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The Diary of a Midwife

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By: The Student

Sun, 25 Jun 2006 05:51:09 +0000

All of those ideas would have made *much* better commercials than the ones they're currently airing! I wonder how many moms (breastfeeders and non-breastfeeders alike) they actually had consulting on these commercials? Any??

By: heatherw

Thu, 22 Jun 2006 14:21:01 +0000

I think maybe I will get in touch with the people who made these commercials and try to sell them some of my pregnant skydiving videos (no, I quit when we heard the heartbeat, so only we are the wiser.) or perhaps some of my pregnant hiking pictures. Ha ha! Who are these commercials targetting anyway? It just doesn't make sense. They're crazy. I'd like to see a "woman on the street" type of commercial where people express positive attitudes regarding working and pumping. Like, "It was nowhere near as difficult as I thought!", "Three of my employees did it, and really, it wasn't a problem", or maybe, "My baby was the only one at day care that never seemed to get sick!"