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Preview: Final Girl

Final Girl

Exploring the slasher flicks of the 70's and 80's...and whatever else I can come up with.

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A Wee SHOCKtober Wrap Up!


Well, here we are in lame November. Stores are putting away the fake eyeballs and putting up the fake trees. While it's safe to say that most–if not all–of us will continue to indulge in all things horror no matter what the stupid calendar says, it's a sad fact that another SHOCKtober has come to an end. There's only one thing left to do, and that's some good old-fashioned number crunchin' and comparin'.Let's face it, when it comes to clicking, the world of "2017" is a much lazier place than the "2010" world gone by. People simply do not want to click more than once! We've grown so accustomed to sites like hell Facebook, hubs that allow you to scroll and watch videos and message people and comment and read articles on other sites without ever really leaving the confines of Facebook itself. Had I allowed folks to leave their lists as comments over there, I assure you there would have been a higher turnout. People "liked" my posts but never sent emails–emails are a lot of work! I get it. The Internet and the way we interact with it has changed a shit ton over the last seven years, so I was not expecting 2010 numbers. And I didn't get them! But the turnout was terrific anyway, and I thank everyone who sent in a list of their 20 favorite horror movies. We got another great master list with more variety and--aw heck, let's just get to the numbers.Total movies on the list: 632 (2017) / 732 (2010)I didn't keep track of the number of people who submitted lists, but it was far, far fewer this time around. You can't really tell by the total number of films on the list–only 100 fewer!–but the number of votes really gives it away. Still, dang, 632 movies ain't nothin' to sneeze at. SO DON'T SNEEZE AT THEM.Number of movies released since 2010: 78A kind reader tallied up that a total of 258 movies appear on the 2017 list that did not appear on the 2010 list. That's nuts! According to my science calculator, 78 films on the 2017 list were released after 2010. That's nuts-ier! Heck, one of those films, It Follows, made the Top 20. I'd say horror is doing just fine, thank you.Number of women directors: 9 (2010) / 26 (2017)This is the most telling number of all (and my favorite)–there are more and more women making movies out there! And wow, some of the movies are great! How nice that future lists of " the best horror movies directed by women" won't simply include Near Dark and American Psycho. Gee golly, maybe one day there will be so many women directors out there that they won't be segregated. A Final Girl can dream!The Top 10sNow here is where we see how much of a drop off in participants there was from 2010 to 2017: the #10 movie in 2010 received more votes than the #1 movie in 2017! And the #1 movie in 2010 received more than twice the votes than the #1 movie in 2017. But it's quite interesting to compare the Top 10s, no?10. 2017: Carrie // 2010: The Descent  9. 2017: Black Christmas // 2010: A Nightmare on Elm Street  8. 2017: Night of the Living Dead // 2010: Suspiria  7. 2017: Dawn of the Dead // 2010: Dawn of the Dead  6. 2017: Alien // 2010: Night of the Living Dead  5. 2017: The Shining // 2010: The Shining  4. 2017: The Exorcist // 2010: The Texas Chain Saw Massacre  3. 2017: The Texas Chain Saw Massacre // 2010: The Exorcist  2. 2017: The Thing // 2010: The Thing  1. 2017: Halloween (52 votes) // 2010: Halloween (123 votes)Weird, right? Some flip-floppin', some samey-samin'. In, say, 40 years when my ghost is running SHOCKtober 2057, what will the Top 10 look like? Where will these movies place? I think some recent films are absolutely classics already (hello, The VVitch) and down the line they'll be as revered as the "canon" is. Right? Maybe? I guess we'll have to wait and see!A fun little question posted in the comments recently: starting at #1, how far down the list do you have to go before you get to a movie you haven't seen yet? I made it to 109–I haven't seen The Final Girls yet. (I know, right? That's some Alanis Morrisette-level irony right[...]

