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Chopperdaves Loud Fast Rules 2015!

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so epic.
40's husqavarna race motor
from vintage incomplete blueprints
in a perfect 60's chopper chassis.

need i say more?

The Rolex


First twisted frame bike Indian Larry did as well as the prototype for Paul Cox' rigid air system.

I miss Larry, this bike was built in the Gasoline alley shop in 2003, its a perfect time capsule of the time.  Stoked I got to work on it.



The first one,,,


The Rolex, by Indian Larry and Paul Cox.

the first twisted downtube Larry did,

Chuck's Knuckle and Roz from beautiful Milwaukee...


you might think this is almost perfect, but its comin completely apart and goin in a different frame...



sorry cant help it.

Lexi Belle


Since i barely use Blogger anymore... Here's a naked girl dump for your amusement!


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Becca Bacon


My Born Free 8 Giveaway Bike!




Born Free 8 Giveaway




Mama Tried 2016


I have been to many of the best Motor cycle shows in the world.  I am very lucky.This is my first time to Mama Tried in Milwaukee.  Lets put it this way, i will go back every sing;e year.These are a sample of the pix i took, i didn't take very many.  The HD museum isn't lit very well and i didn't have a tripod, and the show itself was a bit dark.  But i will have one with me next year...I'd have pictures of the ice racing but I WAS ice racing, didn't take a single pic on the ice, other than the one i put on IG telling everyone that racing was ON!Here you GO!!!I will never miss it.[...]

Go get a seat for your FXR or DYNA from Aki at Hog Killers!


they attract the best people....

Seat by Hog Killers 
butt by Misti Dawn

Holy Crap! i Havent been blogging at all


But I've been busy.  check the BF8 Build blog here

Born Free 8 Give away bike!!!


check out progress at :

Droopys Knuckle


I cant tell you the level of importance this bike has had in my life.  Its the first REAL survivor I ever saw and i will never forget the night i first saw it.
RIP Droopy

i lag, but i'Here's some randomness for you...



One of those days...


So, today was one of those days.I rode in to the shop today, it was cold.  Yes, cold.  I'm from fucking California so 55 degrees=cold.Two weeks before today it was 100 degrees out, it seems that on Nov 1 someone flipped the "No more heat" switch.  Ok thats cool, needed a break from the heat anyway. I got into the shop this morning and realized I needed some hardware for the mill.  I was making it so I could mount one of my extra 3 jaw lathe chucks to the mill table so I could grip round stuff and not have to use V-Blocks (This is all coz i didn't want to buy V-blocks)So I got to the shop and left the shop, frustrating.Got back and finished mounting it.That went well.Mounted and works. Grab my sprocket adapter fot my BF8 build that im workin on, shit, it doesn't fit in the jaws.pulled the jaws off the chuck, they aren't reversible. I spent the next 30 minutes trying to find a better way to mount the pulley in the vise so i could indicate it in.  I get it figured out and open the top drawer in the machinist box and what do i see, reversed jaws the for chuck, ugg.So i put em on, they are numbered so that helped.I did all my measuring for my 5 holes i'm drilling, I had turned a guide line on the lathe to give me a point of reference. Ok, this should be no problem. I spent the next hour drilling, measuring and re measuring.  One hole was off.  Then I get to the last hole, and I could feel my drill bit not cutting as well as it should.  No biggie I was clearing it alot so no big deal,  Then it stops and as i go to shut it off, it snaps.  FUCK. Ok, my end holes need to be 7/16 anyway no big deal, i have a carbide 3/8" end mill that should take it right out.Well, it didnt. I struggled with the stupid drill bit for way too long.  I even turned the hub over and did all the layout to drill it from the back side so maybe I could drive it out with a punch.  Nope, that fucker wouldn't BUDGE. Ok, I have a hole that's off and a broken drill bit in the piece.  Fuck, I'm giving up for the day.I can turn it 36 degrees and start over. Ok fine its 5:30 now and i'm mad as hell.  I decided I'd run up to Vance and Hines to see Hunter.  He's got the hub anyway as hes welding the inserts in so I could match it up there. I get there and he's working on his sporty that he is racing at the Prestigio in Vegas this weekend.  Its supposed to go on the truck 20 minutes ago, oops, No sheet metal, no pipes, and the ignition powers on in the on position and the started only works in the off position.  So I spend the next few hours helping him get it dialed in.  Adjusted the clutch, fixed the wiring etc.. But then...As i was pulling the forks off I realized how precarious the bike was sitting on the rack.  I learned this as it came off the rack and ended up on the floor upside down.Fuck.Ok so I pull it upright, as it has no forks on it I was able to get some help and we got it back on the lift!  Lucky for me, his sweet little gas tank wasn't on it, and the pipes were still off.  We straightened his peg mount on right side in the press and I decide I needed to stop with the whole motorcycle thing completely for the day. Now I'm going to sleep.but here is a shot of the bike before i dropped it, luckily the little tank wasn't on it at the time.[...]

Flat Track is Back!!!


Even though it never really went away, it is finally getting some good coverage and interest going again.So, maybe it will never quite be like the above pic ever again, but we are workin on it!Lots of flat track goin on all over the country.  Good shit, more and more people are pickin it up and tryin it. I'm super excited by it. It's my favorite type of motorcycle racing.Next weekend is the AMA final in Vegas on Friday on a short track indoors! Should be KILLER!!!Its at The Orleans Hotel, Nothing like watching the pros race on a short track, its like a fist fight in a phone booth, exact opposite of the Mile and Half Mile that are amazing as well.Then on saturday is the With even more flat track that will be brodcast on NBC and in conjuction with Roland Sands Design we have:It should be an AMAZING weekend of racing!!!In the spirit of what has inspired all of this I dug out a bunch of random vintage flat track pics for you all as well.  Enjoy![...]

Panhead Drag Bike


I'm going to do more looking through this scrap book.  It's pretty damn cool that I post this on my Instagram and Facebook and a few people chime in who knew these racers.   One who was heavily influenced by them.   So much neat stuff out there. Just have to keep looking.  Coz odds are if this pic exists that bike might be around as well!  

I'm lucky.


I love this woman with all my heart, I honestly don't know what I would do without her.  Thank you Paola. It's an honor to be married to you.