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Chen Wedding


IMG_2823, originally uploaded by wr_downing33.

James and Lisa got married on Saturday. It was a beautiful ceremony, and an awesome party afterwards. I posted a bunch of photos to Flickr, check them out.....

Congrats to the Newlyweds!

Painting the family room


while i have been at work, jessaca has been very busy painting.....

Sheppard Wedding


IMG_2765, originally uploaded by wr_downing33.

Last night was a great day for the ESM Family. Our CEO of Elite Soccer and Board Member of ESM, Simon Sheppard got married to long-time girlfriend Traci Bray.

It was an amazing evening filled with friends and family, all in the Sheppard's new backyard. It was really special to be a part of the evening, and Jessaca and I felt really honored to be there.

ESM Board member Ken Prager was in the house too, as well as Paolo Carbone who made the journey up from Santa Cruz.

Simon and Traci, we wish you all the happiness in the world.

I need to blog to stay healthy


I haven't blogged in 10 days. I feel sluggish and have had a cold. My brain is overloading with stuff regarding business, and I haven't had time to download it on to the blog (which is like my release)...

Is blogging another way to help a healthy body, mind and soul?

More to come...this weekend.

Great posting on business travel


I found this fascinating quote today:

On June 17th, I left my office, got on the A train, and headed to JFK to grab a flight to SFO. Since that day almost two months ago, I have spent six nights in my home in NYC. And it’s not over yet. Between now and labor day, I think I’ll spend another six nights in my home in NYC.A VC, Aug 2008

You should read the whole article.

awesome yogurt


photo.jpg, originally uploaded by wr_downing33.

There is a new face in the midtown community -- yogurtagogo opened up across the streets from the lofts on L Street. Awesome yogurt with a ton of fresh fruit and toppings. A great way to cool down in the hot sacramento summer.

Probably one of the best videos I have seen...


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University Lipdub (HS Furtwangen) from DASKAjA on Vimeo.



In order to retire, what is your magic number to walk away from your business? That is to say, how much do you need liquid in order to stop working and just enjoy life?



IMG_2458, originally uploaded by wr_downing33.

My close friend and business partner James Chen lives and works in Honolulu. During all this time (2 years +) I have never come to visit him. We use email, skype, gizmo, or texting to stay in contact. During this period of time, I felt that those means were effective. Now being with James for a couple days and getting to bounce ideas off each other, and just talk about non-business stuff I see the value in face-to-face interaction again. When you have the synergies of everyone in one room it only helps to spur on debate and thus create great ideas.

Not sure how it will work, but I think James and I need to make it a point to meet twice a year - one time in Hawaii and the other time in San Francisco.

I am curious to know what other business partners think about face-to-face interaction vs. using technology to keep in touch?

The good part of owning your own business


IMG_2440, originally uploaded by wr_downing33.

Friends often ask me a lot if I like being a business owner. Sometimes, my answer is Absolutely. Sometimes it is Not Really. And sometimes I sit back and thank my lucky stars that I don't have a boss to report to. This picture sums it up....

Pizza My Heart


Pizza My Heart, originally uploaded by wr_downing33.

Dinner @ Stanford tonight. Long day of traveling ahead of me tomorrow, but I will be blogging while I am on the road for the next couple of days....with lots of photos on Flickr.

I want to see this sign in every airport in America


iPhone 3G


Really interested to hear from some of you who have purchased the new iPhone? Please leave a comment with your thoughts, reactions, comments etc... or just email me at downing.billy at gmail dot com.

Projects in Downtown


-1, originally uploaded by wr_downing33.

Check this out...



IMG00101.jpg, originally uploaded by wr_downing33.

I thought that the smoke would be lighter in the bay area....I was wrong.

Smoke in Sacramento


IMG00100.jpg, originally uploaded by wr_downing33.

The fires in the central state have inundated Sacramento with smoke. Snapped this pic with my blackberry on the way to a meeting in Elk Grove yesterday.

Dinner with Mom and Dad


IMG_2431, originally uploaded by wr_downing33.

My brother and I had dinner with mom and dad on Saturday at Lucca's. For those of you who haven't tried Lucca's before it is located on the corner of 16th and J Street. Its one of the best in downtown Sac.

Tim Russert


Tim Russert, originally uploaded by wr_downing33.

The death of Tim Russert today represents probably the most significant death in media in my lifetime. His perspective on the political process was ingenious. He will be missed by all who understood what he was fighting for each and everyday. My prayers are with his family and friends.

Downtown Sacramento


Downtown Sacramento, originally uploaded by wr_downing33.

Cool photo that I snapped a few weeks ago....

Billy @ Tumblr


Check it out, my Tumblr....

Isaac's Birthday


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Birthdays are the best.....

58 Degrees


IMG_2284, originally uploaded by wr_downing33.

Kevin Johnson Delivers Closing Statement


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Video Post of the new Mayor's debate closing statement....

Memorial Day


I am on the road today working with 10 clients all over Northern, CA. I started this morning in Yuba City, then off to Roseville, and then on to Granite Bay before ending up in Elk Grove this evening. Eventhough this is a holiday and I wish I was with my family and friends, I am blessed to have a job where I know I am helping kids achieve great things. Drive safe today as many of you return home from weekend trips. Its going to be a busy week.......