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4 Feet Running

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Once were Warriors


A little late, but better that than never: Nik & I did our first Warrior Dash on June 26 in Amesbury, Mass. It was an unusual challenge, because neither of us is much of a fan of trail running. Give me solid ground any day.The event was huger than I'd expected. Over the two days of Warrior Dashing, about 15,000 people tromped through the woods, got messy, slopped mud all over the obstacles, and stunk up the joint.It's technically a run, although we couldn't do much running at all because the trail was ankle-deep through mud for most of it, and the rest was mud past your knees. Nik wore her new Brooks Cascadias and said they held her footing like a champ. She could actually move in those. If she hadn't had me dragging her behind, she could've actually done some running. I wore an old pair of Brooks Addictions with worn-out treads, which was a mistake. I slipped the whole way and fell about four times. I walked almost the entire course.Though mostly I got stuck in mud.The obstacles were somewhat intimidating because they were slopped by the muddy shoes of thousands of people before us. Nik walked up this balance beam and took her time with it. I walked onto it and saw the whole beam, maybe 5 inches wide, was caked in mud, like frosted over with pudding. I suspected that since I'm a major league klutz I would fall and crack my head open, so I jumped down.I did most of the obstacles, like this series of walls and barbed wire. A couple, I skipped because I either wasn't confident enough (the cargo net) or fit enough (the Warrior Wall).No question: We ended up pretty damn filthy by the end.Which is why we mostly left our good clothes at home.But it was worth it. Nik got to prove that she's strong like bull.I mostly got muddy. There was mud in my eyes, beard, mustache, and in that cup of water I'm drinking. Also, I'm almost positive there was a little poop in the mud. You could smell it.They offer some rather rudimentary cleaning services, which in our case involved high-powered snow-making machines misting cold water into your face at gale force. It's like trying to take a shower with a hurricane. We couldn't stand to be in front of it for more than a minute at a time, and it didn't really work all that well.But we ended up getting cleaned off rather well.From the front, anyway.Nik's Brooks Cascadias performed admirably under the pressure. This kind of thing is what they were made for. They got a little mussed, but they washed off just fine.Afterward, we were pretty hungry, so Nik bought one of those giant turkey legs. It tasted more like pork. In fact, a lot like pork. So much so that we're about 99.999% sure it was pork. It was also salty as hell -- tasted like a big heaping bowl of salt.Meanwhile, I did unspeakable things to the hole in a giant inflatable bouncy ball.Later on, in the parking lot, we changed into a fresher set of clothes. I left most of mine in a trash can -- couldn't bear to bring the stuff home. Overall, we both had a great time and it was a unique experience. We were both trashed afterward. Nik found a nice large bruise on her butt from this long, steep mudslide at the end of the race, but otherwise fared OK. I was less lucky. My hands and legs were cut up and bruised, and I sprained my left hand sliding down that mudslide -- which still has not yet fully healed. Oh, and a week later I discovered I got a dose of poison ivy rash on my left arm and both my legs. Nik's immune -- it's her one advantage over me, allergy-wise. But I'm not sorry I did it.It wouldn't be the Warrior Dash without jumping-over-fire pictures, right? That's the whole reason why we did this. So here we go. Please excuse the giant watermark -- the actual photos are $20 each. Here's me jumping over the fire. It was quite easy and not very intimidating once you're next to it.Check out the lift on Nik. Her Crossfit training served her well.Check out our race reports on Daily Mile (Nik and Dan).[...]

Video: Speedwork with Stanley


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I tried to take Stanley on a quick 2-mile run. Stanley had other ideas. This is why we shouldn't run him the day after a rainstorm.

