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Preview: Mr Bagel Radio

Mr Bagel Radio

Updated: 2016-05-18T20:45:14.198-07:00


Mr Bagel is Back


Yes its true, despite a spectacular absence of blogging for over two months, Mr Bagel has returned.
Mr Bagel has been 'moving' from a remote country location to a more civilised part of Australia.

Moving has required Mr Bagel to do five seperate trips of over 2,000kms each, despite selling what we thought was almost all of our worldly possesions, we still had to do five trips to move our 'personal belongings'. Which raises one very valid point, how personal can 5 trailers worth of belongings be? Do you think Mr Bagel might just be a horder? mmm?

Anyway after selling all our furniture we have been rushing around buying beds and fridges and lounges and just about everything else required to life a civilised life. Now that Mr Bagel has moved to civilisation he has decided to stop talking to the soccer ball with a wig. (Tom Hanks.)

We've only been in town a week but, living where there are shops, and services is such a refreshing break from living hours away from the most basic shopping. Its taking some adjustment, I generally spoke to about 3 peaople a month where I lived, now I see hundreds a day.

Mr Bagel: Thank you to all the well wishers and the emails I received

The Day the Music Dies


SFweeklyWith the current development with music royalties and internet radio stations, has the booming internet radio surge been dealt a mortal blow?Elise Nordling answers the door to SomaFM's warehouse headquarters in the Mission District wearing blue hair, a studded belt, blue jeans, and black slip-on flats. She glides up three flights of stairs and into an art-filled workspace the Internet radio station rents for $600. Near the east-facing windows, natural light streams in through big, gridded panes and ignites her business partner Rusty Hodge's frizzy, fiery-red, shoulder-length hair and scruffy beard.The 44-year-old Hodge is a big dude who obviously likes beer. He sits at his desk and wears a kid's smile, Hawaiian shirt, brown stone-washed jeans, running sneakers, and red tortoise-shell glasses. Beneath his manly gut, a MacBook Pro operates SomaFM's 11 stations. Red and black T-shirts, banners, and stickers for the 500,000-listeners-a-month station flank him like some schwag sweatshop.Though you wouldn't guess it to look at them or their surroundings, Nordling and Hodge are media moguls — Internet-style.They spend a huge amount of their lives just listening to what people send them and buying rarities, then needle dropping (playing few-second samples) to see if it's any good. "It drives my roommate crazy," says Elise. "I'll tell him, I'm going to be listening to CDs tonight and he goes ... " — she drops her voice to imitate someone sounding sullen — "'Oh.'""My neighbors always say, 'Can you play the whole song, please?'" says Rusty with his smile.Rusty has built his audience from scratch since 1996, and the rise of SomaFM roughly corresponds with the rise of Net radio. Currently capturing 72 million listeners per month — versus 280 million for terrestrial radio — Net radio has hijacked the authority of terrestrial radio with one-billionth the resources over the last 15 years."Big radio's least-common-denominator approach creates playlists that the least amount of people will ever turn off. There's no personality, no edge," says Hodge. "The challenge here is to do a lot with a little."Webcasters like Seattle's KEXP and San Francisco's SomaFM are the de facto curators of America's most avant-garde electric art galleries. Their playlists read like Next Big Thing cheat sheets for mainstream DJs, college radio stations, marketers, and advertisers. What was once a cult of hobbyists now encompasses major players like Clear Channel, which simulcasts existing holdings and compete against offerings from National Public Radio, AOL, and Yahoo.Now this weird radio empire could all come crashing down in less than a month on what people in the industry are calling D-Day, or "the day the music dies."On July 15, the bill comes due for a whole new set of royalties that will wipe out Net radio as we know it. No more KEXP, no more SomaFM, you name it.A ruling by the Copyright Royalty Board back in March hiked SomaFM's royalty bill from $10,000 in 2006 to $600,000, retroactively — even though the little radio company's gross revenues were only $125,000 last year.But SomaFM and other Webcasters are fighting back.Within three weeks of the CRB's decision, a fan of Pandora radio — a site that uses a "music genome" to tailor what it plays to each individual listener's taste (see sidebar on Pandora) — created a Web site. Similar sites kept springing up, and many in the community saw the need for a unified front.Around that time, SomaFM's Nordling and Hodge, Pandora founder Tim Westergren, and Ted Leibowitz from Bagel Radio met at a Starbucks in the Mission and planned an assault. They decided to ally themselves with their much bigger brothers at the Digital Media Association — which represents AOL, Yahoo, and terrestrial radio conglomerates like Clear Channel. SaveNetRadio is now more than just a Web site — it's a coalition."In an insane way, the best thing is rates are so insanely bad that everyone agrees," says Westergren with a laugh. "There's no disagreement on the margins w[...]

Linkin Park Parody


Fans of Linkin Park please move on nothing to see here...
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If the Video Doesn't play click Here:
Linkin Park Parody

Well, sometimes Satire hurts?

The Home of Mr Bagel Radio


Welcome to the Home of Mr Bagel Radio.
Mr Bagel's just got this gig up and running so there's a bit of a mess about, come in get comfy and sit back and relax to some of your favorite tunes.

Mr Bagel is busily putting together an selection of Favorite turns which will appeal to a broad selection of listeners.

Most will be in some way reflective of being Jewish, but the choices will range from classics to contemporary.
As Mr Bagel is building up his new list, he is prudently assuring the songs are available for Public playing, if you know otherwise please feel free to leave a comment in the comment section.

If you know of a Jewish Band or Musician who is looking for exposure, I'd be happy to feature some of their music, and also avail some space for a review or feature in Mr Bagel Music [next door].

If you know of a Jewish song/songs in the public domain please point them out for Mr Bagel.

I hope You'll find the selection which will be coming soon to your taste, feel free to ask for any requests.

If you've read all the way down here, then your Mr Bagel's type of visitor, he'll let you know a little secret, you can listen to Mr Bagel's selection from any of his pages by simply using the pop up MP3 player which is accessed by clicking the third button on the left titled Play, with that info the Surf is UP!

Mr Bagel