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Otto sings Jack Be Nimble


Jack Be Nimble


Big Star's Try Again (cover)


Schroeder Audio, Inc.



Amp fixing by the best in town...

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Involver: The Web's Most Trusted Social Marketing Platform



Seems like a useful tool. Time for a little R&D.

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Back on a Floyd Kick...


Song of the Day:
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on bandcamp finally...




latest lakai in copenhagen
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Montrose Beach


Just another day at the beach. I love this one... Pretty proud of this photo.


Never Too Young to Work


Just another day watering your troubles away. In a moment of genius, Dad figured a way to begin sharing the yard duties. Granted he's starting with my favorite job, but it's at least something. Next stop, the litter boxes... (please note the camoflague and plaid trend he's starting.)

Red Wings!


This was my house tonight. Finally, I can rest.

I Heart Goats


(image) If there is one gem that jackson *taught* Otto before he passed, it was to love animals. The only thing Otto could think to do while posing with the goat, was to show the same love that he gave jackson (probably more often than jackson would've prefered.) As you can see, a side of the haed to the belly is how this is expressed, regardless of species... There was a series of "awwws" behind the camera from other zoogoers during the capture of these digital bits.

Mount Whitney - Memorial Day Weekend '08


Here's the pictures from my trip over Memorial Day weekend. We started in Lone Pine, at the base of Mount Whitney in the Sierra Nevada range. We had a great time, even though the weather got a bit scary for us urban dwellers that aren't used snow AND mountains. It was a total whiteout near the 2nd camp, so we left the next day and went through Death Valley, Barstow (can you say Crystal Meth?), and then Joshua Tree National Park. We ended our trip with a visit to my college roommate in LA and cheered on game #2 Red Wings victory of the Pens. All in all a successful trip.

Stanley Cup Finals!!!


(image) Last night couldn't have gone much better. Home-made mexican food for dinner. Dad and Otto watched The Wings dominate the Stars once again. And somewhere during the first period Mom crept off and made chocolate chip cookies. It was like a birthday... Next stop, Stanley Cup Finals. I've even watched a few Penguins games in anticipation of finding a few players to replace the Forsberg/Lemieux hate of years past. Go Wings!

What a nut!


This Blaine character...

Warm, but not that warm yet...


Someone still thinks he's in Sanibel. We were watering some plants on Sunday, and Otto thought it was the shower, his favorite place on earth. In an unplanned soaking, he later learned it's not quite summer yet.

Wreck your feet!



Stumbled (no pun intended) on this article that is worth reading on how we're "wrecking our feet."

Sanibel 2008


Sanibel 2008

We had another great week with family on the beach in Sanibel. We did miss one group of cousins that couldn't make it this year, but still managed to have fun in their absence. Otto is truly a beach kid, never complained once from sand in the eyes, salt water in the mouth (he actually enjoys the extra sodium...), and was content being lubed up in 50 sunblock. Didn't take too many pictures this year, but nonetheless, here's a quick album of a few of the shots.

Look Dad, Hot Dougs (again.)


My son is now taunting me at 19 months. He and his mom were once again able to repeat a fun series of events that proved successful last time. The need: Haircut. The want: Hot Dougs.

The haircut thankfully is not an issue for him as he pretty much enjoys the barber shop. Hot Dougs however, continues to elude us 9 to 5ers. We drove past there on a sunny 60 degree Sunday afternoon and the line was more than 100 feet down the sidewalk out the front door. Today is a different story. Both haircut and hot dog are manageable, especially on a Monday, as seen here in the action photo below:


He almost looks like he's taunting me. Like he's basking in the glory of being VIP. Like the soup nazi actually likes him. Like haircuts aren't that cool. Like "Hot Doug's is just another hot dog dad... like, dude, bring it down a notch. This place is so last year."

The Run vs. Chubby Hubby


So my mom unknowingly sent me on a mission: to determine how far my runs will need to be offset my chubby hubby intake. (RUN=CHOFFSET VALUE)

If you take a look here, you'll see that the Hubbie's serving size is a measly 1/2 cup, of which there are 4 serving sizes, or 2 cups in the pint. Unfortunately I can easily put down a whole pint, but traditionally sink a half pint in one sitting. Doing the unpleasant math, that means I gulp down nearly 700 calories and 40grams of fat. Double that and you see why I've required tums late night...

What all this means, is that I have to either hit the pavement (or treadmill) at 6.0mph for 55 minutes. That's pretty much a six mile run, of which I've yet to accomplish in one workout in years. Yikes.

I've had to settle for these for now, but they only require a 7 minute run. Not so bad...

Might be scary to require an "Exercise Offset" on the Nutrition Facts. There doing it with Carbon, why not?

Map My Run


Haven't been doing very much running lately, but did run yesterday, and found this site recently that's pretty decent for seeing how far you went... in an effort to determine how much chubby hubby is acceptable...

src="" frameborder="0" height="700" width="100%"><a href="">4 Mile Addison/Montrose lap</a><br/><a href="">Find more Runs in Chicago, Illinois</a>

Like father, like son.


Otto has finally started pointing at the 'birdy' on Dad's arm. Let's hope he doesn't go down this path.

To all my nephews - better watch yourself...



The Fashion Show


Today was not like every other. Today I attended a fashion show that my wife and child were participating in. Here's a group of shots you can check out - pretty awesome! While my wife wore some Mark Shale stuff at average prices, Otto wore clothes that cost more than what I wear in a week. He's donning Oilily, each outfit totalling over three hundred smackeroos. Enjoy Jon-Benet Hess and his Tennis Mom.