SHOCKtober: 10-1


Here we are, the Top 10, the Final Countdown, the winner's circle, the crème de la crème, the head honchos, the big cheeses, your favorite horror movies of ALL TIME! Bold numbers indicate number of votes received.10. Carrie (1976, Brian De Palma) -- 269. Black Christmas (1974, Bob Clark) -- 278. Night of the Living Dead (1968, George A. Romero) -- 277. Dawn of the Dead (1978, George A. Romero) -- 336. Alien (1979, Ridley Scott) -- 345. The Shining (1980, Stanley Kubrick) -- 344. The Exorcist (1973, William Friedkin) -- 363. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974, Tobe Hooper) -- 392. The Thing (1982, John Carpenter) -- 481. Halloween (1978, John Carpenter) -- 52I have to admit, I was kind of rooting for The Thing to take the #1 spot just so there'd be an upset, but there's no toppling the tale of Michael Myers and Laurie Strode. They were close right until the end (heck, the whole Top 10 was pretty close), though, and ultimately they're not separated by that many votes. Maybe when I do this again in like ten years...? Eh, who am I kidding, Halloween is just way too beloved. But congrats to John Carpenter on taking the #1 and #2 spots, I'm sure he finds this to be the highest honor he's ever received!YES I know there are some ties in there–Black Christmas and Night of the Living Dead, Alien and The Shining–but as I said way back when, this ain't yer mama's countdown! I play by my own rules, and my own rules say the rankings are sometimes arbitrary!And just like that, it's over.OR IS IT? I'll be back tomorrow with some kind of a post-game show... much like evil, SHOCKtober never dies! Thanks to everyone who cast a vote! Thanks to everyone who's just reading along! Happy Halloween! Exclamation point![...]

SHOCKtober: 20-11


Today we enter the Top 20! Amazing, isn't it. As always, the bold number is the number of votes each movie received.20. Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978, Philip Kaufman) -- 1719. Scream (1996, Wes Craven) -- 1718. The Fog (1980, John Carpenter) -- 1717. The Blair Witch Project (1999, Daniel Myrick & Eduardo Sánchez) -- 1816. Psycho (1960, Alfred Hitchcock) -- 1915. It Follows (2014, David Robert Mitchell) -- 2014. Rosemary's Baby (1968, Roman Polanski) -- 2313. Jaws (1975, Steven Spielberg) -- 2412. Suspiria (1977, Dario Argento) -- 2411. The Descent (2005, Neil Marshall) -- 25And there you have it. Tomorrow–your Top 10 favorites! Well, it's the Top 10 favorites of some of you. In a way. You know what I mean.[...]

SHOCKtober: 41-21


I can't believe SHOCKtober is winding down! Time flies when you're...doing this stuff.The bold number is the number of votes each film received:41. Don't Look Now -- 1973, Nicolas Roeg -- 1140. Friday the 13th -- 1980, Sean S. Cunningham -- 1139. Let the Right One In -- 2008, Tomas Alfredson -- 1138. The House of the Devil -- 2009, Ti West -- 1137. Hellraiser -- 1987, Clive Barker -- 1236. Phantasm -- 1979, Don Coscarelli -- 1235. The Changeling -- 1980, Peter Medak -- 1234. Creepshow -- 1982, George A. Romero -- 1333. Evil Dead II -- 1987, Sam Raimi -- 1332. Poltergeist -- 1982, Tobe Hooper -- 1331. Prince of Darkness -- 1987, John Carpenter -- 1330. Re-Animator -- 1985, Stuart Gordon -- 1329. The Return of the Living Dead -- 1985, Dan O'Bannon -- 1328. Session 9 -- 2001, Brad Anderson -- 1327. The Silence of the Lambs -- 1991, Jonathan Demme -- 1326. An American Werewolf in London -- 1981, John Landis -- 1525. Candyman -- 1992, Bernard Rose -- 1524. The Evil Dead -- 1981, Sam Raimi -- 1523. The Haunting -- 1963, Robert Wise -- 1622. The VVitch -- 2015, Robert Eggers -- 1621. A Nightmare on Elm Street -- 1984, Wes Craven-- 17I introduced some pals to Creepshow recently and they really dug it (thank goodness, otherwise we'd have to stop being pals). I was especially pleased that they each made an astute observation: "Are we supposed to hate Billie? I don't, she's fun."[...]

