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a point I just was considering:Post-mo may simply ...


a point I just was considering:

Post-mo may simply be seeing differently how individualism is played out. Not accepting the old world of modernity.

At the same time, I do think inherent in a different worldview, is an openness to reconsider. Besides the fact that postmo is in flex, and not set, like modernity. I think.....

Bob,I think you have a powerful point here. I too ...


I think you have a powerful point here. I too pick up the scent which is not pleasant, both from much of the "left" and "right", especially from politicians like Kerry and Bush.

I do wonder, along with knsheppard, if the point of this post is not a bit off, in that a postmodern way of thinking, is much more embrasive of community, and much less enamored with individual rights trumping all else. And even people steeped in more of a modernistic worldview, do seem, at times, to genuinely appreciate communities that are really communities, and communal. Even as they may continue on, in their individualistic way.

I do appreciate your point, to see "liberal" and "conservative" on a scale that is itself, essentially individualistic. I think, in general, surely this is on target.

I really am tired of America's messianic complex, which might not be altogether a stretch when one considers the ideas of neo-conservatism. Surely the United States would be better off to step back, and be alot more humble, and open to change itself, instead of seeking to change the world in its own image.

Thanks for another provocative post.

Though I appreciate the criticisms, I doubt weathe...


Though I appreciate the criticisms, I doubt weather either the thinkers (from Epicurus to Locke) fit so nicely into any sort of tidy genealogy. Nor does civic or communitarian politics necessarily stand in contrast to liberalism. In this I'm thinking of the work of philosopher Charles Taylor, who highlights the differences between these two approaches in his political work (especially on its coexistence here in Canada).