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Road to nowhere

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Weight just wait!


My how time passes quickly when you aren't working. It seems like yesterday, not three weeks ago that I posted my last blog. Better three weeks than three months I suppose.

Things have been going surprisingly well. I believe that I have done a pretty effective job managing this stressful period of unemployment. I have been able to maintain a sense of calm, watch my diet and improve my fitness level.

This year I did not make any New Year's Resolutions. But in the back of my mind I knew that I wanted to, no I NEEDED to, get my weight moving in the proper direction. During 2007, I had been able to get down to 197, although I lost some focus during training for the Vermont Marathon ran the marathon about 210 (Memorial Day '08). I'm disgusted to report that when I stepped on the scale on January 1, 2010, it screamed 236. Not only do I not look good at that weight, but I also realize that is not healthy for a soon to be 50 year old guy.

So that morning, I made myself a promise to lose weight yet again. I actually thought about making a big deal out of it and letting everyone know for accountability purposes. Instead I kept it to myself, an inner challenge. My goal was 25 in 25. That would be to lose 25 pounds in 25 weeks. A sensible, reasonable goal that would bring me back down to my marathon weight.

While I have not dramatically altered my diet and still allow far to many poor choices, I am making progress. My weight tends to fluctuate day to day depending upon my fitness routine, but last week I saw one of my short term goals of 224. Next up will be 219.

I'm hoping that the weight will continue to come off now that I have increased my fitness routine. Funny how it took an unfavorable diagnosis of Exertional Compartment Syndrome to re-motivate me.

I'm Back


I'm not sure if anyone even follows my little blog anymore, and why would you since I haven't posted in almost a year. I'm hoping to change that in the coming days, weeks and months.

So much has changed since this blog started (and stalled). Want a quick recap?

1) Gerri and I sold our home in Easley, SC and moved into an apt in Birmingham, AL.

2) Gerri started Law School at Cumberland School of Law.

3) Chelsea, our oldest daughter, became a Freshman at Western Carolina Univ.

4) Alabama won the 2010 BCS National Championship.

5) My team at Krystal was eliminated in a Workforce reduction on January 29th.

6) Not to mention my running is non-existent.

As you can see, 4 of the 6 changes are really positive. In fact, overall my life continues to be great and I could not be happier. As the saying goes, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

This will be an interesting year, as I will be turning 50 in April. This pending milestone has given me pause to look forward while also reflecting on the past. During the upcoming months, I'll be sharing my thoughts on my life. My current and future goals, and my challenge to overcome injury and complete another marathon.

I hope you will join me on my journey.

Slow down and let me off this ride


Just a quick recap. Life is crazy. So much going on and so little time. Work has been nuts. Our future, possibly near future, is still unknown. Battled some IBS issues and turned 49. Oh yeah, I have not run in two and a half weeks and I'm running the Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon this weekend.

Stay tuned for more craziness.



Since I have very few followers, I'm sure that not many people have missed my blog. In fact, the last blog I wrote was dated March 25th. Like some cruel April Fool's joke, one day passed, then another and another. I often thought about blogging, but always found something more important to do. Okay, maybe tv, Facebook and Twitter are not more important.

April just seemed to be the month that was a funk. Maybe it was the fact that I was turning 49 years old, although birthdays don't bother me. And I certainly don't feel 49! I suppose that the general malaise was a combination of things. Travel and stress at work, the continued unknown about where and when we'll be moving and if our home will ever sell.

I continue to battle my weight, it's winning. And my running activity has dropped to the level of almost complete inactivity. That would be one run a week, or four runs in the month. Yes FOUR runs totalling 31.5 miles. That included the Cooper River Bridge 10K and the Statue 2 Statue 15K in Birmingham. Yes it lived up to the reputation as the hardest 15K in the south.

It's May 1, 2009 and time for me to take control. Luckily I have an incredible wife and Gerri and I will tackle this challenge together. We've done it before, we'll do it again.

Without going into specifics yet, here are some preliminary goals for May.

1) Blog at least 5 times per week. Some may be very short, but I'm generally long winded.