Blackstone Valley Half-Marathon


Sorry this is a little late: on May 21, Nik & I ran the Blackstone Valley Half-Marathon, part of the Cherry Tree Running Festival in Pawtucket, R.I.  Pawtucket isn't the nicest place on Earth, but this was the first year for this run so we figured we'd give it a shot. (Besides, most of the run isn't in Pawtucket.)They put on a pretty good show for a small-sized half-marathon, complete with Chinese dragon dancers for some reason. What the hell, they make a nice addition to any event.Not to be outdone by the dragons, they also had butterflies.   Nik didn't have such a swell race -- she felt kind of fatigued throughout, and the weather was humid. The course was actually quite pretty in parts. We'll have to go back there someday. But the run itself was tough.Not a great half, but another half under her belt, anyway, and another medal for her collection.I was more tired. In fact, I think I'm all done trying to race half-marathons for a while. I'm all set, thanks.It wasn't the greatest half we've ever run, but we did see some humongous inflatable things that look like female bits. So there's that.[...]

Run Photo of the Day 5.13.11: New Brooks gear


Nik & I got some new footwear.  

At left we've got the Brooks Ghost 3 for me, which are a neutral shoe and lighter than the collosamundo Frankensteinian Addictions I normally use. I'm a motion-control shoe guy but I'm trying to put some lighter shoes into the rotation for shorter speedwork runs. I've tried Ghosts in the store and they're light, cushiony, and roll very nicely. I'm going to try my hardest not to injure myself.

At right you'll see Nik's new Cascadias, which are a trail running shoe. She was looking for a shoe she could hike in and possibly do some light trail running in, something sturdy and waterproof. They're extremely nice and lighter than I would've thought. They feel lighter than my Addictions. Jeez.

Run Photo of the Day 5.10.11: Pointless stairs


In a park near our house.

Run Photo of the Day 5.8.11: Happy Mother's Day


Nik, I, and my mom spent Mother's Day morning in Mattapoisett, Mass., running the Tiara Classic 5K. Friends of ours had told us this was a flat & fast PR-worthy course. No free T-shirts, but you can't have everything.

Mom's gotten strong. She warmed up before the race by knocking out a few burpees.

Then she & Nik did some squats to loosen up the ol' quads & hammies.

It paid off with PRs for both Nik & myself, and mom was just 2 seconds off. But it's Mother's Day -- I say she can have the 2 seconds as a gift.

New episode: Boston Mini-Vacation


Spend the weekend in Boston with 4 Feet Running! Known in the metro Boston area as Faw Feet Runnin. In this very special episode:- Nik and Dan drive to Boston and get a wicked good paaakin space- They get ready to run the Poco Loco, a 13-mile group run of Boston and Cambridge along the Chaaales Rivah, with Steve Runner, Zen Runner, Eddie Marathon, Chris Russell, Tim D., Tim C., Jay and Deb Kumar, Kelly, Jim, Ninjarunner, Kevin Z., Alett, and special guest appearance by John Ellis- You will barely hear from any of those people because of technical difficulties- Find out what Nik & Dan have been doing since December, and where they're going in 2011- Dan's now unemployed. Will work for food (though I'd prefer to work for money)- Talking skepticism with Steve and jazz with Zen Runner- A walk through the park in the Fenway, and then a walk through Fenway Park- Put on your mittens and long underwear, Satan: Nik attends her very first Red Sox game- Dan gets super-excited while praying in The Cathedral of Baseball- More of that appalling 4 Feet Running sound quality you craveThanks for listening! Enjoy![Direct download link]Before we set out on the Poco Loco, we all heard a safety speech from Zen Runner. From left: Tim Doiron, Deb Kumar, Kelly Davis-Orr, Jim Snyder.Adam gives us the lowdown on the course.From left: Steve Runner, Eddie Marathon, Jay Kumar, Neal Bearse, who is clearly not paying attention to the safety seminar.Steve gave Dan a pack of Phiten brand titanium stickers. You stick them on your body and there's some magical healing power that will, according to the pseudoscientific nonsense on the package, "increase your performance." So he put one on his brain. It did not work. At a brief rest break in Cambridge, Steve looks out over the Charles River.Nik stands in front of the Charles, with the John Hancock Tower behind her.John Ellis once caught a fish this big. Kevin Z., Adam, and Tim Cleary hang out during a brief rest break by the State Police barracks, about 3.5 miles into the run.Jay Kumar and Nik were among the faster people in the group, so they helpfully waited for the slowpoke Poco Locoite (Dan).After the Poco Loco, the whole crew went to the Sunset Grille and Tap in Allston. Check out this parking job. This isn't Nik & Dan's car -- this is Jim Snyder's. He drove us there and snagged this spot right outside the bar, parallel parking like a champion. It was truly a miraculous day for everyone's cars.The day after the Poco Loco, we visited Boston again and walked through a rose garden on our way to Fenway Park.Nik in front of a mural inside the stadium. Dan made her wear the hat.Yawkey Way outside the stadium is packed with pedestrians, and it's one of the only places you can walk around on the street with a beer.Our seats were in the right field bleachers and were actually very nice. Click the panorama to see it larger.This cat was great -- he kept yelling orders toward the field, started several chants, and here he's singing all the lyrics to "Sweet Caroline." He was evidently 100% sober, too. The place erupted into ecstatic cheers after the Sox won, 3-2. And to think, this wasn't really an important game.Dan was all set to come back the next day.Afterward, we went down to the field and walked along the warning track. We got close enough to the Green Monster to touch it. It feels pretty much like a wall.Dan was very excited, and wanted to steal various bits of the field including these signs.Even Nik enjoyed it too, although she remains baseball-agnostic.[...]

