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Alamos, Sonora, Mexico Photos


Hola!Buen dia!All is well here in Alamos.If you thought we deserted you, well we did for awhile there.I just did not have any writer's motivation and my camera is broken.I absolutely cannot live without a camera.I did not want to buy one down here, so I am going up to the states next week and will pick up my new Sony Cyber-shot with 50mm zoom lens (yeah) while I am visiting my Dad for his ninetieth birthday party!Wooowhooo!When I return I will show you some photos of the house.After some ups and downs with tile orders we finally have what we want and Senor is busy tiling the kitchen.It's awesome.It's beautiful.I love it.I think you will be very surprised!In the meantime since I cannot take any photos I am going to just show you some photos of this beautiful place, Alamos, which we have called home for ten years now.These photos were taken last December, on a cold brisk morning, around dawn, my favorite time for photography.So, just sit back and relax and hit the scroll key.I hope you enjoy them!Que le vaya bien!Linda Lou[...]



Buen dia!Did you see the movie SAW?I liked it. I think it is one of the best psychological thrillers ever made.I even liked Saw Two, but they lost me with Saw Three.I think that's the one where the guy fell in to a pit of hypodermic needles.I like all kinds of movies, but no one likes to watch them with me.I talk to the movie.I tell the not open that door..............don't go in there.................get away from him.......she should not date him.......or I say....I KNEW that would happen, and then, the worst.......... oh, oh, oh..... or oh my gosh!Our kids hated how I did that when they were growing up.If Santa's sleigh was not going to get off the ground I could tell you that before he even got in the sleigh.I would talk to comedies, westerns, anything: THE LITTLE MERMAID? I knew every time Ursula was going to try and harm Ariel and whoa! THE PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN, don't get me started. I could have told you every single thing that was going to happen before it happened.Like I said no one likes to watch movies with me.Of course since Senor and I have been in Mexico we have seen only a few movies.We saw THE HELP which was lovely. I knew Hilly was going to fire Yule May before she even hired her and I told Yule May to not go to work there. But, did she listen?And once while in Navojoa I went to the picture show and saw the newest STAR WARS. Thank goodness I was the only person in there.I knew R2-D2 would save them, but they didn't listen to me until it was almost too late. Alamos used to have a Sunday movie night at the Museum I remember taking our kids to see a movie there and I said something and both our kids! stop it!Three years ago I bought a subscription to Mexico Netflix.I did not watch a thing on it until I broke my foot.First I watched a couple of movies.Then I watched  all 6 available seasons of THE WALKING DEAD.Do you know how many zombies that is? I got to where I could identify the Zombies that were killed in the previous episodes and realized they were just using a lot of them over and over again.And no matter how good I became at identifying this Zombie recycling, I still called out to the characters to tell them they were in trouble.The first few episodes  of The Walking Dead I watched on my tablet in the afternoon, while Senor was on the computer.With my ear plugs in I  did not realize how much I was talking to the characters until I noticed the mean looks I was getting from Senor. Finally I adjusted to the show and just kept a little pillow over my mouth.Now that the series is over I have switched back to movies.None of them are new releases and most I have seen before, a long time ago.  I felt so sad for the people (well, except for Karen, what a mess she was) on board the Stevens aircraft in AIRPORT 77, I cried as the plane sank to the ocean floor, but I told them I just knew Jack Lemmon would save them.And that poor girl in THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW who got the infection in her leg.I KNEW that was going to happen and I told her not to walk past that car with the broken piece of the bumper where she scraped her leg.I went to the Doctor this week.I have seen him every Tuesday now for six weeks.He has always been very nice.But I must have talked too much while he was removing the cast.It was just like I was watching a movie.Senor caught it on camera.It's not really a movie, just still shots.Be glad it is not a movie with audio.And just because I KNOW someone is going to ask me, NO, that is not my other leg on the left of the photo. That is the Dr's arm.And I'm not going to show you a picture of my foot post cast, especially those of you who were grossed out by the orange silk embroidered fabric shown in the last post and emailed me to find out if that was a part of my body.You silly people!If that were part of my body would I have even shown it?okie dokie, that's a take.We will hope there will never be a SAW FIVE.[...]



 Buen dia.Here I am.This is me.The first photo is of my record keeping on the wall next to my side of the bed.It requires a little explanation.You will see that it has been 31 days that I have been in the condition you see in the 2nd photo.However I actually broke my foot 2 weeks prior to getting plastered.So it has been 45 days that I have been in this miserable situation.For the last 3 years I have been walking every morning. I like to leave the house at dawn and I walk for 7 miles at a pace anywhere from 12  minutes to 15 minutes per mile.I cover a lot of territory.That works for me.One morning after my walk I went back out to go visit a friend.Walking up to El Barranca barrio there is a very small street with a very narrow little sidewalk. Even though I had my umbrella I noticed the little sidewalk was in the shade.I decided to walk there and as I was walking I heard an unusual bird call.When I looked up to see the bird my inside foot, the foot farthest away from the street, hit the edge of the curb, bent down and twisted. I hobbled on to my friends home and called Senor to come and get me.I rested for a day or 2, and took some ibuprofen because my foot was very swollen.I borrowed some crutches from someone and we proceeded to go on a planned trip to Tucson where I hobbled from store to store or sat in the car and made Senor run my errands.Back home we went to eat shrimp tacos and while there a curandero (healer) was in town and he came to look at my foot.He told me to bite down on my handkerchief, which I did while he pressed and pulled and jerked my foot.I am a firm believer of alternative medicines and I still believe in the work of a curandero.But it did not work for me.I  bit a hole through my handkerchief and the next day went for an x-ray at the local Alamos General Hospital.My foot was indeed broken, the outside bone of the right foot, but it was a spiral break and went around and around the bone.They said I would need plates and screws and nails and that scared me to death.We went for a 2nd opinion.We have IMSS insurance and it pays for anything that happens to you, but honestly it takes a long time.I did not want to wait another 2 weeks just to be seen by a doctor.We opted for the pay out of your pocket hospital in Navojoa, San Jose.I was able to get an appointment that very day and another x-ray confirmed the break.But this doctor did not think I needed all that hardware and said that even though it was a bad break, it would heal.So I got the cast.The first week I stayed in bed.The second week I went from bed to crutches and back to bed.The third and fourth weeks I graduated to a wheelchair and crutches, but still, a lot of bed rest.This week I am learning to use a walker.I have at least one, maybe two more weeks in this cast and then, therapy.Have you ever had a cast?This is my first one.Let me tell you how it goes:#1 It itches, but a long pencil with an eraser helps. Stick the pencil, eraser side down into the cast. That way you are not drawing weird designs all over your leg.  #2  Your toes will wrinkle up and they will swell up and look like little piggies in a blanket. Use a lot of lotion and keep your foot elevated and just do not look at it.#3 You are not going to sleep at night. I have tried every position. I have tried big pillows. I have tried little pillows. I have tried scooting far down in the bed and while lying on my stomach, hang my foot off the end of the bed. This does not work if your spouse gets up in the night. You are at high risk of getting your foot re injured.#4 You have to wrap a plastic bag around the cast when you shower. Of course, you can decide to just not shower, who cares? If you do shower make sure the whole top of the bag is taped down or it will fill with water and when you get back to the bed to remove the bag the water will spill out and someone (you know who in my case) will have to come and clean it all up.#5&[...]