2) Cook more often when I'm home. This will have the added benefit of helping our budget while also allowing us to make better food choices.

3) Read. One of my goals at the beginning of the year was to read one book per month. I completed one (QBQ)and are making good progress on 1L. Next up is Choosing to Cheat by Andy Stanley.

4) Run. I thought about setting a goal of running every day this month, even if it was 1 mile. I know it is unrealistic, unhealthy and totally crazy. But I do like the idea of implementing some easy short runs just to get back into a good habit. Of course, the Marine Corps Historic Half is two weeks away, so my goal there is to finish and enjoy the experience.

Guess that's a good start for May 1st. Looking forward to weekend ahead including seeing Seven Brides for Seven Brothers tonight at Boiling Springs High School, Yard Sale in the morning, watching the MUD Run tomorrow afternoon, an 11 mile run Sunday morning and of course NewSpring Church service on Sunday. Best part is I get to spend all weekend with Gerri!

5 miles on Fernandina Beach, FL


Well work caused me to miss my run on Tybee Island yesterday, so I was determined to get one in today. I got done with my restaurant visit in Yulee, FL and then headed east to Fernandina Beach, just north of Amelia Island. It was a beautiful afternoon, sunshine and 78 degrees. A slight breeze blowing off the ocean.

A quick Google search found me a mostly tree covered sidewalk/walking/running trail next to Amelia Island Parkway. After finding a parking spot at Scott Rd beach access, I quickly changed in my car. Once the Garmin located the satelites, I was off.

Ooops, about 30 seconds in and nature was calling big time. And it wasn't a simple matter of ducking in somewhere to pee. Both sides of the sidewalk are surrounded by trees, bushes, ponds, nature and who knows what kind of creatures. I saw an Beach access area that looked promising, but it actually led to a Condo complex. Luckily the pathway emptied at their pool area which included bathrooms. I helped myself and took care of business. Problem solved.

Back on the pathway, I quickly realized that this was going to be a tough run. Some shin/ankle discomfort was back, the heat/humdity took some getting used to, and with each step, I heard the sound of critters nearby. I don't like critters, especially the thought of snakes and gators. Luckily I didn't see any, but just the thought kept me tense. I was taunted by those little lizard things and one of my major nemesis, the squirrels, kept mocking me.

I went down, stopped about mile 1 to stretch some, then turned around and headed back. I eventually reached the end of the trail around Mile 3, another beach access spot. I took some time to enjoy the beauty. The sound and color of the ocean, the refreshing breeze blowing in off the water. The tension disappeared and as I headed back, I stopped only momentarily to watch some golfers teeing off. I finished the run strong and feeling good. Okay, so I missed my the turnoff for the car, but didn't mind the quarter mile cool down as I backtracked.

After the run, I got back in the car and drove the 2 hours back to Savannah. A perfect opportunity to reflect on the run while listening to some running podcasts; Two Gomers Run A Half Marathon and 4 Feet Running.

Three days to the Rumpshaker 5K.

6.25 Miles Downtown


Gerri was scheduled for an 8 miler today and was meeting her old Team Tiarra running buddies Christina, Drew and Emmitt in GVegas at noon. I wasn't feeling it this morning, but a gentle nudge from Gerri was all it took. In my mind, I knew that I needed, maybe even wanted to get this run in. I haven't run more than 5 miles since the Kiawah Half Marathon in early December, and given my pain/injury I figured 6 miles would be enough.

(image) Running downtown pretty much guarantees hills, and we had plenty today. North Main and McDaniel to name two. I really wanted to go slow, 11:30-11:45 was my goal so that I could finish and feel good. Things didn't work out that way. As much as I wanted to let them go ahead, my mind kept reeling them back in. We ran the 1st three miles or so at an 11:00 pace. Now it wasn't long ago that I would be embarrassed by that info, but I'm just happy to be on the mend and getting some conditioning back.

The last three miles, including McDaniel were run about 11:14 pace. Other than the hill, my ankle felt good. I ran most of McDaniel, with a few short walking breaks, but otherwise I ran the entire distance and actually finished the uphill section of Main Street pretty strong. Although I was tempted to run the entire 8 miles with Gerri and Christina, I knew I was smarter to stick with 6.

