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Nihil Sine Deo

So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. - I Corinthians 10:31

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Thoughts on Churches Inspired By Christmas


We're here in Greenville with my family for Christmas.  Yesterday evening we went to Greenville ARP Church for the Christmas Eve service.  This is the church where I was a member for many years until I married and moved away. This time has made me think about the nature of churches, both old and new. Being part of a church plant is hard.  It opens your eyes to many things: for example

Pictures for KL


Theorems of the Paci


Having experience with three children now, I would like to put forward some theorems on the physics of pacifiers (pacis, binkies, etc.). These are all based on my observations. Theorem of Paci Uncertainty: It is not possible to know the location of all pacis designated for a single child at any given point in time. Theorem of Paci Induced Equilibrium: It is necessary to know the location of at

Philip's Birth Adventure


First, the announcement for those who may not have seen: Philip McLeland Nickles was born 12/16/2010 at 1:46 pm. He weighed 9 lbs even and measured 20 3/4 in. long.Tuesday, 12/14 - Appointment with doctor. Everything looked fine, and she seemed indifferent regarding an induction at that point. While I had an overall good induction experience with Lydia, I wanted to avoid that with Philip. However

One Month Old!


In honor of Philip's one-month birthday on Sunday, here are pics of all three at one month old.Stephen:Lydia:Philip:

Review: God's Technology video


My wife was given the opportunity to download a free copy of God's Technology, a video about training our children to rightly use digital technology. It is produced by HeadHeartHand and features David Murray, a professor at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary. Here is a review. Dr. Murray presents some guiding principles in how Christians should think about digital technology and some

New Blog for Technology & Theology


Greetings all - I've started a new blog: A Theology of Technology You'll find it here: It's a place to put my various thoughts on how to think about technology as a Christian.  Please come look if you're interested.

Commandment regarding the poor


But there will be no poor among you; for the Lord will bless you in the land that the Lord your God is giving you for an inheritance to possess—if only you will strictly obey the voice of the Lord your God, being careful to do all this commandment that I command you today. For the Lord your God will bless you, as he promised you, and you shall lend to many nations, but you shall not borrow, and

December 2010


Click here to view these pictures larger

Technology and Short Term Missions


Interesting article about the relationship of technology to short-term missions. When we didn't have the ability to keep up with friends and family while in a far-flung place, this wasn't an issue as it wasn't really possible. However, now that the Internet is so pervasive, I would think it is a strong temptation for short and long term missionaries to remain closely connected to their home,

Failure is Not an Option


I recently read Failure Is Not An Option by Gene Kranz, a former flight director (among many other jobs) at NASA. He's the flight director that is the main focus of the Apollo 13 movie. It's his memoir of his life, focusing mostly on his time in NASA and on the missions he was a part of. In short, I loved this book.  Spaceflight is terribly interesting to me, and I'm still amazed that they

Forcing Tech on Others


A fellow named John Dyer has an interesting post on his blog about how since his father cannot access the Internet, he does not get all of John's updates about his life. He must use "older" technology like the phone or postal mail to keep up or send pictures. This inspired a few thoughts.  One is that we have higher expectations of others to keep up with our lives.  We expect them to use the



This is a quick, fun project:

Pictures from Summer & Fall 2010


These are pictures from this summer and fall that I finally got off the camera.  This covers the local festival, VBS, beach trip, summer fun, Raleigh trip, birthdays, and Halloween.  I'm also testing out this embedded thing from Shutterfly to see how it works. Click here to view these pictures larger

A graduate school story


Here's a fun story for those that are or were grad students.  I sincerely hope you have never had an adviser like this.

Flu Shots


Kristy, Stephen, and I got flu shots yesterday.  I've been faithful in getting them since I had flu one time many years ago.  Stephen was scared, so I went first.  He was fairly brave though he cried a bit.  Soon after, he realized it wasn't that bad AND he got a sticker form the nurse and a rice crispy treat from dad. I was thinking about this last night and realized I'm glad he's afraid of

Yes, still here


Yes, we're still alive.  Yes, we voted today. First, the family update.  Kristy is at nearly 34 weeks and is BIG.  Her intuition says this baby is coming early.  I'm teaching a class this fall, so I think I'd better make the exam out early.  Also, I hope everyone understands if we don't get Christmas cards out this year on time.  Stephen is 6 now, and Lydia will be 3 soon.  I'll let Kristy talk

Homeschooling, here we come!


Well, Stephen is now "Kindergarten age," so our decision to homeschool is now "official." Our first day will be August 23. He has been in preschool for the past 3 years for 2-3 days/week while I worked. I'm done with my job, and I've been gently telling Stephen that once Kindergarten begins, we will be having school at home. He was reluctant at first, but thankfully, we have many friends who are

Today's Checklist


Let's see how today went1:30 am - get up with kids who are scared with the power out - check8-ish am - get up with kids for breakfast, take care of sick Kristy - checklazy morning watching Gummi Bears - checkkeeping the laundry going - not reallyfix lots of different things for lunch for the kids that they don't eat - checkdrive 45 minutes to the nearest splash pad - checkfun time wearing out the

Reading Lists


Lists of books to read combines two things that I've liked for a long time - reading and lists. One of my earliest ones was an attempt to read through all the Bobbs-Merrill Childhood of Famous Americans books in my elementary library (the older ones); I even kept a journal with a one-page entry per book I read. Well, I didn't finish that one, but I still remember a lot of the history I learned

Commencement Quote


Here's a truncated transcript of the graduation talk given at the University of Southern California. I have to say, this may be the best graduation speech I've ever heard. Great three questions to ask of them - one would hope that a Good education would prepare them to answer them.Steven B. Sample, president of the University of Southern California:What I should like to do today is pose three

Glued to technology


Our family went out to a local restaurant last week, and I keep reflecting on an incident there. We were in a row of booth/tables and soon after we sat down, a young couple (probably undergrads) were seated next to us. At least I assume they were a couple as they came in together. They said less than 10 words to each other the whole time we were there.Why? The guy spent almost the entire time

Do you want your kids to be happy?


Do you want your kids to be happy?Before you answer, read this:

The Soul in Cyberspace


Though we don't think about it much, technology surrounds our lives in modern-day America. Technology is even in my job title, so it is something I tend to think about frequently. However, I won't claim to have a full worldview framework through which to understand it, perhaps because I'm usually wrapped up in getting a particular technology to work. I recently finished The Soul in Cyberspace

Why I Quit Lost


Disclaimer: This post is my own opinion and does not at all reflect the opinions of my wife on the show.I quit Lost. Yes, after only the first two seasons. Why, when so many enjoy the show?First, I want to be fair and give some praise to it:High production values - it is very well made; the acting, sets, effects, etc.Mainstream science fiction - I have to put it in the science fiction genre,