My Security Clearance


Buenos Dias!We are having beautiful early mornings here in Alamos.By eight am, I have been through three handkerchiefs depending upon what I am doing, maybe four.Hot, Humid.Only a little breeze today. A few sprinkles last night. Nothing big yet.If anyone is wondering about the 'Rain Contest'..... I am glassed out. Taking a long break.But I am hoping for rain.A few people asked to see the casa, room by room.I said I have to clean it first.Well, you can imagine, that did not go over well with Senor.I wanted to move this and move that and decorate and I got yelled at.So, of course, when he went to the hardware store I just got one of the guys and we did it anyway. I don't think Senor ever noticed.So here are a few photos.The photo below was taken when Senor started the kitchen.Now, unless you are new to the blog, you know Senor likes to do everything himself.It is certainly not that he doesn't want any helpers.And he isn't bossy.He just likes to work. So, when 'they' started the kitchen, it was really Senor who started the kitchen. Below he is in the kitchen, all by himself. I think he had the guys on the roof doing something to the little houses up there that are over the fireplace flues. It took awhile to get this technique down. The mortar is not set flush with the bricks. So he liked working by himself to get the process going. Now this was fun for me. These are sulphur fired bricks and they are very colorful. I got to choose each brick and where it would go.They all called me the 'jeffa' and I beamed. As a result I was always in the way. I finally got myself a chair and sat down and used my blue duster as a pointer whenever they misplaced a brick.But, of course, I was still in the way and more than once when I was told to get a four inch brick I got a six or eight instead.I must have not caused too many problems because it is done.We are waiting for the tile to arrive.Below you can see Gerty the goose on top of the space where the refrigerator will go.Finally they have stopped moving her.They all cutsey stuff in the work area. And they would move her.Now they are leaving her alone up there.I think they got tired of lifting her, she is very heavy.This is all just the main sala. I think you will figure out the locations of the areas.In the photo below the kitchen is in the back in the center, and under the window.The open door to the left of the kitchen goes into the fake kitchen.In these two photos, I am standing in the bathroom.Well, one of these days,it will be the bathroom and I am looking toward the laundry/work room and then, toward the kitchen. You can see Gerty way back there. In this photo I am in what will be the bedroom. You can see the floor is completed in all the rooms.It just needs to be cleaned someday. Back in the sala.See the old Daffodil painting?We still have it and I like where we have put it.I got a few grumbles out of Senor because he had to get out the ladder and take time away from working to put the painting up for me.The bright white shape on the right side of the photo is going to be the front door.Now I am not showing you our current bedroom or our bathroom or the fake kitchen. They are bright and airy, and you've seen them before and they do not look any different.But, here is a highly confidential area. I refer to it as Senor's current tool placement work area.WHOOOWEE, I am not allowed to touch anything in here.I should not touch anything in here.Believe me, I have tried.........put that down..........that has to stay there..............don't touch that...............i need to have access to can't put this over here...............where did you put the hammer...........where are my nails.............wait, did you move that light fixture!, you cannot move the stove against the, you cannot hang a painting over here..................thi[...]



 Okie dokie.
More than a few people have asked me to see photos of Baby Eli, or Ducky, as I call him.

So here he is in two photos I just could not resist sharing.
Of course, that is me and I am with him in Texas, visiting his great grandfather, my Dad.
This was in mid-April and he was seven months old.
It is absolutely amazing how much he has changed just in these two months and on the fourteenth he will be nine months old.

The photo below was taken about a month ago by our daughter.
It is, I think, the sweetest photo I have ever seen.
There's a lot of love in this photo.
So, that is Ducky.
We skype several times a week and I get to see all the good stuff his mama makes him eat.
I always make a point of telling him about the ice cream and cake we will have next time we are together. The really good stuff. Cake might be his first word, you never know.
His mama is very good about briefly leaving the room when we have these private talks about cake and ice cream versus blueberry banana oat flax cereal and rice cakes.

I have also been asked to share photos of the casa, room by room, so you can see all the updates.
I will do this, but first I have to clean the casa.
So be patient.
In the meantime the cereus cacti are starting to bud out so you may see those first and I have a special story about a little basket of flowers that I want to tell you.

Enough for today. 
I hope you enjoy that second photo as much as I do.
I look at it every day!
Adios y que le vaya bien!
Linda Lou

Life is Good


Buenas Tardes.How in the %@$! did it get to be May?Last I remember I was sitting at the Starbucks in Obregon wondering why I could not get a peppermint mocha and suddenly I wake up and it is May.And it is hot now and the tourists are gone and the black hooded orioles went with them, town is quiet at night and our air conditioner is not working properly.At night you can hear ice cracking inside of it.Senor says this is not true and it is not a problem for him.He must be losing his hearing because I am going to be a problem for him if he does not get it fixed.This happened last year, too, and it only got repaired when water started pouring out of it over my side of the bed.Enough of that business.Look what I have. Of course it is real!How can you question that?We went to Elektra here in Alamos and looked at stoves.Then Senor and I drove to Navojoa and looked at stoves. Then we drove to Obregon and looked at stoves.We found one in Home Depot, put it in the back end of the car and drove it home.Whooweeee, that was a twelve hour day.I went to Elektra the following day to pay our phone bill and saw the exact stove we bought in Obregon.Not only was it 3 minutes from our house, it was a lot less expensive.No, it is not hooked up.But look below where Senor is doing all the stuff you have to do to hook up a propane stove.How does he know how to do this?I don't know.He just does.When I am cooking I will be looking at all this pretty sala in the photo below.Until it is ready, my 2 burner hot plate and my little toaster oven and the big asador in the yard can put out some real good meals.Not too long ago we put two big geese on the spit and had thirty-two people at our dining tables.Life is good.Que le vaya bien.Linda Lou[...]

