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Preview: Grange Squash

Grange Squash

Competition reports, team matches and a diary of other events at Grange Squash club, Edinburgh, Scotland

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Dear All,

The 2017 Grange Open is scheduled to take place at the beginning of December. We are very pleased to announce that we have again received generous sponsorship from Commercial Water Solutions. There will be cash and equipment prizes for all grades. There will be a free draw for those who enter and there will be the obligatory T-shirt, all for your entry fee.

We are particularly looking for as many Grange members to join us in this event and as a further inducement Grange members will have the benefit of a reduced entry fee [£15 rather than £20]. There will be entry forms provided with this notice but go on to the club, East of Scotland Squash Association or Scottish Squash websites to get your entry form. If you have any problems email me, John Bain. (

We are trying to attract a large entry to provide as many games to all levels of players from first team to lower mini league players – and possibly people who have not even played at that level.

The format will be Monrad which means you will get at least three games although, depending on numbers and standards, we may have sections of 16 which means that everyone will play two games on Saturday and two on Sunday. It does not matter if you lose your first, second or third game, you will get another one. (Last year, in view of numbers and abilitity levels, it suited better to have groups of 8 meaning everyone played three games and we played all of the games on the Saturday. This worked very well, everyone was tired but the event was done and dusted in one day.) We may repeat this format this year.

Please sign up as soon as possible and get your friends to do likewise.

Thank you.

John Bain.

Winter minileague #4, 2016


Here are the results of Winter minileague #4 for 2016.
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Winter minileague #3, 2016


Here are the results of Winter minileague #3 for 2016.
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Winter minileague #2, 2016


Here are the results of Winter minileague #2 for 2016.
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Winter minileague #1, 2016


Here are the results of Winter minileague #1 for 2016.
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Improver Course


Lisa is planning an improvers squash coaching course from Tues 15th June 6.15-7.15 for six weeks with the cost being £40.00 each for the six week block.
On the course you will brush up on technique, movement, taking the ball early and controlling the "T" Zone, shot selection, drills, conditioned games and fitness.
Please contact Lisa directly at or on 079 1287 7042 to sign up / further details or add your name to the sheet on the notice board at the club.
Lisa McKenna -

Beginner / improvers six week coaching course


Starting on Wednesday 4th May 6.00-7.00

Learn the basics on this coaching course

Over the six weeks we will cover different elements such as movement, grip, swing, drives, volleys, serve, return of serve.  There will also be conditioned games and match practise which will give me the chance to look at each players shot selection with a little bit of fitness thrown in at the end of each session!!

The sessions will be good fun and varied and also an  ideal opportunity to meet other people of a similar level.

The club is very generously subsidising this so it will cost £30.00 pp.

If you would like to book a place or indeed have further questions then please contact Lisa on 0791 287 7042 or e-mail

Winter minileague #6, 2015


Here are the results of Winter minileague #6.
Click in the frame and scroll down for your league or click here for a full screen view.
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4th's home v Kirkcaldy (Tue, Mar 15)


The denouement of the season came with the long-awaited return visit of Kirkcaldy. Unfortunately despite being the only team to beat them legally after a great night out in Fife before Xmas, they were unbeaten since then (as were we) so the gap was insurmountable (26 points).
    Still we wanted to copper-fasten our promotion position. Christy hacked his way to a 3-0 over #5 Andy Cant with nary a let being called. Iain Gallacher was 2-0 down against Rab Lawson at #2 and not seeing the front court boasts at all, even the ones above the service line! Somehow he brought it back and took the fifth. Chapeau!
   Richard Nisbet lost out to James Stirratt 1-3 in a curates egg performance- good in parts but mostly mince :) (To be fair, Richard has played well all season). Will Henderson bt Jim Taylor at #5 3-0 with the lob serve and counter-drop proving the difference. To give us the tie and the bonus points.
  Finally Jamie Helme at #3 v Alex Allan lost 0-3 this time. Everyone incl the away team stayed to watch the women's #1 tie in the national league between Mhairi Charlton of Western LTC & Claire Gadsby.
        After pizza, we were treated to pavlova & trifle courtesy of the Grange Cricket Society dinner having a surplus.

Well done Kirkcaldy on the overall Div 5 win, very consistent.
Well done the 4's, great team spirit and after 3 years of earning promotion but being thwarted by the demotion of the 3's, we finally get our just reward, Div.4 squash next year.

