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Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow Creeps in this petty pace from day to day, To the last syllable of recorded time; And all our yesterdays have lighted fools The way to dusty death. Out, out brief candle! Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player That

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2018-01-18T07:19:31.458-06:00 water.

I bundled up and walked out to the shop to make sure the light was still working and it was directed toward the pump. It was and appeared the pump was still running.  I decided the pipes were frozen. Trudged back to the house.  I turned up the heat, opened all the cabinet doors under the sinks.  I turned every faucet to drip and waited. 

It was less than an hour when the dripping sped up and I checked. The water was back. This is the first time in 12 years that our pipes have frozen. So happy it wasn't critical. The dogs, cats and guinea fowl are  happy also. 

Why didn't I call for help? Because who can ask people to come out in this weather and try to get up the hills to my home. Plus everyone has the flu so what's a little cardiac problem. LOL Learned that UPS won't be making deliveries today in the area so my coffee order won't come. 

My problems are small compared to some and I hope other people are managing to stay warm. 

God bless us every one:-)

Granny Annie bundled for the cold:-)
Highway into our small town.



This is a post on my Facebook 5 years ago.  I cannot resist sharing it here on my blog.

January 13, 2013
Is this a "senior moment" or a hearing problem? I had a delightful lunch with Chelle yesterday. She had met me in Tulsa to go to my CT Scan. I had misunderstood several things people were saying to me and my daughter kept murmuring under her breath, "miracle ear, miracle ear". As the waiter approached our table for the third time, he said something and I burst out laughing. My daughter immediately knew I had not heard clearly what he said. Quickly she handed him my menu and said thank you then to me: "Mother, the waiter said 'Do you want me to take your menu' What did you think he said?" and I replied "Do you want me to come home with you?"



Question Of The Week, 01-15-18

Would you be willing to eat a bowl of crickets for $50,000?
Cooked Crickets



Hospital for diagnosis.They go through my wrist.All done but will return for stent.Home after stent inserted. This time they went through groin.  Frankie and Slim protect me.Working on a few portraits of blog friends.  Can you guess? Will post more later.Played games.Lots of family around.Second Christmas DinnerMore Christmas more family more games.Still under some restrictions.  Hope to see everyone Monday with a Question Of The Week.  Plan to start Cardiac rehab again.  This was my 5th stent since 2003 MI, but no heart attack this time.  Caught early.  Hoping to pay better attention to my health this time around. [...]



Going to have to close up blog-shop for a few weeks.  Medical check ups, etc.  I closed comments for this post but I know you will be thinking of me and wishing me the best.  All shall be well for me and wish the same for you. See you soon!




Question Of The Week 11-27-17Which Reality TV Show would you ever agree to appear on?Olga Hebert5:36 AMNot me!!!LL Cool Joe6:46 AMNone, I would never want to be on TV.Linda deV6:54 AMI think I’d forgo my 15 minutes of fame if it had to be realityonly slightly confused7:02 AMI don't watch them and I certainly wouldn't want to appear on one.Changes in the wind7:59 AMAny, I think it would be very interesting and a great new experienceElephant's Child12:40 PMNone.Chatty Crone2:34 PMDance With The Stars - (I wouldn't make it though!)Arkansas Patti2:44 PMNaked and Afraid. Ok that was a joke:)Tabor4:53 PMThey have to really improve these "reality" shows for me to consider them. They have so much artifice and are so tightly edited, I am sure I would be disappointed with my part in the show.Jan7:02 PMAmerica's Next Top Model...ok just kiddingRiver12:06 AMNONE of them. Not a single one.Winifred2:21 AMNone!Granny Annie7:56 AMI was shocked to google "TV Reality shows" and see how many there are. Cops and Pawn Stars were the only ones I watch. Oh and Antique Road Show. I would love to be on that one.Lisa10:28 AMMy daughter was on the pilot of a show called Swanked that Emily Dees and her friend were trying to produce. Basically they were doing make-overs. They said that they met Mollie in a farmer's market. They'd actually met her when she was doing some script editing for another production. That was only the beginning of the unreality going on there. They ended up cutting about 6 inches off my daughter's waist length ginger color hair and dying it a brassy auburn color. It was awful. There was very little reality and a whole lot of perfect body image promotion going on there. After the pilot the show was not aired by any station.Lynn4:29 AMI love to watch Survivor and Dancing with the Stars, but I'd be the first one to go on both of those, so I guess my answer is none. :)Lee6:30 AMNone these days...but years ago, in 1986/87 I appeared on one....interviewed for a kid's wild life/interest type show when I was managing the resort on Cape Richards.[...]



