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Audio mind control for the people. Deployed monthly by MK2 reality enhancement systems. Hip-hop, glitch-hop, dancehall, electro, breaks, and more, with an exclusive mix from a different guest every month.

Last Build Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2014 20:31:16 -0800

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memekast mk087 » Spoken Bird

Mon, 27 Oct 2014 20:31:16 -0800

Episode mk087 comes to us from Chillage Records artist Spoken Bird. Comprised mostly of newly released material, we think that you're in for quite the treat! The episode starts out strong and moves easily from song to song, with his signature style of laser infused glitch hop. This mix is set to compliment his most recent release, How Old is the Wind. It contains many of the songs from this release, as well as many other remixes.

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memekast mk086 » Origin

Mon, 19 May 2014 20:41:10 -0800

Episode 86 is something a little special and a little different than the normal Memekast. This mix comes to us from the one like Origin, with an intro from the original badman, Geno Cochino! It was recorded live at Lucidity Festival on the Lucid Stage (sponsored by Memekast), Saturday afternoon. The selections range from deep half-time business through some bangin' footwork and even a bit of DnB for good measure.

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memekast mk085 » DubCOliNG

Tue, 08 Apr 2014 21:01:59 -0800

Episode 85 comes to us by way of DubCOliNG. Over 65 minutes of squishy, bubbly beats and bass served up with a side of turntablism and scratch technique. Showcasing his own music alongside selections from Tipper, Digital Rust and Kalya Scintilla, among others; we really feel like they stand out, with solid sound design and theme. He's surely an artist to watch in the near future.

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memekast mk084 » LO-SCORE

Tue, 01 Apr 2014 00:00:01 -0800

This mix comes to us by way of LO-SCORE. We’d love to tell you more but all we got is a mix and a tracklist. There is no Soundcloud. No fan page. That’s all we know. *shrug*

UPDATE: Apparently there is a SoundCloud.

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memekast mk083 » SugarBeats

Tue, 18 Mar 2014 17:30:38 -0800

Episode 83 comes to us from SugarBeats. This dynamic duo comes in hot with almost 50 minutes of straightforward Glitch Hop bangers. The mix starts out with their own original tunes and then moves into some of the genres most sought after artists, including Au5 & Fractal, Mr.Bill, Circuit Bent, and Stickybuds- chopped and screwed with layers of vocal edits and acapellas to keep it feeling familiar and danceable the whole way through.

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memekast mk082 » Dabis

Tue, 04 Mar 2014 01:24:59 -0800

Memekast resident Dabis' last mix was back on 4/20 of 2011, and now he's back for another run. This selection takes us on a journey into the deep and dark depths of half time Drum & Bass and Footwork. Many of these selections encapsulate the terms "progressive" and "minimal", while still holding a theme and intention that feels clear the whole way through.

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memekast mk081 » VibeSquaD

Sun, 01 Dec 2013 18:08:17 -0800

Episode 81 comes to us by way of our favorite master of the funk infused, squishy bass — the one and only VibeSquaD! This new mix contains a few tunes from his recent album Spinning Gears and Making Things. He also drops a couple of our old favorites, Swivel and Snagglepuss. Also notable are the Spoonbill collaboration and the remixes for Hellfire Machina and previous Memekast selector Freddy Todd (mk075). Definitely one of the most solid Memekasts to date, and we're stoked to be able to share it with you.

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memekast mk080 » RudElgin

Sat, 02 Nov 2013 17:25:49 -0800

RudElgin comes in blazin' with mk080, for his follow up mix: a deep exploration into the many sounds and styles of Drum & Bass. WIth great track selection and practically flawless mixing, we expect nothing less from one of our favorite residents. While Elgin has been "laying low" for the last year, he's also been getting some really good looks. 2013 saw him playing Coachella, multiple EDCs and most recently supporting the popular "EDM" group Krewella on their recent North American tour.

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memekast mk079 » Andreilien

Tue, 22 Oct 2013 13:28:08 -0800

Episode mk079 comes to us from Headtron and Muti Music artist, Andreilien (formerly Heyoka). Comprised of mostly un-released material, all of the tunes are forthcoming soon on Muti Music. We think you're in for quite the treat! The mix starts out mellow and dreamy, slowly moving into his signature style of dubbed out, glitch hop. It's the perfect soundtrack to help with those post festival season blues!

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memekast mk078 » Spektrum

Wed, 03 Jul 2013 00:14:07 -0800

Episode number 78 comes from our own resident selector of selectors, Spektrum. This mix is an exploration into the current world of deep, dark, and at times minimal Dubstep.

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memekast mk077 » jOBOT

Wed, 13 Mar 2013 00:15:57 -0800

Episode number 77 comes by way of jOBOT. Another one of the rising stars on the ever growing Headtron roster, he comes CORRECT with this mix. Starting out with some of that Zapp & Roger business, then moving through some heavy Electro influenced Glitch Hop cuts with Love and Light. Featuring mostly original material or remixes and collaborations with Stephan Jacobs, Gridwork and Walkerling, this mix is sure to please. The whole episode is a showcase of his skill not only in producing quality music, but also the ability to transition from tempo to tempo, style to style with very little effort. Although a required DJ skill crucial to a quality live performance, it seems that with the advent of Ableton it's one that's too often overlooked.

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memekast mk076 » 2NUTZ

Sun, 24 Feb 2013 21:12:59 -0800

Kicking off the Year of the Snake, 2NUTZ delivers a 45 minute slammer. Starting out with some crunked out lazer beats and chopped, screwed vocals, then moving through some straight forward glitch hop a la Tipper, this is a mix designed to hold your attention from beginning to end.

After seeing their live set at an outdoor music festival in Southern California, we knew they could deliver the goods, and would make a great addition to our growing catalogue, so we decided to get them on ASAP. The track selection on this episode is top notch and the mixing is solid. Promoters should definitely pay attention to this duo for bookings this year.

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memekast mk075 » Freddy Todd

Fri, 28 Dec 2012 23:43:33 -0800

Welcome back! We wanted to have someone special to roll out our 75th episode, and wrap up 2012. Who better than Freddy Todd? His most current release, Sick in the City, Alive in the Woods just came out via our friends over at Adapted Records. The whole album is a constant challenge to what Glitch Hop "is". His versatility and constantly evolving style make him hardly the type of producer that you can label as being in this genre, or that genre.

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memekast mk074 » SeventhSwami

Sun, 01 Jul 2012 15:55:11 -0800

It's time for a resident mix! This episode comes to us from our very own Seventh Swami. His last Memekast was in 2007, and aside from a couple of releases on Muti Music, we haven't heard a lot out of him. He's been off the grid, living and doing some soul searching, occasionally surfacing for a booking here and there by his crews, Want It! and the Ambient Mafia. What he puts down for episode 74 is oozing with soul and sexiness. It's a mix made for the Summer.

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memekast mk073 » ill-esha

Tue, 12 Jun 2012 07:39:22 -0800

Episode number 73 comes to us by way of Glitch Hop Forum co-founder, ill-esha. This mix was recorded live, using the Novation Twitch and Serato. She blasts through a huge list of tunes, coming from the likes of S.P.E.C.T.R.E., heRobust, Stephan Jacobs, ChrisB, Samples, and her new project Intellipaths with Unlimited Gravity. It includes many of her own originals, remixes and collaborations from far and wide. One of the many things that strikes us about ill-esha is the way that she is constantly setting herself apart from her peers with her own unique, soulful compositions and vocal style.

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memekast mk072 » Pizza Party

Fri, 20 Apr 2012 06:58:08 -0800

Oh snap, it's time for the 4/20 Munchies mix y'all! Episode 72 comes to us from Pizza Party, the side project of Stephan Jacobs and NiT GriT. This order starts out crunchy with some of their freshest originals for the meat of the mix. Then it starts moving through some of their own solo works and remixes. To top the order off, they threw in the Freddy Todd remix of Stephan's tune In the Vortex and remixed a track by Metric. On the house.

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memekast mk071 » Tinker

Mon, 26 Mar 2012 07:54:39 -0800

For this episode, we give you a uniquely crafted mix of favorites and originals by Bay Area up and comer Tinker.  Fresh back from her Hawaiian Tour in February, we asked her to give us a taste of what the hype is all about.  She absolutely delivered, sharing a selection of bumping tunes with tight basslines, wonky beats, and playful melodies. After setting the vibe with a cheeky remix of Henry Mancini's Pink Panther Theme, the mix slinks along with attitude, steadily increasing in tempo and injecting high levels of head-nodding bass and beats into your blood stream, warping your brain and stealing your heart. This one's not to be missed.

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memekast mk070 » Hypnotech

Thu, 15 Mar 2012 09:11:49 -0800

For this episode we take you to a secret underground bunker, hidden somewhere along the coast of Northern California. To give you a mix from the man known by many, simply as Hypnotech. Being the co-owner one of the most well known online music resources for both dj's and listeners of the most cutting edge of todays bass music. We were expecting more of the "dope" hybridized mid tempo, womptastic, west coast, glitch hop and dubstep sound that we've come to expect from Addictech as a label and music outlet. Little did we know that he would send us a deep, dark, and at times minimal autonomic drum & bass mix of all new tunes from around the globe.