Run Photo of the Day 4.25.11: Scenes from a creepy 9-miler


I went on a solo 9-mile long run, taking a route I sketched out on, but had never actually ran before. It was a tough, hilly route, but I thought I'd get out and see the sights. Like the city's Industrial Park. About 2 miles of the run was through our mostly deserted and kind of spooky Industrial Park. A few businesses call it home and all, but I didn't see anyone at all for about a mile and a half, and didn't hear any noise except my own feet and an occasional bird. The road is long and straight -- if someone decided to chase me for some reason, there'd be nowhere to go. These are the things I think about on the run. Also, see that thing that looks like a mountain in the background? That's a landfill.I ran south along North Main Street, which was much pleasanter.Then I spotted this thing in someone's front yard. It's a star shape made out of sticks and twine, and the dog from "Family Guy" seems to be hanged from the center. What is this, some Wiccan ritualistic sacrifice? The rest of the house looked a shambles, with dirty windows and peeling paint and dead bushes, so quite frankly I ran the hell away from there.On my way home, I cut through a park by our house. I've been thinking about hiding a geocache somewhere in there (my first hide), so I decided to scout for places that might be safe, interesting places to share with people. Instead I came across this: it's some sort of abandoned building inside the park. I've seen it there a million times, because I've walked through this park more times than I can count, but I never actually went up to this building before. From the outside and front, it looks like some kind of shack. Behind it, the wood has rotted away and you can peek through to see the interior. We've got what looks like an old sofa, chair, oven and stove, possibly the remains of a bureau. There were several rooms  in here I could see into, all full of trash and rotted furniture. I also got the hell away from here ASAP, because there's a definite willies vibe coming from there. Also, I didn't know if anybody -- or anything -- was living in it. It's the kind of place you can picture some monster crawling out of and dragging you inside to make a meal of you. It probably didn't help that I was listening to Stephen King's It on my iPod at the time.[...]

Run Photo of the Day 4.17.11 : Brayton Point


New route into Somerset, MA


The beach are full of garbage and rocks along the Taunton River. This was one of the few clean spots.

I ran by the new power plant cooling towers. At 500 feet, they're impressive up close.

There was public beach access here, but it didn't look running friendly.

If you're looking to buy a house with a lovely marlin gate, guess what, you're in luck, there's one right on Brayton Point.


Just watch out for submarines crossings.

Run Photo of the Day 4.14.11 : Waiting for cookies



We've been running to the nursing home to visit Gramma to try to cheer her up. Stanley is still working on being a good boy with mixed results.