Here's to the Red Cup


Hola!Buen dia!como esta ustedes?See, I do speak Spanish.It is on the cold side here this morning.I can't seem to warm up even after a couple of decaf coffees.It is our bedroom, it gets no sun in the winter.Senor plans to put a fireplace in here but by the time he does that our bedroom will be in a different room.So, if you come to visit you can stay in this room and you will be warmed by his fireplace.So I want to tell you about the photo above.That's me, of course, but you know that.What you don't know is the story that goes with me.Every Christmas I make Senor take me to Starbucks in Ciudad Obregon.Do you remember that I used to work for Starbucks in the Seattle area?Great company to work for, especially if you are in the Seattle area. I can say nothing bad about Starbucks.Other than my flight attendant days I have never worked for such an outstanding company.So, back to my story.About two weeks ago we went to Starbucks so I could get my red cup.Inside my red cup I always get a peppermint mocha.On this trip I was told ........we don't have peppermint mocha, only in November do we have peppermint mocha.I made him repeat that twice since I wasn't real sure I understood it the first time.After all that was the reason we were in Obregon.Home Depot and Walmart were secondary.So, somewhat disappointed, I ordered a cranberry white mocha for 78 pesos and after a few sips I put it in the garbage.Then I asked Senor for more pesos and I bought a short mocha.It was not enough to brighten my oncoming holiday spirit,so I asked him for another 52 pesos and he, you're done, we are outta hereand he truly pushed me out the front door.Good grief.The day before Christmas Eve we decided to return to Obregon.Knowing Home Depot was the priority, and the red cupwas just an accessory item, I was still excited to go.So, lucky me, first stop was Starbucks, just because it happens to be on the right side of the road before you get to Home Depot.The same guy was at the counter and he actually knows me by name.I asked for a decaf grande mocha and then, just out of curiosity, I asked if they had peppermint syrup.and he said..............of course, we always have peppermint syrup.................what, i said, i was just here two weeks ago and you said you only have peppermint mochas in November............. and that is true..........he said..........we only have peppermint mochas in November, but we always have peppermint syrup........And that is really the end of my story.I drank my peppermint mocha and tried to finagle 78 more pesos out of Senor for a second one, but as I was explaining to him, good grief, they are only decaf, he was pushing me out of the door and telling, you're done, we are outta here.Talk about a broken record.Can't a girl double up on her holiday spirit once in awhile?And we were in Home Depot for two hours.I am a very patient girl.Here's to the Red Cup and a decaf grande add peppermint syrup mocha,which in Mexico, is not a peppermint mocha unless you are in Starbucks during the month of November.Feliz Navidad y Feliz Ano Nuevo [...]



Holy Toledo!Maybe you are wondering about us or maybe you aren't.Where did July, August, September and October go? They went right by me and maybe I didn't even see them go.I think you will like these photos, especially those of you who have actually been following the reconstruction mess of this casa.We now have the rejas in and we can actually lock our house up when we leave it.These photos are taken from the portal side.The long window above is where the kitchen will be and NO! I don't have the kitchen yet.The fake kitchen is working fine with the exception of cookie exchange day when I had to spend four miserable hours baking seventy cookies in a tiny toaster oven.Believe me, I will be glad to have an oven.I heard that Senor told someone we would have a kitchen by spring. Well, that was news to me.We will just see about it.In fact, just a minute, I will be back. I have been meaning to ask him about that.Okay, he says it is a possibility......hmmmm, well, he should not go round telling people that we will have a kitchen in the spring if it is only a 'possibility' because that is the first thing anybody asks me....uhm, do you have a kitchen yet?I think some folks are getting embarrassed to ask.I just tell them, no, and you will probably be playing bridge in the card room before I am cooking in a real kitchen.But, look!Isn't that pretty???Someday we will have doors, too. Wow!This is the front door and then, the area that will lead out to the street. Someday when you come visit you will come in through this door.Cool, huh?Okay, check this out. Senor is working on yet another fireplace. He is the King of fireplaces.All of his fireplaces draw so well and they really warm up the room which is very nice since we don't have any doors or windows.This one is opposite the big stone one he built at the north end of the sala.I will show you a picture of that one in a moment.Our TV is going above this one. We won't have TV, just a screen that he will hook up to the computer or something.I don't know anything about that really. We are going to awl some old doors to cover the screen.We are putting in the sala floor.The downside to this is all our stuff is crammed into one little area of the sala.But the floor is going in fast.I am still the one acid staining it and Senor is the one marking out the pattern and Marcello and Rosario are actually laying it.Here is the finished floor in the bathroom 'to be'.Not too shiny now because the boys are walking on it all the time.But when it is clean it is beautiful.There is a poly varnish on top.Finished floor looking out to the sala.And below, Marcello is laying the sala floor.There is the stone fireplace opposite the fireplace Senor is currently working on.So, there you have an update on the casa.I know you want an update on our lives as well.We are ABUELOS!!!!!A little baby boy, Eli, was born to our daughter and her husband in September.Thank goodness for skype or I would go completely wacko.I am secretly planning my next trip to Denver to see him.Alright Senor says he is starving and we are heading out to La Aduana for food and music and shopping.Que le vaya bien!Linda Lou[...]

