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Asia - Tourist Attractions and Places of Interest | Places to See | Places to Visit

My travel album on tourist attractions, places to visit, places to see and places of interest for countries in Asia, e.g. Afghanistan, Brunei, Cambodia, China, East Timor, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Malaysia, Maldives, Mongolia

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Vientiane – Charming Sleeping City


Vientiane, the French version of the Lao Viangchan, is the capital city of the Lao People's Democratic Republic. It is on a sweeping curve in the Mekong River, right on the Thai border. You may find a charming collection of lovely temples, old French colonial buildings, ramshackle riverbank wooden homes and pretty yellow two-storey Indochinese shop houses. Tourists will notice that the city's architecture is largely low-rise.

For those who have been to Vientiane long ago and now, they likely will say that this Laos’ city is changing. For example, where there were once hundreds of bicycles, there are now motor bikes and cars. Whatever it is, Vientiane is marked by a fountain named Nam Phou Place, and almost all of Vientiane's important sights are located within walking distance from here.

The gate of That Luang and its stupa at sunset

Like other tourists, you may find it hard to believe you are in a capital city, i.e. the pace of life is so gentle. You will often meet with small groups of Buddhist monks in orange or rust-coloured robes, and sporting umbrellas against the sun seems to invite you to visit their temples and to practise their English on you!

What are the not to be missed places to see and places to visit in this charming city?

The Mekong River – watch water buffalo as they graze peacefully, you will notice that they barely looking up as you pass, at the same time the farmers are growing vegetables on the banks of Mekong.

Wat Si Saket - Vientiane’s oldest temple. Wat Si Saket was built in 1818 under King Anouvong. Many said it displays the Siamese rather than Lao style of Buddhist architecture. I believe the architecture as well as its surrounding terrace and ornate five-tiered roof, is to keep it safe during the Siamese invasion. Its cloister wall has more than 2,000 ceramic and silver representations of Buddha, and houses a museum as well.

The Great Stupa/Pha That Luang - is an important Buddhist temple built in the sixteenth century by King Setthathirat. I understand that the relics of Buddha are said to be contained here. In fact, the stupa was destroyed by the Thai invasion in the nineteenth century, but was later rebuilt to its original design. Some even said that The Black Stupa (That Dam) is inhabited by a seven-headed dragon which tried to protect them from the Siamese army invasion.

Patuxai (Victory Gate) - this was built in the 1960s to commemorate those who fought in the struggle for independence from France. From what I see, it is quite resembles the Arc de Triomphe, but the style is definitely Laotian, with its numerous kinnari figures, i.e. half woman, half bird.

Talat Sao – is a colourful morning market. Over here, you can find the best of Lao weaving, i.e. glorious silks, cottons and ethnic textiles, both old and new.

Do you think Vientiane is a sleepy city that is full of charm?

Ogasawara Islands – the Chichijima and Hahajima


If you like to watch whale and many different types of dolphin, and also looking for a chance to swim with bottlenose and spinner dolphins, then Ogasawara Islands (also known as Bonin Islands), a remote group of 30 small and flat islands in the Pacific Ocean should be in your travel itinerary. In fact, they have a sweeping, white beach which is also ideal for swimming, but do watch out for highly endangered green where they do come to lay eggs.

Anijima and Chichijima Islands

Ogasawara Islands, about 1,000 km away from Tokyo, were the result by ancient submarine volcano. What I understand is that they are home to more than 140 species of indigenous plants as well as insects such as the Ogasawara damsel fly. You may want to know that of the 97 species of tree on the islands, 73 are endemic.

Out of the 30 Ogasawara Islands, Chichijima (father island) and Hahajima (mother island) are the only inhabited with a population of about 2,500. Their main products are timber and fruit such as pineapples and bananas. True to be believed, Ogasawara is unspoiled and unpolluted, that I think is the reason the waters are crystal-clear and full of coral reefs and tropical fish.

Those who went there have commented that Ogasawara Islands is truly a great place for watching whales and dolphins. I suggest you to take a day trip out to the open sea for an amazing day whale and dolphin watching. While available to see all year round, humpback whales and their calves can usually be seen between February and April, while the best time to see sperm whales is from August to October.

Lake Pichola | Udaipur - the city of lakes


Have you ever visited a beautiful lake surrounded by stunning scenery? If not, you may want to travel to the foothills of the Aravalli Hills in southern Rajasthan of India, where the beautiful Lake Pichola lies.

