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ISIS Farewell Tour, East Coast Dates with Cave In & the Melvins


Let's not talk about Lost. What a disappointing finale to years of fanaticism and declaring it the best show on television. Obviously, we'll have to watch it all over again...More important is the new of Isis coming to an end. "We've seen too many bands push past the point of a dignified death," the band stated, "and we all promised one another early on in the life of the band that we would do

Sepalcure Take the Cake @ Dub War NYC, Release on Hot Flush


photo by Seze DevresSepalcure played the Bass Mutations gig at New York's Unsound Festival, and to be quite honest it came and went for me. There was something that I didn't quite get about the two Brooklyn musicians until last night when they made their Dub War debut. While both crowds were the two best you could legitimately ask for in a six-month period, the harmony between club Love's pure

This Will Destroy You : New Song + Headlining Tour


It is with great pleasure to announce that not only is there a free mp3 available of the new This Will Destroy You track, "Communal Blood," but the Texan four-piece band is headed out on the road soon in a headlining slot. It's been two long years since I last saw them perform in a tiny venue at SXSW, and the performance has never wandered far from the forefront of my memories. TWDY's drummer was

For One, For All: DJ Hell's Body Language Volume 9


"Hell doesn't just represent a type of music, he represents a whole lifestyle, aesthetic and worldview – and Body Language Vol. 9 is perhaps the closest any disc has yet come to capturing that totality."Last fall, Modeselektor contributed to Volume 8 of Body Language following Matt Dear, but this is particularly different from any mix compilation I've heard of late. It's not something to dance to

ArpLine @ Death By Audio // 04.22.10


It's been far too long since I've gone to a show to see a band on recommendation in a raw, DIY space that isn't overcrowded with people who've read about the next big thing in Time Out NY. I hardly use MySpace anymore to check out bands because that website consistently fails to stream properly anymore, but it worked enough to give me a taste of ArpLine's sound. Lately, it's hardly bothered me

Wasted Guy at Coachella


While I'm not one for jumping on the bandwagon, I simply couldn't pass this up. The title says it all.

Worth the Promise: Kevin Costner Suicide Pact


"The offspring of Boulder, CO favorites Fellow Citizens, The Kevin Costner Suicide Pact explores the realms of the locally unknown and the cosmic familiar. This entrance into drone is far from entry level. End Weekend stems from obsessions with blindfolded exploration in the auditory out lands. KCSP utilizes all of the bands raw talent with an arsenal of new equipment focused on delay and loop.

Brouwerij Lane in Brooklyn


Two alcohol posts in a row?! It must be spring. While I haven't tried that Rowan's Creek bourbon I have been to Brouwerij Lane in Greenpoint (Brooklyn), and it is deee-lightful. So much, in fact, that you should read that adjective in a Ron Burgundy voice.When visiting, I bought a half-growler of Joe Mama's Milk Stout, which is a type of brew I'm often not a general fan of. There were plenty of

When Reviews Work: FADER & Rowan's Creek Bourbon


"I first drank bourbon in high school when a friend's older sister fulfilled our request for 'something cheap' by buying a half-gallon of Old Crow. We enthusiastically shot it down, chasing with potato chips and ca-cawing into the night. The next morning felt like we'd been roofied by truck drivers in a Cracker Barrel, and I promised myself from then on to always be more considerate when

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club @ Webster Hall // 04.08.10


Where do I even begin? The word of summation is disappointment. I wasn't expecting the religious experience that BRMC played that night at the Warsaw in on June 2, 2002. That night was, actually, a "make good" for their unexpectedly cut-off set opening for Spiritualized at the Beacon Theater just a few weeks prior. (To this day, I still have a solid story that leaves me convinced that that their

autechre // overstepping all boundaries


I can not help but feel that I am listening to history right now. DJs, music writers and industry folk from around the world that I consider anywhere from personal friends to major influences/heroes seem to be all tuned in to this 12-hour worldwide online broadcast provided to you by none other than Autechre. This legendary UK duo was one of the first electronic artists that I'd ever listened to,

WTF // Your Demise Held at Gunpoint at US-Canadian Border...Jack Bauer Style


UK hardcore outfit Your Demise have been playing a string of dates along the Canadian-American border, and all was going fine until this past weekend. Not 15 kilometers (that's about 10 miles, Yanks) from the US border, the band decided to visit a Tim Horton's and feast on bagels and coffee. Slowly slipping into a food coma, the band was pulled over and individually held at gunpoint after being