How We Found Alamos


Buenas tardes!Whoowhee! It is hot here, but clouds are building to the west and I can just see that we are going to get some rain.............some day.I told you I would tell you how we found Alamos.I will give you as short a version as possible.Now, if you were to ask Senor, three hours later you might have an idea of how it happened.And, certainly, our tales would vary a little.So, here is my version.In 2007, August, we sent our son off to college. I was only happy about this because he had chosen the same Colorado college as his sister.I just knew they would look after each other and things would be fine.But, of course, I was not fine.Home alone with Senor, outside Seattle, in a three-story home with an all too empty and quiet lower level where our childrens' bedrooms were and they weren't.I told Senor (who was not called senor back then), ................just Bill or William, depending upon my mood, on more than one occasion that our home was too big now for us and it was time to move.I loved the Snoqualmie Valley where we had raised our children and was eager to stay in the area.One day in October, I noticed for the first time that 'just Bill' was hanging around the house a lot in jeans and t shirts. I was used to the corporate three piece suit with collar stays and cuff links.It dawned on me that maybe he had been hanging around like that for a week.So, I asked him what was going on.i retired...............he said...........Now generally this is something a husband and wife probably discuss and make plans for, but 'just Bill' has a tendency to decide to do something and does it.Okay, so retired, that's okay, I was still working and not planning to retire and we had savings.Good to go, but go what? What now?I am taking you to lunch............he said.Oh, *+#%................i thought.Why?At lunch I was nervous.You can only imagine what kinds of things were going through my mind by then.We ordered our food and he looked at me very, you want to move, huh?...........................uhm, yes, i would like to move................well, he said, let's move to mexico.MEXICO??????We had been to Puerta Vallarta several times when I was a flight attendant and I had been to Monterrey as a teenager and to Juarez plenty of times. I had driven down the A road in Baja in 1972.I loved Mexico, but move there? Live there? All the time?What about our kids? Our family? Our cats? Our stuff?Well, 'just Bill' proceeded to lay it all out.If we move to the West Coast of the mainland and stay somewhat close to the border, we can get to our kids (this was my big concern as they were only 18 and 19 years old.) Of course! They needed me to be near them!He said he had been doing a lot of research and he had quite a few towns picked out and we should go and visit them.when........i said............real soon.............he said........I was worried about Thanksgiving. We always go as a family to a remote cabin in Washington state, a different place each year. The year before when our daughter had gone off to college, we flew her back home just so we could go to a remote cabin, no phones, no tv, just us.On the return drive to the airport, the kids, in the back seat said, Mom, we don't know how to tell you this, we have loved our Thanksgivings, but we don't want to do them anymore.I was devastated.'just Bill' reminded me of this and suggested that we go to Mexico and then fly the kids from Colorado to one of the towns we would be visiting and have our Thanksgiving there. We could spend a week with them in Mexico and several weeks on either side of their visit going to the towns he would suggest.He had a list of the towns with him and put it out on the restaurant table.By now my head was swimming, but I managed to keep it together and after we left the restaurant we stopped at a store where I got[...]

Alamos, Sonora, Mexico


Buenos dias!!It is a gorgeous day here, cool right now in the morning, but definitely destined for the upper eighties a little later. But it's breezy, and that cuts down on the heat, so absolutely perfect weather.If you have been following the blog you may know that I have been blogging now since 2007, when we left our home in the Pacific Northwest and moved to Alamos, Sonora, Mexico.If you are new to the blog, Bienvenidos!I am going to spend a little time telling you about Alamos, in this post.Alamos is located in the southern part of the Mexican state of Sonora.Approximately 475 miles from Tucson, Arizona, and about 65 miles inland from the Sea of Cortes (Gulf of California), Alamos, is nestled in a semi tropical valley at about 1,450 feet in altitude.The environment of Alamos is unique in that it is a bio region where tropical plants intermingle with the plants of the desert, especially, the deciduous thorn forest.Founded in 1684,by New Spain explorers, Alamos was once a north-south Indian trade route and later became a mecca center for Spanish exploration.In 1775, Juan Bautista de Anza came north to Alamos, and recruited 30 Alamos citizens to join his army which then continued north with riches of freshly mined silver to settle San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Monterrey and later, Los Angeles.By the late 1700's, Alamos was the richest city in Sonora and it was producing more silver than any other town in New Spain, with a population of almost 30,000.The unique architecture of the city contained  many details of Moorish, Spanish and Grecian design and wealthy Spanish mining merchants and landowners brought to their large mansions flat roofs, blocks of room surrounded by a solid wall, thick adobe walls and recessed windows. They also included central portals that surrounded fountains and gardens. Arches, beams, and columns were created in Spanish colonial style while Grecian cornices or molds were added. Moorish details included intricate ornamentation. But with the Mexican Revolution in the early 1900's came the quick demise of the city. The beautiful old mansions fell into ruin and people deserted the town. It became a ghost town.In the 1940's an American came to Alamos from the mid west United States and charmed by the city and its location purchased several of the old 'ruin' mansions.He then invited friends and acquaintances of his to visit his homes and also experience the magic of Alamos.Many of them also bought properties and restored them.It is these early American visitors and home buyers who spear headed the revival of Alamos and the promotion of it as a tourist destination.Today the people of Alamos include families of Spanish descent that go back to the 16th century, the indigenous Mayo Indians, and Mestizos ( mixed Spanish and Indian blood which probably count for more than 70% of the population) and a small group of extranjeros (foreigners).Around 200 foreigners own property in Alamos and many come to their homes in October and stay until April, taking leave before the summer heat sets in.In the summer there are only around 40 foreigners who remain in Alamos.Depending upon which office one visits in the Palacio, it would be learned that around 15,000 people inhabit Alamos, but some will say that includes the entire municipality which is over 30 miles in circumference.Around 1,000 of these are school age children and most attend school.There are kindergartens, primaries, secondary schools and a high school.Tourism, agriculture, construction and mining are the main employers.There are around 30 barrio neighborhoods in Alamos and while they all seem to run together and you will not see lines of separation, each one is unique, each one is a family of neighbors.Alamos is a Pueblo Magico which gives it a very serious and valued status in Mexico.It [...]

A Finished Room


Buenos Dias!!Beautiful day here, breezy, sunny, very nice and very quiet for a Saturday.I am going to give you a quick update on the casa and show you some photos.The utility room has its floor and baseboards, painted walls and shelves.The room in the photo below is the bathroom and they are working on it now, and behind it, is the utility room. As soon as the floor is done I will paint the bathroom, but it is far from being completed as Senor has a major tiling plan in mind. I am staying out of that now that I have my niches.Below Marcello is laying the acid stained cement tiles I have been making.Behind him is the room that will be the master bedroom. When he and Rosario are not laying tiles they have been taking down the old plaster in that room.I am busy filling up the shelves that they have put up. The room below is where they are removing the plaster. It is a mess.But the old adobe bricks are sure beautiful.Rosario says they are very very old adobe bricks.So, it is interesting to say this..............we have a finished room.What do you think.............I have to run and go down to the bookstore before Senor leaves to play bridge, so hope you are having a great day and when you look at your house and your lovely finished rooms, be thankful!!!!I know I am for just this one!!!Que le vaya bien!Linda Lou[...]