Run Photo of the Day 4.12.11: Coca-Cola Classic


We went on an 8-mile run from our city across the river and into the neighboring town. It used to be fairly easy to get to, and we'd run this route fairly frequently. But since the winter there's been heavy snow and construction so the route has been kind of unsafe. Now it's opened up again. Nice!

Oh yeah -- this decrepit sign is on the way. It's been there for as long as either of us can remember, but they haven't actually bottled Coke in this building for years.

Run Photo of the Day 4.4.11: Running with scissors


Nik went for a little 3.5-mile run today carrying a pair of scissors. She was delivering them to her Gramma, who lives 1.75 miles away (naturally). 

Nik reported no ill effects afterward.

Thomas Giunta 5K road race


On Sunday, Nik & I ran the (long named) Officer Thomas Giunta Memorial 5K Road Race. It's the only road race in Fall River, and it starts only a mile from our house, so we decided to run it.Since it was so close we decided to walk down there, pick up our T-shirts, run home to drop them off, run back to the start, run the race, then run back home afterward. Got all that? This is me after 2 of those miles.This a city that loves its fatty food. We have one of the highest rates of diabetes in the state. True to form, the race served Portuguese malassadas as fuel before the race. These are chunks of sweet dough deep-fried in oil and coated with sugar. Normally they're much larger, but because this is a day for exercise they're cut into more reasonable fist-size nuggets. So you know, this isn't how you should carbo-load. More than 1,100 people ran the race, all of them crammed into one narrow intersection near downtown. We've got people from 5:30 minute-milers to walkers and everyone in between -- and no pace corrals. And they don't move cars off the street. And there are only two port-a-potties a quarter-mile from the start. So the first half-mile is like the running of the bulls and everyone's the bull, except you're hip-checking somebody who desperately needs to piss and flinging him into a 1997 Ford Probe.We did pretty well on the race, considering how crowded the first half-mile is. Nik decided to run with me and make it a fun run. And my mom ran/walked it with some friends from work. It's not the most organized race I've ever run, but it's the people who make it great. Check out my race report on DailyMile here.[...]

Run Photo of the Day 4.1.11: Bobbing for leaves


Stanley is fascinated by leaves in puddles of water. He spent about three minutes looking at this one, while we were trying to go for a 5-miler. It disrupts the whole flow of the run, but he enjoys it.

Run Photo of the Day 3.25.11: You miss one day of running...


...and the dog goes berserk.

Double race weekend


This weekend was busy for Nik & I -- on Saturday we ran the St. Pat's 5K in Providence, and on Sunday was the New Bedford Half Marathon.The St. Pat's 5K was the last race in the Tour de Patrick series. We both approached the series pretty casually -- just as a bunch of fun runs. Even so, we both did pretty well. The scenery was great, the crowd support was fantastic, we met up with friends, and we felt awesome afterward. Check out our race reports on Daily Mile for more details (Nik and Dan).How did Nik do so well on the race? Turns out she's only 5 inches tall.A nice, and unexpected, perk of the St. Pat's 5K was that we got medals. Medals! For a 5K! Stand back and be jealous!The next day, we went to New Bedford for the half marathon. I had signed up for the race ages ago but I didn't run it. Getting the flu for about 3 weeks in January, then recovering from the flu for a few weeks after that, then getting hit with 7 feet of snow all winter -- all of that put the kibosh on my winter training. So I haven't run very long lately, and rather than suffer through 13 miles when I was unprepared, I figured I'd be a happier person standing on the side and cheering for other people.Nik, on the other hand, approached the race like a casual long run -- she hadn't run 13 miles since January. She wasn't entirely into running it, but she has a good base and figured she'd see what happened.There were 1,700 runners -- pretty typical for the NB half. Great weather for a race, too. Crisp.I spent my time being Nik's purse, drinking coffee, taking pictures, and finding open WiFi networks around downtown New Bedford. The fella who won the half marathon was fast as hell, unsurprisingly. After taking this picture, he stood over to the side, bent over like he was going to throw up and stayed that way for about half a minute, then got up and was interviewed.The first female finisher did great, too. I managed to snap a picture right as she broke the tape, which I'm pretty proud of.Nik did wonderfully on the race: 2:03:31, which is not far behind her course PR. New Bedford is a tough half -- hilly in the beginning, flat to downhill in the middle, windy and uphill at the end. Considering she hasn't been running much lately and isn't particularly bothered by that, she did amazing.Another piece of bling to add to her collection. She's got, what? Five of these? Something like that. Not bad![...]

