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Preview: Utterly Ridiculous - Blog al-Muslihoon

Utterly Ridiculous - Blog al-Muslihoon

Unto each person exists a view of the world, which is that person's reality. This is Our reality, Our world. Read it, and weep. "inna naHnu-l-a'lam."

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From BlameBush!: Mother Sheehan and Her Son


Sometimes, one line in a blogpost will jump out and grab one's attention by the throat.Such a line We found today:Compassion obviously eludes Ann Coulter, who openly mocks Cindy Sheehan, a grieving mother who sacrificed her only begotten son so that the peace movement may live.From Book Review: Godless by Ann Coulter of BlameBush! (a parody blog).innaa naHnu-l-a'lam.

From Where Comes "Moslem"?


"Moslem" has been used in English to refer to "Muslim" for quite some time. Muslims get a little upset when people use "Moslem" as the proper word is "Muslim." But Muslims are jumping the gun a bit. "Moslem" is not an English corruption of "Muslim.""Moslem" comes from the Persian pronunciation of the Arabic word "Muslim." Persian renders its short vowels a little differently than Arabic. Short "u

GIs Cleared WRT Ishaqi; Probe Open on Haditha


According to Yahoo! News, GIs have been cleared of any charges regarding collateral damage at Ishaqi. The probe regarding the same by Marines at Haditha is still open.To reiterate Our previous policy: We will not formulate an opinion until the probe has come to an end and the results thereof have been released.We shall place the following piece of information alongside whatever finding the probe

On Haditha


We have been quite disturbed by reports of civilian casualties by the hands of US Marines in Haditha, Iraq.However, to be quite frank, We do not know any of the facts. What happened? Who did what? What were the circumstances? Why did what happen, happen? There is too much speculation floating around for Us to form even the semblance of an opinion on what may have transpired.But with regard to one

Memorial Day Tribute


According to Yahoo! News:The nation can best honor the dead by "defeating the terrorists. ... and by laying the foundation for a generation of peace," Bush said.Quite true indeed.We pay tribute to the sacred memory of all the brave and selfless men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice for the safety and protection of The United States, becoming effectively martyrs in the American Cause.



In Our culture, dogs are considered to be unclean animals. Outside of the fact that in Pakistan dogs are mostly stray rather than pets, dogs are considered to be unclean according to Islamic law. It is said that angels will not enter a home wherein there is a dog. Furthermore, prayers offered in an impure area are invalid; dogs, as a source of impurity, make roomes and homes impure. These are

Job Application Blues


Being diabetic (type I, also known as insulin-dependent, diabetes) does not often concern Us. It is only when applying for jobs with The Government that We begin to regret it. Being diabetic limits Our options: for a number of positions it is an automatic disqualifier. For example, We cannot join any branch of The Military. Civilian positions may be open to Us, but they may be because if the

Some Insight Into Anti-War Protestors


This post by tgslTakoma is a very interesting one. We have often heard of protests by anti-war activists. We have even heard of counter-protests. But this post informs the reader of a number of very interesting points:the objectives of anti-war protestorshow counter-protesters cooperate with law enforcement officialsthe mannerisms and behavior of anti-war protesters (including some hypocrisy,

Three Sources of Information You Should Know About


There are a few sources of information by way of podcast that We would recommend to everyone. Some of them are daily; one of them is weekly.First: The podcast of The President's weekly radio address. We listen to this every Monday. Most of the time what The President has to say is good, insightful, and helpful.Second: Daily podcasts from The Pentagon Channel. They provide news on the military's

Mahmoud Abbas The Hero? Not So Fast


According to this news article by Yahoo! News and this news article by The Jerusalem Post, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is threatening to submit to the Palestinian people a referendum unless Hamas and al-Fath come to some sort of agreement. Obviously, Abbas is putting pressure on Hamas to compromise as al-Fath are loyal to him and his party. The referendum he threatens to put before the

Wiccans and Neo-Pagans and Satanists, Oh My!