And on a personal note, here is the collage of my two wonderful Thanksgivng celebrations. 




It is a busy time as many of us prepare for Thanksgiving.  If you have the opportunity, be sure and participate in WORDS FOR WEDNESDAY.  Elephant's Child has provided the prompts for November.  The words for today are:riverdashinginterestfreeshrugnaive    and/orlight waxwinter bucketdisillusionedsuper Here is my contribution this week.Waxing MoonSARA'S WALK by Granny AnnieIt had been a perfect day for a walk along the river bank. Lots of people were fishing. Quietly they cast out, slowly reeling the line back across the water. A group of children appeared out of nowhere and were dashing around the serious sportsmen. The kids showed no interest in the activities. The fishermen strongly cautioned the kids to be quiet, insisting they were scaring the fish. One person added some free advice, “If you don't go you will be chopped up and fed to the fish”. The naïve children took note of the warning. All ran away. A few were angry and some were crying. Sara's walk was coming to an end. She gave a shrug hating to end the freedom she always felt on these adventures. The light was fading. She knew they would soon have a waxing moon because it always followed a full moon which had been the night before. The smell of winter's approach was in the air.Her bucket was almost full. Sara had been carefully gathering acorns on her walk. Acorns were known as the ultimate survivor food, packed with fats and nutrition. Every year Sara gathered them. She would boil out the bitter tannic acids and grind them into flour.Sara was disillusioned in her hope to find rose hips. Not only do rose hips provide a pop of color in the winter landscape, they’re also full of sweet pulp that can be eaten raw or boiled down for syrup, jam or tea. She would have to wait a few weeks for those special treats. Walking in cool silence Sara heard a rustling near the path. She halted in her tracks to see what furry critter might emerge from the brush. She peered with squinted eyes. Swiftly the group of children from earlier tore out of the bushes yelling and screaming. They wore superhero shirts, had painted faces and set on Sara with a vengeance. “We will chop you up and feed you to the fish.” they expressed with great emotion.“It wasn't me!” Sara shouted. “I did not threaten you. It was the fishermen.”The nuts tumbled and scattered around the path floor. There would be no acorn flour this year.[...]



Question Of The Week 11-20-17What does it mean to be human?Jan7:42 AMHaving compassiononly slightly confused8:41 AMBeing imperfect.Chatty Crone11:13 AMThat is a tough one for me. I guess being human is a gift. Makes us have choices. FeelingsElephant's Child2:03 PMA range of things, depending on which human(s) we are talking about.I do believe that we are nothing like as special as many of us think. And certainly imperfect.Choice is a part of it. And I hope that compassion and care come into play.Arkansas Patti2:45 PMCaring for others outside of our families. Not limiting the reasons for our existence to just food, shelter and procreating as animals do. Lisa3:32 PMIt is a multifaceted term. There is being humane, which is aligned with showing compassion. Then there is only human, which is to be flawed. It is what you make of it when you are living it.River8:06 PMThat's something I've never thought about. I'd say being human puts us one step below other animals who aren't greedy about land ownership and don't go around starting wars and killing each other just for the heck of it, or because someone somewhere is making money from that great "war machine"Changes in the wind7:49 AMA man or a woman created in the image of God.Ramakrishnan Ramanathan8:04 AMThoughts to ponder over ! For each to decide his or her own definition of "being human". There are a million zillion ways of displaying humanity !Being humane is a fast disappearing trait in humans. Sadly so :(We can learn a lot from the cute canines in your cover.Lynn3:26 PMThat's not an easy answer. Hmmm. I'm trying not to read the other answers! I think it's what makes us human beings - compassion, personality, genetic make up. The answer is probably endlessbaili2:00 AMexcellent job dear Annie!I think being human is pride to be an social animal ,who learns fast ,apply those learnings mostly on selfish bases ,less who look at life as panorama and include the whole humanity in the circle of there concern and care ,who do this are "REAL HUMANS"Louvregirl7:00 PMFlawed. Compassionate. ForgivenLouvregirl7:02 PMExcellent question.LL Cool Joe2:17 AMBecause we were born this way, but beyond that I haven't got a clue! Sorry.[...]