In our minds this mix further solidifies him as a downright excellent DJ, top notch selector and purveyor of only the finest beats. Every one of these tracks are seemingly hand picked out of the thousands that he sorts through every year. Progressing from sparsely programmed clicks and scattered beats and then breaking into some deep roller action. It runs the gamut of minimal to techy. It is both thematic and progressive in its evolution without ever straying too far from the sound that binds it together.

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memekast mk069 » Ratchet

Mon, 05 Mar 2012 06:37:42 -0800

For this episode, we give you a selection of all original songs from Ratchet. He shot us a slammin' mix, hot off the release of his new album Warp Speed on Ooze System Recordings. It starts out with the uptempo dance floor friendly feel of Natural Movement, the Memekast giveaway track available for free on our Soundcloud Page. After that it breaks loose into his tunes Raw and Family Style, runs through a natural progression of bangers, then settles into some of the more melodic textural material he's released. With subtle tempo changes and on point edits he keeps you listening the whole way though and doesn't disappoint the ears.

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memekast mk068 » +verb

Tue, 14 Feb 2012 04:53:32 -0800

Bringing it home with yet another Headtron episode (it really was unintentional, we swear), Number 68 comes from the man known as +verb. We've had him plugged in since he put out his 2010 X-mas mix-tape. Let's face it, he's kind of hard not to notice, given that he's putting new music out seemingly every week. He also has a string of highly acclaimed releases and remixes on Simplify, Muti Music, Robox Neotech and most notably his remix for Starkey on Civil Music.

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memekast mk067 » Mad Zach

Mon, 06 Feb 2012 23:00:02 -0800

Episode 67 takes us to down to Santa Cruz, where we catch up with Mad Zach. His latest release has been causing a stir in the West Coast bass community. While he might be a fresh face on the scene, he's definitely no stranger to writing a good beat, having already released a full album, Wolf Spiders with collaborator R2 The Specialist. He also released a new EP entitled The Devil's Dancehall which came out on Muti Music in November.

Even when he's not writing music, Zach stays involved in the EDM scene through various jobs and projects. He works for the music technology blog DJ Tech Tools as a video producer, photographer and a product designer. He's also the owner of Custom MIDI Controllers, where he builds custom midi controllers for DJ's and producers all over the world. You can expect to hear some new music from Zach, forthcoming on Muti Music and through his own label, which he plans to start later this year, focusing on "more psychedelic and thought provoking experimentations."

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memekast mk066 » Audiovoid

Sun, 29 Jan 2012 00:42:46 -0800

It's been a minute since we've heard a mix from Memekast resident Audiovoid. For episode 66, he starts it bouncing with his signature grinding crunchy mid tempo style, occasionally teasing in the pretty stuff, including Bassnectar’s remix of Fever Ray's When I Grow Up and even a new remix of NovaTRON's Fugue Regolar from our buddy Heavenly Father. The midtempo progression gradually bumps more and more, finally settling in on his own track Scared Slitless. Finally he lets the momentum of the mix take over, unleashing a barrage of twisted electro and dubstep heaters all the way up to drum & bass and back down again. Especially notable mixes include Culprate's Finger VIP into Audiovoid's re-edit of the Feed Me tune Cloudburn, then into Cutline's Runnin' Ft. Belle Humble VIP. The range of genres and sub genres that are explored, and the ability that he has to tie them all together, are refreshing to say the least. And he does it all while staying true to his own style. He seamlessly moves through tempos and constantly mixes it up with original tunes and re-edits. Score.

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memekast mk065 » ChrisB.

Sun, 08 Jan 2012 18:03:49 -0800

For the first Memekast of 2012 we offer up a 22 minute mix from Los Angeles native, ChrisB. We were drawn to the smoother sexier, more melody driven productions that only partly describe Chris's sound. But don't get it twisted, it's not all chocolates and silk panties. There's a mad amount of chopped up West Coast crunkedelic vocals and slick, morphing basslines moving around under his straightforward Hip Hop style beats.

We were lucky enough to catch multiple performances from Chris this Summer. Most notable was his impromptu morning set at Sonic Bloom and his sunrise set at Nexus, with fellow musician Gladkill, playing as More Champagne.

Boldly exploring vast melodic realms full of hypnotic textures and a heavy dose of emotionally-resonant driving bass, his high energy live performances never fail to inspire each person in the audience. Unlike many of his contemporaries, he is utterly unafraid to toss aside the crutch of 'brute-force' sonic assaults and instead relies only on his brilliant melodic compositions. Chris’s sound reflects a developed musicality not often associated with the bulk of contemporary electronic music.

— ChrisB's Bio

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memekast mk064 » Stephan Jacobs

Wed, 21 Dec 2011 12:38:58 -0800

This episode of the Memekast will be the last one for 2011, and in typical fashion we like go out and in with a bang. For number 64 we take you to Los Angeles, for a special mix from Stephan Jacobs. Having known Stephan for a few years, it was an obvious choice. But we had to wait until he had the time. Also having been selected by The Do Lab as a featured performer at Coachella for the last two years, Lighting in a Bottle, Nocturnal Wonderland, Burning Man, and many other festivals, underground events, and clubs this summer. He has a virtually non-stop touring schedule.

As one of the most exciting multi-genre producers in Southern California today, Stephan Jacobs draws from a powerful collection of original material and heavyweight remixes. This passionate young producer slings out stimulating sets of uptempo dub step, twisted glitch hop and straight-up West Coast crunk


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memekast mk063 » MartyParty

Tue, 13 Dec 2011 20:56:12 -0800

For this episode of the Memekast we check in with our Brooklyn, New York home base to bring you an all original mixture from the one and only MartyParty. We've really admired his DIY style of making, mixing, mastering, releasing and playing his own material and the amount of love that he shows for his fans. Never one to be outdone, he asked us what kind of mix we would like to hear. The choice between a "90bpm melodic, pretty mix" or a "140bpm purple rager" was an easy one for us. Full of original tracks, exclusive collaborations and sick remixes. We were more than excited when he agreed to be featured, let alone to be given multiple styles to choose from.

It’s all about experimentation and invention - that’s why I make music the way I do. The new tooling in digital music production allows me to sit alone in my room on my iMac with two KRK Rockit monitors and a subwoofer, and produce original music from the first chord, right through to mastering and release on the internet - in one day. This freedom and power make it easy to explore the limits of the audible sound spectrum, including sub bass, poly-melodic harmonics and sound design, with incredible speed, productivity and without complying to any convention. My mission is to change the way people think about electronic music and to bring the art of musical composition back into popular music. My dream is that I inspire others to do the same. We live in a digital world, I’m not interested in emulating anything that has been done before.


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memekast mk062 » MiHKAL

Thu, 08 Dec 2011 20:25:27 -0800

For this episode we stay at home in the Bay Area to bring you just under an hour long mix from MiHKAL (mee·KALL), which stands for "Music I Have Known And Loved". We've been big fans of MiHKAL's for quite some time, having seen him develop and fine tune his signature style over the past few years. Combining smooth sexy beats, custom mashups and glitched out vocals with exclusive tunes from some of glitch hop's most prominent artist's, we're sure this mix will keep your head nodding for months to come.

Perfecting the art of audio alchemy, MiHKAL approaches his musical creative process as a chemist synthesizing a newfound molecule. Blending an omnitude of genres and tempos into a seamless bass induced euphoria, MiHKAL brings both the light and dark elements into harmony with melodic rhythms intertwined with heavy bass lines. Whether serving the crowd a plate of face slapping bass with a side of womp sauce or raising the vibe with higher frequency melodic soundscapes, he puts intention into his performance just as a shaman would, guiding his ceremony.

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memekast mk061 » Mr. Bill

Mon, 21 Nov 2011 16:20:04 -0800

For this episode we go to New South Wales, Australia to bring you Mr. Bill. If you haven't heard of Bill before, we're not too surprised. He's been sort of under the radar until recently but we think this mix will get your attention.

Recent credits include remixes for Vaetxh and Bluetech, as well as collaborations with Bran Richards and our own resident Tha Fruitbat.

My name is Bill, however I am currently more well known for writing and performing electronic music under the pseudonym Mr. Bill. This project is based around evocation, I like to write music that excites the ear and the brain. This requires me to explore all sorts of strange production methods and musical theories to keep exciting my senses.

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memekast mk060 » Genji

Sun, 13 Nov 2011 14:57:49 -0800

For this episode we take you back to the Bay Area for another appearance from Memekast resident Genji. This mix is a bit of a departure from the sounds of his previous Memekast, in 2007. An exploration in texture and movement, the dark, grinding bass and copious crunch of mk026 was both moody and heady, but with enough solid grooves and glitchy rhythms to keep your head bobbing.