So another week in the books with three runs. Mileage still needs to slowly creep up, following the 10% rule. Sadly this was my highest weekly mileage since the 1st week of December. Or maybe I should look at the positive and proudly say this was my highest weekly mileage since December.

Picture borrowed from a great blog post by terrific Greenville athlete, Ashley Long.

3 Miles in Madison Lakes (GA)


It's been a long day. Started in a restaurant in Chattanooga, TN at 6am. Then lunch with the KBE and FBC teams, followed by a trip to Krystal Corporate offices for a conference call with franchisee. Left Chattanooga in time to be in Atlanta rush hour traffic, but luckily it wasn't a horrible day in the ATL.

Changed my schedule from Conyers to Madison. This was a great change because it gave me a chance to get another run in tonight. A short distance from my hotel is a gated subdivision called Madison Lakes. I ran there once last year one morning, and knew it would be a perfect spot tonight. I parked near in a lot before the entrance and jogged in. I saw more people walking their dogs than I saw cars. The temperature was perfect and the sun low in the sky and setting.

This was my first back to back runs this year, and maybe as much as 5 or 6 months. After the horrible run yesterday, I had three goals 1) Go slow 2) Don't stop 3) Have fun. I'm happy to say that I achieved all three goals. Pain in my left ankle was noticeable, but not unmanageable.

I'll take a rest day tomorrow and then get in another run on Friday or Saturday.

4 miles @ Camp Jordan Park


Four miles sounds good, but it was brutally ugly. 1st mile was actually good. The weather was about 70 degrees, low humidity and the sun was shining. Camp Jordan is a large recreation complex with a two mile gravel path. I knew I was going to fast (relatively speaking) for my current conditioning level, but I was not able to slow down. Odd considering I used to preach to new runners doing C25K that when you think you are going slow, slow down even further. But my body/mind wouldn't listen.

Having recently been fighting shin, calf and ankle discomfort, I naturally started to take stock of how I was feeling. Surpisingly I found a new area of discomfort today, my groin. I should have focused on it because it wasn't long before my ankle discomfort (low front) started again. This time it was both ankles instead of just the left, and lower than in the past. I willed myself to run through it, but my mind is not cooperating these days and my body gave in.

I walked some, then started again, then walked again about a half mile later. And my mind is working overtime. Less than a year ago you ran a marathon and now you can barely run a mile. Over and over my mind ran this scenario. I saw may car, the two mile point and stopped to recover and stretch.

I promised myself that I would complete four miles, so back out I went. I felt okay, minor discomfort but once again could not force myself to slow down. The two miles were mostly slow running with some walk breaks mixed in. I completed my two laps, four miles and was happy to have it done. It wasn't pretty, but I finished.

Each run should bring me one step closer. Closer to where I was, closer to finding the joy, magic that running provided not that long ago. I'll get there one day when I'm older. Maybe when I'm 49. Who knows, it might be my magic year!

Happy Birthday Chelsea


Hard to believe but my little baby turns 18 today. That's Chelsea on the right, and Heather on the left. This photo was taken in the fall of 2008 in Charlotte at the Renaissance Festival, prior to the the Ded Bob show. That would be Ded Bob in the middle.

Gerri and I are anything but Renaissance Festival folks, but Chelsea loves them so we went so that we could spend time with her doing the things she appreciates and enjoys. As much as I dreaded it, we ended up having a fun family day.

Where have the last 18 years gone? The time has flown by and I'm sure the next 18 will go even faster.

Nice to know that 18 years later that I have an intelligent, creative, beautiful, and sensitive daughter. Chelsea, enjoy your birthday and everything that life has planned for you. The joy is in the experience, so be sure to enjoy the journey through the unknown paths that lie ahead.

Happy 18th! We love you.

I've Been MIA


After making a special effort to blog almost every day in February, my week in Orlando seems to have thrown me out of my blogging sync. So perhaps a brief recap of the past two weeks is in order.