What is Lake Pichola most famous for? Those beautiful royal palaces and temples that lie on its islands and around its shoreline. One that impressed me the most (guess many tourists too!), and also the most famous sights on the lake is a beautiful shining white building that appears to float on the lake's clear blue waters, i.e. Jag Niwas, but now the Lake Palace Hotel, which was built in the 1740s and is made entirely of marble.

The Lake Palace Hotel - in the centre of Lake Pichola

You may want to know that the chief town in the area is Udaipur (also known as the city of lakes), was founded on the advice of a hermit in 1559 for the residence to Maharana Udai Singh. Among the highlights in Udaipur included the City Palace and Museum, the many smaller palaces and temples, as well as those tourist attractions picturesque streets, gardens and fountains.

What follows are some of the places to see and places to visit on Lake Pichola’s islands that I think you might be interested:
  • Sajjangarh Palace - this palace overlooks the lake from the top of a hill and was the summer palace where the members of the royal family spent the monsoon season.
  • Shah Jahan’s refuge - i.e. the Jag Mandir, is a red sandstone complex with cool courtyards, a small museum, and the massive Jagdish Temple that lies within its walls. Some said this has provided inspiration for Taj Mahal.
  • Shilpgram - a craft village that is in the north-west of Udaipur. In fact, Shilpgram is a centre dedicated to preserving and enhancing the craft and folk heritage of western India.

Seoul - Economic Powerhouse to South Korea


Feel like to visit a city that has the most skyscrapers than any Asian city? Or want to see how a city that was left in tatters by war has reinvented itself to be one of the most populous and successful cities on earth?

Read the full article here...

The skyline at dusk

Changdeokgung Palace in winter

When is the best time to go? September to November or March to May. For great travel deals and ideas, please visit!

Komodo National Park - Largest Dragon Lizard


Do you or your kids like to see the world's largest lizard? Or perhaps like to enjoy some of the world’s best marine life?

If so, then have a guided tour to Komodo National Park located in the centre of the Indonesian archipelago, a country in South-East more

Komodo Dragon

The welcome signboard

Bangkok – City of Angels


Those who have been to Bangkok will usually said that the more time you spend in Bangkok, the more you will enjoy yourself. Why so? One of the reasons that I can think of is that it seems impossible to get bored, i.e. there are so many monuments, museums, exhibitions, restaurants, clubs, bars, shops and markets, which means there's always somewhere new to go, something else for you to try in those places of interest, places to see and places to visit in Bangkok.The Grand PalaceWhat follows are some words of mouth that you probably want to know about:The Grand Palace and the Temple of Emerald Buddha site as well as the Wat Po (i.e. Reclining Buddha) should be on everyone's Bangkok itinerary.Bangkok with its Thai name as Krungthep (meaning City of Angels), is truly magical. If you stay on the river, It's a respite from the frenzy. You may want to know that Bangkok full Thai name is Krungthep mahanakhon bowon rattanakosin mahintara ayuthaya mahadilok popnopparat ratchatani burirom udonratchaniwet mahasatham amonpiman avatansathir sakkathatitya visnukamprasit, what a long yet interesting name! One of the favourite things that tourists will enjoy is to hire a longtail boat just before sunset and work their way upriver towards the Grand Palace to see it lit up at night. They usually can stop at Wat Arun (also known as the Temple of the Dawn) and/or the Royal Barges on the way up during daylight assuming they are still open, and wander the little canals as well on their way up and back. Taxis are cheap and air conditioned for tourists to visit those tourist attractions spots, and that street food ubiquitous and delicious. If you want some peace go to the Suan Phakkard Palace and admire the five traditional wooden houses, which are filled with wonderful antiques and artworks. Taking an express boat trip in Chao Praya River is an excellent way of seeing Bangkok, even allow you to stopping off to see the Grand Palace and the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, and even Wat Po, containing the largest reclining Buddha in Thailand and perhaps also enjoy a traditional Thai massage there. Who knows you may also want to enjoy a cool drink on the terrace of the famous Oriental Hotel! Bangkok is not a city to walk about as it is too hot and too busy. Whatever it is Bangkok can at first seem rather overwhelming to many, for example, the city is simply full with people, the roads are jammed with traffic, and the motorbikes can be seen carry the entire families, yet none of them wear helmets. Further the humidity and noise is exhausting, and the smell is a potent combination of drains, exhaust fumes and fabulous food. Well can we say that Bangkok is an exciting, ultra-modern and yet an absolutely traditional tourist attractions place?Some close views of The Grand PalaceOther tourist attractions, interesting places and places to see, and places to visit that you might not want to miss are:Lumphini Park; Chatuchak Market; Chinatown and Pahurat, the Indian district; and  The National Museum.Before I forget, choose your dishes wisely. If you can’t take spicy food, then learn to order dishes or say mai phet (meaning not spicy, and phet means spicy). Also ask for dishes without the nam pla if you're on a low-sodium diet, as this fish sauce is commonly used instead of salt.Do enjoy yourself while in those places of interest in Bangkok and don’t be put off by its immensity, just go with the flow and you will find innumerable treasures and pleasures there![...]

