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Quit Smoking Help, Support, and Information with over 300 pages of excellent information.


Join Our Quit Smoking Support Bulletin Board
Our Quit Smoking Bulletin Board has been around for 15 years providing much needed support for people who are in the process of quitting smoking! It is a fantastic place to discuss anything related to quitting smoking and your experiences in quitting.

The Quit Smoking Coach
For the past 15 years I've helped thousands of people to successfully stop smoking achieving outstanding success rates many times better than quitting on your own. My program is based on the principle of support, a very important yet often overlooked element in the quitting smoking process. My 6 week program will provide you with personalized on-on-one daily support, extremely helpful advice, valuable quit tips plus positive encouragement.

Interactive Areas
If you are quitting smoking it is very helpful to quit with others who are going through the quitting smoking process! Join in our interactive areas.

Common Nicotine WIthdrawal Symptoms
A comprehensive list of common withdrawal symptoms that you may be experiencing after you quit smoking.