Gerri and I had a terrific week in Orlando. The weather started out cool and ended up in the 80's, and the sunshine state lived up to its name. It was a "work" week for me, which means I worked a few hours on Monday night doing my night shops, then Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 6:00am until about 3:30pm. The rest of the time I was able to spend with Gerri.

We had three runs around Universal. The 3.5 miler that I already blogged about, another 3 miler after work one afternoon and finally a 6.2 mile run on Saturday morning. We ran this in honor of our friends that were running the Reedy River 10K back at home that morning. This was my longest run since the Kiawah Half in early December, and it showed. The warmer temps had some impact, but not as much as my Friday evening meal at the Ale House. It felt great to get it done, but required more "pit stops" and walk breaks than I would have liked.

One of the real treats about our trips to Orlando is the opportunity to visit with friends. One night we drove out to a nice area northwest of Orlando called Clermont to have dinner with my third grade teacher. Fran and her husband Gordon have remained good friends over all these years. They have lived an amazing life and have such terrific stories to tell. Like always, it was a wonderful visit and evening.

We also had a chance to see our good friends Mike and MaryBeth Smoot and their son Jimmy. I met, live and worked with Mike and MB back in the 80's during our time at People Express Airlines. Smoot is responsibly for ratcheting up my love of the Alabama Crimson Tide.

One night we met them for dinner, Hawaiian Fusion at a restaurant called Roys. The food was surprisingly good but could not match the company which was terrific.

After our run on Saturday, the Smoots picked us up at the hotel and we traveled to Kissimee to see my St. Louis Cardinals take on the Houston Astros in a spring training game. Mike was nice enough to think ahead and get tickets when he knew we were coming. There is nothing more relaxing and enjoyable for me than a spring training game sitting in the Florida sunshine. Being with Gerri and great friends made it even better, and a Cards victory was icing on the cake.

Traveling for work is something that I have become accustomed to as part of the job. If I could only enjoy each trip as much as I did this week in Orlando. Now I can't wait to go back again next quarter.

3.5 miles in Orlando


Gerri and I spent our first full day in Orlando. We slept in late, had a less than special lunch and then headed to Fleet Feet Sports.

The owner, Eric was very helpful. Gerri ended up with a new pair of shoes, Nike Lunar Trainers. I tried them on and loved the way they felt, but Eric was concerned that they were too neutral and I needed to stick with a stability shoe. He did suggest I begin working away from the Adrenaline's that I have used since I started running. I tried on a few pair including Inspires and Infinity. So only a new pair of Super Feet inserts for my shoes.

We went back to our hotel, and went out for a run around Universal. We ran around the Portofino and Hard Rock Hotels on the Universal property. It was mostly beautifully landscaped pathways meandering around the waterways. About 1/2 way we reached City Walk, stopped for a brief period to sight see and then headed back.

The good news, no shin pain in my left leg. The bad news, my right calf seized up and felt like a baseball on the back on my right leg. What the heck! Oh well, tomorrow is another day and we'll likely attempt another run. This would be my first back to back runs in forever.

March 1st - Week in Orlando


It's snowing in Greenville, SC but Gerri and I are in Orlando. We were scheduled to fly out on Allegiant Air at 6:45pm. When I saw the weather forecast this morning, I thought we may be better off driving. After some discussion, we both decided that driving was better than waiting to see if the flight was cancelled. We drove, and yes the flight was cancelled.

So we now have a week in Orlando. I'll work Tues, Wed and Thu until about 3:00PM, but the rest of the time we can spend together. Gerri will spend her days relaxing, reading and studying while I'm working.

We'll get to see some friends, including my third grade teacher and her husband on Tuesday and some friends from my People Express Airlines days. We'll also be taking in a Cardinals/Astros preseason game next Saturday.

February was a pretty good month. My running is getting back on track and I blogged 23 out of 28 days. March will be even better.

Running Balance Sheet


During a run a month or two ago (Kiawah Half or Hair of the Dog) I had the idea of creating a balance sheet for my running. After all, this is supposed to be an inexpensive sport, right?

