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Published: 2016-02-21T01:53:32+00:00


electronic superhighway


last sunday i was at electronic superhighway (2016-1966) at the whitechapel art gallery. the exhibition works backwards, from the latest artworks dealing with the internet, data and surveillance, to early experiments in computer related art and composition. i preferred the...

LED lights


today i bought LED lightbulbs for the kitchen, to replace the compact fluorescents. and i'm a little freaked. not by the brightness, though that is a blessing, but by the way the light hits full brightness instantly when the switch...



was at the excellent cosmonauts exhibition at the science museum today. among all the marvels, the thing that gave me the chills was the LK-3 lunar lander - the soviet equivalent of the US lunar module. it was like looking...

the fourth strap


on thursday my 1984 swatch got its fourth strap. the first lasted a year or so before it split, the next maybe 5 years, and the third strap around 25 years. how long will this one last?

howies 20th


so howies are 20 today. i knew about them more or less from the start, had seen their early stuff in slam city skates i think, but the relationship started in 2003 when i saw one of their inspirational catalogues...

milton keynes


the recent death of derek walker, the chief architect of milton keynes, has finally given me a pretext to make this blog entry which has been sitting on my phone for 18 months! in fact my musings were prompted by...

dawn of midi and nils frahm


friday night was with jonny, mike and dean to see nils frahm at the roundhouse, supported by dawn of midi. dawn of midi played the whole of their current release dysnomia. they are in format a jazz trio, drums/double bass/piano,...

hook on guardian cities


one of my hook new town flickr images is featured in this article on the guardian cities website about unbuilt london schemes. really it's pushing it to call hook a 'london' scheme - even though it was produced by london...

as found


was in pretentious coffee shop in bermondsey wondering how to move on from this 'as found' aesthetic which has become ubiquitous and artificially created ("curated"). from a green point of view it's great that we know how to make acceptable...



iterative church iterations of faith iterative theology iteration: repeated experimental statements/variations in search for solution an initial guess to generate successive approximations to a solution an understanding that current formulation is temporary and contingent and will have to be revisited...