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memekast mk059 » ProJect Aspect

Tue, 04 Oct 2011 19:30:52 -0800

To get the new season of Memekasts started off right, We selected Denver native ProJect Aspect, a member of the Mile High Sound Movement, a talented pool of artists and producers located there. We had a chance to hear him play a few times at Sonic Bloom this year along with previous Memekast guest Seied as well as Tipper, Vibesquad, Eoto, Jantsen, and Jamie Janover just to name a few. We were very impressed by the consistent quality of music that we heard while we were there. ProJect Aspect's production made us take notice and get him on the short list for a Memekast. Which also happens to coincide with his ProJect Aspect fan page acquiring over 2000 fans as well as a new release featured on the music label Gruntworthy. And in celebration of these two recent achievements he gave us an all live mix tape of unreleased material to swing into the Fall season. Exclusively for the Memekast.

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memekast mk058 » Niles

Sat, 13 Aug 2011 14:53:36 -0800

Is it still a fanny pack if you rock it in the front? Is it still Dubstep if there isn't any dub? Niles plays the music that he feels is embracing the future of Dubstep without losing sight of its roots. Referencing the sound of early Tempa two step and sometimes stripping it down to a more minimal dub techno feel.

He's been keeping his head down and his ear to the ground while planning some new projects you are sure to be hearing about soon, as well as doing more remixing duties for VTG.

Media Files:

memekast mk057 » Digital Honey

Wed, 22 Jun 2011 15:04:09 -0800

Digital Honey is the dynamic duo of Alia (13moontribe, Raindance, Nexus) and Ginger Vaughn (hitgirl!). They consistently lay down some of the fattest breaks available. Fresh off the heels from slamming performances at both Raindance and The Bounce Festival, we thought it was about time to bring you some straight up hard, funky Breakbeats, enjoy.

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memekast mk056 » Cloud 11

Wed, 18 May 2011 07:09:44 -0800

We decided to chill out this week and not book the bangers, this episode comes from Rena Jones' new music label, Cartesian Binary. We've followed and been fans of Rena and her many projects for a long time. We met up with her recently in San Francisco and she gave us a preview of some of the music featured on her label's new album, so we asked her if she wanted any of her artists do a mix for us. After keeping in contact over the last few weeks, she sent a beautiful moody piece comprised of select tracks from the album Cloud 11 , mixed by b0t23. We hope you like it.

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memekast mk055 » Ruff Hauser

Tue, 03 May 2011 10:23:44 -0800

For Memekast episode #55, we roll down to Los Angeles for an exclusive mix from one the most prolific of our favorite SoCal producers, Ruff Hauser. He slapped us with over 48 minutes of melodic, throbbing, twisted, bass heavy beats. Mixing much of his own unreleased material with tunes from some of the hottest producers out on the charts, like Tipper, Zeds Dead, High Rankin and also his partner in Kether, Stephan Jacobs. Moving seamlessly through different tempos and styles, from glitchy Mid Tempo, to Dubstep, Dub Techno and 2 Step. This mix solidifies Ruff Hauser as being a top notch producer in our minds, he has definitely achieved that polished sound that producers spend many years trying to achieve. He's seen releases on Muti, Addictech, and Beatport. And for good reason...

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memekast mk054 » Dabis

Wed, 20 Apr 2011 11:20:21 -0800

From Hawaii to Hollywood, up and down the West Coast, New Memekast resident Dabis has been dropping tracks for many years in well known clubs, off the beaten path and everywhere in between. Dabis hits you with a fully charged pulse of low frequency energy, flooding dance floors with waves of sub bass. While the tracks he drops hail from far-flung corners of the electronic music sphere, you can count on him to grace your eardrums with individually mined and polished gems.

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memekast mk053 » Digital Rust

Thu, 14 Apr 2011 17:08:30 -0800

For this episode of the Memekast, we are very pleased to bring you Digital Rust. He gave us an all exclusive, all original mix of 3 released and 6 unreleased tracks! Expect a new forthcoming EP on Addictech in the very near future.

He played an epic sunrise set at the Temple of Flux this year and we knew that we had to have him on the Memekast. But he made us wait until he had a release under his belt.

His first offering, Loophole, out now on Addictech Records, takes listeners on a ride through dirty wobbles, thick basslines, talking synths bits, and chunky beats. Digital Rust constructs a twisted soundscape that pulls inspirations from Glitch Hop, Dubstep, and Breaks.

Media Files:

memekast mk052 » Dirt

Fri, 01 Apr 2011 14:36:26 -0800

To start April off right, we head to back Oakland to bring you another mix from Dirt (Cymbalic Recordings / Techno Truth). Dirt's production has been highly acclaimed for taking the listener on a journey through several different moods and levels of intensity. He is especially known for his hard thumping Techno. Combining evolving textures and stretched out psychedelic layers with moving basslines and thumping 808 sub rhythms. Stay tuned for releases from Dirt later in the year.

Media Files:

memekast mk051 » Bass from Above

Mon, 21 Mar 2011 22:13:32 -0800

For this episode we are proud to present Bass from Above. The new album from and mixed in entirety by Pairadimez (iONik + r.e.g.). The first in a series of all-original exclusive compilation albums from SubSynthesis & GlitchDrop showcasing many new and establshed artists. Mastered by Bill Bless. Featuring 22 original tracks by producers such as Freddy Todd, Sugarpill, Gladkill, Stephan Jacobs, +verb and many more. This album was originally intended to be sold to help fund future releases, until the recent Japanese disaster. Everyone involved decided to donate the proceeds to the disaster relief efforts currently underway in Japan.

Media Files:

memekast mk050 » ill.Gates

Sat, 19 Mar 2011 15:52:18 -0800

To celebrate our 50th Memekast we are teaming up with ill.Gates to announce the launch of the new and releasing a 20:11 megamix featuring all the heaviest ill.Gates releases along with two new bangers, complete with elephants and muthafuckin' monkeys*! We got a chance to preview the new site last week when we co-hosted the Sound Theories Workshop. If you are at all interested in being a DJ, digital music production, or in the psychology behind how music makes you feel. You should check out the new It's full of information, videos, tips, tricks and loads of freebies.


"The first new track is a remix of King Kapisi's Safari created with Kiwi badman Flex during the No Sleep Til Tokyo tour, the second new track is a Drumstep remix of T.O.B.’s Decoy written with Muti mastermind Dov."

+ 30 Minutes of New Tutorial Videos!

Media Files:

memekast mk049 » Bird of Prey

Wed, 02 Mar 2011 20:15:51 -0800

For this episode of the Memekast we were lucky enough to catch up with San Francisco's Bird of Prey. His psystep hybridization of breaks and dubstep has been showcased on releases by Addictech, Cyberset, and Vaporvent.

He also has an upcoming Addictech EP due out in the next couple months as well as a brand new website launch. Expect quite a few surprises from him in 2011. We're stoked that he had some time to get us an all exclusive mix just for the Memekast.

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memekast mk048 » Seied

Tue, 15 Feb 2011 17:20:36 -0800

For this week's episode we check in with Seied, out of Denver, Colorado. We've been listening to Dave's music for for quite a while. In our opinion he has been overlooked for far too long. He has releases on Addictech, Digital Distortions, Plastic Sound Supply, and Be Green Records. Having been remixed by the likes of Bassnectar as well as doing bangin remixes of Si Begg's Tyranny of Pesto and Dicrylium's Hippy Britches. Not to mention being a staple performer of the Burning Man festival scene and all around nice guy.

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memekast mk047 » Carly-D and Dr.Knobz

Sun, 06 Feb 2011 15:03:20 -0800

For this weeks episode we cross The Bay to Oakland, where we caught up with Gruntworthy label bosses Carly-D and Dr.Knobz. We asked them to give us a preview of where they thought the future of bass music was headed... or at least what it sounded like to them. 

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memekast mk046 » RūdElgin

Sat, 15 Jan 2011 21:12:28 -0800

He's been called LA's best dubstep DJ... but his mom has always been really supportive like that.

Elgin first fell in love with electronic music in 1996 when a high school buddy turned him on to Music for the Jilted Generation. Three years later, a friend needed a place to store a set of belt drive decks and an old was on these decks that his fascination with mixing was born. Out of this fascination and after many years of dedication, he gained the skills to mix with ease, moving through various tempos and styles, while making sure that YOU are having as much fun as he is!

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memekast mk045 » djSpaceInvader

Wed, 12 Jan 2011 12:09:52 -0800

East Coast Operations checks in with a mix from our resident in Brooklyn, djSpaceInvader, who drops a stack of intergalactic gangsta shit best described as "music to jack spacecraft to".