Tokyo – Japan & Mt Fuji


If you are looking for places of interests that have something from beautiful gardens to theme parks, or fine art galleries to the biggest fish markets in the world or whatever from a city, then Tokyo in Japan might interest you.Tokyo has over 30,000 residents, making it the largest metropolitan area in the world. In fact, Tokyo is one of the busiest cities on the planet, if you are there, you would agree with me that the pace of life there never seems to slow down but at breakneck pace. Tokyo TowerBesides a tourist attractions hot spot with a rich variety of cultural attractions and many places to see and places to visit, Tokyo has some of the best shopping in the world, you may find them in places like Ginza, Shibuya, Ikebukero and Shinjuku. The Meiji ShrineIf you are interested to know more about Japanese history dated back from 1,500 years, then visit Tokyo National Museum in Ueno Park, there has twenty galleries filled with artifacts waiting for you to explore. Also, the National Museum of Western Art nearby has a large collection of Impressionist works, and other institutions there include the Municipal Art Gallery, the National Science Museum, the National History Museum and the Gallery of Far Eastern Art.As for popular centre for nightlife, I suggest you to visit Shinjuku. In addition, Shinjuku is also home to the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, which has both Japanese and European style gardens, and a tea-house where visitors can take part in the traditional tea ceremony while Ginza is home to the Kabuki-za Theatre.If you happen to visit Asakusa, you will find places to see and places to visit like the Sensoji Temple, the Five Storied Pagoda and Nakamise, a traditional shopping arcade, as well as the Hanayashiki Amusement Park. As I know, Harajuku is a place where the young like to hang out. Azabu-Juban is upmarket and Akihabara is the place to head to buy electronics. Don’t miss to take a traditional bath in the hot springs in Azabu-Juban.Other tourist attractions, places to see and places to visit that you might not want to miss:The bullet train;The trip to Mt Fuji. Mt Fuji is Japan most recognizable landmark and is situated about 100 km west of Tokyo;The Meiji Shrine;Shomben Yokocho; andTokyo Tower.Other things you might want to know about:Taxi door – do not try to open the taxi door, as Japanese taxis have automatic door-opening systems.Crossing the street – use care because in Japan, driving is on the left.Tattoos – don’t flaunt your tattoos, as it is forbidden in many hot springs and other places of interest.Japan Rail Pass – I suggest you to get it as the pass will offer you unlimited travel on Japan Railways trains, and is definitely less expensive than a regular round-trip ticket. However, this pass is only available to people with tourist visas and not other visas like student, business and diplomatic visas.Greet with a bow – it is interesting to know that Japanese of all ages bow in greeting each other, and is something not to be surprised if you see them bow even on the telephone!When to visit those places of interest? Any time of the year.[...]