Thanks especially to Neil Love for captaining, emailing, etc,  mostly non-playing, as he came to ref on most home matches and contributed on court when we needed him most. And brought choccy bars to supplement the pizza.

Staggered home v Watsons 3's in The Knockout Cup


Our guest reporter today is David Hutton, captain of the oppositionMatch 1 (the 3s) David Hutton vs Georgia JenningsAfter a lot of thrashing, some good rallies, plenty of good weight on the court, some interesting chat from Christy (marking) and a little bit of difficulty from me in judging the pace, it was 2-0 to G. Time to knuckle down and work out the pace. Duly done and more of the above and it was 2-2. I think we got to 13-13 and she got a stroke (really Christy, another one?). Any normal chat would have been, “handout, 14-13, matchball”. Not from our friend Christy. 13 all he said. No Christy, G and I said, its 14-13 to G. Cue some maniacal giggles (Christy). 14 all match ball. No Christy, its 14-13, match ball to G… you can see how this one ends. On a stroke to G. 3-2 to the bad girls.Match 2 (the 5s)  Tommo vs RoccoThis is the oldest continually running fixture in squash, believed to date back to the early squash courts of the Colosseum in Rome. I didn’t see this (see above) but caught up with Tommo in between a couple of the games. It went, 0-1, 1-1 and then we lost touch. I could hear him (he was next door) and it sounded good. Was it a victory roar? No, 3-1 to the bad guys (but squash’s magnificent history was a winner…).Match 3Barrie vs a really tall guy (L=Laszlo)I saw the end of a very close first game and was astounded by the L of a reach (get it?). Barrie was playing his usual tough guy squash with a fantastic number of recoveries and an array of shots but this wasn’t phasing the big guy. 1-0 to them. I then went and marked Chris’ game. Tommo reported that Barrie was playing very well (fantastic number of recoveries and an array of shots) but the big guy was reaching everything. I consensus was that 3-0 to them didn’t do our Barrie justice…Match 4 (the 2's) Chris Green vs Jamie HelmeA welcome return to the fold from our man Green. Looked great in the warm up and carried it into game 1. Hard hitting, court covering, occasional lobbing, nice dropping and controlling, There was nothing Green about this dude. 1-0 to Chris. Game 2 followed the same pattern. 2-0. Game 3 was chugging along the same way until Chris called one of his own shots down and it was over to Jamie serving. I think this was at about 12-7 to Chris. The next few points were a display of utmost sportsmanship by Chris (some would say lack of concentration/boredom) and it got a bit close. Nothing to worry about though, normal service resumed and it ended 3-0. Not content with that, Chris and Jamie played on for a few games. Not content with that, Chris got one of the Grange’s youngsters on for some routines. Latest reports are that he’s getting some breakfast, then having a game with the cleaner and should at work just after lunchtime (or the best of 9, whichever is later…)Match 5 (the 1's) Andrew vs RichardThis game was worth the wait and worth its weight in gold (or at least squash balls). Close first game in which the upper hand was back and forward like one of those cats in the Chinese restaurants (I know that’s up and down but whatever…). 1-0 to them. More of the same in game 2 with some great weight from both and at least 3 shots plucked from the air that had Barrie and me talking about “Jedi sh1t”. 1-1. When I say this was a blur, that is meant in as good as possible way. Somehow it was 2-2 already. Great squash, huffing and puffing, good weight and plenty of Jedi sh1t. The last game followed the same pattern. Very close, tense and a joy to watch. In the end it was all about weight (and that Jedi stuff). Andrew forced him back. He boasted and forced himself forward, Andrew forced him back, he boasted and git forward, Andrew knocked it past him… 3 or 4 rallies like this and Richard was bust (as was Andrew to be fair…). 3[...]

Winter minileague #5, 2015


Here are the results of Winter minileague #5.
Click in the frame and scroll down for your league or click here for a full screen view.
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The 4's home v Waverley 3's on Tue night


Fantastic atmosphere & buzz on the balcony as our National League team also hosted Newlands in a terrific exhibition of tight hitting and full-stretch retrievals.

