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Alan Green Writes

Published: 2008-03-03T22:55:02+00:00


Java Nerd-Shirt


Charles is getting together a bunch of T-shirt slogans for Java nerds. Here's what I'd put on mine: dup iadd iconst_0 ior Groovy That'll ramp up the nerd quotient of just about any gathering on the face of the Earth.

Step-by-step to a southerly setting sun


The last paragraph of my previous post wasnt particularly clear. Heres a step-by-step guide to modelling the Suns direction at sunset, using only a ball, a lamp, and a texta. Put a lamp up one end of the room. This will be the Sun. Get a ball to re...

Sydneyside Southerly Sunset


Julian has an astronomical puzzle. He claimed: If you are located further South than the Tropic of Capricorn, then the Sun will never be directly overhead, and furthermore will only appear in the Northern half of the sky. I predicted that this fa...

Last Day


Well, after four and a half years, Im leaving this job. Its been a blast. For such a little company, its amazingly stuffed with talented, interesting people. Amongst my colleagues are Keith, David, and Neville. Other alumni include Charles Miller (wh...

Rails vs Django Paper and Slides


Following in the steps of beautiful people such as Mary, Keith, Andy, and Anthony, Im posting the paper and slides for Bens and my OSDC presentation. The Rails vs Django Paper in Open Office The Rails vs Django Paper as a pdf The Rails vs Django P...

JUnit 4 tutorial on

2006-12-12T20:21:01+00:00 has a neat little JUnit 4 tutorial. I hadnt checked before, but JUnit 4 includes a whole bunch of new features.

Mmm flame-bait


As flame-bait, Ten reasons why every programmer should learn C is pretty good. It takes a perfectly reasonable proposition, that learning C can be helpful, expresses it as an absolute, then backs it up with ten points, each of which is either mislead...

Why Java needs to escape Sun's clutches


At the same time as I had a great big blog dummy spit about a known memory leak in java.util.concurrent, I did the constructive thing and submitted a bug report. My basic point was that, if the code cant be fixed, the problem and its workaround shoul...

Rails vs Django


Bens and my Rails vs Django OSDC paper is now up on Google Docs. Please have a read, and, if you have any feedback, leave a comment here, or get in touch via the email addresses at the bottom of the paper.

Beware the memory leak in java.util.concurrent


I recently discovered that, under certain circumstances, synchronisation mechanisms offered by java.util.concurrent leak memory. When making a timed wait against, say, CountDownLatch, the latch will allocate a small object that is not garbage collect...

Google maps API


I had a look at the Google Maps Javascript API. It put me in mind of the Melbourne Metropolitan Fire Brigades active incident display recently developed by my colleague, Chris so I wrote a quick Python script to scrape the MFBs page and jammed the ...

I Want One


Sun have recently released Project Blackbox 250 T1000 servers in a box. I Want One. Or Two. Perhaps if I put it on my Amazon wishlist

Fixing Weird Threading Issues


For those of us with weird Java threading problems, StackTrace is magic. Try this: Start a Java application. Anything will do, even Eclipse or IDEA. Point your browser at their download page. Click the "Launch" icon. Click through the warning...

The engineer and the manager


I heard the Hot Air Balloon, Manager and Engineer joke several years ago, and its still funny. Lots of other people seem to think so too.

More Muhahahaha


Inspired by todays Daily WTF, heres the Google search for evil genius code. That search led me to a file named, which seems to show that virus authors comment their code quite well. Digg ing a little on the a...