Run Photo of the Day 3.18.11: Nipping out for a 1-miler


I took Stanley out for a short run, just a 1-miler to keep my running streak alive.

I've noticed a lot of nip bottles littering the grass near a church near our house. What's disturbing is that the joint hosts AA meetings. Someone's not taking it seriously enough. 

run Photo of the Day 3.17.11 : Happy Birthday Myrna!


Myrna turns a big 6 years old today, so to celebrate we ran a 6 mile run and later there will be frosty paws.

Celtic 5K


Nik and I traveled to Worcester for the second in the three-race Tour de Patrick 5K series, the Guinness Celtic 5K. That's pronounced "Wuhsta" to out-of-staters. Although for some reason people kept pronouncing "Celtic" with a soft C, like the basketball team, instead of a hard C like the actual Celts.The weather was freezing. Apparently the spring thaw hasn't entirely reached Worcester yet. A pond in Elm Park was still mostly frozen.It also meant there was hard-packed filthy snow on the ground here and there. There's a bridge across the pond in Elm Park that's a lot steeper than it looks at first. Once you start walking up, you realize you're about to fall on your ass and tumble back down. Tricky.I tried to get a job with these people -- I don't know what they do, but I'm unemployed right now and I'm not Irish. No word about an interview yet.The race was bigger than last week's 5K race in Pawtucket, and a bit more scenic. About 2,000 runners, if you believe the lady on the microphone. Not that I don't trust her necessarily, but you never know. Next week is the Providence St. Pat's 5K, which should have about 3,000 runners.Both of us did great, by the way. Nik got a totally unexpected PR of 24:48, and I got close at 31:43 -- not bad considering we both treated it as a fun run, and we haven't been running very much at all. Check out Nik's race report here and mine here.[...]

Run Photo of the Day 3.12.11: Water tank


Ran by a water storage tank in the neighborhood. Beautiful scenery.

Run Photo of the Day 3.5.11: Irish 5K


Nik & I ran the first in a three-race series of 5Ks, the Irish 5K in Pawtucket, R.I.The race started in downtown Pawtucket, right next to the historic Slater Mill, which as any idiot knows off the top of his head without consulting Wikipedia at all is the first water-powered cotton spinning mill in North America to utilize the Arkwright system of cotton spinning as developed by Richard Arkwright. We had a bit of a snafu before the race started -- we had picked up our bibs a few days beforehand, but then forgot to bring them on the day of the race. The bibs also contained our timing chips. So there was a few moments of panicking in the car about whether to give up, go home & try to drive back in time, or bandit the race. Instead we threw ourselves on the mercy of the race directors. They were kind enough to give us replacements for free. So thumbs-up to them. They're good people.There were about 1,000 people running, and this is only the Irish 5K's first year. That's good, because Pawtucket could use all the civic pride it can get. For those of you not from our area, Pawtucket has a reputation as a shithole -- a well-deserved reputation. Apart from the quaint area where the race started, the rest of the route followed some of the dingiest, most broken-down industrial scenery we've seen in quite some time. Pawtucket also has a reputation as being a haven for cat-hoarders. We didn't see any cats on the route (probably because they were all being hoarded inside somewhere).Still, the race itself was a lot of fun. Afterward, Nik auditioned for the new hit TV drama "CSI: Pawtucket." YEAAAAAAAAAAH!To find out how we did, check out Nik's race report on Daily Mile.[...]

Run Photo of the Day 3.1.11 : Meshanticut Lake


We took a little trip to Meshanticut State Park in Cranston, RI for a fun run...

...where Stanley spent most of the time pointing at nothing...

...which Myrna found very boring.