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Published: Thu, 25 Jan 2007 22:50:23 +0100

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Required travel documents for Tuvalu
Required travel documents for Tuvalu: passport [...]

Electric power
Electric power: 220V / 50 Hz [...]

Area code to Tuvalu
Area code to Tuvalu: +688 [...]

Transportation in Tuvalu
Transportation in Tuvalu is limited. A ferry runs between the main atolls. There are 8km of roads and no railways. Funafuti is the only port, there is also a deep-water berth in the harbor at Nukufetau. The merchant marine fleet consists of four ships [...]

Communications in Tuvalu
Telephones - main lines in use: 400 (1994) Telephones - mobile cellular: 0 (1994) Telephone system: domestic: radiotelephone communications between islands international: NA Radio broadcast stations: AM 1, FM 0, shortwave 0 (1998) Radios: 4, [...]

The Spanish were the first Europeans to see the islands in the 1500s. However, in 1819 an American ship captain, De Peyster, named the main island in the group Ellice's Island after a British politician who owned the cargo aboard his ship. In 1841, the U. [...]

Vaitupu, largest island of the Pacific nation of Tuvalu, located at 7.48 degrees south and 178.83 degrees west. The island, which covers approximately 5.6 square kilometers, includes swamps, mangroves, a fringing coral reef and a large lagoon. Vaitu [...]

Nanumea is the northwesternmost island in the country of Tuvalu. It is an atoll that surrounds a lagoon. Legends say that the first settlers on this atoll were two women named Pai and Vau, but a man named Tefolaha took over. Nanumeans celebrate a Christia [...]

Funafuti, the capital of the small island nation of Tuvalu, has a population of approximately 4,000, making it the most populated atoll in this country. Not a city in the traditional sense, it is really a narrow sweep of land between 20 and 400 meters wid [...]