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I am a Christian!

Mon, 25 May 2009 17:52:00 +0000

Acts 11:26 …. And in Antioch the disciples were first called Christians. (ESV)Today I would l like to proudly proclaim to the whole world (or at least the small portion of the world that read this blog) that I am a Christian.I am not simply a religious, church going do-gooder. I am a Christian. I am not a simple minded Gomer Pyle clone who lives in some parallel universe filled with fake smiles and soft Hosanna praise music continually playing in the background. I have seen and experienced in some part, most of what the world has to offer, the good and the bad. I have seen evil up close and personal. I also try to stay current on what is happening in the world politically, culturally and spiritually. With all that said I am a Christian.I am not a limp wristed girly man. I am 100% USDA man. I will unashamedly tell you that I became attracted to pretty girls as a very young boy. My attraction to the opposite sex has continued throughout the rest of my life. For the past 23 years my affection and desires have been centered on one beautiful young lady named Kim. I plan to continue to indulge myself with this extremely enjoyable relationship for as long as I have breath. I like violent contact sports, motorcycles, fast cars, guitars, loud rock music and enjoy eating tasty dead animals. I have been known scratch myself in public, to occasionally burp loudly at the dinner table and I am not opposed to wearing the same clothes two days in a row, especially while on vacation. I am opinionated, strong willed and have been known to have a temper. (Me and Jesus are working on the whole temper thing.) What I am trying to say is I am a regular dude, but I am a Christian dude.I am the proud husband of one wife. I belong to her and she belongs to me. We are one. But on an even higher level I belong to Jesus and so does she. I am the proud father of two of the greatest daughters in the world, but before I am a father I am His son. I am a pastor, a teacher, and preacher but I am first and foremost a Christian. The word Christian means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. The title of Christian has been vilified, misconstrued and often mocked in our society.Sadly, many don’t even understand what the title really means. To some it is a religious designation to be checked on written forms. “Well I am not Jewish, I’m not Muslim, I know I am not a Buddhist, I’m pretty sure I am not Hindu so I guess I am Christian.”To some it is thought to be a political philosophy. “To be a Christian is to be part of the religious right.”To some it is a church membership. They will say, “I was born a Baptist, Methodist, Pentecostal, Catholic etc.”Sadly some who may well be Christians have been intimidated to the point that they are afraid to say publicly that they are Christians so instead they say things like “ I go to church,or I am religious or I am very spiritual.”To some it is thought to be a clear signal of intolerance, anger and closed-mindedness. To some it is a set of moral rules that they try as best they can to abide by.So what do I mean when I say I am a Christian? The word Christian means that I am a Christ follower. On October 19, 1986, I had an encounter with the risen Christ. My life was a wreck and I cried out to God. I gave my life to Him. He changed my life. He set me free from the many addictions that I had been held by. He put a love in my heart for Him and for others. He gave me peace in my soul. Through His amazing grace He saved a wretch like me and now by his amazing grace I follow Him each day.My relationship with Jesus didn’t change who I am as much as it freed me to be who he had originally created me to be. I am eternally grateful for all He has done for me. Jesus died for me thus I live for Him. I am a Christ follower. I am a Christian.(Wow it is going on 23 years now and it still feels good to say that.) [...]