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Preview: the miscellaneous mischievous misadventures of missbhavens

the miscellaneous mischievous misadventures of missbhavens

New York City behind the scenes: Life, love, work, food...although not necessarily in that order.

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Lesson #1



Click the booklet or here for Quicktime (mp4)

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Monday was my very first official driving lesson. I've had my learner's permit for a long, long time.

...and NO, I will NOT show you the picture, so DON'T ask, okay!

Lumiere One: Sprinkler Wave


I have joined the Lumiere hordes. Now I'm addicted. Here are the rules, and here is the growing collection.

This exercise has taught me a valuable lesson: That which constricts you makes you stronger. Unless it's an actual boa constrictor, in which case it makes you weaker and then you die.

Paul Bunyan, my ass.


Chainsaws. The power tool made famous by horror movies. There is no scarier piece of portable machinery, as far as I'm concerned. So you can imagine my fury when I found my fiancee not only in possession of a dreaded chainsaw, but up in a tree with it. Please allow me to say it again: he was up in a tree with it.

Our local deli has a donation canister set-up at the counter for an unfortunate citizen who recently met with serious bodily harm while, you guessed it, going up into a tree with a chainsaw. I really didn't want Brian to join him in donation-can-land. Hence the swearing.

At the end of the video you will learn of a new horror entering our lives -- an evil far more horrifying than a chainsaw. And much, much, much louder.

"Spring Song" by Bridge
Brunswick Duo
Courtesy of Podsafe Music Network



Instant noodles are magical. You can sit down and slurp them up and feel good knowing that you just ate a 33 cent meal (with no nutritional value whatsoever, so remember to take your vitamins if you are subsisting on Top Ramen) or, you can dress them up and take them to a whole new level. Turn them into haute cuisine!

I like to Pygmalionize my ramen.

Carl Weaver, this one's for you.

It's the 4th. Yeah, yeah.


Bev knows the score.

Bev sums it up.

limping toward the future


The BCH (Big City Hospital) where I work is a mixed bag in terms of technological advancement: way ahead of the times in some respects and way behind in others.

Oh, who am I kidding...we're behind on everything. Way behind. Laughably behind.

Seriously, I work for morons.



Ah, housepainting. The Brady Bunch made it look like so much fun. It's not. They lied. The Brady's had six kids and a perky housekeeper to help them out and they weren't painting over stucco (Mike Brady was too good an architect to have lined their living room with stucco over paperboard).

Big changes coming here at the MMM of M. I'm eventually jumping ship to Wordpress, and the lovely ladies at Swank Web Style are doing their part to ensure overall swankiness. Not quite there yet, but very nearly done. The RSS feed will of course remain the same, and the videos will still reside at, but no longer points here, it instead points there.

BTW, the living room is now a very peculiar shade of beige that leans way toward pink. I have no idea how I feel about it.

On a clear day...

2007-06-13T01:47:21.877-04:00 can see forever! Well, not in my Nana's apartment. You're lucky if you can see across the room. She's 86 years old and smokes a pack a day. Years ago, after a series of strokes, my Mother asked the doctor what she could do to help Nana quit. "Quit?", he said, "why? She's in her 80's and loves cigarettes! Let her have SOME joy in her life!" or something like that.

Her walls and ceiling are stained a grubby beige. If her apartment were a sweater in a J.Crew catalog it would be called either "tobacco" or "nicotine". Her upholstered furniture smells like a biker bar and the paintings have a thin coat of sooty film on them. In Miami, there's central AC so it's not like the windows get opened much. Being in that apartment for two afternoons took months off my life. It burns.

My Nana smokes like a stack (or does she?) and wants nothing more in the world than free cigarettes. So we did our part to help her realize her dream while sitting in her hazy apartment listening to On a Clear Day You Can See Forever on vinyl.

That's what family is for!

My very favorite part of this video is when my Mom describes why she is angry with Philip Morris; NOT because they advised her 86 year old mother that if she cut 10 UPCs per day she'd have her free cigarettes in 20 days (am I the only one who finds that completely appalling?), but rather because most people don't know what a UPC is, and it is not removed easily. The fact that little old ladies are being coached on how to maintain brand loyalty was sort of lost on her...but then again, she's smoked since she was a teen.

Man, when they get you, they really get you for life. You've come a long way, baby.

This is the last of the Planet Nana series. Hope you've enjoyed my family foibles.

Little Pixie is Here!


Pixie is here!
Originally uploaded by missbhavens
I was unable to attend the rockin' videofest that was Pixelodeon this past weekend in LA for one single reason: my BFF (that's, like, "Best Friend Forever", duh!) was having a baby. Not just any baby, the superpowered, otherworldly, obviously brilliant baby you see here! Have you ever seen such a bright and musical baby? So teeny and so smart!

