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An Arab-American woman sees signs of hope.

Published: 2009-10-15T10:35:41-07:00


The Dove at Peace


Leila Abu-Saba, 1962-2009 The Dove, Leila Abu-Saba, passed away on October 8, 2008 after a five-year battle with breast cancer. She leaves behind her husband David, her young sons Joseph and Jacob, and a body of writing that challenges and...

SF Chron Reviews 'The Invisible Mountain'


You've been hearing me talk about this book for years. I encountered it, and its author, my first semester in graduate school, back in 2005. Now Carolina De Robertis is winning the praises of the wider world, not only of...

Adventures of Citizen Diplomats in Syria


Three years of grass roots diplomacy: travels, encounters, research. Photos, diaries and more. AMLN Virtual Scrapbook - Adventures of Citizen Diplomats in Syria. Thanks to Josh Landis of Syria Comment for this link.

Lizzy Ratner seeks her history in Poland


Lizzy Ratner returned to Poland to visit the land of her ancestors. Three out of four American Jews have at least one ancestor from pre-Nazi Poland. My own children have one such ancestor, through my husband, whose mother is descended...

Hillary Clinton erupts in laughter


Entirely appropriate, derisive laughter at the mention of a right wing demagogue: Think Progress » Hillary Clinton erupts in laughter at the mention of ‘John Bolton.’. (Secretary of State Clinton says) "It is a recognition that certain countries that I...

Birthday 2009


Leila in madcap reds Originally uploaded by bedouina I hosted a Mad Hatter's tea in our garden today: colorful food, mismatched dishes, table linens and clothes. Instead of a hat I wore my wig! Idyllic weather, good times with family...

Summer Vacation


We're having a good time hanging around Northern California, within two hours' drive of our home. River road along the levees to Sacramento, day trip to Point Reyes National Seashore, poking around Benicia State Recreation Area beach. Point Reyes National...

What I'm Doing This Summer


I've been silent for a while on this blog. At VONA writing workshop earlier in the summer*, I decided to focus on my novel completely, and let go of non-fiction, including the blog, for the time being. Writer and teacher...

Ain el Helweh Lives


New York journalist Philip Weiss had his eyes opened about Israel's occupation of Palestine a few years ago, and now blogs events from a Jewish anti-Zionist perspective. He even went to Gaza earlier this summer to witness for himself. Today...

Qifa Nabki Suggests: Iran coverage


Elmaz Abinader just said to me tonight that with this Iran crisis, she doesn't know who to read and who to trust. I suggested Juan Cole, but agreed with her that I am not sure of my sources here. Qifa...