Media Files:

memekast mk044 » Dirt

Fri, 31 Dec 2010 15:56:55 -0800

Welcome back, and welcome to 2011! We have a lot planned for this year, as our East Coast operations ramp up and our West Coast team expands and cranks up the intensity. We have a serious lineup already, including new resident Spektrum, more resident mixes, and some surprises…

To start the new year and new chapter off proper, we head to Oakland to bring you a set from Dirt (Cymbalic Recordings / Techno Truth). Known for his infamous Wilderbeats events in California's Sierra Nevada mountains, going strong since 1999, Dirt is especially known for his half-tempo work, a "hybridization of Dubstep and Downtempo, combining beautiful guitar playing along side shifting textures and ever evolving atmospheres for late hours of the night or early mornings."

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memekast mk043 » Kid Kameleon

Fri, 30 Jul 2010 20:53:54 -0800

This episode we get a visit from our homie at Surya Dub and XLR8R magazine, San Francisco's Kid Kameleon. A twleve-year veteran in the game, the Kid got his start in NYC's illbient scene in the late 90's as a member of DJ Spooky-affiliated Soundlab collective, quickly establishing a reputation as a selector not to be pigeonholed.

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memekast mk042 » Daly City Records Takeover

Thu, 01 Apr 2010 00:03:28 -0800


This is Daly City Records... We have temporarily taken control of the Memekast to bring you a ton of new music that you NEED to hear. We've got six back to back sets from Daly City Records artists: MusSck, Lokae, Deceptikon, Monk Fly, Samples, and Mochipet!

Media Files:

memekast mk041 » Rastatronics

Sat, 27 Mar 2010 21:57:44 -0800

Back to the Bay this month for a session from dubstep soldier Rastatronics. Repping Subwize and MalLabel out of Santa Cruz and SF, respectively, Rastatronics has been pushing subs throughout the Westside with an unapologetically heavy sound. On the decks since 1998, he joined forces with fellow bass slinger 187 Sound System to found the Subwize crew in 2008. Since then they have brought more members on board, and worked collaboratively with other crews to push the dubstep sound in the greater Bay Area.

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memekast mk040 » Chiral

Sun, 07 Mar 2010 17:34:21 -0800

The Memekast officially spins back into action this month from our new headquarters in New York City. Much is going on behind the scenes, and we will be introducing some new personnel this year, as well as expanding our primary geographical focus, which to date has been primarily the San Francisco Bay Area. Notably, our new base of operations places us in proximity to some highly capable operatives in NYC.

Speaking of personnel, for MK040 we are proud to introduce a longtime MK2 operative who has taken on the additional role of Memekast resident!

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memekast mk039 » Tha Fruitbat

Mon, 27 Apr 2009 22:28:58 -0800

For this show we got a visit from Tha Fruitbat, reporting from Sacramento with a collection of originals and remixes. It's fast, hard breakbeat and electro — glitched, chopped, and beaten like the redheaded bastard lovechild of Si Begg, Aaron Spectre, and Audiovoid, having slipped each other GHB in the secretly shared hopes of setting off just such an unholy union. Don't picture it.

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memekast mk038 » SexyTime

Mon, 23 Mar 2009 21:28:54 -0800

Welcome back, and thanks again for tuning in. For program 38, we present an exclusive mix from San Francisco's Sexytime. Comprised of Sleepyhead (LowPro Lounge) and Mimosa (Muti Music), this duo's sleek, dubbed out crunkstep will get that fine ass shakin', and rattle your man's grill right out his mouth.

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memekast mk037 » djSpaceInvader

Thu, 19 Feb 2009 20:49:42 -0800

After about a year and a half of slacking, Memekast resident and founder, djSpaceInvader, decided to stop by for a half-hour shift. We asked him where the hell he's been and he replied, "Time is bullshit."

Be that as it may, there are really only so many times we can listen to that Ce'Cile track. Seriously, it's time for a new mix. You're up.

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memekast mk036 » Mochipet

Sun, 04 Jan 2009 20:09:16 -0800

Well it has been a while, hasn't it? Our heartfelt apologies for leaving you without your fix for so long. But the Memekast is officially back in action, and to kick off 2009, we brought the HEAT.

Representing Daly City Records in California, we're delighted to present 40 minutes of all new, unreleased material from Mochipet. If you haven't heard of Mochipet through his work with artists like Spank Rock, Kid606, Ellen Alien, and Otto Von Schirach (on such labels as Tigerbeat6, Bpitchcontrol, or his own Daly City imprint), then perhaps you've read about him in the Village Voice, URB, XLR8R, or SF Bay Guardian. Or heard his tracks while you were watching Tony Hawk, Lance Mountain, or Ray Barbee on Fuel TV.

Yeah, we didn't exactly discover this guy. But we're honored to share this exclusive set with our listeners.

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memekast mk035 » vinylminds

Thu, 05 Jun 2008 20:05:20 -0800

Today's episode finds MK2 scattered between Chicago, DC, and SF, a perfect time to reach to more distant shores for a guest selector.

For episode 35, we're pleased to present Melbourne's vinylminds (AKA Superpolitik), a dj/producer and co-owner of breaks/down-tempo label Trickery Collective. Classically trained, he also studied jazz and improvisational guitar & piano, and spent much of the 90's playing in funk & rock bands. But as the millennium turned over, he put his guitar on the shelf and reached instead for a sequencer.

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memekast mk034 » Piotron

Sat, 24 May 2008 22:03:48 -0800

As we resume somewhat regular updates, we bring you a set from Piotron, representing San Francisco's infamous DownLow crew. Purveyors of fine underground and renegade events since 2005, DownLow has quickly established a reputation for excellence among connoisseurs of toxic beaches, veggie-fueled party buses, and other unorthodox venues.

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memekast mk033 » Niles

Sat, 10 May 2008 21:50:19 -0800

After a short break (you thought you were rid of us), we're back with resident selector Niles. Once again he unleashes the fury, utilizing state of the art precision-guided rhythms and devastating low frequency pulse technology. When you're ready for some more, check out his personnel file for more sets, including previous Memekast transmissions and a new live set from Connectivate.

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memekast mk032 » Audio1

Tue, 01 Apr 2008 13:45:47 -0800

Aw hell naw.

You may have noticed our transmission was hijacked today... Actually we've been nagging San Mateo's Audio1 to put out a new episode of his Pop That Trunk podcast for a while now. But I guess with two club residencies, four net radio shows (two live and two podcasts), and always a party somewhere to be rocked, the man's been keeping pretty busy.

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memekast mk031 » Nick Argon

Sun, 09 Mar 2008 16:49:17 -0800

As the Memekast resumes broadcasting from the GhettoBox, we brought in Bay Area dubstep champion and Argon label-founder Nick Argon. Started in 1999, the first few releases on Argon Records were drum & bass tunes primarily from San Diego's Stratus and Static of Australia, with appearances by Profound Noize, Gridlok, and others. With the release of Matty G's For the Smokers / Bitter Love 12" in 2006, Argon announced the beginning of a new chapter, focused on the slower, grimier sounds of dubstep.

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memekast mk030 » MurdaSloth

Thu, 14 Feb 2008 18:10:38 -0800

We're back with a very special Valentine's Day gift for all of you. I know it might seem odd for me to wax romantic, but I recently discovered an entity that I think I feel genuine affection for. I know how much MK2 loves all of you, so I wanted to share this feeling.

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memekast mk029 » EPROM

Wed, 06 Feb 2008 19:04:51 -0800

I don't know if y'all heard about this psyphy movement we got goin' on out here in tha Bay? Well we got a heavy-handed pimp slapper for you this week to help you get familiar, courtesy of SF's EPROM. It'll make ya psyphy. It'll make ya stunt. Might make ya lose your face, nuthin left but gold fronts.

Then it'll slap them fake-ass shits out too. BAP!

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memekast mk028 » Evinrude

Tue, 15 Jan 2008 23:36:43 -0800

For our first episode of 2008 we bring you a RAGER from San Francisco's Evinrude (Stimulus, Netamp). One of the Bay's few remaining all-vinyl DJ's, he's been a functioning vinyl junky for about a decade, selling his drums for the stuff shortly after getting hooked.

He started making himself known in the Bay Area around 2000, slinging a special recipe of hard trance, acid, energy, and breaks under the moniker Darth. A few years later he joined forces with Dirt and Nugz to start breaks weekly Broke-Ass, and launched a monthly at the now-defunct @lpha Bar called Smoke Breaks. He also briefly ran a weekly called Crooked at Nickie's on Haight Street, which was interrupted by the gentrification of that venue.

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memekast mk027 » Resynthesize

Mon, 17 Dec 2007 00:18:15 -0800

For our final episode of 2007, we pick up where Genji left off last month; with Sacramento's Resynthesize! Nah, we didn't plan it - we're just tapped in like that.

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memekast mk026 » Genji

Wed, 21 Nov 2007 17:52:29 -0800

This episode we bring you a set from Genji (Syatic Media, Loud Ass Bastards, Word of Mouth). Originally hailing from Atlanta, Genji has been making music since 1990, and DJing since 2000. In 2002 he bounced to SoCal and then up to the Bay, making appearances alongside RAW, Infiltrada, Mr. Projectile, Boreta, RD, and many others. Current projects include collaborations with Pusher (as Toeknuckle), Audiovoid (as Exact Change), Beytah, Dirt, and more.