Waverley 3's came a calling, and were duly sent home to think again. But they gave us a good scrap.
1. Andy Whitelaw 0 v John Usher 3 (9:15, 10:15, 3:15)
2. Ant Fitzgerald 3 v Peter Cochrane 2 (15:11, 15:9, 8:15, 8:15, 15:13)
3. Iain Gallacher 3 v Heather Spens 2 (15:12, 15:17, 5:15, 15:12, 15:11)
4. Richard Nisbet 3 v Dave Fergusson 0 (15:10, 15:13, 15:12)    
5. Jamie Helme 3 v Gary Loake 0 (15:12, 15:11, 15:4)

"Bit ropey from the boys at the top of the order but Jamie and I kept them right".

Overall 15:7 win for the Grange. So we gained 8 points on them to maintain 2nd place & keep them in 3rd and cement our promotion entitlement. They are still in line for promo but will be a bit more nervous in the title run-in.
Next week at Watsons on Tue & if we don't drop points there, the final match the following week against Kirkcaldy could leave us with a mathematical chance of the outright win. A helluva party either way. "Also £75 still in the kitty so no cars for the last game of the season!!!!!"

Chat over pizza's was Neil P's romantic engagement trip to "Paree" plus the promotion race in Div 5 and the demotion battle in Div.4.
 (Report: Richard N)

Grange 4 vs. Colinton Castle 5


Grange 4 vs. Colinton Castle 5
Played at: Grange Sports Club
When: 23rd Feb 2016 at 7:00pm
Tonight’s fixture saw us hosting CCS5, with the team looking to extend their unbeaten run of 7 matches, to keep up the pressure on the leaders in division 5.  
First up were Iain Gallacher and Jamie Helme playing Mike Gibbs and Mark crease at 2 & 4 respectively. Iain had a solid game winning in 3 sets despite his opponent serving for the second set at 14-13 and 14-15, taking the match with a 3-0 win (15-11, 17-15, 15-11), meanwhile on the other court Jamie also proved to be too strong for Mark, winning the match 3-0 (15-10, 15-13, 15-10) put Grange 2 nil up after the first round of games.
Next up was Richard Nisbet and Christy Looby at number 3 & 5. Richard was playing John-Paul Hughes and was looking to getting back to winning ways after a couple of bad results, Richard started brightly and won the first two sets comfortably, the third set was a tighter affair, with JP rallying to serve for the set only for Richard to come back and overhaul him to take the match with a 3-0 win (15-9, 15-6, 19-17). Christy was playing Lynn Grant on the other court and Christy was always in charge of this match and won 3-0 (15-8, 15-6, 15-12).   
Lastly it was the turn of the number 1’s and Anthony Fitzgerald was playing Bob Baikie, Anthony quickly imposed himself on this match, despite Bob being turned down on a couple of shouts for strokes from the balcony, and went on to win the game 3-0 (15-8, 15-7, 15-8) to complete a clean sweep for the 4ths, with a match score of 18-0.
We then retired upstairs to the bar for drinks and Pizza’s, followed by a Bounty to finish off proceedings. Topics for discussions were diverse and included the proposed route of the new £9 million cycle route linking the east and west of Edinburgh and whether Donald Trump was a serious candidate for the US Presidency or just a joke figure.

Grange 3's bank maximum points against Bank of Scotland


The Grange 3s went round the houses, out of necessity thanks to diversions and dubious navigational aids, to reach Colinton Castle on Thursday to play Bank of Scotland. All five players located the match venue successfully, a minor triumph in itself.

Sam Collin and Ian Ross were first on court - Sam was on and off in a flash
with an efficient 3-0 win. Not a single exclamation nor clash of racket with wall was
audible (I could only hear from the court next door); only clinical drives that delivered a quick win.

Ian Ross was a pleasure to watch, with his considered shot choice proving too much for his opponent who was frequently seen scrabbling at the back of the court as lob after lob landed delicately in the back corner. 3-0.

Anthony (Fitz)closed out another quick 3-0, demonstrating typical Aussie ruthlessness.

Andrew (Reeve) avoided fluffing the first game as has often been the case in previous matches, helped by a frantic warm-up to get the blood pumping! A brief scare in the second saw his opponent back at 13-13, but he succeeded his teammates with another 3-0 win.