The problem with the word "Satanic" is that it has so many meanings and connotations. Whereas there have been some who have been swept up by the impression of serving the Evil One/Ones, Satan, Lucifer, Beelzebub, et cetera, and accordingly committing heinous crimes ("the Devil made me do it," see also Faust and his pact with Mephistopheles), Satanism as an organized expression of spirituality/

Reading From The Torah: What It Entails


Many people believe "Bar Mitzvah" and "Bat Mitzvah" refers to a celebration when a Jewish boy or girl, respectively, comes of age. "Bar mitzvah" means, literally, "son of the commandment," meaning the boy is now under the yoke of the mitzvot (commandments) of Judaism. "Bat mitzvah" means "daughter of the commandment." This refers to the belief that on a boy's thirteenth birthday and on a girl's

Regarding Reports That Iran Will Force Religious Minorities To Distinguish Themselves By Clothing


As some may have come to know, a news report was being circulated that stated that majles-e shooraa-ye eslaami (literally, the "Islamic Consultative Assembly," also known as the Majles or Parliament of Iran) passed a law requiring Jews, Christians, and Zoroastrians to wear distinctive badges.We must emphasize that this story is not entirely true. It is true that the Irani Majles passed

Bush Is A RINO. He's Not Racist Enough.


There are some who charge that Republicans are all racist. It would then be no surprise that it is charged that Republican administrations are also racist. If so, perhaps Bush has been afflicted with color-blindness. There are too many minorities in his previous and current administrations for him to be found honoring The Republican Party's racist platform. Perhaps this means he's a RINO?We feel

Comedy with a Spine: Carlos Mencia


Carlos Mencia tells his audience how he took on a disgruntled Middle Easterner.Some foul language. Very, very amusing indeed.From this post on My Pet Jawa, mentioned in this post by Pure Gum Spirits.innaa naHnu-l-a'lam.

What's Good for Pakistanis Is Good for Latinos


We are reposting this from where We originally posted it on Vince aut Morire. I found the recent “immigration” protests to be quite annoying for a variety of reasons. People may or may not be aware but right after 9/11, the Government began cracking down on Arabs and South Asians. Those here illegally were deported, which means that many people were deported. Back in their countries of origin,

On Animals Being Slaughtered


Warning: The following post contains elements that may not be suitable for people with weak stomachs. We assume no responsibility for any appetites lost or meat set aside hereafter. Read at your own risk. This is not a campaign by PETA. Or, it may be if PETA means "People for the Edible Treatment of Animals." Indeed, despite all the below, We love meat a lot (particularly Porterhouse steaks,

United 93: Another Note on Muslim Practice


*sigh* We don't want to post this, but it is perhaps something We should say.Those who have not watched United 93 are recommended not to read further. Consider the comments below to be spoilers of sorts.Many of you who have watched United 93 will remember a certain scene, which has been seared at least in Our mind, stuck like an axe in one's back that one cannot extract. This is the scene when

The Taxes on the Dhimmis


One thing We love about comments is questions readers have. As is Our habit, sometimes Our responses are quite lengthy. But ever so often a question is so good, eliciting such a response, that We feel others may be wondering the same. In that case, We will post the question and the answer.We would also like to say that We will try to respond to every comment, either to thank the commenter or to

Under Surveillance


Regarding the whole NSA eavesdropping issue, let Us say a few words (despite the fact that We debate whether We should say anything or not).We have first-hand experience with being under surveillance. For a number of reasons, which We will not discuss publicly or privately (because We should not), the house which We live in with Our parents and siblings has had its telephone and internet activity

Islamic Legalism


Regarding rights, in Islam there are two categories of rights: the rights of God (huqooqu-llaah) and the rights of the people (huqooqu-l-abaad). The rights of God concern those things which God is owed (mainly obedience to His laws as revealed in Islam, which includes as its foundation faithful adherence to the Five Pillars of Islam). The rights of the people concern those things which people are

Video Amusement


Mother's Day Picture: a YouTube video that should surely melt every mother's heart. Via skinbad of Innocent Bystanders.This ("The Good Word") is also an amusing video by the same duo.innaa naHnu-l-a'lam.

Book Meme


From Christopher Taylor of Word Around the Net:Just for fun, a game going around various blogs.Grab the nearest book.Open it to page 161.Find the fifth sentence.Post the text of the sentence along with these instructions. Don'’t search around and look for the coolest book you can find. Use what's actually next to you, if there's no book nearby, grab the first one you see. If it doesn't have 161

Ahmadinezhad's Letter to President Bush


This is an excellent analysis of Ahmadinejad's letter to President Bush. (Thanks to Dave in Texas.)Just one point to make: He forgot "Death to Israel."inna naHnu-l-a'lam.