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memekast mk025 » Ganucheau

Fri, 02 Nov 2007 02:41:47 -0800

We're back with a very special episode from Bay Area composer Ganucheau.

A New Orleans native, Matt Ganucheau has been performing electronic music for over 8 years. In 2004 he graduated from the Berklee College of Music with degrees in Film Scoring and Music Synthesis. Since relocating to the Bay to pursue a career in sound design and composition, he has completed three short film scores, a full featured game score, and has had several pieces appear on international compilations. He currently teaches sound design for video games at the Expression College for Digital Arts.

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memekast mk024 » Cumulus

Tue, 16 Oct 2007 22:29:47 -0800

For our first broadcast from our new space (yeah, we moved again), we bring a custom selection from SF Bay Area dj/producer Cumulus (Word of Mouth, Loud Ass Bastards, Syatic Media). Our guest originally hails from Santa Barbara, where he helped run JustUs Productions and their flagship Synaesthesia series, and spent summers throwing full moon parties with Word of Mouth. During this time he developed a reputation for deep, dark, heavy sounds and long, detailed mixes. Playing mostly drum & bass under the moniker Sam I Am*, he also made appearances in Los Angeles, alongside veteran selectors like Dj Dara, Infiltrata, and Reid Speed.

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memekast mk023 » SeventhSwami

Sat, 08 Sep 2007 23:19:58 -0800

For magic episode 23, we turn the controls over to a self-proclaimed “missionary of music,” Sacramento’s SeventhSwami. Representing the Ambient Mafia, WantIt, and Escape Artists, Swami is the artchetypical DJ as shaman, his mission to “Raise more people’s spiritual awareness through the ecstatic dance experience.”

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memekast mk022 » djSpaceInvader

Thu, 23 Aug 2007 14:54:13 -0800

After intense trilateral negotiations, mk2 has secured the rights to an exclusive advance broadcast of the first installment in the GhettoBox Sessions mix series, featuring our own djSpaceInvader. Recorded at the GhettoBox on San Francisco's scenic Capp St, this dark and dutty transmission features many of our 8-bit villain's own edits, bashups, and refixes.

For best results, play extremely loud. Preferably in a poorly ventilated warehouse.

memekast mk022 » 23 August 2007 » dj_spaceInvader

  1. Dan Mangan - Little Snitch (Kraddy's Cash Rules Everything Around Me mix)
  2. Ce'Cile - Hot Like We
    vs. Crunch - Crookid
  3. Audiovoid - Body Rock
  4. Modeselektor ft. Puppetmastaz - Dark Side of the Sun
  5. Elephant Man - Booty Clap
    vs. Modeselektor - New Berlin Loft (edit)
  6. Machine Drum - Test Yo Strengths
  7. Lexie Lee - Warlord's Daughter
    vs. Tolcha - Damage
  8. Skyence - In Between
  9. Deadbeat - Turbulence
  10. Milanese - Caramel Cognac (edit)
  11. Skeetaz - Skeeters
  12. Phon.o - Barebeat
  13. Deework - Signs Recorder
  14. Marcus Kipe - The Machine
  15. Sebastian - H.A.L.


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memekast mk021 » Mino

Sun, 22 Jul 2007 22:04:40 -0800

While all the cool kids were at Priceless, MK2 has been hard at work preparing episode 21, where we introduce our newest resident, San Francisco's Mino.

Originally hailing from Rhode Island, where he founded EMA and was a resident with Venom's now 13-year strong Volume Productions, Mino now holds residencies in SF with Word of Mouth, The Extra Credit, and, we're proud to announce, MK2 Reality Enhancement Systems.

By way of introduction, Mino brings us a glitchy blend of beauty and bass, moving between IDM, downtempo, and hip-hop like it ain't no thang.

memekast mk021 » 22 July 2007 » Mino

  1. Welder - Rain
  2. Lusine - Still Frame (Lusine Remix)
  3. Vinylminds - Vinylminds
  4. Yasume - Rengoku (Deru Mix)
  5. Sevenark - Composite
  6. Brimstone 127 - Espionage
  7. Revolution Void - Shufflectro
  8. The Nothing - The Face Under The Stone
  9. The Orb - Aftermath (Featuring MC Soom T)

Upcoming Events:



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memekast mk020 » SatsiSonik

Tue, 10 Jul 2007 21:36:46 -0800

This episode's guest, SatsiSonik, has put in ten solid years in the San Francisco underground and Burning Man communities. As a VJ, he has held down a ton of residencies with the likes of Wicked, Dimension 7, Raindance, Get Freaky!, Slide, Stimulus, and Symbiosis.

He has recently begun to focus more on music, both in the studio and on the mic as an MC with the Lawgiverz, Audiovoid, Neptune, Evinrude, Laird, and others. He currently has DJ residencies with Lush and Stimulus, as well as having formed his own crew called AMMO (Advanced MultiMedia Operatives), which focuses on music, film, and live event production.

For episode 20, he lays down 5 original tracks, with a little Modeselektor thrown in for good measure...

memekast mk020 » 10 July 2007 » SatsiSonik

  1. Father's Day - 2001
  2. Still in the Clouds w/Metrognome feat Lux Dakota - 2006
  3. Castle Funk - 2005
  4. Lily Rx - 2006
  5. Electro Boogaloo - 2007
  6. Modeselektor - Silikon feat Sasha Perera , Siriusmo Remix 2006

Upcoming Events:

  • 7.20.07–7.22.07 priceless, false profit campout in belden, ca
  • 9.20.07–9.24.07 Symbiosis



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memekast mk019 » Kitty-D

Thu, 21 Jun 2007 17:18:52 -0800

OK, it seems like everyone is done having the flu and hard drive crashes and blue screens of death, so we're gonna get you guys all caught up. We sincerely apologize for holding out, and promise to work on improving our defenses against future biological and data attacks. For episode 19, we dove into all that chaos and emerged with this gem by San Francisco's Kitty-D. Through deadly viral attack, constant performances in and out of the Bay Area, and near-catastrophic equipment failure, Kitty-D managed to find time to mix down a multi-track live improv session of his own original tracks, remixes, and collaborations. Most well known for his involvement in the Glitch Mob, Kitty-D has also been hard at work on collaborations with Random Rab (as Flowers of Wraith), Ooah (The Seedling Escape), and Goldilox (Goldilox+Kitty-D). The Seedling Escape's Photosynthesis mix is available now at Fake Science, with appearances by Random Rab, LayerZ (aka Audiovoid), and Epcot. memekast mk019 » 19 June 2007 » Kitty-D Where's My Cellphone? (Kitty-D and Random Rab, kitty live rmx) Weather The Times (Kitty-D) Bitterfunk (Kitty-D and Ooah) Aftermathmatics (Kitty-D and Random Rab) for interchill fall compilation Amelie theme (Kitty-d re-stitch) Beluga (Kitty-d and Random Rab) (With various samples and loops scattered throughout) Upcoming Events: 6.21.07 BEAT CHURCH @ shine s.F. 6.23.07 Downlow Renegade, s.f. 6.29.07–6.30.07 raindance 7.05.07 BEAT CHURCH 7.14.07 Private party, s.f. 7.19.07 BEAT CHURCH 7.20.07–7.21.07 priceless, false profit campout in belden, ca 7.25.07 MANNIFESTiVAL, B.C. 7.26.07 Garibaldi Lift Co., Whistler B.C. 7.27.07 T.B.A.>Seedling Escape and Ganga Giri , Cumberland B.C. 8.02.07 BEAT CHURCH 8.16.07 BEAT CHURCH 8.27.07–9.02.07 Burning Man 9.14.07 Austin city limits awards afterparty, Texas 9.21.07–9.22.07 Symbiosis memekast_mk019_200706.mp3[...]

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memekast mk018 » Welder

Mon, 14 May 2007 23:11:04 -0800

Welder is a new addition to the West Coast. While he is also known for works released as Eskmo, which focus on a heavy, dance floor oriented sound, Welder represents his more melodic and subtle downtempo side. His debut LP Vines and Stream was released by Cyberset (SF) at the end of 2006 and has since been working in the studio on original works as well as collaborations with Rena Jones, Brian Seed, and Minus Music (featuring Knick from Evol Intent) to name a few. A couple reviews from Vines and Stream... "Vines frequently delights through its heavily melodic instrumentals hosting considerable atmospheres and wide sound palettes... oozing with melodic content." - Barcode Magazine "Request it, listen to it, then buy it - you won't be disappointed." - Lounging Sound For the memekast Welder has put together a set of 6 songs from the album and has added live keys, cuts and vocal tweeking to the mix. memekast mk018 » 15 May 2007 » Welder isle of skye purple and orange distance ants are small find you here the heart Upcoming Events: Jun 17 2007 — Emerge N See — Oregon Jun 23 2007 — Revolution — California Jun 30 2007 — Raindance — California Jul 13 2007 — Family Moons 10 Year — Colorado Jul 21 2007 — Priceless — California Sep 20 2007 — Symbiosis — California memekast_mk018_200705.mp3[...]