And on a personal note, a friend brought me this rose.  She even took off all the thorns before giving it to me:-)



My dear blog friends,Tomorrow is the memorial service for my oldest nephew.  I have not talked about his death on my blog.  It is painful for me but more painful for my brother and sister-in-law.  He was such a sweetie pie when he and his brother first became a part of our family.  They were foster children.  They were Kiowa Indians.  My brother and sil had been told that because the boys were from such a dark tribe, few Native Americans would adopt them.  They truly believed the boys would be with them for life. At the end of the first year the DHS took the older boy (age 6) and placed him with a Native American family where he could be with another brother.  That was difficult for my brother and sil.  They knew then that they could never let five-year-old Martin be taken from them and they began the court process to legally adopt.  Martin was a scoundrel.  He would do anything and charm his way out of it.  I especially loved him and eagerly helped him out of every problem that I could.  But Martin's problems grew beyond clever pranks and running away from home.  He married, had three beautiful children and two grandchildren.  But his marriage of 30 years could not survive Martin's drug and alcohol addiction.  We all exhausted ourselves attempting to rescue Martin.  His two sisters did all they could but he used them as well.  Martin had found a few of his living Kiowa siblings and even they attempted to reach out to Martin.  Finally we all had to let go and let God.  He surprised us by finally, at age 54, admitting he had a drug problem.  He checked himself into a rehab facility, went through detox, had an enjoyable evening at the facility drug free. His parents had both been able to tell him they were proud of him for the first time in years. That night Martin went to bed and died in his sleep. This morning I awakened wondering how can I get through this service?  My own children suffer for this oldest cousin whom they loved.  He was a rescuer to both of them at different times. I feel badly for turning my back on my nephew.  He called to me on several occasions but obtaining money was his ultimate goal.  His parents had to cut him off but my brother was the least successful.  He could not let go of his son. I feel guilty for my pain while Martin's parents are feeling their sorrow so very deeply.   My most visual memory of my nephew Martin was picking him up at his elementary school.  He was on the football team and had been at practice.  The rest of the team was still on the field but Martin was in front of the school leaning on a pole in his uniform with a group of girls gathered around him listening to his stories.  I pray dear Martin that you have found the peace of God that passes all understanding.  I will always love you.  Martin was an amazing artist in every medium.[...]