A Beautiful Project


Buenas tardes!Just going to show you a few pictures and give you a quick update on the project.First, is this what it has come to? To be called a project? I don't know why I said that.A project, it sounds like something like something I should be doing for science class.Well, it almost is just that, something for science class.If you recall we made these huge concrete slabs and broke them apart and I have spent time acid staining the pieces, some of which are small and others medium and then, some are quite large.If you have never acid stained, then you should. Everyone should, at least once in their lives.It is an incredibly artistic and scientific process.We buy our acid stain in Phoenix, several different colors and then we mix it according to a formula of colors that we have worked out.I have a work area in the back yard, away from all the plants and with foam brushes, I coat the concrete pieces in layers and drops and streaks and rubs.The acid stain bubbles and smokes and actually creates its own patterns.Then the pieces all get layered with polyurethene.It is pretty unique.You just cannot drop it on your shoe or a shirt or get it on your fingers.I have.Believe me.It really is acid.So, finally we have begun to install the floor.It is not grouted yet, and not cleaned so these pictures really are not showing you how beautiful this floor will look, but I thought you might like to see how it looks in its beginning stages.Senor has chosen to mix his own grout using an almost black paint powder.He will start the grouting next week.The concrete slab beneath the window is where the counter and sink will go. He had to change all of the plumbing and the electricity after I decided to put this counter in a different location.I think it will look really nice beneath the window, don't you?Well, that is about it for now.This is a beautiful project.Que le vaya bien!linda lou[...]

Cute Niche Update


Buenas tardes!
A really quick update on the cute bathroom niches I wanted.

Senor decided to put his artistic touch on all of the little niches and has been working with a sander to round the tops out and it's looking very good.
Above, to the right of the wall you would find the beginnings of a shower.
The photo below is of the same wall.

Below, the wall in the background is the same shower wall. 
The wall in the foreground has the beginnings of a toilet area on the other side.

The large space on the right will hold a towel rack.
Looks a little medieval doesn't it?
I will need torches, not little candles.
Okay, that's the update.
Linda Lou

A Baby Without a Country


We are having beautiful weather in Alamos. Days start fresh and cool and warm up into the eighties and then, nights cool down again. Just perfect.And perfect sunsets, too. Above, the first photo to the west and then north, over Mount Alamos.I am going to tell you a story. You will not believe it.However, I am not inclined to lie or make up things just to have something to blog about.So, just read the story.........I turned sixty-two last year and decided to take my social security early.Senor and I were going to Tucson in June and while my birthday would not be until October, I decided to go to Tucson Social Security to get things started.In Tucson I got all of the paperwork necessary and talked with an agent who told me what I needed to do and when I needed to do it.I was able to get everything done, most of it online, pretty quick and easy.Obviously I was eager and excited about finally receiving all this money.In early October I received a phone call from the US Department of this linda adams....................yes, this is linda adams................we need to talk to you about the status of your united states citizenship....................uhm, sure, okay, what do you need to know................Right away I started thinking this is a hoax but I went along because I was interested in knowing how it would play out.She proceeded to question me about a number of things..............our records indicate that you were born in nuremberg, germany............Okay, anyone could probably get that information.Even when she told me the last four digits of my social security number, I still didn't believe she was for real. I kept thinking she is going to scam me any minute.But she was for real and she was questioning my citizenship.................our records also indicate that you do not have a birth certificate............well, I have papers for a child born abroad of american parents and a german birth certificate................yes, but you do not have a united states birth certificate and therefore you do not qualify to receive your social security benefits................WHAT??????!!!!!!!!!!!WAIT!.........but i have a passport........i have a social security number.......i have paid into social security for years.............that is my which hospital were you born in did you get the passport................i don't know!............i was a baby...........Well, I proceeded to understand this was no scam and it really was the US State Department calling to tell me I might not be a US citizen.  She asked me a lot of other questions which eventually all became a blur, but she did have questions that she would expect me to answer in her next phone call to me in a week.The last thing I wanted to do was involve my parents in this matter.But I hoped for the best and called my, the State Department called and and they just have some questions about my birth certificate and passport.........could we talk about that for a couple of minutes.......She proceeded to joyfully recall the day she and my father took the train to Munich to get my passport..............oh, it was such a beautiful clear, cold morning when we walked to the train............there was new snow and i can still see your father's footprints as we walked and he was so handsome in his uniform, and you had on the pretty blue outfit that our housekeeper, marie, knitted for you.............on the train, it was so cold.........Now of course I like hearing these kinds of stories on a normal day, but this was anything but a normal day and I was screaming in my! help [...]

So Bodacious!!


Buenas tardes!It is cloudy here and the wind is picking up.I asked Senor about that because he always seems glued to the weather radar screen.He said he didn't know anything, so to be more clear about it, i it going to, i don't think so, there is no activity showing any rain...............Maybe he just likes all those colors on the radar screen.I don't know, but I know you have to ask the question just right or it was not a question in the first place.Back in January it was freezing cold here forever. I don't mean like thirty-one, isn't that freezing?Several times when I went for my fiveam walks it was around thirty-six.Senor put this tower heater in our bedroom and he had it going all day and night. We have never had such cold days and nights.But then one morning we woke  and the tops of the bouganvillea were crisp and brown and the baby leaves on the papayas were wilted.The leaves of the figs had fallen off as had the beautiful green leaves of the red hibiscus.The Tecoma bells were crisp brown and the fuego trees, usually lush and green, had turned dark and gray.The tomatoes were all mushy, peas all squishy.And all sixty-seven of Senor's sweet corn plants were wilted and lying on their sides.They were...........'gone plants'.We had a freeze.That freeze was the talk of town and if you listened long enough, no matter the language, you could learn who lost what and how they were reacting to it.Mexican gardeners told us to water, water, water, but do not cut anything.So, this is what we did and as soon as he was able to Senor got his hands on new sweet corn seed, bodacious is his favorite.And the other night he made his first foray into the 'corn field' so we could have sweet bodacious corn for dinner, It was worth every succulent bite!!!We never did replant the tomatoes, it was just too late by then. Carrots, onions, peppers, lettuce and a large variety of herbs all survived.And the brussel sprouts are just coming out on the huge stalks.The papayas are bright and green, the bouganvillea is covered with flowers the fuegos are filling out and starting to flower and the Tecoma's are covered with their bright yellow flowers. Everything is coming back bright and green and colorful.But, oh, the sweet corn!!!So bodacious!!Adios!Linda Lou [...]