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memekast mk017 » Niles

Wed, 02 May 2007 18:24:09 -0800

MK2 resident selector Niles comes correct as FUCK this episode with 30 minutes of absolutely relentless electro. Don't be skerd, it will only hurt a little.

You definitely want to make sure the volume and bass are crunk way up for this one. That being said, MK2 would like to reiterate its standard disclaimer: we are not liable for any equipment damage, neurological/bodily harm, loss of sexual inhibition, or pissed off neighbors resulting from the use of our products.

memekast mk017 » 01 May 2007 » Niles

  1. 69db and mc tablloyd - tonight metal is booty
  2. the disciple grin - rez and noize
  3. milanese - peggy flynn III
  4. nosrep - diloper
  5. jnr hacksaw - serious filth
  6. limbertimbre - funny
  7. jade one - monnodyne
  8. c. mantle - the 1000 fingers of dr t
  9. the wee djs - fame
  10. ed devane - money for beer
  11. funnyvox - breakolage


Media Files:

memekast mk016 » Neuronaut

Thu, 19 Apr 2007 01:51:25 -0800

In our continuing efforts to prop suspected leaders of the mediocrity resistance movement, this installment we bring you a transmission from Neuronaut. According to our intelligence reports, Neuronaut, a Cambridge UK-born solo agent currently operating from San Francisco "explores a wide gamut of possible stimulation to the auditory nodes through ambient, down-tempo, breaks, glitch, and dubstep musical modalities." He is also known to have co-founded at least one splinter group of notable influence, a key provider of material support known as Addictech. In addition to a fully deployable 20,000 watt sound system, this highly active cell's assets also include a staggering cache of sonic materiel available as digital downloads, vinyl, and CDs; as well as a new label whose agent roster includes Neuronaut, Future Funk Squad, SOTEG, Lawgiverz, and Habersham. For MK016 he has prepared an exclusive set of 5 original, as-yet unreleased tracks. You might feel a slight tingling in the brain as the patterns install themselves; this is normal with any effective neurotemplating device. Trust him, he knows what he's doing. Also we're really glad he's on our side. memekast mk016 » 15 April 2007 » Neuronaut Traveling Without Moving one thick one love skank init tigger twilight (with rena jones on vocals & strings) crusty massive Neuronaut is currently preparing for an engagement at Experiment Three, the (you guessed it) third installment of this monthly operation at Fat City. May 4. 314 11th St. SF. 9:30PM-4AM. Waveform containment begins at 10PM, Neuronaut 11-12. For more info and details visit: memekast_mk016_200704.mp3[...]

Media Files:

memekast mk015 » djSpaceInvader

Wed, 04 Apr 2007 06:31:29 -0800

Welcome back, and thanks for listening!

Resident selector dj_spaceinvader takes the controls for this episode, and delivers 11 tracks of dirty, nasty, weird-ass glitchy shit. Some of it will make you wanna dance, some of it will make you stare and drool. It's all part of his plan.

You can catch dj_spaceinvader at Equity on April 11, along with Adam Ohana. Il Pirata / 2007 16th St @ Potrero, SF

memekast mk015 » 04 April 2007 » dj_spaceinvader

  1. Dabrye (ft. AG) - Dirty

  2. DJ/Rupture - Desplazados

  3. Jackson and His Computer Band - Tropical Metal

  4. Machine Drum - GCel

  5. Stereotype Meets Al Haca (ft. Lady Saw) - Lately

  6. Breakbeat Buddha (ft. Shugga) - Endurance

  7. Stereotyp (ft. Coppa) - Big Flows

  8. Wayne and Wax (ft. Dami D & Wasp) - A It Dat (dj_spaceinvader's Ampulex Compressa rmx)

  9. Marcus Wormstorm - JODT

  10. Uffie - Pop the Glock (Sebastian rmx)

  11. Litvinenko - Kaubeat


Media Files:

memekast mk014 » Ana Sia

Thu, 15 Mar 2007 14:48:19 -0800

Laaaaawdamercy... Anyone who describes her own sound as "glitched out, sexed up, low freq, hyphy, bassy, krunked strip-hop" is probably my kind of dj. So i went after Mob Bostress Ana Sia for a mix, and hot damn did she deliver. After barely over a year behind the decks, Ana is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with. Frequently appearing alongside her boys, California's notorious Glitch Mob, she has recently been dropping the bottom out of such venues as Element NYC, 1015 Folsom, the XenoDrome, Retox Lounge, Supperclub, and various underground spots on and off the playa. For the memekast, she drops eleven tracks of deep, sexy, bass-heavy glitch-hop and grime, including a spankin' new original track to get things rolling. And when i say deep, i mean deep. memekast mk014 » 15 March 2007 » Ana Sia potential influential PRO-JECT :: a/sia DIZZEE REMIX :: boreta DRAVIDIAN CLAP :: wazulu the ill dravidian JUNO RHAPSODAY :: tom burbank POP THE GLOCK (curtis vodka remix) :: uffie ATTRACTOR BEAM :: lux AIRHEAD :: mrk 1 WHAT HAVE YOU DONE :: wonder STAR TREK :: mrk 1 I GOT 5 ON IT (strydah remix) :: luniz RHYMEDROP :: seven ark Upcoming Events: march 15 boulder, co :: sts9 afterparty late night march 16 austin, tx :: bass chakra (sxsw) march 17 houston, tx :: bass chakra (sxsw) march 18 austin, tx :: bass chakra (sxsw) april 1 sebastopol, ca :: bassnectar UCO tour april 3 ashland, or :: UCO tour afterparty may 11-13 santa barbara :: lightning in a bottle june 15-17 portland, or :: emerge-n-see july 27-29 belden, ca :: priceless For more info and details visit: memekast_mk014_200703.mp3[...]

Media Files:

memekast mk013 » Dov

Sat, 03 Mar 2007 19:25:39 -0800

Since relocating from Cape Town, South Africa in 1994, San Francisco's Dov has kept busy throwing events, distributing records, developing labels, producing tracks, Djing around the Bay, the US, EU, and South Africa.. uh let's see... bringing all those UK breaks labels into California back in the 90's (Fuel, Botchit, Mechanoise...), running the first (and several subsequent) breaks weeklies in SF, finding Kraddy and Kemek and putting out their first records, along with releases from E.V.A.C., Future Funk Squad, An*ten*nae, Audiovoid, and a bunch more on his own label, Muti Music. Muti was started in 2002, and has been steadily uncovering and publishing emerging artists from California and the UK, with releases ranging from tough UK-style breaks and hard electro to dark, minimal dubstep and heavy midtempo bangers. Dov drops an exclusive mix on us this month, seven tracks of funky, heavy electro and breaks. This is late at night, covered in sweat, pushing through bodies so you can find the sweet spot on the dancefloor kinda shit, mostly Muti releases and pre-releases. Enjoy... memekast mk013 » 3 March 2007 » Dov LayerZ - Evil Stuff (Muti Music) Wee DJs - Base (Touching Bass) Lukes Anger - Yo Ass (Bow Wow) Suff-x - CyberFreq - Dov Remix (Muti Music) Audiovoid - ElectroNom (Muti Music) Dov - Euphoria (Muti Music) Dan Mangan - Little Snitch - Dov Remix (Muti Music) Upcoming Events: Mar 9 2007 » Ambiotica - San Francisco, CA Mar 22 2007 » Miambient @ WMC - Miami, FL Mar 22 2007 » WMC - Breaking Traditions - Miami, FL Mar 24 - 26 2007 » Miambient @ WMC - Miami, FL For more info and details visit: Muti Releases: Current Muti008 » Audiovoid/ Dov / LayerZ EP Upcoming Muti009 » Dan Mangan - Little Snitch w/ remixes by Kraddy, Dov, Audiovoid + digital release with additional remix by LayerZ. Muti010 » D'nA (Dov & an-ten-nae) - Elixir w/ remixes by some superstar secret agents Vinyl and digital available at and More Stuff: YouTub[...]