Match of the Day went to Stuart (Moff), who went head to head with a player of similar stature at 1. The power of the two men was evident with frequent long rallies of big hitting. Stu kept the crowded balcony entertained with some self-directed rants and apologies to his opponent for the low standard of his squash. It was balanced on a knife edge at 13-13 in the fifth before Stu snuck it on an error, to rapturous applause. Grange 5-0 winners, celebrated with lime and sodas (and the odd non-alco beer for the more adventurous).
A critical 18 points for the 3s who still have a lot of work to do to secure promotion at the end of the year. (Report: Andrew Reeve)

Thirds home v The Dean Club II's


Grange 3's slay neighbours Dean 2Thursday 4th Feb saw the visit of Dean's 2nd team to The Grange.  With a mid-table position, Grange 3's are in need of points and it started off in promising fashion with Allan Wallace vs. Duncan Cleat.  A fit and spirited Duncan gave Wallace some concern but the Grange Man managed to close out safely in 3 matches.  Had it gone into more games, Wallace may have struggled - exploits at last weekend's Edinburgh Open taking its toll on those little legs!  A fairly standard match (easy to mark from my perspective), it was made all the more interesting in the latter stages with Christy joining the spectators upstairs, making himself heard and providing much needed support.At 5th string, Ian Ross cruised to victory in straight games.  New to Grange in this 15/16 season, Ian's an East of Scotland veteran and a valuable asset for the 3rd team.  At 3rd string, Moff had a wobbly start but again, managed to secure the 3-0 win.  So far so good.Andy Reeve vs. Craig Wallace proved more eventful... Andy lost the first game 9-15 but showed composure to edge out the second 15-13.  From this point, there was only going to be one winner - Andy powering through the 3rd game 15-3 and closing out the 4th 15-6.  Nicely done.Then to perhaps the most eventful match of the night.  Yours truly vs. David Thompson.  Behind for most of the first match, I managed to take it 15-11 but tired legs / general lack of fitness gave Dean the 2nd (14-16) and 3rd (12-15) .  Eeesh.  The 4th game saw David race away - stealing 14 quick points... but then the comeback!  From 10 points, I clawed back to 14-14 and somehow edged out the required two point gap.  Phew.  And with momentum swinging in Grange's favour, the 5th game finished 15-11.  Overall 18 points to 3.  In the bag.  More of the same needed next week before we take the mid-season break.  A few more big pointers might prove enough to wriggle into the top 3.  Maybe? (Report: Sloan Ranger)[...]

Grange 4 vs. Heriot-Watt 4


Tonight’s match saw the 4th team playing HWU4, looking to carry on our fine run to keep up the pressure on the teams above us in the league.   
First up was Richard Nisbet and Jamie Helme at number 4 & 5. Richard was playing Mark Hounsell  and despite taking the first set, found himself second best for the rest of the match as Mark won 3-1,  (11-15, 15-11,15-12, 15-11). Meanwhile Jamie was playing Lee Calder on the other court, Jamie looked in control for the first two sets, before a lapse in concentration allowed Lee to take the third set, before Jamie closed out the match winning the fourth set to take the match 3-1, (15-10, 15-10, 14-16, 15-9).
Next up were Anthony Fitzgerald and Iain Gallacher playing Malcolm Lunn and Andrew O’Donnell 2 & 3 respectively. Iain got things off to a great start, taking the first two sets before Andrew retired in the third when the score was 8-0, to take the match 3-0 (15-7, 15-12, 15-0), meanwhile on the other court Anthony always had in nose in front against Malcolm, coming through to take the match 3-0 (15-13, 15-12, 15-12) to put Grange 3-1 up after the second round of games, securing the match points.
With the win points in the bag it was the turn of Andy Whitelaw to play Zsolt Husz at number 1, Andy was slow off the blocks and Zsolt was winning points with great touch and tight boasts at the front to take the first set, Andy found his range and forced Zsolt to the back of the court and Zsolt was unable to find the same accuracy with Andy taking the next three sets to win the match 3-1 (10-15, 15-10, 15-6, 15-5) to complete the team victory for the 4ths, winning 16-5.

Due to a private Burns supper being held upstairs, we were unable to get our usual spot in the long room and we invited our guests up to the committee room for the usual fayre of pizza and a drink of their choice and conversation turned to the strengths and weaknesses of the other teams in the division.

Winter minileague #4, 2015


Here are the results of Winter minileague #4.
Click in the frame and scroll down for your league or click here for a full screen view.
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Winter minileague #3, 2015


Here are the results of Winter minileague #3.
Click in the frame and scroll down for your league or click here for a full screen view.