The third and final installment of the Planet Nana series is coming shortly. I've saved the best for last.

The Planet's Surface


We continue our exploration of Planet Nana with a journey atop the planet's surface. The terrain is somewhat rocky, bound on three sides by a turbulent sea. If one ventures too close to the shore and is not careful, there is the possibility of either getting caught in a riptide or having their body smashed against the jagged jetty, or both.

You shouldn't travel to the Planet Nana without appropriate safety gear. The range is wide: you may need as little as a life-jacket or as much as full titanium body armor, depending on the thickness of your skin. Please choose accordingly.

Crash Landing on Planet Nana!


After much planning and plotting Our Gang headed down to sunny Miami, Florida to visit my Nana on her 86th birthday. My Mother and her hubby, my Aunt and myself have all made this trip separately over the years with my visitation being by far the most lax, having gone once when I was five and then again at twenty (bad, bad, naughty granddaughter, I know). We have never made this pilgrimage as a family. The trip was to be brief--fly down Friday morning, fly back Sunday morning-- about as fast and forceful as a blow to the skull with a sledgehammer, which is what we all felt like when we left.

We never knew what hit us.

Dill Pickles Rag (Xylophone Solo)
William H. Reitz

Courtesy of the Internet Archive

You have 'till May 21st to vote!


Head on over to the Vlog Deathmatch and vote! Quite a delectable video buffet happening, there. There are retro remakes, visits to far away lands, animated techno, a public display of punk rock, crooning classics, subtle New Wave Bush-bashing, a (very) tall glass of EuroSmooth, artness, and old-skool rappin'. But before you fall prey to her track-suit stylin', note that trash-talking Irina character has called you OUT! You got served! You, readers and watchers of MMMofM , you! Are you going to let her talk to you like that? Verily I say unto you no, bi-carbonate of soda--no! Protest with your vote (that is to say, vote for me. Duh.)!

Oh, who am I kidding. MC Slutsky is a lock, and deservedly so.

But vote for me anyway. I don't expect to win, I just don't want to come in last.

I went the classic '80s MTV writhing-chick route, the product of some sort of mid-30's crisis.* Think Samanatha Fox without the back-up dancers. BigB was such a good sport. He was somewhat concerned that neighbors would witness our shooting PG-13 video in our driveway and in the cow pasture next door. It's a small town, smaller than Mayberry, even, and we don't want to get a reputation for filming naughty video while trespassing. People might talk. And you can't imagine how hot the hood of that truck was...

Putting this together was much harder than I expected. I knew I wanted to use the original videos (thanks Tommy and Joan!) and a special guest star, but lining up the guitar riffs and drum beats was a biotch. Never again. I echo BigB's sentiment (come on, sing it with me!) "Crimson and Clover...Thank God it's over!"

...until the next deathmatch, anyway...

*What? You know I'm technically not in my mid-30's anymore? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Nitpicker. Whatever. Shut up.

So many little time.


For the first time in months I've actually got my fingers in five projects at a time. So much footage! None of it edited! I am lame.

But until Monday May 11, 2004 11:59PST all my efforts are being funneled into the latest Vlog Deathmatch Challenge.

Vlog Deathmatch is all about victory. There is no second place in a Vlog Deathmatch. Do not commit yourself to a Vlog Deathmatch without careful thought. The community decides the winner. That is all.

And there you go. Music Video is the theme, and the competition is wicked fierce. My plan is to go the traditional route-- to take us all back to that Golden Age of music videos, when men were men, and women wriggled atop cars in their underwear. No innuendo was too smutty, no sleazy cinematic angle went unexplored, no plot was too stupid, and cherry pies were dropped into laps like so many gentle Spring raindrops.

Good times, good times.

So go watch the Vlog Deathmatch Music Video Challenge. Voting begins May 15th and ends May 21st.

Vote. Enjoy. But most of importantly: Rock.

(object) (embed)

I am a labor and delivery nurse even on my day off.


This morning I went to feed the birds and got a furry surprise.

FYI: birds aren't furry.

UPDATE 5/9: less than six hours after I shot this video, I opened the box to show the babies to a friend. Gone. Vanished into thin air like Keyser freakin' Soze.

"...and poof. Just like that, he's gone"

I am but a cog in The Spiderman 3 Hype Machine!


Now here's a MMM of M first: a repeat! With all the madness generated by the release of Spiderman 3, I thought I'd add a smidge of my own. This is from December '06, back before I discovered how important lighting is while shooting video.