My goal was to set aside $1.00 for each mile I ran, training or race. This "Income" would be used to balance the running "Expenses". Race fees, Greenville Track Club Membership and Running Gear (Clothes, Shoes, etc).

Pretty simple concept, if you want to race, you have to put in the leg work. Easy in theory, but how does it look so far.

Income was $5.00
Expense was $27.79
Net Profit/Loss was ($22.79)

February to Date
Income is $22.00
Expense was $42.79
Net Profit/Loss was ($20.79)

March Projections
Income $50.00
Expense $23.25
Net Profit/Loss $26.75

I'm maintaining the data in an Excel database, set up like a Checking Accounting. So far the Expenses, Actual and Projected, are higher than the Income. Fortunately I'm personally in control of the Income (training), so I hope to ocntinue raising my base mileage to catch up and exceed the Expense side.

Stay tuned for monthly updates.

Marine Corps Half Marathon?


About a week ago, Gerri mentioned that she would love to run one more Half Marathon before starting Law School this summer. Of course that means both of need to get our training levels back up and then find one that looks interesting.

I found two that caught my attention. The North Carolina Marathon/Half Marathon and the Marine Corps Historic Half in Fredericksburg, VA. This event takes place on Sunday, May 17th.

We both got excited about a weekend trip to the DC area and a chance to run another Half, with 9,000 other runners. I think we both got an instant boost of adrenalin, just what any good training plan needs.

Thud, the sound of us realizing that we had previously committed to volunteering for the BMW Charity Pro-Am that weekend. I had volunteered to be a walking scorer for four days and Gerri for two days. We are now weighing our options. I could cut back to two days (Thu & Fri) and Gerri could take a pass this year. This would allow us to drive up Friday night, enjoy the Expo and Washington on Saturday, then run the Half on Sunday. We could possibly stay Sunday night and spend more time enjoying DC and celebrating.

We have not yet made a final decision, but I'm thinking that both of us are leaning in this direction. Any thoughts?

Starting week with 3 miles


It was a bit cool, but certainly a beautiful day for a run. I had given platelets in the morning at the Blood Connection, so I didn't get out until this afternoon. The good news is that I WANTED to get out for a run. It's nice to be looking forward to runs again.

I started out a bit faster (insert laughs here) to see if a faster pace would eliminate some of the lower left leg discomfort I have experienced on many of my runs. Felt pretty good after a mile, so decided to keep it up. About 1.5 miles in I was getting a bit winded and needed to walk briefly. I managed to match my 1st mile time even with the walk, but stopped to recover at two miles. I used this time to walk and stretch as the leg discomfort was back. I finished the third mile, somewhat slower, but got the miles in.

Checking online to self diagnose it appears this may be some form of shin splints. The discomfort appears to be in the muscle, next to the shin bone, and on the exterior front. I found a few strengthening exercises that I start using. As I was driving to Atlanta this evening, I noticed that I have a tendency to drive with my leg bent, which may be putting some pressure or straining this muscle area slightly. I'll continue to take it easy and see if I can work through it as I slowly add some runs and miles. May even mix in some pure "walks", just to see if that will help.

House Offer #1


Three weeks ago we signed a contract and put our home on the market, and then the stress begins. De clutter, keep it clean, 25 yards of mulch, pressure washing and all those other minor details that go into making a home ready for showing.

Will buyers like the house? Did we use the proper agent and agency? Are people buying homes? How will the current economic environment affect our ability to sell?

We had five showings in the first three weeks, and each viewing received favorable feedback, but no offers. Until about 7:00pm tonight. Our realtor, Jonathan Chappell with Open House Realty called to let us know that the couple that looked at the home on Thursday had made an offer.

A few minutes later, he was here and we sat down to review the offer. It was a good offer, and we made a minor counter. A few thousand dollars, plus a 24 hour first right of refusal since they have a home to sell too. This allows us to accept the contingency offer without removing our home from the market.

A moment ago, the phone rang and Jonathan was advising us that our counter offer was accepted. Funny how things can change even while a blog is being written.

We have a long way to go, but things continue to move ahead. Now if we just knew where we were moving and when. I suppose God will reveal this information to us when he feels we are ready for it.