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Winter Minileague #1, 2015


Here are the results of Winter minileague #1.
Click in the frame and scroll down for your league or click here for a full screen view.
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Grange 4 vs. Waverley 4 Played at: Grange Sports Club When: 12th Jan 2016 at 7:00pm


The opening game of the second half of the season saw us entertain Waverley 4 at the Grange, looking for a win to consolidate our position near the top of the table.  
First up were Piers Wilkinson and Iain Gallacher playing Gary Locke and Stuart Payne at 2 & 3 respectively. Iain got things off to a great start, always in control on the way to a 3-0 win (15-7, 15-3, 15-9), meanwhile on the other court Piers was having a harder time getting to grips on the match with some unorthodox hitting from Gary. Piers eventually edged the match 3-2 (15-5, 15-17, 15-9, 13-15, 15-10) put Grange 2 nil up after the first round of games.
Next up was Richard Nisbet and Jamie Helme at number 4 & 5. Richard was playing Chris Jeffrey and by his own admission Richard was slow off the blocks and found himself behind from the outset, Richard battled to square the match 2-2 and with the momentum in Richard’s favour he managed to see off Chris for a 3-2 win (13-15, 15-10, 8-15, 15-8, 15-7). Meanwhile Jamie was playing Mark Butler on the other court, in the kind of match that he relishes, lots of length being returned with pace and then maybe a rally would break out or a winner would be put away. Jamie was always in charge of this match and won 3-0 (15-10, 15-6, 15-13).   
With the win points in the bag it was the turn of Andy Whitelaw to play Neil Kempsell at number 1, Andy always had his nose in front in this match, with Neil questioning if the court heaters were working, and trying to keep the ball warm by hitting it as hard as he could, Andy went on to win the game 3-0 (15-7, 15-11, 15-10) to complete a clean sweep for the 4ths.
The usual food offering was expanded this evening, with Christy making a pot of Chilli Con Carne to offer as an alternative to the usual offering of Pizza’s from Franco’s, this went down well with the people who went with this option. Not that we should expect this treat for every home match as Christy may be expected to turn out for the team instead of turning his hand to creating gastronomic delights.

4's at Kirkcaldy (Div 5) Tue, Dec 1


Jamie Helme was first up against #4 Alex Allan who was a #1 Div.1 player at Hewlett Packard back when I hardly knew how to hold a racket there in 1987. Jamie lost the 1st, really screwed the nut in the second to stay 2 points ahead and take it, but Alex made him feed the tin after that so a 1-3 loss to a wily experience campaigner.    Iain Gallacher (ex David Lloyd #2) made his Grange debut, lost the first but started to really hurt the guy Robert by running everything down and dropping him from distance to level it. He took the 3rd and had Robert ranting, so he came back on court, lost the first 2 points and retired "injured". Testimony to the sickening Iain was giving him.   Richard Nisbet  went on and played out of his skin for a 2-0 lead got pegged back and was out on his feet in the 4th, somehow got his fifth wind and clinched it. (A real marathon going by the extra points scores 12-15, 16-18, 15-11, 15-13, 14-16)Jamie H, Richard N, John Kunze & Iain Gallacher at Kircaldy   John Kunze won the tight first, got blasted out of it in the second, but then really made Andy move and kept him away from his power game to win it 3-1.   Christy powered(drives) & nuanced(boasts) his way to a 2-0, had a brain fart in the 3rd and let it go, screwed the nut in the fourth and grew a lead, sat on it for a few nervy match balls but glued one backhand to the wall to take it because there was no way he was going back on for a fifth!   Overall 16-8 against the table toppers in their own yard, true team performance, Plenty of home supporters in the balcony, very squash knowledgeable and respectful, great atmosphere.   Steak pie & chips and some good chat about Kirkcaldy SC's plans for the future.Quote of the night: "Is this your first team" from a home supporter AFTER the match!John took a team photo as a memento so good for the blog. Have a good trip home John, leaving on a high note and haste ye back.[...]

