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Published: Thu, 25 Jan 2007 22:47:00 +0100

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Required travel documents for Tonga
Required travel documents for Tonga: passport [...]

Electric power
Electric power: 240V / 50 Hz [...]

Area code to Tonga
Area code to Tonga: +616 [...]

The waters of Vava'u are truly magnificent - you can see the bottom ant 40 metres. You can swim inside the Swallows Cave and dive into Mariners Cave or discover the calm waterways by sea kayak. If you are feeling up to it why not venture out overnight an [...]

Tongatapu is home to the capital - Nuku'alofa. It is where the Royal Family lives. There are the magnificent blowholes on the south western side of the island to the ancient capital of Mu'a - with its fascinating Terrace Tombs in the east. Ha'amonga the m [...]

The Niuas
Across the north of Tongatapu lies the two Niuas - 'Niuatoputapu and Niuafo'ou. They are about 300 miles from the main island of Tongatapu. Niuatoputapu is ideal for walking; most interesting sights can be covered in just two days. Niuatoputapu is surroun [...]

A walk around the sleepy capital of Lifuka on the main Island of Pangai is a must if for no other reason than to savour the slow pace of life. There is no traffic, no crowds and no queues - just peace and tranquility. Visit the Shirley Baker monument and [...]

'Eua is a quiet, peaceful, mostly undeveloped location. It is Tonga's premier location to experience nature. It's easy to get there as a ferry leaves most days from Nuku'alofa and takes about two hours. As you walk through the National Park down an escarp [...]

Although slightly cooler than most other tropical islands, casual attire is recommended for most occasions. Brief shorts, bathing suits, bikinis are fine for the beaches and pool-sides, but are frowned upon if worn in public. Tonga law prohibits any perso [...]

Medical Facilities
Government provides comprehensive medical and dental facilities for residents and visitors, including modern hospitals in Nuku'alofa, Ha'apai and Vava'u. There are also dispensaries, chemists and pharmacies available. There are no major communicable disea [...]