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Published: Thu, 25 Jan 2007 20:40:07 +0100

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Required travel documents for Falkland Islands
Required travel documents for Falkland Islands: passport [...]

Electric power
Electric power: 240V / 50 Hz [...]

Area code to Falkland Islands
Area code to Falkland Islands: +500 [...]

Natural world
The Falkland Islands were visited by Charles Darwin in the 19th Century and, like the Galapagos, were found by him to contain examples of flora and fauna, not found elsewhere. These discoveries in the context of the isolation of the islands in which they [...]

Drugs warning
We in the Falkland Islands are proud of our low incidence of cases of drugs abuse and the Government is firmly committed to maintaining the drugs-free environment currently enjoyed here. Whilst convictions for drugs-related offences are few and far betwee [...]

Falklands food is generally of British character, but with occasional borrowings from South America. In the 'camp' or rural areas, expect three large meals a day, often punctuated by "smoko": tea or coffee served with home made cakes and biscuits. In Stan [...]

Casual clothing is the order in the Falklands. Travellers should take clothes similar to those worn for outdoor activities in Maine during spring. Particularly important are a windproof jacket, or anorak, with hood or hat and a stout pair of walking boots [...]

The Falklands pound equals one pound sterling and notes and coins are similar, except in design, to those of UK. British money circulates freely in the Islands. There are no currency restrictions and exchange facilities are available at Standard Chartered [...]

240 Volts AC; 50 HZ. [...]

Cape Bougainville
Cape Bougainville is another very good area for Rockhopper penguin with several thousand birds and a shorter somewhat easier journey of about two and a half hours, and only forty five minutes off road.

The coastline here is just as impressive as [...]