Grange 4 vs. Watsonians 4


Grange 4 vs. Watsonians 4Played at: Grange Sports ClubWhen: 24th Nov 2015 at 7:00pmTonight we entertained Watsonians 4 at the Grange, looking to bounce back from last week’s loss to Waverely 3 away.  First up were Jamie Helme and John Kunze playing Barrie Turnbull and Sahib Maker at 4 & 5 respectively. Jamie got things off to a great start with some good tight squash, winning 3-0 and John was always in control winning 3-0 to put Grange 2 nil up after the first round of games.Next up was Richard Nisbet and Christy Looby at number 3 & 2. Richard was playing Peter Thomson and after sharing the first two sets, Richard managed to assert himself on the game and went on to win 3-1. Christy was playing the 14 year old junior – David Taylor who had just turned up after a couple hours training at the National squash academy at Heriot Watt, the first 2 sets were shared with David running down everything that Christy could throw at him, it required Christy getting in touch with his inner self and he duly began to dominate the proceedings and in the end Christy had too much nuance and power in his game and prevailed with a 3-1 win.   With an unassailable lead in the bag it was the turn of Dougie Brown to play David Hutton at number 1, an entertaining match ensued that kept the watching gallery enthralled and the marker busy, Dougie emerged the winner, taking the game 3-1 to complete a clean sweep for the 4ths.The teams then retired to the bar to be treated to the usual offering of Pizza’s from Franco’s and a suitable choice of refreshments.  (Report: non-playing captain (Neil Love) Grange 4 Watsonians 4 1 Dougie Brown3 - 115-11, 7-15, 15-13, 15-13 David Hutton2 Christy Looby3 - 115-6, 7-15, 15-8, 15-13 David Taylor3 Richard Nisbet3 - 115-10, 8-15, 15-7, 15-7 Peter Thomson4 Jamie Helme3 - 015-9, 15-13, 15-11 Barrie Turnbull5 John Kunze3 - 015-4, 15-9, 15-8 Sahib Maker Games Won 15 3 Game Points Won 247 187 Penalty Points 0 0 Bonus Points 3.00 0 Total 18 3 [...]

3rds at ESC 7's (Div 4)


Finding myself with altitude sickness as I subbed up on the 3rds for the first time in a few years, I turned up with one court shoe left at home.    So Sam Collin went on with 6ft6" Tom Utting and was good value for a 2-0 lead, taking everything early and getting Tom to leak errors under pressure. However the wheels came off slightly as Tom used his wingspan to close off the court while Sam had a slight lull. So on to the 5th and Sam got his second wind but Tom had the momentum to see it out.   Andy Whitelaw went on with Graham Donaldson, I didn't see it but from the scores Andy seemed to just have enough control on it winning 3-0: 12, 11, 11. I'd got my 2nd shoe so I served off with Steven Sproule who has more experience in his pinkie toe than my 30 years in the game. It became a bit of a test of leftie-righty i.e. who could keep it on the other's backhand and then get the first attack in as neither of us are the best movers any more (I never was in the first place). I managed to lob and boast my way comfortably through the first 2 games. Steven then raised his game, had more success getting it on his forehand and we went point for point, in extra points I managed to get it. 3-0.  So two matches to one, we needed Anto Fitz to clear up against Doug Brown. Did he hell! Straight to the fifth and Ant saw it out to grab the bonus points for us. Ian Ross went on against Scott Lothian at #1 and all 8 other players watching unshowered which show the team spirit is good in both camps.Scott fizzed around court, hit the dots off the ball and reverse-angled Ian who just couldn't match the energy levels of his oppo on the night: 0-3.   Overall 3-2 to us, 14-8 on points which puts us to second in the table. Over double-helpings of Lasagne, we debated the merits of a tram going down Leith Walk and whether ESSA should invest in a few clapped-out people carriers for the clubs so we could have a beer or two after squash. Report C.L.Edinburgh Sports Club 7 (Violet) vs. Grange 3Edinburgh Sports Club 7 (Violet)Grange 31 Scott Lothian3 - 015-9, 15-6, 15-13 Ian Ross2 Tom Utting3 - 216-14, 5-15, 10-15, 15-6, 16-14 Sam Collin3 Graham Donaldson0 - 312-15, 11-15, 11-15 Andrew Whitelaw4 Doug Brown2 - 310-15, 16-14, 12-15, 17-15, 12-15 Anthony Fitzgerald5 Steven Sproule0 - 310-15, 3-15, 15-17 Christy LoobyGames Won811Game Points Won236258Penalty Points00Bonus Points03.00Total814Played at: Edinburgh Sports ClubWhen: 13th Nov 2015 at 7:00pm[...]