Question Of The Week 11-13-17As you may have noticed I had a difficult time posting the comments to the main page.  This has happened once before and now I think I've figured it out so it won't happen again.When you are ill, do you struggle on regardless or just curl up in bed?Lynn3:47 AMI struggle on - I can't think of the last time I called in sick to work. (I only do that if throwing up is involved.)Barb3:13 PMIf I admit I'm sick, then I'm really sick, and you'll find me under a bunch of covers shivering in bed.cube7:37 PMLike Tabor said, I used to struggle on in my younger days. Now that my kids are grown and I'm self employed, I can afford to rest if I'm under the weather.Chatty Crone7:26 PMI struggle on. lolLee3:52 PMI keep to myself...I keep to myself most of the time, anyway. Nothing much changes.Tabor7:18 AMWhen younger with job and kids I struggled on. As I have aged, I just baby myself until I feel better.Jimmy7:24 PMI struggle on, I hate being sick so I rarely admit it when it happens, to myself or others ha haRiver9:08 PMI'm rarely sick, but unless the illness is contagious or a debilitating migraine, I would probably just keep going.Granny Annie5:56 AMI struggle on unless my illness calls for hospitalization:-)LL Cool Joe6:13 AMI try my hardest to struggle on and dose myself up with painkillers.Blogoratti7:30 AMStruggle on sounds more like something I would do. I do hop you are well, warm greetings to you.Jan7:46 AMCurl up in bed until it all goes away. I'm not that importantChanges in the wind8:01 AMI try to rest if possibleOlga Hebert8:24 AMOh my, if I am sick I am really sick and can't get out of bed if I try. I just pile on blankets and sweat it out. And I want everyone to just leave me alone!Terri @ Coloring Outside the Lines9:47 AMIt depends...sick like the flu? I hit the couch. Sick like aches and pains...I struggle on. I have some kind of sciatica right now that is really hurting. But I stretch and stretch and try and walk it out. I can't take ibuprophrens or aspirin stomach lining has been eaten alive by those pills. So I have to tough it out.Linda deV10:01 AMKeep on going. Probably started once I had kids but endures now that they are out of the house and taking care of themselves. I figure I can suffer at my desk as easily as in bed. Honestly though, I have had little more than bad colds and flus so I cannot say I've been REALLY sick. I know people who didn't miss work through Chemo.....not sure if I'm that persistent.Brig12:56 PMThankfully I'm hardly ever sick. Don't know I actually struggle on, or simply prefer to do something, think about something else.Arkansas Patti1:22 PMWhen I worked for a living, I struggled on. Now days, as long as the animals are fed, walked and watered, I'm a snuggle weenie in bed till my health world rights itself.Elephant's Child1:37 PMA struggler. Almost always. Sometimes stupidly..[...]





And on a personal note, my home is beginning to be wrapped in Fall beauty.[...]



Elephants Child is providing our prompts this month in the Words for Wednesday writing challenge. All you have to do is write a story, poem, or whatever comes to mind. Use some of the words or all of the words.If you join in leave a comment on Elephant Child's blog so everyone else can enjoy your addition.This week's prompts are:copper, explain, ill-fated, truck, neat, uniteAnd/orbranch, educated, tenuous, hum, decisive, noticeHere is my fictional story for this week:MORE THAN A PRANK by Granny Annie The two young men rushed in and out of the construction site. They threw the COPPER wire in the bed of the TRUCK. Their escape looked guaranteed. High-fiving as the pair traveled down the road, lights and sirens behind the truck brought their adventure to an end. The Highway Patrol officer approached the vehicle and ask the pair to EXPLAIN all the items under a tarp in the back of the truck.  The boys should have known from the beginning of the adventure that it was ILL-FATED. What they thought would be a NEAT trick was not working out. The robbers were placed in separate cars and it was obvious the authorities had no intention to UNITE the pair. The questioning began. Their explanations for their actions were TENUOUS. These were not hoodlums thugs. They were from a highly EDUCATED, wealthy BRANCH of the community. It had been a lark for these thieves. They were bored and had heard that there was a rash of robberies taking place at construction sites around the city. Who would ever suspect them? And if caught, they could buy their way out.There was a low HUM in the courtroom as the judge entered. Every one could see the DECISIVE look on his face. The guilty verdict gave NOTICE that persons of privilege would not be able to get away with such pranks. Both young men were sentenced to 90 days in jail and six months community service. [...]