I Want Cute


Hola! Buen dia!If you read my post about changing plans in the bathroom, then you know I just want the sink in a different place than we had planned.Well, I don't see this as such a big deal, but the guys, all three of them did make a big deal out of it.First, Senor and Rosario and Marcello discussed it together in Spanish. Then Rosario and Marcello discussed it. Then Marcello discussed it with himself. And Rosario just went out and took a walk around the yard because he figured, correctly, that he would be the one doing the work.Then I discussed it in English and nobody paid any attention to me, so I basically discussed it with myself.That's okay, no problem, I know how to talk to myself.I just want the sink to be in a different place. No big deal. What do I care if the plumbing is already all put in for it to go in a different location. I don't want it there. I changed my mind.So in the photo above, obeying my wishes, and two times referring to me as the jeffe (boss), Rosario is digging up the floor for the second time and getting ready to let Senor come in with his saws and blow torches and whatever else he needs to re do the plumbing.The photo below is of the shower stall wall. Now I had to make some minor adjustments there as well.Senor had Marcello making very large niches in the adobe. Well, I don't want that. I explained that I want cute little niches that will hold candles and other pretty things.I don't want big openings that will hold towels and toiletries and stuff like that.I want cute. They all three stood there and stared at me like I am absolutely crazy. So now I am jeffe loco.But, see that candle burning in the niche?Now is that cute or what?Que le vaya bien!!!Linda Lou[...]

The Back of the Bus


Hola!We have just returned from a lovely little beach excursion for the Easter holiday, Semana Santa.Some friends invited us to come and stay at their beach house with them and their wild nephews and nieces, all of whom were in their early twenties and going in twenty directions and I'll tell you, I want to adopt all the nieces and nephews and have them come and live here with us.Of course, it reminded me so much of the times that KD or Ian would have a gazillion of their crazed friends over for crazed times and I miss that, like most moms do. So, it was just great fun. Above, the beach house and below, the beach food on the grill and finally, Senor relaxing and reading in our upper story beach room.But I am writing you to tell you about another recent trip I took.KD called me back in February to tell me she got us two tickets to 'Lord of the Dance' in Colorado, in March.Now if you are unfamiliar with 'Lord of the Dance', the male Irish step dancer, Michael Flatley, who used to dance with Riverdance (and you must know what that is), broke off from Riverdance several years ago and began his own Irish theatrical production, 'Lord of the Dance', starring him, of course, because he is the Lord of the dance. 'Lord of the Dance' is more choreographed and has a story as its theme, while Riverdance is a wide variety of Irish dancing.Well, my first inclination was.............what!!! i can't come all the way to Denver just to see Michael Flatley dance.But I went.............I would see KD and who can really pass up Michael Flatley without his shirt on no matter where your seats are.We had a lovely time. Colorado weather was beautiful. Michael Flatley was beautiful. Just a great time.I flew back to Phoenix and caught the midnight bus to Navajoa. I asked for a seat in the very back of the bus because I know seats don't exchange passengers very much and so it is easy to lay down over two seats and sleep. I was exhausted.I slept through the night and woke when the sun crept up around 6am.We got to Navajoa around two in the afternoon.My luggage was not on the bus.Finally the driver and I determined that I had slept through the border crossing in Nogales and that aduana (Mexican customs) had detained my bag.The drivers had switched at the crossing and when the new one came on board he did his walk through of the bus but didn't see me in the last seat, sleeping.Aduana always walks through the bus and collects money for voluntary tax claims on purchases, and I have no idea why they did not see me or wake me and ask me for my voluntary money.The driver assured me he would contact aduana and they would send my luggage the next day.Senor was not at the bus station.We do not have cell phones and this is becoming a problem for us.I waited and waited.After two hours I decided to walk down to Albatross and take the bus into Alamos.Right as I was going out the door someone brought my luggage to me. It had just come in on another bus.So I went to Alamos and walked up the hill to our casa.And it was nice and quiet there because it turns out that Senor was indeed in Navajoa. When my bus did not come in at the time expected, he was told to come back around four, which he did, most likely right after I walked out the door to the bus station for Alamos.So he continued to wait at the bus station for a very long time and finally came home without me because I was already home wondering where he was.Several lessons learned, OMG, we need cell phonesandNo more sitting in the back of the bus.adios!Que le vaya bien!!!Linda Lou[...]

A Little Change in Plans


Hola!I just spent the morning moving everything out of what will be the master bathroom into the plaster finished laundry room.It took three hours. I am pooped.And Senor is perplexed and cranky with me.Seven years ago when he put in the plumbing and electrical in this room he wanted to put the bathroom sink here, under this window.I, i have to have a mirror over the sink. So all of his designs have been for an L shaped counter here in the corner with a sink and a mirror.But, see, I have been thinking about this.I think I want it under the window and today, after I cleared out the entire room so it can be plastered, I decided I definitely want it under the window.So, first, he was a little annoyed when I interrupted his work.Then when I told him why I was interrupting him he just stared at me.Then he got up and walked off......................into the room where I could see he was noticing that he is going to have to re do all of the plumbing and the electrical in order to have that.Well, I just stayed away from him for awhile and finally he came to me and said.........well, good, just how i told you it should be in the first place seven years ago.He sure likes to be right, even if it takes seven years......o So instead of having the sink to the right of the door and an L shaped counter top, it will now go under the window.Below you can just see in to the laundry room which is completely plastered now. It and the master bath and bedroom had been plastered once, but it wasn't done correctly and it all peeled off in layers. So now we are getting it done right.A room full of stuff. I do not know where this stuff came from.Senor's new electrical panels he just completed. Before this I could not have the toaster oven and the hot plate on at the same time. Now, poof, it's all good. I am a happy cooker.I am also happy to get all this plastering done. And soon, the floor. When? Don't ask me!!Okay, so gotta go.Adios!Linda Lou[...]