5 miles downtown


It's 10:00pm and I'm exhausted, so this will be brief.

Had a nice relaxing morning, after a busy day yesterday. Gerri and I drove back and forth to Macon, GA for her Law School Open House at Mercer. We enjoyed the visit, a well orchestrated Open House. On the way home we stopped in Madison for dinner at the Chophouse. Good service and food and they give out Tootsie Pops with the bill.

At 12:00 today we met Christina downtown for a 5 miler run. We started out easy and gradually picked up the pace during the run. Best part of the run was not experiencing any pain in my calf today.

After the run we met Chelsea and Eric at Wild Wing Cafe for lunch. This was our first time meeting Eric and he was a real nice, personable young man. Conversation flowed easily and the time flew by. We stopped by Luna Rosa for some Gelato, then walked around downtown. Always great spending time with Chelsea and look forward to seeing Eric again.

We came back home and relaxed the rest of the day. Finally starting to get caught up on some of our Tivo recordings.

It figures


Got back from Atlanta and met Gerri and our friends Robin and Eric for dinner at Carrabba's in Greenville. Good meal, great friends.

Got home to find a "cold" house. Well at least downstairs. Unfortunately it appears that our downstairs heating unit has decided to go on the fritz. Luckily it's only money, so we'll deal with it. Sometimes life happens. There are many folks in the world that would love to have a bed and house to sleep in, cold or not.

Tomorrow Gerri and I will be heading to Mercer University for another Law School visit. So far we have visited Charleston School of Law, University of Alabama, Samford University Cumberland School of Law and the University of South Carolina. The trip to Macon is about 4 hours, so it will be a long day down and back.

Looking forward to a great weekend, heat or not.

Thunder, Rain, Hail and Tornadoes


It's a bit early in the year for severe weather in the southeast, but we sure got some today in Atlanta. The morning started out with rain, heavy at times. This is much needed as the southeast continues to be parched in this never ending drought. The rain started letting up and by the time I left the restaurant, the sun was coming out. The hotel was only a short distance away and my plan was to hit the TM for a 3 mile run before dinner and my night shop.

I really wanted to, but then I got sucked in. You see, I made the mistake of turning on the hotel TV and a local new station weatherman was talking about some severe storms heading towards Atlanta. I was hooked. There is something about severe weather that peaks my curiousity, and bad weather tends to follow me on the road no matter where I go.

The station did a tremendous job and their technology was incredible. Funny how the weathermen get more and more excited when storms appear to be ripe for tornado formation. I get the same way, but you have to temper that with the cost to proper and potentially lives. For hours I watched radar, heard about super cells and straight line winds, 2 to 3 inch hail and BTI, the Barton Tornado Index. The higher the number (1-10 scale) the larger the potential for tornadic activity.

The storms ripped through, one after another but luckily they stayed just north or south of my location near I-85 just north of I-285. (Pleasant Hill Rd) I know tornados touched down, and I'm sure tomorrow the news will report the number and damage amounts.

When the storms appeared to be mostly over, I grabbed some dinner at Sweet Tomatoes (yummy), then headed to Snellville for my night shop. During the Drive Thru shop, the heavens opened again and the rain pounded relentlessly for about 20 minutes. The sky flashed with brilliant lightning approximately every 15 seconds. It was a dazzling afternoon and evening.

Maybe I should add Tornado Storm Chaser to my bucket list.

Long, Long Day


Not much time for physical activity or relaxing today. Got up like usual for work at 0510, out of the hotel in Calhoun, GA about 0545. A normal day except I had to deal with a new restaurant General Manager, a new District Supervisor and training a new Director of Area Operations. Finally got out of the restaurant about 4:30pm, about 2 hours later than normal.

Then my boss drove into Atlanta and wanted to have dinner. So I met him at Ruby Tuesday on I-75 just north of the hellway known as I-285. Not a bad place to stop and have dinner at rush hour. We had a good dinner and he did my yearly review. Even got a nice 3% raise, double what the company says I'm eligible for given their system. Heck in this economy, I'm just happy to be employed.