Samarkand in Uzbekistan - The Rome of the East


What is there to see in those places of interest in Samarkand? I would say, you will have incredible architecture, an enduring history and a dazzling mixture of cultures for you to explore. You may want to know that Samarkand, which is strategically located in the Zarafshan Valley in Uzbekistan, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of the oldest and most important cities of Asia. Further, it serves as a key entry point on any visit to places to see and places to visit in Central Asia.The Registan ('sandy place') - a huge square in the centre of the city, consists of three huge madrassas, i.e. Ulugh Beg Madrassa in the west, Sherdar Madrassa in the east, and Tilla-Kari Madrassa in the middle, are sparkle with turquoise mosaic patterns and decorated inside and out with glazed bricks, mosaics and carved marble, representing the finest of Islamic art and architecture in the world.Those have been to these tourist attractions have agreed that it is home to a dazzling array of architecture and culture, and Samarkand is majestic and beautiful to be seen, felt and touched. I believe that is the reason why Samarkand is acknowledged by tourists and travelers as ‘the Rome of the East’, ‘the pearl of the Muslim world’ or ‘the Land of Scientists’.Uleg Beg MadrassahI believe its dazzling array of architecture and culture is the result of being rule by the Persians, Alexander the Great, Arabs, Genghis Khan, Timur Gurkani (Tamerlane or Tamburlaine the Great), Turks and Russians, leading it to develop a culture consisting of Persian, Indian and Mongolian influences with a splash of both Western and Eastern cultures.Among the many places of interest, places to visit and places to see that I feel you should not miss, shall include the following:Gur Emir Mausoleum - the blue, ribbed dome that dominates the skyline of central Samarkand which houses the remains of Timur (i.e. the man that made Samarkand the capital of his empire and turn it into a magnificent centre of mosques and mausoleums) and his family. Do take a look at the broken, gigantic slab of dark green jade commemorating this once mighty ruler, it is said to be the largest jade stone in the world.Bibi Khanum Mosque - restored by the Russian Government after earthquake damage in the nineteenth century. Its dome is considered to be the largest in the Muslim world and the multi-coloured decorated roof is one of the largest and most grand in Samarkand. With an impressive main gate of 35 m or 115 ft high, and looms above a noisy, crowded market brimming with colourful fruits, vegetables and locally grown spices.Shah-i-Zinda - the tomb of the living king. This beautiful shrine is one of the oldest structures in Samarkand and is a popular pilgrimage site. In fact, it houses the shrine of Prophet Muhammad’s cousin, Qusam ibn Abbas, who brought Islam to the region.When is the best time to visit those tourist attractions and places of interest? April to June, or September to October.[...]

Makalu – Natural Beauty in the Ice-Capped Top


Do you want to challenge yourself to climb one of the highest mountains in the world and witnessing the spectacle natural beauty from the ice-capped top? But be informed that Makalu trek is one of the most difficult in the Himalayas due to its narrow, exposed ridges and steep sides, nevertheless, it is not the hardest summits to reach.

Don’t let this discourage you as climbers from a Japanese expedition have completed this difficult route on 23 May 1970.

Base camp below Makalu peak.

Makalu, being the fifth highest mountain in the world and lies 22 km east of Mt Everest, and with an isolated peak soaring 8,463 m (27,766 ft) into the sky is resembled a four-sided pyramid. Its stunning peaks provide the backdrop for the Makalu region, which is an amazingly pristine area in the north-western corner of the Sankhuwasabha district. To the west, it is bordered by the Everest region, to the north by China, to the east by the Arun River and to the south by the Sabha River.

You may want to know that Makalu is designated as a national park and conservation area in Nepal to preserve the natural beauty of the area.

I believe if you were there, you will have the chance to meet with the ethnic groups of Rai, Limbu and Sherpa, and have your photo taken with them. In fact, most of the people live in the lower hills with the highest concentrations in the southern most third of the district, close to the Arun River.

Anyway, be careful of what you eat and drink while visiting those places to see and places to visit in Nepal, for example, leafy vegetables are known to carry parasites, so avoid those of dubious origin. Also, try not to drink tap water or beverages with ice, which often is made of local water.

Well, only you can imagine the views from the ice-capped top and the spectacle from the Arun Valley if you are there in spring or autumn! Do enjoy but not over challenge yourself to this interesting place, although some said tourist attractions is secondary!

Hanoi - and French Connection


What is there so special about Hanoi? Was it to see Ho Chi Minh's embalmed body in his imposing Lenin-style mausoleum?

Hanoi, being the most influential city in Vietnam for the past thousand years, is in fact Vietnam's cultural centre, as every Dynasty has left its Mark there. Further, with a host of interesting monuments and cultural sites, i.e. including over 600 temples and pagodas, and with French colonial style of architecture to be seen everywhere, I am sure is a must places to visit, places to see in every travelers’ mind.

Do you know that Hanoi is also labeled by some as 'Hanoi Hilton'? This as I know was because American prisoners were kept in those notorious old French prisons during the Vietnam War. Unfortunately these tourist attractions are now largely demolished but with part remaining as a museum.

One-Pillar Pagoda

You may want to know that Vietnam was invaded by the Chinese in the 15th century and the French in the 19th, and Americans were ejected from South Vietnam in the 1970s following violent insurgencies, and all of them have left their mark, especially the French. That I think is the reason why in particularly the French has influenced the character of modern Hanoi, with their colonial style of architecture to be seen everywhere, in particular the grand colonnaded opera house, St Joseph's Cathedral, the Hanoi University, Vietnam State Bank building, the Presidential Palace, the Hotel Sofitel Metropole and elegant boulevards like Phan Dinh Phung Street.

