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Published: 2016-03-16T23:14:39-07:00


Discardia Guide to Travel Stress Reduction: Quick Test of Your Gear


Pack less, way less You really appreciate having less when you're racing across an airport or schlepping from train to train in a strange place. Traveling with a single carry-on bag is an art form well worth mastering. Don’t just...

Choices for the Journey Ahead


You're about to move. You may not have realized this, but it's true. This time next year you'll be a different you, maybe majorly different or maybe only slightly. And that different you will live —or should—in a home better...

You still have permission not to do everything.


September's Discardian season focuses on the power of quality over quantity. On that theme, here's a post from a couple years ago which is just as true today: You have permission not to do everything. “I know I’ve got more...