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Comments on: Quote of the Day

Harangues that just make sense

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By: best card credit student (141d8b)

Thu, 22 May 2008 15:30:20 +0000

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By: BeldarBlog (72c8fd)

Sat, 11 Aug 2007 21:15:20 +0000

Kerry's and Beauchamp's shared pre-traumatic stress disorder... Others have noted the parallels between fraud Scott Thomas Beauchamp and fraud John F. Kerry in their lies about their fellow servicemen, but it wasn't until I read Charles Krauthammer's op-ed today — in which he noted (as have others) that the who...

By: Alan Kellogg (5cc985)

Thu, 09 Aug 2007 07:43:32 +0000

#87, I'm not paid for being insane, I receive support because I am insane. :)

By: JD (06a9d8)

Thu, 09 Aug 2007 04:26:52 +0000

Patterico - My bad. I should be better than the trolls, but sometimes I allow my inner liberal to act out, and I get all emotional in my responses. Speaking of which, I had the unfortunate opportunity to catch the end of algore on Oprah. What an incredible amount of nonsense packed into one show. I was appreciably dummer for having watched it.

By: Christoph (92b8f7)

Thu, 09 Aug 2007 00:48:41 +0000


By: Christoph (92b8f7)

Thu, 09 Aug 2007 00:48:09 +0000

Fair enough. Does that include calling him a flat-out liar in regards to his political affiliation? I don't believe this qualifies as "name calling"; I believe it's a provable fact. It's impossible to find any identifiable conservative or Republican position he has yes espoused here or on any blog -- including the several he has been banned from for being a "troll" (whatever that means):
As a verb, the practice of trying to lure other Internet users into sending responses to carefully-designed incorrect statements or similar "bait."

By: Patterico (2a65a5)

Thu, 09 Aug 2007 00:39:06 +0000

I don't ban people for being "trolls" (whatever that means) but I'm perfectly happy to have people ignoring them if they wish.' What I am tired of seeing -- and it's from both sides -- is name-calling. For example:
you dim witted fuck Fucker. What a bunch of motherfucking idiots you turd
I don't claim to be perfect in this area myself, so save me the recriminations about how I've done it too. Everyone gets carried away and/or emotional from time to time. But this is getting to be commonplace discourse here, and it's getting old. I would like my comment section to be something better than this, as a general rule. Kindly cease and desist from all such nonsense immediately. Thank you.

By: Pablo (99243e)

Thu, 09 Aug 2007 00:31:04 +0000

I’m done
Somehow, I think it's prudent to hold off on the champagne toast.

By: Robin Roberts (6c18fd)

Thu, 09 Aug 2007 00:26:09 +0000

JD, the private contractors are outside of the definition of mercenary so long as they are not used as combat troops. So long as they provide security for private buildings, public non-military buildings, other private contractors like construction etc., they are not being "specially recruited locally or abroad in order to fight in an armed conflict". If Blackwater fielded a combat regiment, then they would be mercenaries. The rest is not necessary to reach at all. It is all left-wing paranoid nonsense. As we've seen in other threads.

By: JD (0c5b67)

Thu, 09 Aug 2007 00:24:29 +0000

Robin - I thought the resident Leftists were against torture under any circumstance, but they do not hesitate to torture the English language at will, and anyone subjected to their incoherent rants.