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Sometimes serious, sometimes funny, always trying to be warmth and light, focuses on parenting, and the unique struggles of raising a large Catholic family in the modern age. Updates on Sunday, Tuesday and Friday...and sometimes more!

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Sometimes, I Want to Write, Sometimes, I have to...


I have a piece at the National Catholic Register today.  It's in response to an article written by Ruth Marcus over at the Washington Post, explaining how if she'd found out her children had Down Syndrome, she'd have aborted them, and protesting that to have the right to choose must be from conception to birth irrespective of the reasoning behind abortion.  So I wished to present an alternative (image)

At National Catholic Register Today


We're getting to the end of the series on the Rosary, so naturally, we'd save the Crucifixion for during Lent.   Here's today's piece, "Sooner or Later, We All End Up at the Foot of the Cross." Next week my son has a retreat in preparation for Confirmation, and I have two mysteries left to do to finish this project, The Ressurection and the Descent of the Holy Spirit.  My plan is to print up all(image)

What Are We Looking For...


I think (with the exception of the Black Panther), we've finally saturated on Superhero movies. Why? Because we're tired of being shown heroes we cannot possibly become.  What we want from our heroes, is the inspiration to be heroic.  What Superman, Batman, Captain America, Iron Man, Wolverine, X-men,Thor, The Avengers, Justice League and the like do, is show people who are beyond us, in origin, (image)'s Thursday


So I'm posting Small Success Thursday.   Will wonders never cease?  Hopefully not.In other news, we took the youngest four to see Peter Rabbit and it was a fun movie.  I now have a personal favorite creature,  I always thought I was The Country Bunny... but now I've discovered,  The idea of a cucumber ninja bunny who doesn't count the ribs she breaks...or doesn't count them correctly (image)

Sleep Regulations of Mom and Dad


We your parents love you always.  Having said this, we've also discovered in the course of years of experimentation, we need this thing called sleep more than any of you knew possible.  Since none of you seem interested in fostering this physical need of ours, the time has come to lay down the law.  We have operational hours...6 AM to 11:00 PM, Monday through Friday.  Saturday and Sunday, the (image)

Over at the National Catholic Register Today


with one of the last pieces in my series on the rosary.   It's on the Institution of the Holy Eucharist.  I've tried very hard not to rush any of these pieces, to let the situation dictate which one came next, but it seems to me very appropriate that the Eucharist would then be followed by needing to write on the Crucifixion, the Resurrection and the Descent of the Holy Spirit.   I'd love to say (image)

I Hate this Movie


I hate Hotel Transylvania II, even more than Hotel Transylvania I.  I can say this because I've seen it way more than any human should have to...ever. Unfortunately, my son Paul loves both movies and today, sitting by his side as he called my attention to various points in the show, I understood for the first time, why.  Mind you, it's still a poorly written film with weird sensibilities, but I (image)

Small Success Thursday...on Thursday!


Will wonders never cease? It helps that I'm home sick today.  I can do three things. Groan, sleep and occasionally comment on something in social media.  However, if I don't post SST today, it won't be because I didn't have time, only a lack of will.   Here's today's Small Success Thursday.  There are times when I think about stopping this weekly exercise of counting one's blessings.  It doesn't (image)

Two Pieces for You...


Hey everyone, I've got a piece over at the National Catholic Register on the Assumption.  It's funny, the pieces I sweat over, sometimes don't catch on, and the ones I don't feel quite right, sometimes turn out to be the ones people like.  I struggled with the piece on the Assumption.  Speaking of struggles, after a long dry spell, I have a piece over at Aleteia on 5 tips if you're botching Lent.(image)

What's Epic about Sports


We've spent the past two weeks indulging ourselves, gorging our brains on the olympics.  We love seeing people show what the human person can do.  However, the most exciting sport I've seen in recent memory, was the 5th-6th grade CYO basketball game played this past evening.  These girls never played ball before this year.  There are only eight total on the team, and over the course of the season(image)

It's Friday, It's Lent, What are you going to eat?


