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The first time my husband told me he loved me, he said it seriously. For a very long time after that, he always said it in a funny voice, or an exaggerated tone - the same way he tries to crack jokes when we're having a heavy conversation.For the past couple of years it's been a pretty standard, casual, "Love you," and, "Love you, too." He is in Las Vegas for the weekend for a friend's bachelor

The Magic Number


I am at day eight of the 21 day yoga challenge. This is the first day I have dreaded the planned sequence of poses. At the beginning of each week is a 45 minute series, the same one I started with last week. Having worked all day at my part-time job, I could not find the motivation in me to work so hard and sweat so much. I decided to opt instead for a 20 minute "Evening Sequene" that I did

All of the Ugly Details


Not really much new news on the roller skating fashion front. What I have is that everyone agrees that I should wear a helmet and knee pads. No info as far as clothes go. I will keep working on it. I did see a woman roller skating with a partner who was on a bike a few nights ago. She was serious, heart rate monitor strapped around her chest and all. She was wearing black running shorts (the



It is September! I am pining for the coming change in weather. Surely it will be just around the corner. Texas, are you listening? Per the 10-day forecast, the rest of this week will be miserable: I cannot wait for Saturday and Sunday, though! Rain on Saturday, so cool on Sunday! Sunday night I will be able to sit outside and revel in my favorite time of year! I am not in school



I quit my job. I don't have a back-up plan, but I am not worried. I feel good about my decision. I have the support of my husband.I was so unhappy in my job that it was affecting my relationships with other people, with Lauren, with Mr. Adventure. I tried really hard to make it work for two years, but the way I interact with customers just didn't fit the workload I was given. I can only be yelled

Homemaking 101 Lab


Today while trying to move the butternut squash vibe out of my path, I broke off an immature fruit, that weighed about a pound. Right now I am trying to make it inti lunch, in an adaptation of this Bon Appetite recipe. Wish me luck! In other news, this 4th of July finds me very thankful for my love, the life we're building, and our families. Feeling very domestic, I am cooking while he works on



It has started! So far, 28 has not been all I has imagined it would be, but we're only a week in. Goals for this year:Change my work life. Focus on my health. Accomplish two things on my life list. I think I'll work on work first. How do you make yourself healthier? Remove a stressor. It is something I have already been working on, but I tend to chicken out and just let things work themselves out

After drinking report


Drinking still sucks. The fact that I woke up at 5 am on a Sunday and have time to post about it does not bode well for drinking. I woke up feeling terrible: anxious and guilty. I took a second to check with myself to consider if that it how I always feel, but it is not always so bad.I had a glass to sweet tea, and now I'm going to go back to bed to sleep off this headache.

What are the parts of the scientific method?


Monday is my birthday. I'll be 28 this year. My perception of myself has changed recently. It is not that I feel old, but I do feel like I would stand out in a college class, for sure. I'm not getting carded as often as I used to, or going out as often as I used to, for that matter. I've only ever known how to be young, so this is unfamiliar territory.We are having a party this weekend to



This day just got great! I am not getting to work early, as I had hoped, but squash is growing!



There are a few truths I live by: When cooking, "a watched pot never boils." When riding, "you land where you look." When online, "the Internet is forever." That last one is tricky. If it is true, I should be able to find my two favorite bread recipes online, even after taking a year long baking break (guess who made a disappointing discovery this weekend?). Regardless, I try and live by it.



Whew, that last post was emotional. Sorry. It has kinda passed.There is some very stressful stuff going on at work, to remain somewhat professional, I will not discuss it here now. To try to get better control of my emotions, I quit drinking last month. I tend to have a really emotional hang over, and the last thing I needed was to be sad and stressed out. So far it has been remarkably easy.



It still gets me, just over a year and a half later. I was sitting at my desk at work, and then I thought of that time that Poppy and I had breakfast at IHOP, and fell apart. All I remember of that particular breakfast is that he mentioned that his fairly new Toyota Camry would be his last vehicle, and that it was going to have to last him. It was the first time I had considered his mortality and



Things have been crap, but I am trying to change that. What is different is that I had a really great evening Sunday. All of the things that are important to me came together, and I took a second to recognize and appreciate that. Eating food that I have grown, sharing it with people important to me, enjoying the afternoon light. It makes the rest of this stuff I am slogging through tolerable.



I know that the Internet was made for people to be mean to one another, but I think this woman is ridiculous. From my Pinterest board. If you don't like it, skip over it and pin the one you do. Her comment adds nothing to the to the pin, all it does is prove she has no tact.



I have regular access to a gym at work, and my gym bag goes to work with me every morning. I have the perfect little yoga set up in our spare room. We have a dog who is crazy about going on walks, several friends and favorite destinations accessible by bicycle, yet I am so sedentary! I haven't figured out how to get around this thing I am constantly doing where work and household needs are put

House wants and goals


Think of this as a life list for our home: I want the outlet for our dryer to work. A lot. I want the dinning room to not be red anymore. We want to fix the wiring. We want to replace the flashing around the chimney. I want to finish the utility room. Mr. A wants to remodel the kitchen. We want to do a minor bathroom remodel in the master bath. I want to do more landscaping. I want to hang

What I accomplished today:


I like to call this, "over doing it."I failed to take a "before" photo, so the top picture is the half of the planter I haven't cleared out yet. The bottom shows part of the planter, cleared except for some small trees I need to dig out and some ivy that is growing along the fence line. I really want to plant Columnar Apple trees, and I think this may be the spot once I get the trees out of



It used to be that I couldn't use blogger's website from my iPad. I have been having problems with the app I use to post for the past two months. Today, out of desperation for a solution to my problem, I logged into blogger, and now I can post from my iPad. Awesome! I will resume posting.

This holiday season I want to:


Make Christmas cookies.Sing carols (not necessarily go caroling)Make a holiday dinnerMake gifts or my friends and family, not just buy them.Wear sweatersSpend time with friends and family Relax



I had hoped that a week would be enough time to really get us settled in the new house. The truth is we have so much left to do, I feel like I worked the whole time. And work. I have to go back, and I am kinda freaking out about it. We have a house now. I have a horse. It's not like I have a choice.

Moving right along..


I have been afraid to write about the house for fear something would go wrong, but here we are! We close next Monday, and everything seems to be on track.Of course there are things that are not going as planned. Casey is sick. I am really hoping it passes quickly, and that I don't get it because we have a bunch of people coming over to help us bag dirt on Wednesday, and manual labor is no fun



Just remembered a time when I was younger, looking through a cookbook I found a fritata recipe I wanted to make. When I mentioned it to my ex he kind of chuckled, and expresed his doubt about my ability to make the dish. I make a fritata about once a month now. Last night I did it without a recipe.

I am not looking for sympathy


I just wanted to let you know that I am bad at everything.I suck at my job, where I can work for nine hours straight and not complete 50% of my work for the day.I suck at being a wife because I am too concerned with my own problems, and that makes me short with my husband.I suck at being an adult because I can't keep food in our fridge or pantry - even basics like coffee, milk and bread. I also



On September 20, 2011 I planted all of the seeds for my fall garden. Later that week we accidentally found ourselves house hunting. I didn't consider not watering them until our option period ended. We close on October 31, 2011.We're buying a three bedroom / two bath house on a corner lot. It has a chain link fence, a deck, room for gardening, and a two car garage with a utility room for a washer