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i don't think anybody goes on this anymore, but if you're here then this is for you. a plainly heartbreaking, japanese, bluesy-jazz number for you.

asakawa maki - 浅川マキ - さかみち

say goodbye


i liked "april" by benji cossa a ton and i found an album of his on the internet so i will put it on here. it is really sweet, even though it is flecked with songs sung in really high falsetto which remind me of clowns and "april" still wins. get ready to feel good, though.

benji cossa - between the blue and the green

I'm gonna take your heart and put it in my pocket.


I saw these guys at Cafe Du Nord last summer, and then unwittingly played a gig with them at Amnesia. They're from Portland, and they're fun.

The Builders and The Butchers

Hi, I'm Becca.

music, school, or music school?


micachu - jewelery

i guess this is a promo version with a couple extra tracks scattered in there; i don't know. sounds good though!

Did we do this to them?


I don't know if they're crazy, but their music is.

yximalloo - unpop

I felt like it was spring


Somebody sent me this single song about two years ago and i've since been searching for full albums. I've found some other single songs, some things on LastFM, but not much else.

Sweet, lo-fi, and the perfect song for the coming season.

Benji Cossa- April



Musician from Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Philly, w/e. Way sick and one of my favorites.

The Windswept Stars- Christopher Hunt's Album Computer

There's this thing, too. It has more links to splits, side-projects, and previous albums:

An album for everything


Field recordings, guitar, and hums all mixed together with a computer.

Greg Davis- Arbor

Fall asleep, take a drive, or lay down on your floor with the window open.



the robot ate me - they ate themselves



try it out i was taken buy it

matt sweeney and bonnie "prince" billy

there's never anything like background music in my films


There's this artist, Bibio, and he makes an awesome blend of electronic and folk music with lo-fi production qualities. Three albums by this artist, Bibio:

Vignetting the Compost (2009)

Hand Cranked (2006)

Fi (2004)

"songs that everyone would want to hear on guitar"


i'll sing along to all of these, i promise.

blind willie mctell - atlanta twelve string

some anticon stuff:


dosh - pure trash

odd nosdam - burner

odd nosdam - pretty swell explode (disc 1 and disc 2)

i wish i could have lived in new york in the 80s


this is an ep from a feelies offshoot

the trypes - the explorers hold

i have spent time with unspoiled birds


diane cluck is the perfect medicine for how cold it's feeling in here and how dark it's been out there. she is haunting and tender and, please, s her well-deserved play count's fat d.

diane cluck - oh vanille

tote sillz


ave sangria - ave sangria

all i really want is your ghetto love


twenty-four/seven we'll be making love
(in such a coy and swedish way.)

florian - florianopolis

oh oh oh, caress my back


snuggle with this album because it is so cozy that you will not really have a choice anyways.

l.a.k.e. - oh the places we will go



this is super nice.

tsegue-maryam guebrou - ehtiopiques 21

this is the opposite of robot planes


london based free improvisation from 1968 comprised of john stevens, evan parker, kenny wheeler, derek bailey, and dave holland.

spontaneous music ensemble - karyobin

the end of isolationism


kahimi karie is shibuya-kei, which means that she's from the shibuya district of tokyo. but there's no more tokugawa shogunate and sakoku's over. on k.k.k.k.k. she collaborates with many other artrists (momus!); on once upon a time she works with the olivia tremor control.

kahimi karie - k.k.k.k.k.

the olivia tremor control and kahimi karie - once upon a time



this is some jazz i got from kevin.

the art ensemble of chicago - certain blacks



phil played last night at a release party for this book with songs. he said he had trouble talking about the book, which he described as being the bile from which these songs were distilled, and he hoped no one would try to talk to him about it. but it's so personal, and he's so good at sharing....

mount eerie - dawn