Death Count Giveaway!


Man I tells ya, the warm reception that Death Count has gotten so far really warms me in my heart place.

The limited sketch edition has sold out, so thanks to everyone who picked one up! If you missed out, though, I've got good news: I'm doing a sketch edition giveaway! The winner will receive a copy of the book along with the Crystal Lake Kick Line sketch you see below! All you have to do is follow me on Instagram @finalgrrl and hashtag something or other with #f13DeathCount. I'll be drawing a winner on November 1st from everyone who hashtags and follows, so give it a go! A moment of social media pain is worth a lifetime of having this book and original art.

As you know, reader pics are my everything so keep 'em coming, I'll never get enough. And for real, the enthusiasm and all of it means the world.

SHOCKtober: 61-42


Can you feel the excitement in the air? We're breaking into the Top 50, aww yeah!The following films received EIGHT VOTES each!61. 28 Days Later -- 2002, Danny Boyle60. The Cabin in the Woods -- 2012, Drew Goddard59. Deep Red -- 1975, Dario Argento58. Friday the 13th Part 2 -- 1981, Steve Miner57. Martyrs -- 2008, Pascal Laugier56. Tenebre -- 1982, Dario Argento55. The Babadook -- 2014, Jennifer Kent54. The Birds -- 1963, Alfred Hitchcock53. The Innocents -- 1961, Jack Clayton52. Videodrome -- 1983, David CronenbergThe following films received NINE VOTES each:51. Bride of Frankenstein -- 1935, James Whale50. Carnival of Souls -- 1962, Herk Harvey49. Halloween III: Season of the Witch -- 1982, Tommy Lee Wallace48. Sleepaway Camp -- 1983, Robert Hiltzik47. The Beyond -- 1981, Lucio Fulci46. The Ring -- 2002, Gore Verbinski45. The Wicker Man -- 1973, Robin Hardy44. You're Next -- 2011, Adam WingardThe following films received TEN VOTES each:43. The Brood -- 1979, David Cronenberg42. Trick 'r Treat -- 2007, Michael DoughertyHow crazy is Halloween III? It's crazy! Not every day that you see a horror movie whose villain wants the wholesale slaughter of children, never mind that the plan involves masks that, when triggered, make snakes come out of kids' faces. I don't understand the science behind it, but I sure do love it. (That gif, by the way, is courtesy of our pal Jason over at My New Plaid Pants, who featured Season of the Witch in his excellent, long-running "Ways Not to Die" series.)[...]

SHOCKtober: 82-62


The following movies each received SIX VOTES:82. From Beyond -- 1986, Stuart Gordon81. Happy Birthday to Me -- 1981, J. Lee Thompson80. Inside -- 2007, Alexandre Bustillo & Julien Maury79. Messiah of Evil -- 1973, Willard Huyck & Gloria Katz78. Near Dark -- 1987, Kathryn Bigelow77. [REC] -- 2007, Jaume Balagueró & Paco Plaza76. Ringu -- 1998, Hideo Nakata75. The Omen -- 1976, Richard Donner74. The Others -- 2001, Alejandro Amenábar73. Tourist Trap -- 1979, David SchmoellerThese films got SEVEN VOTES each:72. A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors -- 1987, Chuck Russell71. April Fool's Day -- 1986, Fred Walton70. Cat People -- 1942, Jacques Tourneur69. Drag Me to Hell -- 2009, Sam Raimi68. The Exorcist III -- 1990, William Peter Blatty67. Get Out -- 2017, Jordan Peele66. Let's Scare Jessica to Death -- 1971, John D. Hancock65. Martin -- 1978, George A. Romero64. Night of the Creeps -- 1986, Fred Dekker63. Shaun of the Dead -- 2004, Edgar Wright62. The Fly -- 1986, David CronenbergI checked out Messiah of Evil after reading its praises in the comment section on this very blog and I fell in love with it, ain't that somethin'. So if you haven't seen it yet, consider this my recommendation that you get it in your face anon.Doesn't Tourist Trap seem more like a 1982 film than a 1979 film? It does to me. And now you know how I feel about that, so have a great weekend![...]