Question Of The Week 11-6-17Have you ever needed stitches?Granny Annie5:35 AMBack in the day before seat-belts in cars, I was standing in the seat at age three. My dad stopped short. I fell forward and hit the ashtray and sliced open my eyebrow. Lots of stitches for that but barely a scar. At age 12 I was walking on a wall and fell, cutting my knee to the bone. Stitches for that and have a scar.Olga Hebert6:01 AMKlutzy as I am, it's astonishing that I have never had stitchesChanges in the wind8:04 AMGot hit in the head with a rock and had clamps when I was in elementary school and had stitches when I had a mole removed from my side, and when I had cancer removed from my nose, when I had female surgery and when my ankle was broken.Blogoratti8:18 AMI believe I have had stitches, as a kid walked blindly into a dark room lined with empty bottles. Ouch. Warm greetings!only slightly confused8:37 AMNope! Jimmy9:12 AMOh my goodness, I could do a whole post on the number of times I got stitches as a kid, as the old saying goes "I have the scars to prove it."Lisa10:10 AMIt isn't hard to find mastectomy scars one the web. Mine is called a keyhole scar because it was a circle around the nipple and a straight line going toward my arm pit. It was done that way to spare my skin for the reconstruction that occurred immediately following the mastectomy. To do that an incision made leaving me with a scar that reaches from hip to hip. I don't know how many stitches I got that day. I never asked. My first thought when they woke me up was that it was too much, I wouldn't survive it.River11:37 AMFor an accident? No. Following surgery and childbirth? YesBirdie12:15 PMOnce when I was a teenager when I was cutting potatoes and another time when I was about 11 when I got hit on the head with a gym bag. Arkansas Patti12:48 PMI have broken a bunch of stuff but the only stitches have been surgery related. Elephant's Child2:17 PMFeet. Often. And surgical stitches.cube3:18 PMI have broken a finger and a toe, but stitches were all related to oral surgery and a C-section. Barb3:40 PMOnly after surgery. I have a big scar on my leg that I got as a girl - I’m sure it shoulld have been stitched, but my Mom put a bandage over it and called it good.Lee5:36 PMYes...for under my left arm...up near my armpit...around 30 stitches from memory. The accident occurred in 1985.It was night time, and had arrived home from a long day at work. I'd locked myself out of my house. It was a winter night and it was raining quite heavily.I made a makeshift ladder out of shifty material and tried to climb through the kitchen window. The shifty material shifted, and so did I!! The hooked window latch caught my underarm and the rest is history. Off to the doctor's surgery I raced.Fortunately, I had a thick, homemade, hand-knitted jumper/sweater on at the time...and it saved me from further damage.Winifred6:50 PMWhen I was little I was knocked over by a bike, had my eyebrow are cut with a broken milk bottle, head cut with a stone but never needed sticthes. Had two children & yes I needed stitches! Chatty Crone8:09 PMWell in surgeries for sure - but the only accident I needed stitches for was for my lip when I was little.Lynn3:50 AMJust surgery stitches - that's it.Lowcarb team member11:41 AMAfter an accident ... No.After surgery and childbirth ... YesAll the best Jan[...]



And on a personal note, this week I said goodbye to Ron's favorite tractor.  His 1948 Farmall Cub tractor with belly mower moved to a new home.  It was sad.  But, the good news is, there is another little boy who will get to drive her like our grandchildren did.  Plus, this little boy has a red bandanna in his hip pocket just like Ron.The Cub arrives at its new home.Look what just a good bath did to the Cub!And here is the new owner's grandkid ready to go.[...]



It is time for WORDS FOR WEDNESDAY.  Word prompts provided by Elephant's Child today.  Go to her site for the words and to read stories posted in the comment section or to find direction to other blogs using the prompts.  Here is my story. SEASONS NON-GREETINGS by Granny AnnieThe weather is under constant change. My allergies and asthma are running rampant and leave me feeling ancient and bedraggled.It is fortunate most of the time to live in the country but this blending season is the most harsh. After the first freeze, the Winter months will become easier on my allergies. Thankfully I maintain a small garden, growing cures for most of my ailments. It is time now to bring it inside and I plan to do that in the afternoon.This morning the cats await their food. I put on my jacket and cap and head out the door. The dogs are excited because they know we are all going outside. We leave the house and suddenly the dogs break into a frenzied run toward the main road. They are barking loudly. I stop and narrow my eyes to evaluate the situation. What are they afraid of?What could arouse the pups this early in the day? I felt far too frail to keep up with them and my cough was growing worse. I remembered that last night was Halloween and feared teenagers had executed some dastardly plan as they did every year.Both dogs halted in front of the Stop sign at the end of the dusty road. The words “Everything” had been written under the word STOP. Kind of clever I thought. Then I noticed all the herbs and tiny flowers from my garden had been torn up and were decorating the sign, hanging in an unwieldy manner.Video surveillance surrounds my property but I am never able to capture the vandals who pull tricks on me every year. Perhaps if I start giving out treats they will leave me alone. For now, with my lovely garden gone, I am left to purchase store remedies for my asthma and allergies. [...]