Media Files:

memekast mk012 » Audiovoid

Wed, 14 Feb 2007 02:38:45 -0800

Aw, happy Valentine's Day, everyone! Here's a nasty, heavy, twisted as fuck electro/ glitch/ breaks/ techno bludgeon to celebrate the occasion, courtesy of San Francisco's Audiovoid. Representing Muti Music and MDEX, Audiovoid has been practicing his dark, funky brand of mind control since 1998, both under the Audiovoid moniker and as LayerZ. His most recent full length release is called Whispers from Shadowz, and is available online only, from Fake Science. His last CD, Disconnect Yourself, is on MDEX and can be purchased from the MDEX shop or as a digital release on Beatport and iTunes. He also has a ton of tracks available from Addictech, with more being added. For our twelfth episode he subjects us to 9 original tracks, two of which are previously unreleased, all of which are nasty. Get ready to take it right in the earhole. You know you want it. memekast mk012 » 14 February 2007 » Audiovoid Extreme Sonic Design Geomtric Faces Lunch Breaks Sonic Anomaly Granular Hell Impending 2007-Memekast Shoutout Borg Design OPtic Nerve Core Spectikal Upcoming: 2.17.07 Year of the Fire Boar_Chinese New years event 2.24.07 Downlow 2 year anniversary party 3.20.07 Audiovoid and StarScream @ WOMB!!!!!Tokyo,Japan 5.04.07 The Experiment@FatCITY_W/LawgiverZ For more info and details visit: memekast_mk012_200702.mp3[...]

Media Files:

memekast mk011 » benchun

Wed, 31 Jan 2007 22:03:40 -0800

It's that time again! Which reminds me... we're rolling out a new feature this month. It's a little something we refer to affectionately as "twice as many episodes." Starting... NOW! We will be releasing a new episode every two weeks. Now, i know what you're saying. "Twice as much memekast? Won't that like... rip a hole in the universe or something?" And it might. I, for one, am willing to take that risk. To mark the occasion, i contacted a very skilled agent, and founder of one of our favorite corporate allies, benchun of False Profit, LLC. For those who don't know, False Profit hit San Francisco in 2000 like a 7.5, with a relentless series of aftershocks at their corporate headquarters at 43 Norfolk lasting five years. During that time, benchun held down a two-year run of Wednesday's at Wish (with Halon of Fake Science), later called Samurai Soundsystem (with Joe Encarnacion of BFamily Records). He started FP's monthly Dividend events at 26Mix, later moving them to Nickie's in the Lower Haight. Dividend continues under the direction of other FP agents, currently at Anu. He also started their monthly happy hour at Il Pirata, Equity, with Boreta from Nexus. He was instrumental in orchestrating the legendary Priceless campout. He also rolls with the Space Cowboys, has rocked the Unimog in BRC, Tahoe, Breakfast of Champions... Yeah, the list totally goes on. But you get the point. Checkit: memekast mk011 » 1 February 2007 » benchun Anything Can Happen - Wyclef Jean (benchun edit) Skin on the Drum - Spearhead (Bassnectar Remix) Player's Club - Rappin 4-Tay Moveup - Si Begg Loose Tips - Seiji vs. Q-Tip Autumn - Rena Organ Dance - Digital Underground + DJ Shadow (benchun mash) Black Ice Cubes - White Label Ms. Hill - Talib Kweli Hip Hop - Dead Prez Upcoming: Friday 02.02: Fresh @ Shine memekast_mk011_200702.mp3[...]

Media Files:

memekast mk010 » Djeeno

Sun, 31 Dec 2006 08:27:50 -0800

Happy New Year! I know it's been a while but the memekast is officially back in action (don't call it a comeback). We're on a new host, we got a new site, and there's a whole bunch in store for 2007 (big tings a gwan). Like a ton of guests that have been waiting patiently while we sorted out the troubles. To kick off the new year, MK2 is very proud to present San Francisco's Djeeno (Word of Mouth, Infinite Kaos), who i personally have been looking forward to having on for a while. Originally from Santa Barbara, Djeeno has been a resident with Word of Mouth since their first event in 1999, and has continued his involvement with them both on their home turf and here in the Bay as they've expanded northward. Since relocating to SF in 2000 he's also been deeply involved with Infinite Kaos and Opel/Opulent Temple, twistin' heads on and off the playa with his tripped out arrangements and basslines that i'm pretty sure he poured out of a meteorite. For our tenth episode, he brings us an eclectic mix of glitchy, heady, psychedelic brain food for heads to nod to and booties to shake to. Most of these tracks are unreleased originals, some produced solo and a couple with Chris Sia as Copal. Enjoy... memekast mk010 » January 2007 » Djeeno "Help Me Lift You Up"- This Mortal Coil (Djeeno's Glitch 'N Bass Remix) "OutsideInsideOut"- Tipper "U and Dat"- E40 (Copal's Third Eye Remix) "Rainy Season"- Djeeno "Mercy Stretch"- Djeeno "Ohana Chandra" - Copal (Shiela Chandra Homage) "I Shall Be Free" - Kid Beyond memekast_mk010_200701.mp3[...]

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memekast mk009 » Niles

Sat, 30 Sep 2006 18:43:40 -0800

Ok, we're gonna be behind for a few episodes, please bear with us. Nuff drama, some positive tings, some challenges. Continued technical difficulties have kept Adegen out of the rotation again - we're starting to feel like chumps saying "next month" every month, so we're just gonna keep you in suspense and bring it when we bring it.

But this month's big announcement is a recent personnel acquisition. Joining our audio mind control unit in San Francisco is Niles, a skilled vinyl media technician who was a founding member of Love Street Productions, throwing warehouse and desert parties in Phoenix, Arizona. He comes to the decks for this episode with a long player for the haters - 50 minutes of dancefloor destroyers inna dubby new-school style. Like mom used to make. If your mom is into that kinda shit.

memekast mk009 » September 2006 » Niles

01 - Simo & B.Smiley - It's A Nice 02 - DJ D**Kline and Red Polo - Mandy VS Space Invader 03 - Splitloop Feat. Bukue One - KFC 04 - Dan F - Zhenghe 05 - DEF Inc - Phat Admirer 06 - S.C.A.M - Drum Pan Bass 07 - Stanton Warriors Feat. Beatnuts - Shake It Up 08 - Care In The Community - Thirteen 09 - Electrotec - Ridhum 10 - DJ Wood - Poppa Large 11 - Dopamine - Zoit 12 - Baobinga & I.D. - What I Need


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memekast mk008 » djSpaceInvader

Sun, 27 Aug 2006 01:08:33 -0800

Better late than never, right?

Well we at least have a somewhat decent excuse: MK2 was straight up gentrified out of our beloved Nob Valley headquarters in SF (that's a real estate joke, for those outside "The City" — true story though). It was a Russian Mafiya job, complete with structural sabotage, cut telephone/internet lines, and a game of good cop / bad cop (but with Russian gangsters instead of cops).

Anyway, we're in a temporary space while we sort it all out (in the Avenues, surrounded by Russians, as luck would have it), and... here's a mix from dj_SpaceInvader, hope you get it in time for the drive...

memekast mk008 » August 2006 » dj_SpaceInvader

1. The Perceptionists - Let's Move (dj_SpaceInvader rough mix) 2. Mos Def - Sunshine (unoffish edIT remix) 3. Cee-Lo - I'll Be Around (instrumental) 4. Djeeno - Closer to a Wandering Reptile 5. Lady Sovereign ft. Riko - Random (Menta remix) 6. Jahcoozi - Black Barbie (Modeselektor Remix) 7. Timeblind - Come Back Wicked (version) 8. Lotek Hi-Fi ft. Roots Manuva & Sandra Melody- Move Your Thing (Small Arms Fiya mix) 9. Spank Rock ft. Amanda Blank - Touch Me

Enjoy. We'll give you a minute to shake the playa dust out of your boots (and everything else you own), and then ADEGEN WILL FUCKING DESTROY YOU.


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memekast mk007 » Jocelyn

Sun, 09 Jul 2006 20:46:29 -0800

Summer is in full swing in places with real seasons, but here in San Francisco if we want it hot we have to take matters into our own hands. Enter Jocelyn, who turns up the heat this month with a sexy session of electro-house naughtiness. A veteran of the Bay Area underground, Jocelyn was a primary organizer and DJ for the only series of events that I've ever known to spawn an actual, official religious organization (the legendary Fusion campout events). Currently she (along with Adam Ohana) runs San Francisco's Get Freaky events at 1015 Folsom, a consistently bangin' monthly party that has hosted Adam Freeland, Krafty Kuts, Stanton Warriors, Freq Nasty, and Tipper, to name a few. Get Freaky will be celebrating their third anniversary in September (congratulations!), so make sure your calendar is clear for September 8 (and you might want to go ahead and keep the ninth clear for recovery). memekast mk007 » July 2006 » Jocelyn 1. oliver giacomotto and damon lee - play 2. jennifer cardini remix - very secret 3. in flagranti - convolutions 4. 50 cent remixed by david starfire - candy shop 5. diplo featuring mia - china girl 6. parker frisby - krank feirn 7. mr. timothy t-funk feat. inaya day - glamorous life remix 8. cirez d - rematch 9. richard bartz - 089 10. unknown 11. shapemod S036 feat snax jamie lidell - loves too much remix 12. blaque - 808 upcoming events 07.21 - Priceless - a collaborative campout presented by False Profit and Downlow. 07.22 - Kinky Salon 08.04 - Electro event by Desiree - More info will be posted at [...]