After dropping him off at his hotel and reviewing some computer issues, I had to drive to I-85 and Indian Trail for my night shop. Finally back to the hotel around 9:15pm. Finally caught up on emails, Twitter, Facebook and finally my blog.

I'm local tomorrow, so although the weather will be bad, I'm going to get in some kind of exercise.

The Long, Slow Road Back


A little over two years (Dec 06) ago I started the Couch to 5K training program. It was truly square one. During this time there were days with lots of doubts. How could I run 10 minutes in a row, 15 minutes in a row, 25 minutes in a row? Slowly but surely the impossible became the possible. The runs got longer and easier and as my confidence and conditioning grew, my weight decreased.

According to my Buckeye training log, in January of 2006 I weighed 220 pounds, completed 16 runs, and average of 3 miles per run and an average pace of 13:28.

Progress was dramatic in Feb '07. My weight started at 215 and finished at 205. I had 10 runs, average distance had increased to 3.7 miles and my average pace had dropped to 12:02.

Move ahead one year. Feb '08. My weight was now between 197 and 205. I had 9 runs, average distance had doubled from a year earlier to 7.4 miles and my average pace had dropped to 9:53.

I can only imagine what the numbers would look like IF I had stayed the course. Instead of one step forward I have taken two steps back. Here is the ugly truth, in print for the whole world to see. Maybe this will be the smack in the head that I need.

Feb '09 My weight has ballooned, the Tanita scale screamed 222 pounds this morning. That's an ugly increase of 12-17 pounds since the marathon at the end of May. So far this month I have had 3 runs, and average of 3.7 miles and an average pace of 11:05.

The good news is that the three runs have come in the last 9 days, so I'm starting to get back on track. Although the runs are slow and painful, it is progress. And based upon the Feb '07 data, if I can increase the consistent frequency of my runs and also get back on track tracking my food, the weight should be able to come back off too.

So my warts have now been exposed, I have nothing left to hide. I'll continue to post my run info, my diet info and my continue battle to once again get my weight below the mendoza line.

Blog Streak Ended


Okay, I didn't exactly make it through the month of February, but my streak did end for a good reason. No, I wasn't in jail.

Saturday and Sunday both turned out to be excellent family days. Saturday morning Gerri and I drove to Boiling Springs to pick up Heather. We went to the Pavilion to see some old friends from our Grrrowl days. Their Grandson was playing a youth hockey game and we wanted to cheer him on. Afterwards the seven of us went to Five Guys and enjoyed some lunch and camaraderie.

On the way home, we stopped at Blockbuster and picked up two movies. To Kill A Mockingbird (classic B&W with Gregory Peck) and FireProof with Kirk Cameron. It was nice to enjoy these films with Heather. She will soon be reading To Kill A Mockingbird at school and we thought that by watching the movie it may help hr enjoy and understand the book better.

FireProof is a deeply religious film, primarily focused on marriage and establishing a relationship with God. I believe this film was made by the same group that did the terrific film Facing the Giants. It was really nice to be able to share this time and these films with my wife and youngest daughter.

We even caught the last hour or so of a Walk to Remember, another tear jerker.

Today we woke, got the house ready for a showing and then headed off to NewSpring Greenville for the 9:15 service. We met our friends Eric and Rob for Church, and then had brunch at Stax Omega. We got back home, but did not get out of the house before the realtor showed. We quickly grabbed the cat and made ourselves scarce, driving around some of the local subdivisions.

Once we got back around 1:15, Gerri got ready for a 5 mile run downtown with one of her Team Tiara running buddies. Heather and I buckled down and spent some time studying Physics. You know the stuff that you learn and then forget like f=m*a and Newton's 3 Laws, and 3 types of friction. Although the studying went well, I found myself using the internet a lot to "refresh" my memory.

I took Heather back home to Boiling Springs and got back in time to go to the 6:00 NewSpring Service in Anderson. Gerri and I took her friend Heather, her first time to NewSpring. It was an enjoyable service and nice spending time with Heather. After we dropped her back by her car, Gerri and I grabbed some dinner.