I'm a Spiderman fan from way back. My first exposure to the famous webslinger was in audio form: "The Amazing Spider-Man, A Rockomic! From Beyond the Grave" (Buddha Records, 1972) which I played on my turntable over and over and over until it was scratched beyond recognition. I particularly loved the bizarre song chronicling Spidey and Doctor Strange teaming up to fight crime all over New York. I remember that all the parts featuring Doctor Strange scared me a bit. There were slide whistles and moaning and Twilight Zone-ish sound effects in the background whenever he spoke his lines, and he'd say things like
"In the name of the omnipotent Oshtur, I greet you. Behold what is revealed by The Eye of Agamoto."
Doctor Strange totally freaked me out. But I always liked Spiderman even though I didn't really follow him closely (I was more of an X-Men girl). I loved his backstory, and the simplicity of the ol' blue and red costume.

That ol' costume makes home decorating a snap!

oh, deer


This was supposed to be a video about fishing. It's not. It's a video of what was happening river-side while everyone else was fishing.

I love it when you set out to do a certain kind of video and end up with something completely different.


Download "Asturias Leyenda" (mp3)
from "Marimba Classic"
by Kai Stensgaard
Danacord Records

(image) More On This Album

Patients? Zero.


A funny thing happened this past weekend: we didn't have any patients admitted on our tour. Quite literally the calm before the storm. No babies born. No one in labor. Just empty rooms. This doesn't happen all that often, so when it does, we react the way any other normal adult professionals would if they were in our place. We hold raucous sing-alongs, careen down the hallways on anything with wheels and eat like crazy. Then there's more singing, of course, some dancing and then some more hall-surfing. Wackiness ensues.

I gripe about my job a lot. I've said many times that "I love the work, but I hate the job" and that still holds true to an extent. The work is fascinating and--on a good day--rewarding as all heck, but the politics of nursing can really, really really get me down. Two things make it bearable: those glimmers of good days where I feel like I'm truly helping my patients, and the strong, funny and goofy women I work with. There's a handful of them in this video, but there are many more. Sure, we have our bad apples like anyplace else, but most of them are sweet and funny and intelligent and kind and caring...and some sing a mean baritone, to boot.

Cheap Eats Map!


src="" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" frameborder="0" height="559" scrolling="no" width="554">
By request, here's a map of the tasty inexpensive treats I profiled during Videoblogging Week 2007. It's clickable and draggable and all that jazz courtesy of quikmaps. I really like the idea of adding more stuff and expanding it. It looks sort of sad right now: such a big city and only five little spots highlighted? I think in the next edit I'll lose the extra text...too crowded. I'll keep all the info in each star's pop-up text window. Maybe I should finally grow up and settle down and make the theme for this videoblog "Eating in new York".

Or not. I just can't afford to replace all my jeans.

Videoblog themelessness will be maintained -- at least for now.

I was THIS close!


I very nearly made it! I almost completed Videoblogging Week, but missed it by one measly day!
Rather than make myself feel bad about it, I spent most of today watching everything tagged "videobloggingweek2007" over at

And when I get to work tonight, I'll be doing the same thing.

(and I feel damn good about editing all those videos day by day and posting them within a week...I mean, six days).

Also, I'm going on a little diet. VBW07 made my pants not fit.

Videoblogging Week 2007 Day Six -- Bahn Mi


Chugging toward the end of VBW07 with my very favorite sandwich, the Vietnamese Bahn Mi. Roasted seasoned pork, some kind of meat pate/boloney slices (I don't really like thinking about's beige and shiny and creepy looking) and carrots, daikon, cucumbers, chili sauce, fiery peppers and cilantro on a fresh toasted baguette. A cheap eats no-brainer at $3.50. There are cheaper Bahn Mi out there, but this one is by far the best. I prefer the pork, but they also have shrimp and veggie ones, too. You have a choice between spicey and not, and I always order them spicy but then backtrack and pull off the peppers. I love the flavor they leave behind, but biting into them is suicide.

This funny little shop churns out nothing but sandwiches, and lives in the back of a jewelery shop. You never know when you might want a coral bracelet to go with your lunch. They weren't too keen on my fliming in there which is why there's no footage of the store (there was some shouting and waving) but they were nice enough to forgive me and sell me a sandwich.

Videoblogging Week 2007 Day Five -- Little Dumplings


Play in Smooth, Silky QuicktimeOr click here to play in FlashNot pierogies, this time, but good ol' Asian potstickers. Dumpling Man serves hot, fresh seared dumplings in pork, chicken, shrimp and veggie varieties, and even throws in some desert flavors, as well. At about 80 cents a dumpling, it doesn't get cheaper than this. I was full after four (but then again, I had just eaten a plate of pierogis, a bowl of soup and a mozzarepa).Dumplings: There is no substitute.Toward the end of this video there is a glorious NYC moment. A Thank-God-I-Carry-a-Camera moment. The kind of whackiness you always hope to see downtown that is hard to come by these days. A little reminder of what New York City once was and, I'm afraid, may never be again. Download "Finger Food" (mp3)from "Shook-Russo Quartet Featuring Greg Gisbert"by The Shook-Russo QuartetSummit Records Buy at iTunes Music Store Buy at eMusic Buy at RealNetworks / Rhapsody More On This Album[...]