Princesses from Another Castle


I you do not follow me at Kotaku, well, I figured I would let you know about some of my recent posts over there as I've been busy. Perhaps something will be of interest to you! Or not, who can say. It's your life, man, be interested in whatever you want.Today I've got a piece called Video Games, According to Horror Movies, a look at some of the ridiculous (and often hilarious) ways games and game developers are portrayed in horror movies. Films like Brainscan, Stay Alive, Nightmares, and Hellraiser: Hellworld all get it delightfully wrong and I couldn't be more pleased.Also, Hellworld is the EIGHTH Hellraiser movie and it is not the last. It's shocking just how massive some of these franchises are–like, everyone knows there are more Friday the 13th movies than you could count on all of your fingers (I assume). But there are almost 20 Amityville movies! How can that be? And don't get me started–don't even get me started–on Witchcraft. Last I knew they were up to Witchcraft MCMXVIII.I also wrote a piece about the current state of horror games (spoiler alert: it's pretty dang great!). Basically there's a shit ton of good stuff out there in every imaginable subgenre. It parallels the ebbs and flows of the horror film industry, to an extent: when "corporate"/big budget stuff gets too bland and fans get tired, the indies experiment with new ideas and make it all feel fresh again.I done did my first review of a AAA, The Evil Within 2, huzzah and hooray! (spoiler alert: it's pretty dang great!) I loved it. Fantastic open world-ish survival horror. If that's your bag at all, you owe it to yourself to check it out.It's all fulla nope.I wrote a bit about a recent Friday the 13th: The Game update, although since then there's been another update that adds Fox as a playable character and I don't even know why I'm still writing here when I could be playing as Fox?Finally, I wrote a list of horror movie recommendations for horror game fans. You know, if you like this game, watch this movie kind of stuff. Of course, the inverse also applies–if you're a fan of one of these movies, maybe you'll enjoy the game. It's not 1:1 stuff, like "If you enjoy playing Resident Evil, watch Resident Evil!" because man, what a boring list that would be. It's more moods and vibes and maybe some lesser known films, so maybe someone somewhere got introduced to something great and then my life will feel complete.It's been a great SHOCKtober all around, and it ain't over yet![...]

