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Alan Green Writes

Published: 2008-03-03T22:55:02+00:00


Java Nerd-Shirt


Charles is getting together a bunch of T-shirt slogans for Java nerds. Here's what I'd put on mine: dup iadd iconst_0 ior Groovy That'll ramp up the nerd quotient of just about any gathering on the face of the Earth.

Give me the damn source!


After taking a much-needed break, Im back programming Java. Much to my surprise, Im enjoying it. However, there is still one wound that time hasnt healed: JAR files without source. Oh, the hair Ive pulled out, staring at Javadoc, trying to divine wh...



Paul King, co-author of Groovy in Action is speaking on Grails, the Groovy version of Ruby on Rails. Grails is rip-off of Rails. Development in Grailsis much the same as Rails. It even has the same folder layout. There is IDE support for Grails. Gr...

Behaviour Driven Design


Tom Adams Better testing through Behaviour on the topic of Behaviour Driven Development. BDD is an offshoot of Test Driven Development and Domain Driven Development. The central idea is that you first specify the behaviour that youd like your code to...

Last Day


Well, after four and a half years, Im leaving this job. Its been a blast. For such a little company, its amazingly stuffed with talented, interesting people. Amongst my colleagues are Keith, David, and Neville. Other alumni include Charles Miller (wh...

JUnit 4 tutorial on

2006-12-12T20:21:01+00:00 has a neat little JUnit 4 tutorial. I hadnt checked before, but JUnit 4 includes a whole bunch of new features.

Why Java needs to escape Sun's clutches


At the same time as I had a great big blog dummy spit about a known memory leak in java.util.concurrent, I did the constructive thing and submitted a bug report. My basic point was that, if the code cant be fixed, the problem and its workaround shoul...

Beware the memory leak in java.util.concurrent


I recently discovered that, under certain circumstances, synchronisation mechanisms offered by java.util.concurrent leak memory. When making a timed wait against, say, CountDownLatch, the latch will allocate a small object that is not garbage collect...

Fixing Weird Threading Issues


For those of us with weird Java threading problems, StackTrace is magic. Try this: Start a Java application. Anything will do, even Eclipse or IDEA. Point your browser at their download page. Click the "Launch" icon. Click through the warning...

List of projects


I seem to have been flat out these last few months, and its time to re-evaluate and re-prioritise my list of hobby projects. The ones on my mind are: This years OSDC talk. Plenty to do on this, but its out for review at the moment. Rewrite this web...

Fantasy Slapdown: DHH vs Gavin King


Keith just had another brilliant thought. Pondering the positions of Rails and Seam, he writes, I'd love to hear a debate between [ David Heinemeier Hansson and Gavin King ], moderated of course by a calm neutral third party! Me too! And yes, we will need a calm, neutral, third party. I propose the following ground-rules: ...

Class Loading vs. Class Initialisation


Did you know that its possible to reference a Java class without initialising it? I do. But I didnt know it when I got into the office this morning. There are several steps the JVM must go through before a program can use a class. These steps are de...

java.util.Properties and Generics


I cant wait for Java 6.0. It looks like community involvement is a success. For instance, just now, I was working in JDK1.5, where I had a properties file and needed to see the kes. I wrote: for (String key : props.keySet()) { ... } ...

Just One More Level of Indirection


Any problem in computer science can be solved with another layer of indirection. But that usually will create another problem.David Wheeler My program had Tools. But there was no way for users to create a tool, so I made a list of ToolDefinitions....

OSDC 2006


The Open Source Developers Conference is on again this later year, in Melbourne, 5th 8th December, and the call for papers is out. If you develop or use open source software, this is a conference for you.