Videoblogging Week 2007 Day Four -- Pierogi!


If I had to pick one style of food to eat for the rest of my life it would be dumplings. Any dumpling from any nation. Any golfball sized food stuffed into an edible wrapper qualifies. Today's VBW07 features tasty little dumplingy morsels from the Ukraine: pierogi. On day 4, Brian and I head to my favorite palace of plump pierogis, Veselka (actually, we went last week, I only edited and uploaded on day 4). Now, there may be some controversy, but I will state clearly and without shame my preference for fried pierogi. I realize they are often enjoyed boiled. To this I say "Thanks, but no thanks." it's fried or nothing.

The utterly-non-CC music featured is by one of my favorite Ukrainian gypsy punk bands* Gogol Bordello because sometimes, you just want the music you want. So go buy it, it's a hell of a fun record. Bet you never heard anything like it!

When making videos I do make an effort to either futz around with Garageband or comb through Podsafe or IODA or the archive for Creative Commons licensed or public domain music, and occasionally I have had success. But sometimes...well, sometimes you hear a song and think "What a perfect excuse to go eat pierogis at Veselka! Wouldn't this song work great!?". I love music--"love" doesn't even cover it-- I'm a complete and total music freak raised by complete and total music freaks. There are very few silent moments in my life because I have music playing constantly at home and away. There is music for every occasion and mood. Music inspires me, and sometimes it inspires a videoblog post. Hopefully, I'll inspire someone to go buy this terrific album. You can find it here, here, and here.

* Like there's another?

Videoblogging Week 2007 Day Three -- Mozzarepas!


Today's "cheap eats" VBW07 treat? NYC street fairs. Gotta love 'em. I've lived here my whole life and street fair food has remained basically unchanged: sausage & peppers, candy apples, gyro, funnel cake, lemonade, zeppoles and kabobs. A few food newbies have popped up over the last five years or so: curly fries, crepes, fried oreos and Mozzarepas have worked their way into NYC street snacker's hearts. Now, if somebody would finally bring Dippin' Dots to street fairs, I would be the happiest New Yorker in town.

Ah, Videoblogging Week. Shall I compare thee to a Summer's day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate even though you jam my Fireant so full of videos that I can barely keep up! Hats off to the twitterfeed that allows me to just sit back and wait for videos as they post.

But the biggest news of the day? Josh Wolf is FINALLY going home. Right on.

Videoblogging Week 2007 Day Two -- TacoTacoTaco!


Videoblogging Week marches on! Day two of my "cheap eats NYC" series brings us to beautiful Western Queens -- Astoria to be exact. There are foods of all nations represented here in this diverse neighborhood: Greek, Italian, Croatian, Georgian, Japanese, Brazilian, Tibetan (!) and one Mexican restaurant whose tacos defy the imagination.

Seriously, they do. Go try a couple, but just because they are $2 apiece don't get greedy and order three or four! You'd never be able to finish them. Two is plenty. I suggest the chicken and the roast pork. Mmmm...pork.

Videoblogging Week 2007 Day One -- Bag of Cake!


Happy Videoblogging Week, 2007! That whacky time of year when vloggers all over the world are encouraged to shoot and post every day for a week*, and encourage others to get join the Great Vloggy Family (some folks already post daily and should be specially recognized for their Herculean vlog efforts: Go Bev!). So why aren't YOU vlogging? You text bloggers, you?! You know who you are! It's sooooooo easy! You can learn to vlog in just one easy step:
Step 1. Visit Freevlog. There you will learn from the videoblog jedi masters. There are instructions for both Macs and PCs, so no excuses!
There were several ideas bandied about for this year's theme, my favorite being The Seven Deadly Sins. But having no clear idea of how to capture "Avarice" in video form I decided to focus entirely on "Gluttony", a sin I know a lot about (insert "Lust" joke here). My very favorite thing about New York city is the abundance of good, cheap food so follow me all week long as I profile my top seven "cheap eats" hot spots. Make sure you write them all down for your next NYC visit!

One of the fun things about videoblogging is that for me it's a never-ending learning process; not just about technical things like tagging and codecs and compression, but real-life stuff, too. The biggest lesson I learned while prepping for VBW07? Most restaurants and food vendors are quite wary of video cameras. Hence, no falafel or Sicilian pizza video. Maybe next year.

*and in my case, experimenting with compression and viewing sizes...please play along.

"South China Sea"
Steve Doctor
Courtesy of Podsafe Music Network!