Question Of The Week 10-30-17How will you participate/celebrate Halloween tomorrow, or will you?Ileana7:48 AMI'll be home handing out good chocolate to kids while finishing "Something Wicked This Way Comes." I'll also be indulging in a littlel chocolate myself.Sharon Qualls8:09 AMNothing different going on here. We live too far out for people to bother with the drive. I suppose I should buy some chocolates, 'in case' someone does come. Hahahahaha!Changes in the wind8:57 AMWe try our best to avoid it and for the most part succeedLinda deV10:06 AMNot much at all. The kids don't like my street....houses too small and no side walks. If I buy candy, I EAT IT!! So, lights off and maybe I'll go to the mall to see the kiddies having fun.only slightly confused10:08 AMWe'll hand out treats but we usually don't get very many kids.Jan10:31 AMI buy candy and keep the lights off while I eat it allLisa10:44 AMAt home with a nice bowl of chili and some cornbread watching something scary on television.Chatty Crone10:54 AMJust handing out candy!Jimmy11:00 AMNothing planned this year, usually no trick or treaters show up out here but if they do, by golly there will be candy.Arkansas Patti1:50 PMI live too far out for trick or treaters. So I guess I'll just watch the World Series game. Olga Hebert2:30 PMI have a bowl of candy ready for trick or treaters. If none materialize (here in my 55 and older gated community) well, fortunately I bought the candy I like. I will be going to a big party at my neighbors' house.Elephant's Child3:02 PMIt is today here, and I will buy a little chocolate while I am out this morning. I suspect no-one will come round and am not sure whether that is a good or a bad thing. I really don't need the chocolate myself and will eat it anyway if it is unclaimed.Lee9:18 PMIt's already Halloween here, of course. If anyone does come a-knocking I have a pile of chocolate and lollies/candy here...and will be happy to hand them out. If no one does turn up at my door, like EC....all the more for me!! :)I think Halloween is all a lot of innocent, good fun. :)Lee9:19 PMBy the way....Happy Halloween, Annie. :)Brig12:06 AMWe don't have trick or treaters, so I will be setting in the dark eating candy...River3:55 AMHighly unlikely anyone will trick or treat here, but I'll be closed up with lights out pretending to not be home, just in case. Because I don't have any candy for handing out.G. B. Miller4:57 AMI usually don't bother participating, as I leave everything else to the family. I'll probably spend the time catching up on writing, but I'll probably be the one to drive my daughter to a party that her ex is throwing.I Are Writer![...]



And on a personal note, my daughter and son on Halloween years ago.  Both still as precious and fun loving. My daughter had posted this on her Facebook page this week.   [...]



My Words For Wednesday story LIKE A PENDULUM DO by Granny AnnieThe pendulum on the wall clock stopped swinging. It was time to wind the antique. Yes, it was seven o'clock pm which was when it always stopped. We had found this timekeeper while scavenging the abandoned house on the hill. Everyone told us the house was haunted and not to take anything from it.Why couldn't we have found a nice clock with a cuckoo bird popping out to strike the hour? No, we had to have one with a wax raven that would fly out on a spring and scream the hour.This activity, of course, delighted our grandchildren. I loved to make up tales for them about this crazy chronometer. They would beg me, “Grandma, tell us a tingler.” I would then usher them to the fireplace where we would sit in a circle and I would open my diary containing stories of the many invisible spooks, ghosts and goblins that were forever locked inside the vintage timepiece.  Go HERE to see the words for today and for the picture Cindi provided plus links to other stories or the ones completed in the comment section.[...]