Terre Thaemlitz's Deep Thoughts with Resident Advisor's Editor


This particular interview is so interesting and in-depth that I haven't even had the chance to finish watching it. Terre Thaemlitz has been better known, recently, as DJ Sprinkles - the artist who produced the #1 electronic music album of 2009, according to Resident Advisor. I'm not alone in admitting that this album completely passed across my radar until it was dubbed the king of last year, and

Metal Essentials: At The Gates 'The Flames of the End' DVD Box Set


The entirety of this past weekend was filled with Unsound moments, but before the mayhem began on Friday evening I attended a screening for what will be part of the forthcoming At The Gates box set. The first disc is comprised of 'Under a Serpent Sun: The Story of At the Gates,' which was filmed and directed by founding member Anders Björler, who was in attendance that afternoon. With a band

The Exotic Appetizer: Unsound With Vladislav Delay & Sebastian Meissner


Sebastian MeissnerIt'd be no surprise to say, two weeks from now, that the New York installment of Poland's Unsound Festival blew my mind. But the fact is that it already did so tonight, and in such an unconventional manner, comes as a shock. Month after month, the Bunker parties as well as my few but favorably attended Wordless Music events have consistently impressed and enlightened me.

Unsound Festival Debuts In New York TODAY


My anticipation for the Unsound Festival's premiere in New York has been relatively short, but more intense than any Christmas morning I have ever looked forward to. During the next 10 days, areas of New York City will be saturated with some of the most experimental music in the truest sense of the word. Both Ronin of Wordless Music and Bryan Beyond/The Bunker are two of the handful of talented,

Self-Titled Mag Gives the Pen Back to the Artist


It's been several years since 'Devil In the Woods' printed its last issue, but the online offspring, 'Self-Titled,' has been thriving wonderfully in the developing Digital Age. The former always teetered along the line between "'zine" and "magazine" because its size was comparable to larger, more lucrative pubs but its style and content were much more authentic and varied in personality like that

Extra Love For the Ranking System


For no particular reason, despite having a hearty mix of RSS subscriptions, I realize I've fallen out of touch with a lot of music. This is why I just came off of a 48-hour Kraftwerk kick. And, of course, hanging out with Russ of soldoutmusic certainly reminded me of all of the music I should have heard. And it's also trying to get my freelancing outlets back in order. Regardless of the

Art Basel Miami: Pharell Williams + Kirk Jon


Each December, Miami hosts Art Basel as a sister event to the original convention held in Basel, Switzerland. Artists from around the world and various points on the creative timeline are celebrated with their classic or modern works. And, of course there are always crazy-ass parties.There are so many things that could be said about the event, but since I've never been I won't pretend to have an

Open Your Wallets and Submerge Yourself


A journalist/DJ recently posed the question: What is your favorite 12" of the last decade? Interesting, since it could encompass an album, single or EP, and immediately piqued the thinker's interest because it waxes nostalgic (wahhhh pun) of, in this digital age, something physically owned and cherished.His own answer was the "Inspiration / Transition" vinyl from Underground Resistance, which -



I don't purchase many books or CDs anymore, and that is due to the fact that I move often. My CD and (later, additionally) books collections have always been very important to me. If I had "all the money in the world" I'd have libraries in my I'd purchase several of modest sizes in a handful of my favorite cities.When I buy a book or CD, it's often a big deal now because I think

Red Bull Cola's Superior Sampler


I am astounded by Red Bull Cola's sampler design. I've worked with some of the reps in the Boston area, and really respect the sort of attitude that Red Bull has towards taste and identity as a brand. While I'm not the biggest fan of the original drink, I do love the cola. Yes, the fact that it's using mostly organic and natural products is widely part of the appeal, but I think it tastes great.

The Big Pink: Ready To Be Loved


I absolutely love The Big Pink, and while it's not going to be able to knock Ben Klock's One out of the #1 slot for my favorite album of 2009, it's definitely aiming for the top five. They've finally released A Brief History Of Love and Pitchfork not only gave it an 8.2 rating, but it's a well-crafted review. I love the production and brooding ambiance on the record, and am thrilled that they are



If I could go back to any point in time to Michael Jackson's career, it would be the Bad era tour. He was so incredibly on his game, and it was shortly before the early 90s where he was at an absolute peak. Also, while I've never found him to be very attractive, I think he hit his height in the looks department at that time. Nevertheless, he really is the King of Pop. It took a few days, really,

A Look At Teddy Boys


While rockabilly isn't as gentrified into mainstream fashion as punk - as an idea - there are still bits and pieces in so much on the forefront of modern subculture. Over in England, however, there's an interesting twist that's been going on for many years, and more removed from music than what we are most familiar. The "Teddy Boys" are a resurgence of the Edwardian Period, which started in the