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Center for the Study of Neuroeconomics at George Mason University

Updated: 2013-09-11T20:29:11Z


OpenSimulator Conference


The first OpenSimulator community conference was held entirely on an OpenSimulator grid this weekend. The link for the conference is here. The talks were given by a whos who in the OpenSimulator community. You can still listen to the talks...

Behavioral Economics an Idiosyncratic Perspective


This blog appeared in a blog symposium on law and behavioral economics. It was interesting to participate. Having started my career as an experimental economist I probably have a little different, but I hope complimentary, perspective on behavioral economics...

Cupcake 3D Printer - Day 1


Over the summer, two of the CSN interns (Phil and Matt) built the Makerbot CNC Cupcake and wrote an operations guidebook. It is a small part of a greater research project and now that the interns are gone someone needs...

Elinor Ostrom and Neuroeconomics


As far as I know Elinor Ostrom has never run a neuroeconomics experiment but her research is likely to be of interest to neuroeconomists. Her research on how groups govern the commons is multidisciplinary including extensive field research, economics experiments...

Schools Using Money for Incentives


Recent articles in the front page of the Washington Post 8/22/2008 and the Business Day section of the New York Times 8/20/2008 both are talking about paying students to perform. So results so far in NY to incentivize performance on...

Internships for Neuroeconomists?


A google search inspired by this article in Science Careers on non-academic careers for behavioral scientists led me to this link about internships at Fidelity Investments's "Center for Applied Behavioral Economics"(no link)... "Candidates pursuing doctoral or post-doctoral studies in decision...

Neural synchronization: what information is fMRI missing?


A new single-cell firing study from MIT observes prefrontal activation to assign salience to novel stimuli, and parietal activity to draw attention to stimuli already recognized as salient. What I'm more excited about, is their discussion of neural synchrony as...

Ambiguity and Pessimism Bias


Although Saturday Night Live may be in the midst of a prolonged rough stretch, Debbie Downer is one of my all-time favorite characters (see a video or the Wikipedia entry). For those who are unfamiliar, the central figure in these...

Neuroscience and Culture


The initial edition (June, 2006) of Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience included a paper by Heatherton, Wyland, Macrae, Demos, Denny and Kelley that uses fMRI to differentiate the neural representation of oneself from that of one’s best friend: Whereas neural...

Beta blockers also block memories


Yahoo has clips from a recent 60 minutes special posted online on using propanolol to 'weaken' the memories associated with highly stressful events. Propanolol is a beta blocker, and epinephrine is a beta agonist. All sorts of beta receptors in...