It may not sound like the most exciting weekend to you, but spending time with my wife, my daughter (one of them anyway), our friends and some quality time at Church made this one terrific weekend for me.

BSD13 - Friday the 13th


How many people woke up just cringing today, afraid of a date on a calendar? According to wikipedia, I'm sure plenty. Here is a small portion in the wiki...

According to the Stress Management Center and Phobia Institute in Asheville, North Carolina, an estimated 17 to 21 million people in the United States are affected by a fear of this day. Some people are so paralyzed by fear that they avoid their normal routines in doing business, taking flights or even getting out of bed. "It's been estimated that [US]$800 or $900 million is lost in business on this day". Despite this, representatives for both Delta and Continental Airlines say that their airlines don't suffer from any noticeable drop in travel on those Fridays.

(image) Friday the 13th also conjures up images of Jason terrorizing scantily clad teenagers, many times after they have just had a romp in the woods. In fact, Jason continues to intrigue filmmakers, and who doesn't remember the terrific Freddie vs. Jason battle.

I love Friday the 13th. That's right, I said it and with good reason. Gerri and I had our first date on a Friday the 13th. Coffee at Books A Million on Laurens Road. I had just returned from a business trip to LA. We were supposed to see each other on Sunday night, as Gerri was in a Christmas Show at Church. And even though I was exhausted from returning on the red-eye, and heading to Greensboro that afternoon with friends to watch a Grrrowl hockey game, I couldn't wait. So we met for coffee, well Chai Tea to be exact, and the thus started the spark that would ignite our romance.

Tonight, on this Friday the 13th, we will have dinner at the new Ruth's Chris Steakhouse in Greenville and celebrate Valentine's Day (early like we always do)and another Friday the 13th anniversary. I'm lucky, I get two more chances this year!

Happy Friday the 13th everyone. Gerri, I love you baby! Thanks for not being spooked.

BSD12 - Home Again


Just arrived back home from Macon. Unfortunately I was too late for NewSpring Home Group meeting in Simpsonville. Stopped by Bi-Lo and picked up Turkey Kielbasa for dinner. Have some Rice Medley mix to microwave and a sliced cucumber. Dessert will be Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Pudding or Key Lime Pie Yogurt.

Talked to my daughters via cell on the way home. Chelsea was with her new boyfriend, Eric, so I kept it short. Heather called me after her first varsity soccer game, a scrimmage. They beat Greer 10-0. She played half of the 1st half and the whole 2nd half. Had an assist and came close to a goal. Not bad for a 9th grader. Can't wait to see her play once the regular season starts.

Gerri and I have dinner plans tomorrow night, Friday the 13th. We'll go pick up Heather in Boiling Springs on Saturday morning and then go see one of our old Grrrowl hockey buddies at the Pavilion. Their grandson Nicholas will be playing. Hopefully we can have lunch after, so that we can get caught up. Time flies.

Since I have been gone, I'm going to leave the computer in my office for the rest of the evening. I'm hoping to get some blogging inspiration and maybe even a run in tomorrow.

BSD11 - Is your spouse your rival too?


I sat here on my hotel room bed in Macon with a blank blog page staring me in the face, having blog blank. I mean, I can't write about my run today because I didn't have one. I'd rather not write about work because it is after all work. There's nothing new to report on the Law School front for Gerri, come on Alabama, USC and Ole Miss.

On the TV, I'm watching the USA vs Mexico World Cup Qualifier. It's a big soccer rivalry game with neighboring countries vying for a spot in the Worlds biggest soccer tournament.

Gerri calls to talk some trash. Her UNC Tarheels are getting ready to take on my Duke Blue Devils. Nothing like some good natured ribbing to keep a relationship fresh. The funny thing is we have another major rivalry between my beloved St. Louis Cardinals and her Kansas City Royals.

If you don't take it to seriously, rivalries can be fun. At least she is a Bama fan, because I'm not sure I could deal with being married to an Auburn or Tennessee girl.

The USA just knocked off Mexico 2 to nil. Let's hope my Blue Devils can do the some.

Let's go Duke, let's go Duke, let's go Duke!!!!