The Quinceanera


Buenas tardes!I thought I would take a moment to explain who the beautiful young girl on our profile page is.Her name is Kathya and she is the daughter of a friend of mine.And we were so lucky to share a beautiful tradition with her.Her quinceanera, or fiesta de quince anos, a celebration a young girl may have when she turns fifteen.It can be and often is a huge celebration for the young girl as she passes from childhood to womanhood.In the old traditions of Latin American countries at this time a fifteen year old girl needed to be prepared to marry immediately or become a nun.Luckily things have changed and Kathya, like most other fifteen year old girls, continues her school work and hanging out with her friends and family. It was just so special to be asked to attend her party, which began at the church at the Plaza de Armas, because she is from a Catholic family, and continued later at a party event place in town.Outside, before the mass, she is already celebrating with her entourage of handsome young men.Inside the church, the priest is giving mass for her.These boys were with her practically everywhere she went, all handsome, all well behaved and all wanting to be right by her side.Below, at the event, where there was lots of food and drink and music and dancing, she is still with the boys.Each boy stood around her in a circle, with a flower behind his back and then when it became his turn to dance with her he gave her the flower. They danced to the theme song from the 'Titanic', a beautiful Spanish version. When they were done she had a beautiful bouquet. After she danced with the boys, she danced with each of the older male family members. She also led a long procession that went around in a circle so we could see everyone.This was pretty awesome for us, but we didn't last long, our bedtime in Mexico comes just about the time the party kicks into high gear.As we were leaving I noticed that she had removed the lower portion of the gown and was wearing only the top frilly flouncy section. It was so cute and I had no idea that she could take that gown apart.And by then I was out of batteries and grumpy with Senor who forgot to put the other batteries in his pocket.So, it was a good departure time for us!Okay, just seems like I am interested in sharing traditions for a few days. The farioses are in town and you know how I can go on and on about those handsome men.So stay tuned for an update on that.I need to go and feed the birds. We have a family of orioles coming in for oranges and the hummingbirds are back and so are the bees!!!Que tengas un buen noche!!!Linda Lou[...]

New Baby in Town


Buenas dias~! What a beautiful day it is here.I am still up around 4:30am and leaving for my walk around 5am. As it gets lighter I will go even earlier. January was a very cold month here and I was getting pretty tired of bundling up in cold weather gear just for an hour walk. So, it is warmer now and more enjoyable.In January, on the 6th, we were excited to be asked to the El Chalaton Barrio, to our friend Modesto's house for a Dia de los Reyes fiesta. This is Kings Day, when the wise men brought their gifts to baby Jesus. In the photo above Modesto, surrounded by children, is making certain they understand the significance of the day. The children are most likely thinking about the toys they will be getting. But they were polite and very respectful and they listened to what he said.After a meal of sandwiches and salad, the parents are beginning the drawing for the toys. Every child's name gets written down and each child is promised a gift. The parents read each child's name and a gift in the box was given to that child. Modesto told me each gift was hand picked for each child. He knows these children well.After the gifts we ate tres leche cakes and suddenly Senor said................oh, look what i got..................he got the baby Jesus in his cake.And that means that he has to host the party on Dia de Candelario, which is February 2nd.Of course, I am really the one who hosted this party. I did all of the work, the preparation, the cooking, and the research about the day. Not being Catholic I did not have a clue.This is the day that you are supposed to take down your nativity scene, so I immediately put mine back up. You are also supposed to have a new born baby laying around to represent baby Jesus and since we did not have one of those handy I went to the Mercado and bought a baby doll for the occasion. I dressed it up in white and as you can see, I put it on display.You are also supposed to walk to the church and take the baby with you to get it blessed, but I figured we could skip all that stuff and no one would be too upset. I consulted Modesto on a lot of this and he basically told me the party is more about food than messing around with the baby,So, he and his friends made guacamole, We did not have the traditional Dia de Candelario tamales, (they are so expensive when you are making them for sixty people). Instead we had potted meat mixed with salsa and mayonaise. This is a favorite treat for Mexicans in Sonora, but is just like spam, if you ask me. Below you can see how I set up the baby and the nativity. Each parent had their child come and take a look at the baby and I heard a lot of children giggling, so probably there was something not quite right, maybe just the fact that it was a doll and not real.I don't know. I asked Modesto and his favorites sentence is.....oh, don't you worry about it.So, I didn't.Below people are starting to settle in for the potted meat, but the big crowd was out around Senor's raised garden beds. I did not get a photo, but I think the garden was much more popular than the baby doll and the nativity.I decided to give the children candy even thought Modesto told me that is not important on this day. Well, sometimes traditions just have to be changed.We had the children decorate small brown paper bags and then loaded them up with candy.Below is one of the tables where the children colored their bags.This was a very unique experience for us. Not only a Mexican day of celebration, but a religious day as well, it put a[...]

Moving Day


Hola! Buenas dias! Hope every had a wonderful Christmas.We sure did.We recently moved........a new old baby grand piano to our casa.The move itself was eventful. We started out with our two guys and 2 of their sons and then, went to the Alameda with a call for help and ended up with 7 people, all of course, being bossed by Senor who had spent the previous day googling 'how to move a piano.' After he realized no one in Alamos was going to be able to supply him with a piano dollie, he calmed down and proceeded to just be the jeffe and let the guys do the best they could. Somehow we were able to get Marcelo's truck parked right outside the front door of the house we were moving the piano out of. Remarkable piece of luck especially since by that time we had about 10 guys hanging around, all excited and wanting to help and while Senor was trying to figure out how they were going to lift it up and onto the truck, I made the mistake of suggesting they just carry it all the way to the house. When that was repeated in Spanish to the workers I was dismissed very quickly.  Senor had promised me they would not turn the piano on its side. The tops of the legs are encased in brass and they insert inside a carved out area, which is also surrounded in brass, so there are no nails or screws and as a result, the legs kept falling off. At one point they attempted to just remove the legs, but the piano was so heavy they needed to set it down every few feet, so they needed the legs. Senor did the leg work, placing them back into their inserts whenever they fell out.By now the crowd has thinned and we have lost some of the guys who either found the work too exciting, or strenuous, or not exciting enough. But the 5 guys say they have it under control. We took the lead and drove off. A little way up the street I asked Senor to pull in back of the truck so I could take pictures................. he said.................. NO................why not.....i want to take pictures of it going up the really don't, he said.................yes, i do, pull over.He did as I asked and we were behind the truck just as Marcelo drove over a tope and the entire bed of the truck lurched to the left. I was watching through my camera lens and believe me, the photo does no justice to the lurch. I almost had a heart attack. The workers all scrambled to the left to support the piano and then back to the right after they cleared the bump.................I covered my eyes,................omg #+^*%$#@*!~^*_+............ is what I said to senor....................well i told you you would not want to be behind the truck, is what he said to me. Upright again and back in control we are almost to the house. And my first little concert on our new old baby grand piano.Adios! Que tengas un buen dia!Linda Lou[...]

