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A Year in the life

Updated: 2018-03-06T09:41:23.270-08:00


Pine to Palm 100


View at the top of the first climb shot by Masha. Well she did it! A big sigh of relief in our tiny household and we've been riding the post race high the last two weeks. Well maybe except for cat, she was just glad we finally came home. Such a huge accomplishment and I'm still shaking my head about it. Pine to Palm is a tough first 100 and with the record breaking heat, I was genuinely worried

Cascade Crest 100-Mile: The Short and Sweet


My favorite picture from the weekend, Masha and I at the Hyak aid station, mile 52. I'm trying to write a race report... hard, it was so f*ing awesome, words are not enough. Facebook message to a good friend Keli Kelemen. Over a week later and a part of me is still out there in the Cascades. Like a great trip, I left a part of myself behind and it is not in a great hurry to come home. The post

Back For More


Been awhile! Well actually I thought I was ready to let the old blog go, but I've decided it isn't time yet and nothing gets my the juices going like another 100 mile race. Besides, I need more reading material for my later years when I'm less mobile and reminiscing of younger more active days:) The running has actually been good this year, wish I wrote about it. I greeted January with a lot of

Mohican 100 Mile Run Race Report


What a buckle, love it, wished it was bigger. THE COURSE This was the run, not to be confused with the 100 mile mountain bike race—easy to do when you are at the event website. It was held in Loudonville about 1.5 hours South of Cleveland. The course is 95% single track and it is comprised of 4 loops; two 26.8 mile loops and two 23.2 miles loop. The shorter loop is just a variation of the

Mohican 100 - A Quick Summary


That was another hard fought, tough to experience race. Reminds me of the time I had at Bighorn 100 last summer—just so happened that both races were on the same weekend this year. The only reason my time was faster at this event is because no mountains were involved! I had major issues compounded by getting lost in the middle of the night topped off with equipment failure. However, if there

Lake Sonoma 50-Mile


Great place to run! Photo courtesy of Keli Kelemen. THE COURSE As my good friend Bradley Fenner put it, the race is "death by a thousand paper cuts". My Garmin had the total climb at around 11,000' and Stan Jensen's Run 100 site has it at 10,500'—you start and finish at the same place so the feet of total descent is the same. The route is a clockwise loop around the lake followed by a

Chill Day


Been taking it easy all day and it feels great. We woke up to rain and dark clouds and we were both thankful we didn't have to be out there running this morning. It's our "back down" week and it could have come sooner. The last three weeks have been build, build, build. Last weekend we felt so run down and trashed at the Lake Sonoma training run that we not only ran slow but crawled the last five

Marin Ultra Challenge


Masha and I shortly after her finish. So the race was good. Our first 50k race and it pretty much turned out like I thought it would, the only thing missing was the speed but that's ok. Weather was amazing and by the time I finished, which was around noon, it was still in the mid-60s. Felt warm especially since the 50k course is exposed but not hot. It was good, good day. The start was early

It's Almost Spring


How stoked am I that it's already March. January and February are the hardest months for me. January I'm just getting back into it after taking December off. It's usually slow going, it's dark early and it's months to go before Spring. This year was particularly hard to get motivated because after 13 years of freelancing I went back to a 9-5 job. I love the job but it's been busy and I'd get home

Looking Back


A brief and long overdue report on Bighorn 100. I thought I'd delay the report a month for every hour past my goal time for the race:) Okay not really. I was just lazy about writing one until now. Oh and comments are open to everyone again. Not even sure how that got switched to members only. Like I would set up a members only list. With Javelina only a couple of days away, now is a good time

Race Week


This morning at 6:30 AM I was woken up by what I can only describe as soft, muffled sounds that would go in and out. It sounded a bit eerie actually but as my head cleared I realized it was the start of the Nike Women's Marathon. I'm only 4 blocks from the start at Union Square but this is the first time I've heard it. Well it was a warm night and I had left a window open. It brought back

Running for a Cause


I've been involved with ultra running for over a decade but it's only now that I've gotten the chance to run for a cause. Oh I've donated/supported many different causes over the years and I've even run non-ultra events for this cause and that but never an ultra. It's crossed my mind over the years but I've never done anything beyond thinking about it. A shame really but now I have a chance,

