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Updated: 2007-09-15T03:39:06Z


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A sign


Look, I don't know much about the entertainment media or show business—oh wait, actually, I do—but when the 72-point headline above your photo on the cover of Entertainment Weekly is "Oh, the horror!", chances are your "comeback" isn't going very well. (image)

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  • "We want to do the right thing for our valued iPhone customers. We apologize for disappointing some of you, and we are doing our best to live up to your high expectations of Apple." Good for Steve. Thanks.
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Born too soon and started too late


Back in the 1960s, long before a U.S. senator got busted for lewd behavior in an airport bathroom, it was called "the tearoom trade."

But social researchers knew almost nothing about it.

So a young graduate student at Washington University in St. Louis started digging. He spent months hanging out in the public restrooms of St. Louis' Forest Park. He wanted to observe the tearoom trade in action: men who met for brief, anonymous homosexual trysts in public. He wanted to discover what compelled them.

Laud Humphreys' research was pioneering. It shattered stereotypes. It also cost him his job.

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  • This is my new iPhone wallpaper.
  • A Bluetooth vibrating wristband to augment the weak shimmies your cell phone gives off. Great for noisy environments. (I have to say, the iPhone vibrate is great. I haven't missed a call or SMS yet.)
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  • A nice overview that nonetheless omits the usage of the dashed line with which most people are probably familiar: charting l'il Billy's treks across the neighborhood in "The Family Circus".
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