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Preview: Emmett Hogan's Echo Chamber

Emmett Hogan's Echo Chamber

He Just Won't Stop Talking

Updated: 2014-10-03T00:01:13.931-05:00


Slow Internet, Slow Blogging


Or nonexistent, rather. After graduation, I arrived home in Chicago to find that the wireless network I had been piggybacking on was now password-protected. (Yes, I stole internet access, you would have done it too, don't lie.) I apologize to all of my regular readers (to wit: myself, people I directly prod to read it, and - if LaRouche has it right - Dick Cheney).

The Hogan clan is in the process of switching to another satellite TV provider who can also give us high-speed internet access. If all goes well, I'll be back going on about nothing in no time.

"It's a Management Tool"

2007-06-30T15:14:39.656-05:00, does that mean he's going to bill the city?

Sarkozy Ahead!


After their televised and widely watched debate this week, Nicholas Sarkozy has extended his lead over Ségolene Royal in the French presidential election. The scuttlebutt is that Royal imploded in the debate, but Sarkozy kept his cool throughout.

The election is Sunday. Go Sarkozy!

More Tag Clouds


The Republicans this time.

Devil's Details


(image) More pictures of Michigan Law School's gargoyles here. All pictures are by fellow law student Brian Pascal.

Desert Island Debate


Hard-hitting stuff. I can't believe how lame so many of the answers are. The four front-runners all said "books."

Pithiest answers: Brownback, Tancredo.

Tag Clouds


A fascinating way to follow the debates.

HT: Althouse.

Three Down!


One to go.

Go Hillary!


I'm liking her more and more....

Al-Qaeda's the Problem in Iraq


...and Harry Reid's the problem here.

Rank Hypocrisy


Tim Blair has the goods on Media Watch.

They Didn't Study


Apparently not.



I totally want to live here!

"I'm So Excited. I'm So... Scared!"


We knew caffeine was dangerous.... But it's what it does on the inside that's most destructive.

"That is at best misleading, and at worst outright Pelagianism."


How often do you get to throw that down in an argument? Not enough, clearly.

"Some of us are truly born bad."


Lucid words in the pages of the Gray Lady.

It's April 20!


What should I do?

"Bespectacled cynics prone to neuroses who are actually doing just fine"


That's NPR's audience, right there.

[HT: Douthat, on Sullivan.]

UPDATE: Oh, and Wikipedia links to this delightful bit of scandalmongering about Glass's unsuitability as a life partner. From 1998! (Well, only part of it's scandalmongering, really.)

Here's the best bit:
"Get this," says Barry. "He dumps me and does this radio piece about getting his hair cut. That is Ira to a T. You know what he used to call me? He used to call me his 'little ghetto girl!' We were reading the New York Times one morning a couple of weeks in, and he looked at me and said, 'You don't know what the IMF is, do you?'"
Wow. You can taste the condescension. He should give a master class.

Tragedy in Real Time


A striking account of NBC's handling of materials from the Virginia Tech murderer.

He's Man's Best Friend


Found this in the Office of Career Services. (Kidding.)

More Regulations on Gun Reporting Now!


An idea whose time has come.

[I know, "whose" is improper, but that's the expression.]

I Agree with Simon Cowell


If he did roll his eyes at the contestant, he was right. Coming as soon as it did on the heels of obvious criticism, contestant Chris Richardson's sudden shout-out on the Virginia Tech tragedy seems like an attempt to dodge the criticism. And an unseemly one, at that. Richardson had apparently intended to mention it, so it may just be a case of unfortunate timing.... Still, tsk tsk.

A Thought


So now that the Dems are in control of the Senate, will Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens resign? Having been appointed by Ford, and being a Republican himself, the liberal jurist has apparently said he would prefer to have his successor appointed by a Republican president. With the Senate in Democratic hands, however, any misgivings Stevens might have about his replacement's philosophy being sharply divergent from his own would be assuaged somewhat. And it's anyone's guess, at this remove, what party will hold the White House beyond 2008.

So is a retirement coming down the pike?

US Passports: Now 20% More Patriotic!


I'm surprised we didn't hear more about this sooner.



Science can be neat, man.