And just like that….


it has been 6 months since my last post. Where does the time go??? I'd like to say that my fiance moving here from London and our recent wedding has taken up all my time but I can't:) It's more of the fact that my running has been kind of lame and I really had nothing to say about it. So in a way I'm in the same position I was 6 months ago when I made my last post - hampered by setbacks and

Northface Endurance Mud Challenge


Muddy Goodness Last weekend three storms hit the San Francisco Bay Area and unfortunately the Northface Endurance Challenge was right in the middle of it. Trails were a total mess and the day before the event a new course was unveiled. No trails past Muir Beach, all in the Headlands, and unlike the marathon and 50k runners, the 50-milers had a course that consisted of two loops which included

Gonna Be a Beat Down


I love this time of the year. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and it's also the weekend of my favorite race - The Quad Dipsea, 4 crossing of the famous Dipsea Trail. My all time favorite trail and favorite race. At 28.4 miles it's just long enough to be an ultra but at 9200 feet of totally climb it's a total pain in the ass, hamstrings, quads, heck my entire body. This year it will be

Climbing Out of a Valley


This is a post I've been wanting to write for the last 8 weeks and it's good that I put my thoughts down now rather than earlier now that I have some perspective on the matter.After a spectacular, amazing and exhausting June, running San Diego 100, pacing Jon at Western States and having a crazy work schedule between both events (I pulled 4 all-nighters the week of Western States) I found myself



RACES and EVENTS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  Finsbury Park 15k April, 2012 Masha's longest event and I was glad to have been there to share it with her. I didn't pressure her to take up running, something she wanted to do on her own. Race Report . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Western States 100!


I'll start this with an email that I sent out to my running group yesterday morning: "I don't know what it is about this race. I've never had a good race here (2x) but my all time best race experiences have been here pacing people (2x). This weekend's event won't be topped for a long time however, if ever.... I've paced many times at 100 milers, probably more than I've run (13) but this was

That Time Again - Western States 100


I am more than envious of all the runners in this years event. This has got to be one of the best conditions for this race, not much snow at the top and the weather is cool! It was chilly at the pre-race briefing. Boy I wish I was running this year. I have the crew and pacing role however, that's a nice deal too. I get to experience the event in many angles/several roles and I finish it off with

San Diego 100!


Race morning! San Jose in the da house! With Greg Lanctot of the Quicksilver Team. Both of us had walked out to get a view of the fantastic scenery. Partly why we do this, getting to run in wonderful places. Al Bahr lodge at 6:30am Saturday morning. Catching up with Glenn at the start and telling him how much of a fan Masha is of his photography. With pals Larissa

Runner 65


Is outta here! San Diego 100 will try to update this page throughout the day. Cell coverage is spotty but I'm thankful that they are trying anyway. Mighty nice of them.



It is race week, the San Diego 100-Mile Endurance Run is upon us! It is only Wednesday but I am already way too excited. I was up late again last night working on my new work website but I got up early this morning and was unable to go back to sleep due to anxiety and excitement. I forced myself to stay in bed so I could eek out that little bit of rest. My friend Randy Katz asked me the other

Zion 100-Mile Ultramarathon


Hello Everyone! Just popped in to share a video my buddy Randy Katz put together from Zion 100. While I was sweating about the possibility of a hot race at Quicksilver the day before the race, Friday, pals Dana Katz (no relation to Randy) and Kara Teklinski started the Zion 100 - warmer for longer. Randy was one of the crew and pacers for Kara and got some great video and still shots in. These

Not So Quicksilver 50 Mile


Photo courtesy of Gary Wang. Not only did Gary kill it out there with 7:44 and 3rd place but he also took about 600 photos from the event. He would fly by, camera in hand with his finger on the trigger as he ran by. I love this photo because it partly communicates the dusty, hot conditions on the race. About 24 miles into the Quicksilver 50-mile I started thinking that it was going to be a

Gonna Suck for Sure


Pardon the language but that is what comes to mind when I think about my event tomorrow:) Finally back from the UK with a ton of pictures and a few stories, one of which I've already typed up for a future blog post. First things first though. I miss being with Mash and sharing a home with her but it is also good to be home. Home is home. These are my routes, my trails and my hills so to speak. I