Cindi Summerlin has uploaded the prompts for Words For Wednesday, October 25, 2017.  This gives some of us a early start for our Wednesday.  Go HERE to see what words we have for tomorrow and for the picture she had provided.   Of course our Aussie friends are way ahead of us.  LOL  Hope you will participate.



Question Of The Week 10-22-17What and where was your first alcoholic drink?only slightly confused7:01 AMI was 21...bought a bottle of sherry, brought it home to Mom and Dad, we each had a sip. Nothing after that until much much much later. I still rarely take a drink. If I do it will be a dry white wine and usually only half a glass. I really don`t enjoy alcohol.Olga Hebert7:17 AMA tiny glass of creme d'cocoa that my grandmother reserved for a New Year's Eve toast. I was maybe 16 or 17.Jan7:17 AMBeer. I was 16, two carloads of us had a party at a nearby state park. Good times.Jimmy8:46 AMA bottle of Miller High Life beer, a buddy of mine got it from...I don't remember where but we sat on the rock on top of Paris Mountain and enjoyed the view while sipping the beer, we had to be around 16.Changes in the wind9:05 AMBeer as a kid a home with my folks and more of just a few sips.Chatty Crone9:17 AMI don't even remember how I got it - but my friend and I drank something called Swizzle when we were freshmen in college. No damage done tho.LL Cool Joe9:54 AMI have no idea! As a kid but I can't remember where or how old I was.Sharon Qualls10:09 AMI think the older kids let me 'share' by the time I was 7 or 8. We grandchildren sat in the stairwell and borrowed chugs off the gallon of Mogan David there.Real paid for drink was gin and orange when I was 15 or 16. I was with my sister at a 'nicer' bar.Brig11:43 AMGlass of sherry at Thanksgiving, when I was about 16. Hated it, still do.Lynn12:08 PMBoones Farm Strawberry Hill wine, Columbia, South Carolina.My friend and I went to visit her sister and brother-in-law, who lived on campus at the University of SC. He took us to a nearby bar and we were underage (17 years old) - I'm not sure how we got away with that.Arkansas Patti1:40 PMI was 16 and my best friend and I hit her parents stash of Gin when they were gone. I got blotto, her not so much.Elephant's Child3:11 PMI don't remember. I have never really drunk much alcohol, and these days drink less. A glass of wine is nice, but I can feel the effects very quicklyLouvregirl4:04 PMI'm sure it was a ((very)) small glass of deep red wine at a Thanksgiving dinner at my grandparen't house.Tabor5:46 PMI don't really remember, but when I turned 21 an old friend, a guy, took me out for a night of drinking to celebrate. No one else cared!Lee6:41 PMOh...I can't remember. I'm sure I had a sip of something belonging to my mother or grandmother when I was a kid. I do clearly remember my first ever Scotch. I was at a friend's place...those there were older than I was....I was 16. We were sitting around on the floor listening to jazz.A fellow...who years later became my first husband, as it eventuated...was drinking Scotch, straight, no ice, no mixes. It was in a white porcelain tea cup for some unknown reason.I asked him what he was drinking and he passed it to me to try.I liked Scotch from that very first sip.River7:02 PMShandy in the lounge area of a pub when I was five or six. It's a 50/50 beer and lemonade mix, acceptable for kids in those days. I didn't like it much and opted for plain lemonade after that. Tried a sherry at a wedding once and really disliked it. Years later bought a pina colada at some other 'do' and liked that but only drank about half.Barb7:22 PMI had no alcohol until my Junior year of college when I visited my now husband and his apartment mates at his college. Let's just say, I drank everything they gave me,[...]



And on a personal note...nothing.  Cold or flu or something awful kept me home all week.  I did get to the grocery store yesterday and decided to stop at McDonalds to try their Artisan Grilled Chicken Sandwich.  It is very low calorie and healthy.  My one-word review for that sandwich is DON'T![...]