Sure, you can call for a cheese pizza or find the local Knights of Columbus fish fry, but what else is on the menu when you're trying to fast/abstain?  Here are a few ideas for when you are wanting something else...Don't say I never do anything for you folks... 50.  Grilled cheese. 49.  Mac and Cheese 48.  Baked potatoes. 47.  French Onion Soup. 46. PB& J. on toast. 45. French toast. 44. Shrimp (image)

Returning to it


Writing is one of those professions which always demands your next trick and doesn’t look backwards.   Five hundred words a day; no skips. No excuses.  I’d done both. For the past few weeks I’d come to the lull in the day (usually at night) when there’s time I could spend writing, and hadn’t.  Dullness took over my writer’s heart and I let it.   With that failure to practice, I’d lost a (image)

Link up to Thursday's Post...


I am trying to get more disciplined in all things including posting on this dusty old blog.  If you're having trouble getting going on your Lenten observance, here's my latest over at Catholic Mom.   Yep, old reliable Small Success Thursday still gets written, and still somehow doesn't ever get linked to on this blog until Friday or Saturday...where I talk about how Lent never pulls punches on me(image)

Happy Ash Wednesday!


It's not a day of obligation, but it's still a wonderful thing to receive.  Here's my latest at the National Catholic Register.  How to prepare for the next 40 days. Here is one of my favorite site's write up on the common questions for Lent.Thank you Marcel. Lent 2018.  It was written for Lent in 2014, but the information hasn't changed.  Ash Wednesday is always dear to me.  My father died (image)

Survival Tips for Parents of Teens...


The world has skads of magazines and blogs and tips on how to manage toddlers and babies, but teenagers...all you get is to learn all you should have done and all you didn't.  I know why there isn't a book or magazine devoted to parenting teenagers.  Too much knowledge not born of personal experience might doom the human race as we know it. However, for those intrepid souls who must either face (image)

Hey it's Friday. Time for an Update beyond Links...


I have two pieces to link up to for you today but I thought I'd start by saying...I'm thinking of redoing this blog because it's not so much a humor blog anymore.  It's not I've lost my sense of humor, it's that I've not found a venue for pure humor.  Instead, I'm using humor like salt on popcorn, as part of articles.   As such, I'm not posting as much purely free content.  Over the years I've (image)

At the National Catholic Register


I have a piece at the Register today, on the Beatitudes.(image)

Over at the Register today


I have a piece over at the National Catholic Register on the Taming of the Soul.   Thus far, I've discovered, my soul needs much taming.(image)

Over at the Register today....


Hey folks.  If you were looking for Small Success Thursday, don't worry, you didn't miss it.  We had some technical issues over at and it got shuffled into the internet abyss.   However, it will be up and running again next week.  Today, I have a piece at the Register on How to Find Your Friends in Heaven.  If you're interested in the Saint Generator created by Jennifer Fulwiler, (image)

Over at the Register


I'm trying to get back to writing 500 words a day, and submitting every other day.   Here's my latest over at the Register. I'm taking on the Crown of Thorns in the continuing rosary project.  Today, I'm brushing up on Beowulf for a class.  Beowulf should envoke ideas like this: and this: and maybe  this: but not and I mean not ever...this:  Grendel's mother did not have great gams(image)

Two-for One Friday


I know, I didn't link up to yesterday's Small Success Thursday.  I did take down the tree though, and vote for my son...a bit of maternal boasting here if you don't already know, my son was up for Maryland Boy Athlete of the week.  He ran a 1600 meter in 4:25, and an 800 afterwards in 1:59.  Both personal records for him, and both allowing him to win the events over all.   It was cool and we (image)

Four Hours of Ordinary Time


Today I spent 30 minutes helping my second son practice driving and only sucked in to make the car slimmer twice. We sent out invitations for a movie party for my about to be seven year old, and I found time to pick up the dry cleaning, get the car washed and make pancakes for dinner. Three daughters sang in harmony to "Dear Theodosia," from Hamilton while the two youngest brushed their teeth.(image)

This Week over at the Register


Hello! Welcome to 2018.   I have a piece over at the Register today, New Year's Resolutions Not Working? Try this instead.  Yes, I'm already not succeeding at my resolution (going to bed on time), but my goal is to "begin again." (image)

National Catholic Register


Taking on the Second Glorious Mystery today.  I'm also making chili, chocolate chip cookies and slumming big time on a SNOW day.  Now I want another week.  (image)

Over at the Register


On the last day of 2017, I made my writing goal, to get 52 pieces published.  In the ongoing series on meditations on the Rosary, I thought the Christmas season the proper time to take on the Incarnation.  I've always found the quote by C.S. Lewis to be helpful in cultivating  a sense of wonder about God's willingness to submit Himself to our condition.  However I discovered the world is filled (image)