SHOCKtober: 104-83


Aww yeah, into the top 100! We're getting to the nitty and the gritty, children. Each of these movies received FOUR VOTES!104. The Stepford Wives -- 1975, Bryan Forbes103. The Void -- 2016, Jeremy Gillespie & Steven Kostanski102. Wolfen -- 1981, Michael Wadleigh, John D. Hancock, Rupert Hitzig101. Zombie -- 1979, Lucio FulciEach of the following movies got FIVE VOTES:100. Audition -- 1999, Takashi Miike99. Brain Damage -- 1988, Frank Henenlotter98. Dawn of the Dead -- 2004, Zack Snyder97. Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI -- 1986, Tom McLoughlin96. Ginger Snaps -- 2000, John Fawcett95. Hausu -- 1977, Nobuhiko Ôbayashi94. High Tension -- 2003, Alexandre Aja93. Inferno -- 1980, Dario Argento92. Pieces -- 1982, Juan Piquer Simón91. Shivers -- 1975, David Cronenberg90. The Blob -- 1988, Chuck Russell89. The Conjuring -- 2013, James Wan88. The Legend of Hell House -- 1973, John Hough87. The Lost Boys -- 1987, Joel Schumacher86. The Slumber Party Massacre -- 1982, Amy Holden Jones85. The Vanishing -- 1988, George SluizerThese movies received SIX VOTES each:84. Dead Alive -- 1992, Peter Jackson83. Event Horizon -- 1997, Paul W.S. AndersonLook, I don't want to be a pill or a sore sport here, but I checked out The Void because it's like the hottest thing and man, I just couldn't really get into it. The special effects were cool and I'm into the old school approach to gore and the such, but things were kept so dark it was hard to really appreciate them. The story felt like a rehash of several better movies, and I'm tired of useless women in horror movies. Well, everywhere and all movies, really, but horror especially. That doesn't mean they all have to be the Final Girl or lawd forbid "strong female characters" (I'd love to see that term go into fucking retirement), but...well, the breakdown of characters in the little ensemble of The Void just got me all riled up. Ah well, I don't want to spoil things for those who haven't seen it (or go on a forever tirade), so I guess I'll just go burn my bra.But not before posting this absolutely obligatory scene from you-know-what: allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="560">[...]

SHOCKtober: 125-105


Ooh we're almost in the home stretch...but today we're still listing movies that each received FOUR VOTES!

125. Fright Night -- 1985, Tom Holland
124. Ghost Story -- 1981, John Irvin
123. Hellbound: Hellraiser II -- 1988, Tony Randel
122. The House on Sorority Row -- 1983, Mark Rosman
121. In the Mouth of Madness -- 1994, John Carpenter
120. Invasion of the Body Snatchers -- 1956, Don Siegel
119. Pulse -- 2001, Kiyoshi Kurosawa
118. Maniac -- 1980, William Lustig
117. Misery -- 1990, Rob Reiner
116. Paranormal Activity -- 2007, Oren Peli
115. Pet Sematary -- 1989, Mary Lambert
114. Phenomena -- 1985, Dario Argento
113. Possession -- 1981, Andrzej Zulawski
112. Prom Night -- 1980, Paul Lynch
111. Pumpkinhead -- 1988, Stan Winston
110. Slaughter High -- 1986, George Dugdale, Mark Ezra, Peter Mackenzie Litten
109. The Final Girls -- 2015, Todd Strauss-Schulson
108. House on Haunted Hill -- 1959, William Castle
107. The Innkeepers -- 2011, Ti West
106. The Sentinel -- 1977, Michael Winner
105. The Seventh Victim -- 1943, Mark Robson

I tells ya, this tiny clip from House on Sorority Row never fails to brighten my day:

allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="560">

I could watch that on a loop forever!

SHOCKtober: 147-126


It's time for the last of the movies with THREE VOTES EACH!147. The Amityville Horror -- 1979, Stuart Rosenberg146. The Bad Seed -- 1956, Mervyn LeRoy145. The Black Cat -- 1934, Edgar G. Ulmer144. The Burning -- 1981, Tony Maylam143. The Devil's Rejects -- 2005, Rob Zombie142. The Hitcher -- 1986, Robert Harmon141. The Howling -- 1981, Joe Dante140. The Invitation -- 2015, Karyn Kusama139. The Manitou -- 1977, William Girdler138. The Mist -- 2007, Frank Darabont137. The Old Dark House -- 1932, James Whale136. The Orphanage -- 2007, J.A. Bayona135. The Uninvited -- 1944, Lewis Allen134. Tombs of the Blind Dead -- 1972, Armando de Ossorio133. Tremors -- 1990, Ron Underwood132. Tucker and Dale vs Evil -- 2010, Eli Craig131. Vampyr -- 1932, Carl Theodor Dreyer130. Wes Craven's New Nightmare -- 1994, Wes CravenWell lookie here, each of these movies got FOUR VOTES!129. Black Sabbath -- 1963, Mario Bava128. Chopping Mall -- 1986, Jim Wynorski127. Creature from the Black Lagoon -- 1954, Jack Arnold126. Frankenstein -- 1931, James WhaleSure, sure, everyone is always going on about The Bad Seed. But what about the sequel The Rad Seed?The Invitation is great and if you haven't seen it yet you should definitely check it out!I love living in a world where The Manitou got three votes.Also, is this a good time for me to admit that I've never actually seen Chopping Mall? I know. I know![...]