Life is so Good


 Hola. I know, last post was in July. I have been getting facebook messages from followers asking for an update. You can always follow good2go2mexico on facebook at glasspondstudio. But I am going to try and get back into blogging. I haven't been sure where the blog was going. Maybe I will figure it out.Maybe I just needed a long break.Well, the guys have been roofing and plastering all summer. Everything is roofed in and we have one coat of plaster in the main sala.We will be doing two coats. That will leave it kind of rough. I like that.  The niche above the window has been made especially for a very old wooden train that belonged in Senor's family for a long, long time and below that in front of the window will be the baby grand. We don't have the piano in the house yet. It is coming from a friend in November and I am really looking forward to playing again. Behind the black and yellow painting which in the lower left has a large pink and white trillium painted on sculpted cheesecloth, is a doorway to the bath and what will be the library/guest room. Below is the plastered kitchen and the doorway to the game room and more sala photos. The arugula self seeded and we have daikon radishes coming up. The birds got everything else Senor planted this year. The cayenne pepper bushes are loaded. Senor planted his sweet corn three different times and each time the thrashers ate all the seed, so he devised this little covering and planted again. He discovered a family of thrashers trapped one morning under the chicken wire top, so after pulling it off and helping them get out, he planted again. No luck, they must be staking out the seed and going in at night to get it. He just can't figure out how they are getting inside and under the chicken wire. But, now he is out of seed.  Still green and lush here, after 31.5 inches of rain this year. But fall is here and the hillside trees are changing colors. We were given two beautiful old Leclerc weaving looms. Senor developed quite a friendship with a ninety nine year old weaver, and while he does not weave, yet, he has a background in weaving and knows quite a lot about it. Someday when we have the right location we will set them up and he and I will both get to work.Maybe we will make a rug for the floor. We were also given her beautiful spinning wheels when she passed away several months ago. We also have table looms and an old loom from India and enough yarn to wrap our casa completely. We have moved the front door and widened it. I think someday we will actually have a door there. And one last photo of the kitchen. The island will be above where you see the bucket. The copper tubing to the stove is under the bucket, safely sleeping until it is put to work. We are still around. We are still working on the casa. I am still working with glass and other assorted things when there is time.Tomorrow we will head north for the otra lado which is what our Mexican friends call the USA, and plan to fly to Colorado on Friday for a much needed break with our daughter.Beautiful, beautiful Colorado. And on the shopping list?SWEET CORN SEEDLife is so Good.[...]

Stuff Update


Hola.There you have it.The last section of the concrete sub floor under the portal is being poured. The larger floor space against the wall in the 1st photo is for the fireplace.I am ready to have the top floor put in, but Senor says that is about the last thing we will do.In last posts comment section Mr Gill, an Arizona reader, said, "It must be about done."Well, you would certainly think so, but, it's not.We were at a fiesta the other night and Senor was talking to someone about............'how in 2 years when the casa is done, blah, bah, blah'. I just about went ballistic, but kept my mouth shut.TWO years..............i repeated on the drive home.........i heard you say that! way, this casa will be done way before then if I have any say about it...... He said..................i was just trying to give a time frame, it did not really mean it will still take two years..............two years sounded better to say than one year because it might really take one and a half years. I just let it all go. It is not gonna take two more years.Things  overall are great though, especially with the sala completely roofed in. We have so much more space that is nice and dry and free from the the sun. It is possible to walk from one end of the casa to the other without frying like an egg on a hot sidewalk. The sala stays nice and cool, and while Senor likes his air conditioning in the bedroom, after working outside all morning, I like lounging on the couch underneath the sala fans.It's a wonderful life! They are working on the parapet roof. They are laying the last of the sub floor. They are plastering the outside of the house. They are planting bouganvillea. They are hammering iron pieces. We still need windows and doors. We need the inside plastered. We need the fireplaces done. There is a long list. I am making glass window panes now. Eight by eight beautiful pieces of fused color that will go into some iron windows we will have made.To date we have had eighteen inches of rain in our yard. Three of those were prior to May, and fifteen since June. That is quite a lot. I should apologize about the 'Rain Contest'. I decided a little late to have it and during it I took off for a trip to Texas and relied entirely on Senor to monitor things for me. The rain monsoon actually began on Dia de San Juan Bautista and while I missed it, Senor was here and says it was a wonderful electrical storm with plenty of rain.Most of the rains have come during outdoor events we have attended. No one seems to mind at all. You just get a little wet.That is the stuff update..........hasta pronto, Linda Lou[...]



Hola! Buenas tardes!

Okay, we are having a 'little storm' here in Alamos, rain and thunder and lightning.

 It has prompted me to begin the RAIN CONTEST. 

The actual day of rain is June 24th, that is Dia de San Juan Bautista.

 Here are the rules: just send me your guess. 

Your guess must be for the 24th and any date thereafter.

 Any date you hope the BIG RAIN will come so you can win the prize.

 You have to include the date, and the time, pm or am. 

You have to make your guess by June 22nd. 

It's a QUICK CONTEST this year and here is the prize!

Linda Lou

Yes, Rain Contest, No, Rain Contest?


Buenas tardes.

I think today is the first day of summer.
And that means brilliant sunsets, more humidity, more crickets, new baby frogs, kittens over the wall, damn, more fiestas at Ivan's which used to be new old Jesus's tiny casa behind us, more fiestas in las calles, more Friday night weddings, less water from the city, but you could stick a popsicle stick in the ground and grow popsicles, the sweet delicate smell of the limon blossoms, billowing clouds in the east, blue streak lightning over the Copper Canyon and then, before we know it, Rain.

So, the point I am working up to is this, do we want to do the rain contest?
Just let me know and we will get it going.

hasta manana. Linda Lou