretty tasty too.   It was a hugely productive day on so many levels.   Just the other day I was so stressed and unhappy.  It was a struggle to choose to be happy.   A constant battle to choose happiness but I knew it would change.   The teen and I bombed some hills on the longboard and then all was right in my world again and I haven't had a crappy day since.   Walking, yoga, and long boarding seem to be the sweet trifecta for me these days!    What gets you happy these days?   How are you coping with the winter?   I think I could use a light box.....Follow my tweets @AngieBeeHotz and say Hello! Stop by my other blog www.babreviews.comCheck out my pics on instagramJoin the chat on  FacebookTumble baby tumble! Subscribe on YouTube and add me to your circles on G+Cheers,Angie Bee[...]

Interview on Lifestyle Accountability show


 Here it is.   I make it a rule, or maybe I'm too chicken, or maybe I'm wise to not fall into the self critique trap,  to never listen to my own interviews.   I was authentic and honest so whatever else I blathered about I will just let it be!!!  I hope you like it and were inspired to live a full life no matter what!  let me know what you think, oh and share it too!!  xoxoEdited to add:  I listened to it and I'm kind of awesome and I like that I laugh a lot and seem way more chill than I felt at the time.  Funny how emotions mess with you like that.  From now on, I will check out my own interviews.  New leaf has been turned over!  Follow my tweets @AngieBeeHotz and say Hello! Stop by my other blog www.babreviews.comCheck out my pics on instagramJoin the chat on  FacebookTumble baby tumble! Subscribe on YouTube and add me to your circles on G+Cheers,Angie Bee[...]

Atttitude is a choice, and handstand 365 day 273


  When I feel down and out and stressed out of my mind and then decide to have a good attitude, it certainly isn't because it's somehow easy.  It is a choice and a choice made  over and over and over again.   I will sometimes fluctuate from being irritated to zen within a span of seconds.  It's work.    Those people out there that seem to have this total zen thing going all the time, feel stress and sadness and fatigue, and any other kind of human suffering.  They may want you to think that they have their proverbial shit together all the time but they don't.  You and I are not alone.   It is a constant work in progress.  Sure, sometimes its easy but what is easy anyways.  Is it hormonal or luck?  Did the stars align or do we just resign ourselves to the work and choose to be happy. Some people on the other hand are unhappy and cranky all the time and can't quite find it in themselves to be happy.   I have been there and have been there for long periods of time.  I have a Superhero to keep me on track and four spawn that need me to show them what work is, so I choose to drink a cup of tea and chill the bleep out.       I choose to smile even when I want to spit and sink into a self righteous anger spiral.   Everyone has been given a shit deal.  Its the human condition BUT everyone can choose to have a good attitude.  Despite pain, and sadness, and things being just downright unfair, we can still be happy.   It doesn't have to last but those breathes of air that sustain us when we think we are drowning are enough even when we don't see it that way at the time.   allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="360" src="//" width="640">My famdamily is always around.  Always.  They are underfoot and talking and getting in the way and being cute.  I don't get a lot of peace and quiet.  I find my zen amidst the chaos and wouldn't have it any other way.  Amidst autism, and pain, and just being a parent, I have found such happiness.This is was from yesterdays day 273 #handstand365.  I had of course held it for much longer and the Superhero asked when he saw this video what happened to the long hold.  I of course wasn't filming that time.  Of course!  Little muscles, joints, tendons, fascia, my mind, are all making adjustments and getting stronger even though it feels like freakin forever that I have been practicing.  I am getting better though and so excited about it!I wish you peace and the strength to choose to be happy amidst your chaos. xoxoFollow my tweets @AngieBeeHotz and say Hello! Stop by my other blog www.babreviews.comCheck out my pics on instagramJoin the chat on  FacebookTumble baby tumble! Subscribe on YouTube and add me to your circles on G+Cheers,Angie Bee[...]

My life is more than this illness.


  Last night I researched my symptoms and decided to calmly call an ambulance.   About 5 days ago I had some heart pain and tachycardia.   Since then I have had some chest pain.  Then last night my left arm started to ache, ok it hurt like hell,  bad enough that I got worried.  I imagined telling people how I was feeling and then imagining that they would all probably tell me to go to the ER.   This was reinforced by the lovely ER people.  Long story short.  I stayed calm and learned that my heart looks fine.  All my labs looked good and I was told by a nurse to get all my friends to do what I do to get cholesterol and triglycerides to look so perfect.    This is both comforting and frustrating.   There is something wrong but its not my heart.....yay!!!I had to mark my territory before leaving the hospital.  Empty waiting room with That 70s show keeping me company.  The culprit most likely is MS.  Fuck MS.  MS is also me.   It is a part of me and I don't want to hate the broken parts of me even though it pisses me off.    I do however want to get better at managing it.   During this week I have had numerous times I could have freaked the bleep out,  but I didn't.   I kept my cool and stared my fear in the ugly pathetic face.  I am making friends with my body and embracing all of me, broken parts and all. Its a choice and not one made easily and not one made once.  It is a constant reminder to myself that my body is awesome.   It has experienced so much and is strong.  Today I feel fantastic, in pain, but fantastic.  Knowing that I am not indeed having heart problems even when all my symptoms point in that direction is freeing and makes the pain manageable.   The magic word of the day is manageable.  We went to the Feiro Marine Life Center down at the pier and then we went out on the spit this afternoon.Sun and salt air does wonders for a persons soul.   I even fixed the printer today and that is a huge feat!  My life is so much more than this illness.  So, enough about that.  I am fine and moving forward.   I have big plans and announcements coming up very soon! Thank you for your friendship and support! xoxo allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="360" src="//" width="640">Follow my tweets @AngieBeeHotz and say Hello! Stop by my other blog www.babreviews.comCheck out my pics on instagramJoin the chat on  FacebookTumble baby tumble! Subscribe on YouTube and add me to your circles on G+Cheers,Angie Bee[...]