The Death Count Continues...


Hey gang, just an update for those of you who have ordered Death Count directly from me: I had to wait until enough orders were in to buy copies in bulk. They've been ordered and they're on their way to me now. Signed copies will go out first as they're quicker! Sketch editions will go out in waves most likely (I walk to the post office and I can only carry so many), but I'm already working on sketches as they're on bookplates. Thanks to everyone who's picked up a copy, whether through me or through Amazon! I'm so happy you guys are digging it.

(Side note! Only seven sketch editions remain, grab one if you want one! For details on how to order a signed copy–check out this post.) [SKETCH EDITION IS SOLD OUT! SIGNED COPIES STILL AVAILABLE]

SHOCKtober: 169-148


Aww yeah, more movies that each received THREE VOTES today! Read 'em and weep rejoice!169. Demons -- 1985, Lamberto Bava168. Dressed to Kill -- 1980, Brian De Palma167. Eyes Without a Face -- 1960, Georges Franju166. Halloween II -- 1981, Rick Rosenthal165. Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II -- 1987, Bruce Pittman164. Hostel -- 2005, Eli Roth163. The House by the Cemetery -- 1981, Lucio Fulci162. Ju-on: The Grudge -- 2002, Takashi Shimizu161. Kill, Baby...Kill! -- 1966, Mario Bava160. Kwaidan -- 1964, Masaki Kobayashi159. The Last House on the Left -- 1972, Wes Craven158. Lifeforce -- 1985, Tobe Hooper157. Lisa and the Devil  -- 1973, Mario Bava156. The Masque of the Red Death -- 1964, Roger Corman155. My Bloody Valentine -- 1981, George Mihalka154. Night of the Demon -- 1957, Jacques Tourneur153. Nosferatu -- 1922, F.W. Murnau152. Parents -- 1989, Bob Balaban151. Raw -- 2016, Julia Ducournau150. Repulsion -- 1965, Roman Polanski149. Slither -- 2006, James Gunn148. Suicide Club -- 2001, Sion SonoHELL YEAH HELLO MARY LOU! So underrated, so fun. And My Bloody Valentine! Two from my I Heart series represented. Y'all make me so proud! *sniff*[...]

SHOCKtober: 191-170


Each of these movies received TWO VOTES!191. The Legend of Boggy Creek -- 1972, Charles B. Pierce190. The Loved Ones -- 2009, Sean Byrne189. The Mad Magician -- 1954, John Brahm188. The Midnight Hour -- 1985, Jack Bender187. The Other -- 1972, Robert Mulligan186. The Stepfather -- 1987, Joseph Ruben185. The Strangers -- 2008, Bryan Bertino184. The Wolf Man -- 1941, George Waggner183. Train to Busan -- 2016, Sang-ho Yeon182. Triangle -- 2009, Christopher Smith181. Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me -- 1992, David Lynch180. Under the Skin -- 2013, Jonathan Glazer179. Vamp -- 1986, Richard Wenk178. We Are What We Are -- 2013, Jim Mickle177. What We Do in the Shadows -- 2014, Jermaine Clement & Taika WaititiWhat's this? A separate chunk o' list? Yes, because each of these movies got THREE VOTES!176. A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night -- 2014, Ana Lily Amirpour175. Alice Sweet Alice -- 1976, Alfred Sole174. Aliens -- 1986, James Cameron173. Basket Case -- 1982, Frank Henenlotter172. Black Sunday -- 1960, Mario Bava171. Cold Prey -- 2006, Roar Uthaug170. Curtains -- 1983, Richard CiupkaLawd amighty do I love We Are What We Are so much! And honestly, if I didn't force myself to watch it as part of the SHOCKtober 2015 Netflix-only movies I might have continued to avoid it because "cannibal family" makes it sound like a tired Texas Chain Saw Massacre rip-off and I avoid those as much as possible. But if my votes counted for this list, well, We Are What We Are would have had three votes. SHOCKtober: bringing people together since whenever the first time I did it was![...]