What are the not to be missed places of interest or tourist attractions? Besides those interesting museums like the National History Museum, National Museum of Fine Arts and the Revolution Museum, you may want to consider:
  • Hoan Kiem Lake - Hanoi’ landmark, is close by and there are regular day and night markets;

  • Flag Tower - Hanoi's famous, think was built in 1812 (if I am right). The Flag Tower was used as a French military post then, but now proudly flies the Vietnamese flag;

  • The wonderful Hanoi Citadel - dating from the time of the Ly Dynasty (1009-1225);

  • The large West Lake - a popular area for people to relax away from the Hanoi’s hustle and bustle. I suggest you to hire a rowing boat to really enjoy yourself there;

  • Temple of Literature - this historic was founded in 1070 as a Confucian temple and is the site of one of the world's earliest universities; and

  • One-Pillar Pagoda - one of the finest wooden pagodas in Hanoi and is on stilts over a lake.
When to go to those places to see and places to visit? I think winter (from November -April) for Hanoi’s cool temperatures, partly also not much rain is the best as summers are hot and wet there.

However, beware of the traffic as crossing the street in Vietnam is always dangerous because traffic lights including red lights are often ignored and one-way streets are trickled with traffic flowing the wrong direction. I think the concept of traffic and lanes still raw in Vietnamese although traffic lights are all over Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

Shanghai – The Oriental Paris


Feel like to dine at fantastic restaurant, visit cultural museums and look at stunning modern and traditional architecture? Or perhaps shop among one of the top fashion hot spots in the world? If so, Shanghai which sits on the estuary of the Yangtze River, and the largest industrial city in China, should be one of the places to visit in your travel plan. To many people surprised, Shanghai is in fact a fascinating, frenetic city in which the best of traditional and modern China combine.The BundWhether you are interested in modern skyline, world-class shopping and food, the culture or traditional buildings, many who has visited those places of interest there would agree that it is among the finest in China. Think that is the reason why it is also known as ‘Hu’ or ‘The Oriental Paris.’For sightseeing and shopping, the areas around People's Square and along the Huangpu River have much to offer. However, Nanjing Road and Huaihai Road are where the best fashion shops are to be found. But if you are looking for antique shops, cafés or the marvelous old French Concession area, I would suggest you to go straight to Huaihai Road. For foot-weary shoppers, a toy train is available to transport them from one end to the other while shopping on Nanjing Road, sound great right? But not sure do you need to pay for it at the time of this writing.Yu Yuan GardenIf you wish to admire the historical buildings and for great views across the river to Pudong, then don’t miss to wander along The Bund, a tourist attractions and a major financial hub today where it was once home to American, British, French, Japanese and Russian banks and trading houses. You will be able to see locals gathering on the promenade at dawn to practice qi gong, tai chi, kung fu as well as ballroom dancing. In fact, tourist will usually queue up on the docks for scenic riverboat tours.If you want to break from the frantic pace in Shanghai, and looking for a serene and calming atmosphere, one of the places to visit is Yu Yuan Garden (‘Yu’ means ‘peace and health’ to Chinese). Although it may not be a great tourist attractions to some, but it is beautiful, and a tranquil area, with bamboos, stone bridges over waterways, ponds with koi and rock gardens all in one.Shanghai Acrobatics TroupeAmong the old buildings and places to see in Shanghai are the Longhua Pagoda, the Jade Buddha Temple and the Tomb of Lu Xun. Before I forget, Chongming Island, Zhujajiao Water Town and Qibao Ancient Town are also places of interest that are worth visiting. How about cultural highlights and performance? Head on to the world-renowned Shanghai Museum and the performances in the Shanghai Grand Theatre, both are just amazing!You may want to know that Shanghai offers culinary delights focusing on the traditions of Beijing, Yangzhou, Sichuan and Guangzhou plus its own local dishes. In fact, those went there commented that its restaurants are among the finest in China and that cutting-edge international cuisine can be enjoyed in a stylish surrounding! Whatever it is, don’t miss the steaming hot Shanghai dumplings!When is the best time to visit those interesting places? Although it is a year-round destination, but summer is its peak travel season and also that air pollution can be a problem too, hence, spring or early autumn would be most ideal. Be aware that the number of road fatalities is incredibly high in Shanghai and the driving there might make your hair-raising! Other tourist attractions, places of interest and places to see that you might not want to miss:The residences of Sun Yat-Sen and Chiang Kai-Shek; The Shanghai Acrobatics Troupe; The Art Deco Sassoon House; The vast and fascinating antiques market in the French Concession; and  The glittering view of Pudong at night.So[...]

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