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memekast mk006 » Stepwise

Thu, 01 Jun 2006 00:00:17 -0800

Summer's rollin' up on us this month, and just to make sure we get it started right, we brought in an expert. For June, San Francisco's Stepwise comes correct with a collection of his own exclusive dancehall remixes. This Argentinian-born DJ/producer has been spinning records for the last decade, played just about everywhere there is to play in SF, lived in Australia for two years (where he held down three weeklies), and is now back in the Bay representing Audiopharmacy (respect). You can hear more when the official mix CD drops (REmix 101, due late June), and be on the look for Stepwise remix 45's (in stores now). Nuff live dates too, including June 24 at the Canvas Gallery with Daneekah, Jocelyn (mk007 coming next month), DJ SpaceInvader, Sixtwentyone, and Adegen. More info will posted about that event soon. For epsiode 6, Stepwise gives us a sneak preview of what's coming up when that mix CD drops, with 24 big, 808-heavy, crunky as hell remixes of top dancehall cuts from Vybz Cartel, Buju Banton, Capleton, and more. Ruckus. memekast mk006 » June 2006 » Stepwise 1. Ras Attitude Intro David Banner - Play 2. Left Side + Esco - Tuck In Yuh Belly 3. Vybz Cartel - Tight Gal Shawnna - Gettin Some Head 4. Shabba Ranks + Mykal Rose - Shine Eye Gal 5. Capleton - Dem A Bait 6. Shabba reprise Chris Brown - Gimme That 7. Jr Reid + Mobile Malachi - Put Down the Gun 8. Lexxus interlude Nukie Riddim 9. G-Unit - Poppin Them Thangs 10. Natty King - Awake 11. Buju Banton - Legalize It Rihanna - If It's Lovin That You Want pt. 2 12. Capleton - Mi Food 13. Vybz Cartel - Sen On Craig Mack - I'll Spend Dat 14. I'll Spend Dat 15. Wayne Marshall + Assassin + Ele + Vybz - Weed Smoke The Team - Hyphy Juice 16. Hyphy Juice 17. Buju Banton - Sha-La-La Bun B - Git It 18. Ding Down - Bad Man Forward Bad Man Pull Up 19. Buju Banton - People Kill People 20. Sizzla -[...]

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memekast mk005 » Kraddy

Mon, 01 May 2006 03:35:50 -0800

For our fifth episode, San Francisco basspimp Kraddy steps up with 30 minutes of that glitchy, electro dancehall hip-hop kind of shit that no one has a name for. We eat that shit up. We think it's representative of an emergent musical (and we're gonna go ahead and say cultural) paradigm powered by the disassembly of genre boundaries and skillful application of technology. And we love how it just make a booty shake. Kraddy has been involved in music production since interning at a San Francisco recording studio in 1996, and has produced for a variety of projects, including bay area hip-hop innovators Paris and Mystik Journeymen, dance companies Capacitor and the Printz Dance Project, and various films and commercials. His original tracks and remixes have been shaking dancefloors in the US and abroad, with support from the likes of Dave Tipper, Freq Nasty, and Bassnectar. In addition to several 12" releases on Texas' Bless Records and SF Breaks mainstay Muti Music, Kraddy has a full-length CD, Truth Has No Path, available on his own Refiner Records imprint. mk005 » may 2006 » kraddy 1. Stereotyp + Al Haca - Ball Bout Murder 2. Lawgivers - Static Wobble 3. Stereotyp + Al Haca - Ghetto Rollin 4. Kraddy feat. Capleton - Dancehaller 5. Kraddy feat. Busta Rhymes - Dangerous Rmx 6. Seeed feat. Tanya Stephens - Lock Down 7. Kraddy feat. Sasha - Muertos (The Dead Dance) 8. Seeed - What You Deserve Is What You Get 9. Kraddy feat. Mad Cobra + Rakim - Rude Man A Boss Rmx » » nubreaks interview » muti music » bless records memekast_mk005_200605.mp3[...]

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memekast mk004 » DJ Tropik

Sat, 15 Apr 2006 12:59:15 -0800

The memekast for April 2006 is dedicated to the memory of Scott Ricks, aka DJ Tropik. Tropik was ubiquitous throughout the DC metro scene from the mid-nineties until he took his own life in February of this year. With more or less constant appearances all over the East Coast and beyond, and several track releases (including two for the soundtrack of the acclaimed MTV film Better Luck Tomorrow), Scott's creative capacity seemed endless. And although those of us who were fortunate enough to know him personally got a glimpse of the hard work and dedication he relentlessly poured into his deejaying and production, it was such a natural part of his movement through this world that it appeared effortless. The set for this episode is one of his last recordings. It was never released, and was played at his tribute party at Cubik in Washington DC on April 7 [photos]. A fund has been set up in his name with the National Mental Health Association (NMHA). If you can, please consider making a donation to the Scott Matthew Ricks Suicide Prevention Fund. This donation will go toward NMHA suicide prevention programs. In a scene often characterized by cliquishness and hyper-competitiveness, Scott Tropik was about as close to universally respected as one can get. He was loved by many, many people, and will not be forgotten. We're happy to share a little bit of his light with our listeners. Enjoy. memekast_mk004_200604.mp3[...]

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memekast mk003 » Daneekah

Sat, 11 Mar 2006 21:45:33 -0800

For March the memekast presents Daneekah (aka Miss Trees), and we hope you're ready. Hailing from Australia, where she held residencies at Melbourne's Burning New, Mash It Up, and Ruff Enuff weeklies, Daneekah is currently posted in San Francisco, and has been making appearances around town (most recently with with bay area hip-hop supercrew Audiopharmacy). For this month's memekast she drops thirty (30 [three-oh]) tracks of absolutely bangin' dancehall. If you're in the bay area, keep an ear to the ground—you'll be hearing more from this one. mk003 » march 2006 » daneekah 1. Burro Banton - Boom Wha Dis 2. Capleton - Magnet 3. Goofy - Buff Bay 4. Merciless - Wad Dup 5. Lexxus - Cute Song 6. Kiprich - Wave Up Yur Hand 7. Tanya Stevens - Like It Like That 8. Sizzla - Push It Up 9. Shaggy - Ready for Di Ride 10. R. Kelly/Beenie Man - Hot Gal 11. Ivy Queen - Quiero Bailar 12. Ivy Queen - Take Back 2 13. Roundhead - Spread Love 14. Beenie Man - King of the Dancehall 15. Ying Yang Twins - Whisper Song 16. Vybz Cartell - Buss It Up 17. Spragga Benz, Supercat, Lady Saw, 112 - Na Na Na RMX 18. Dirtbag - Ladeez Love Me 19. Ward 21 - Puff Puff Pass 20. Mr. Vegas - Beat Drop 21. Capleton - Purge Dem 22. Alozade/Million Stylez - All We Do 23. Mr. Vegas - Wine And Stop 24. Beenie Man - Whisper 25. Elephant Man - Run From Dat 26. TOK - Most Wanted 27. Hawkeye - Everything Is Ok 28. Voicemail - A Nuh Yuh Fault 29. Degree - Deh So 30. Sean Paul - We Be Burnin memekast_mk003_200603.mp3[...]

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memekast mk002 » Gasp

Wed, 01 Feb 2006 00:00:10 -0800

This month the memekast presents Portland, Oregon's Gasp, bringing us an exclusive selection of six original tracks. Gasp is a longtime member of the Terpsichore Group, and was a resident at their Synapse weekly in San Francisco. He co-founded SF's infamous Stress Collective, and ran Portland's Laptop Lounge weekly in 2004–2005. His current album, Ocule, is out on Method6 Records, and can be purchased from our products page.

mk002 » february 2006 » gasp

01. That Never Came
02. 9 San Bruno
03. Jane Rigler
04. Breathbox
05. Autrip
06. Lil Funk


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memekast mk001 » djSpaceInvader

Sun, 01 Jan 2006 00:01:59 -0800

MK2 is proud to announce the launch of the memekast™ audiomemetic propagation project. New episodes will be deployed monthly, under the direction of MK2 mind control technician dj_SpaceInvader.

To initialize the project, dj_SpaceInvader lays down ten tracks of... uh... glitchelectrobashmenthop. We didn't make that up, that's really what he said. Enjoy.

mk001 » january 2006 » dj_SpaceInvader

01. Machine Drum - Offs 02. Crunch - Crunky 03. East Flatbush Project - Tried by 12 (Phonecia mix) 04. Zion I ft. Deuce Eclipse - Radius 05. Ghislain Poirier/Seba - L'art de la Fellation (Version) 06. The Bug - Beats, Bombs, Bass, Weapons 07. Lil' Vicious - The Glock (dj_SpaceInvader Burn-Up) 08. M.I.A. - Galangrox (X*rox Rerub) 09. Viktor Vaughn - Lactose & Lecithin (Ezcac instr.) 10. Roots Manuva - Colossal Insight (Jamma Remix & Revox)

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