Stag 4's home v Abercorn (Div 5)


Tonight we took on Abercorn with Beppe Andaloro making his debut for the stags at #5 after making the final of the East of Scotland Open on Sunday in his debut tournament.Turns out that Beppe had played at Abercorn for a bit and some of the Abercorn players knew him.He faced seasoned campaigner Ketan Lad who must have been sick of the sight of Beppe running everything down. Great intensity from Beppe taking the first 15-10, in the second he had a few tins which made it tight at 15-12 and ran out 15-10 in the 3rd.   Stephen Thomas had an edgy start to be 4-13 down, got it back to 13-13 courtesy of an out serve from Steven Robb, then spooned up an out serve himself to give game ball before closing it 16-14, from there he controlled the next two.   Jamie Helme was never in doubt against Neelu Sarkar (which means I didn't see it). So we had the bonus in the bag.    Christy was playing catch up against fellow-leftie Martin Browse in the first, got it to extra points and then closed out with some cheap errors.  That spurred him on to upping the pace and Martin didn't seem to like that or the reverse angles so the next three went to Grange steadily enough.  Top strings Piers Wilkinson thought at 2-0 that we'd be waiting too long for the pizza so he offeredup two soft games to Jamie Irving to prolong the on-court action. In the fifth he put in a chargefrom the get go and got off court 15-5. Still some great rallies between 2 high-octane competitors.   Conversation in the bar was erudite, ranging from humans evolving to hairless chests (Piers admitted he is there already), to metabolising lactose after infancy to New Zealand rugby evolving toa different planet with Sonny Bill Williams becoming an alien boxer/rugby-league/union/sevens player. Only 1 pepperoni, one veggie, 1 ham and sweetcorn & one chicken & ham. Between5 of us, as Steven Robb has evolved a gluten allergy(see what I did there :) ) so guess what I'm having for lunch tomorrow!Grange 4 vs. AbercornPlayed at: Grange Sports ClubWhen: 3rd Nov 2015 at 7:00pmGrange 4Abercorn1 Piers Wilkinson3 - 215-12, 15-11, 10-15, 12-15, 15-5 Jamie Irving2 Christy Looby3 - 115-17, 15-5, 15-7, 15-7 Martin Browse3 Jamie Helme3 - 015-10, 15-11, 15-9 Neelu Sarkar4 Stephen Thomas3 - 016-14, 15-8, 15-10 Steve Robb5 Beppe Andaloro3 - 015-10, 15-11, 15-10 Ketan LadGames Won153Game Points Won263187Penalty Points00Bonus Points30Total183[...]

Grange 4 v HWU3 - 27.10.15


Grange 4 vs. Heriot Watt University 3
Played at: Grange Sports Club
When: 27th Oct 2015 at 7:00pm
Tonight we entertained HWU3 at the Grange, looking to bounce back from last week’s loss to HWU4 away.  
First up was Jamie Helme and John Kunze playing Catherine Walsh and Clive Shannon at 5 & 4 respectively. Jamie got things off to a great start with a well controlled 3-0 win – 15-13, 15-6, 15-7 and John recovered from the loss of the first set to win 3-1 – 9-15, 15-12, 15-10, 15-6 to put Grange 2 nil up after the first round of games.
Next up was Christy Looby at number 3 and Dougie Brown at number 1, which was a surprise to Dougie, but due to a couple of rearrangements found himself playing at the top of the order. Christy was playing James Wittrick and James started strongly before Christy managed to claw things back in the first game to take it 17-15, James regained his composure and gradually took control of the match and won the next 3 games to win the match 3-1 – 15-17, 15-9, 15-11, 15-8. On the other court Dougie was playing Rory Macdougal. Rory won the match 3-0 - 15-6, 15-13, 16-14 to level the tie 2-2 going into the decider.  
Richard Nisbet played James Robertson in the battle of the 2’s, with Richard apologising for his late arrival, which was due to a crisis at work. This was a good tussle between two players equally matched and the game ebbed and flowed into the fifth and deciding set. Richard edged in front, but couldn’t quite shake off James who came through to take the match 3-2 – 16-18, 15-13, 6-15, 15-10, 19-17 and secure the win for HWU 3 on the evening 3-2.