Death Count is on Kindle!


Hi there, I know you are probably tired of hearing about my new book Death Count but I am not tired of talking about it yet, so strap in!

The Kindle version is now available! It's taking a bit for Amazon to merge both print and futuristic cyber versions into one page, so for now CLICK HERE for the Kindle listing. If you're in the market for a print version, hey it's currently on sale for 10% off! CLICK HERE for that.


I've got a mere ten SEVEN sketch edition slots remaining, and that's it! If you'd like one of those (or a signed edition), CLICK HERE for info. [SKETCH EDITION SOLD OUT! SIGNED COPIES AVAILABLE AT THE LINK]

And if you've picked it up already, first of all thank you! Let me know what you think and keep the pics coming, they're adding YEARS to my life!

SHOCKtober: 212-192


Ooh la la, today we break the 200 barrier with these films that received TWO VOTES EACH!212. Race with the Devil -- 1975, Jack Starrett211. Ravenous -- 1999, Antonia Bird210. Revenge of the Creature -- 1955, Jack Arnold209. Salem's Lot -- 1979, Tobe Hooper208. Saw -- 2004, James Wan207. Scream 2 -- 1997, Wes Craven206. Shutter -- 2004, Banjong Pisanthanakun & Parkpoom Wongpoom205. Sole Survivor -- 1983, Thom Eberhardt204. Son of Frankenstein -- 1939, Rowland V. Lee203. Spider Baby -- 1967, Jack Hill202. Splinter -- 2008, Toby Wilkins201. Street Trash -- 1987, James M. Muro200. The Blob -- 1958, Irvin S. Yeaworth Jr. & Russell S. Doughten Jr.199. The Car -- 1977, Elliot Silverstein198. The Children -- 1980, Max Kalmanowicz197. The Collector -- 2009, Marcus Dunstan196. The Devils -- 1971, Ken Russell195. Eyes of Laura Mars -- 1978, Irvin Kershner194. The Grudge -- 2004, Takashi Shimizu193. The Initiation -- 1984, Larry Stewart & Peter Crane192. The Lady in White -- 1988, Frank LaLoggiaI'm surprised to see Salem's Lot only got two votes! I watched it again after Tobe Hooper died in August and it's still so great. It's interesting that Mr. Barlow appears for only a few moments and doesn't actually do very much, yet he's still so imposing and terrifying. It's a testament not only to the way he's built up through the narrative, but also the way his brief appearances are shot by Hooper. That grotesque face in shocking closeup, the way he rises from the floor and takes up nearly the entirety of the Petrie, so good. I've never found vampires to be particularly frightening, but every one of 'em in Salem's Lot does it for me.Glad to see The Initiation up there, and I'd be remiss if I didn't remind you that HEIDI HERSELF commented on my review back in the day. Read it again and bask...Heidi rules! Hopefully now that the film is out on Blu-ray her residual checks have increased.Look, I haven't seen Stranger Things yet but I've seen plenty of pictures from it. If the world/internet gave Heidi even half the love it gives to ST's Barb, we'd all be better off.[...]

SHOCKtober: Final Mom's Top 20


I know that sometimes you must read this site and wonder at my taste in horror movies. How did it get to be so good? Was I simply born this way, with perfect and impeccable opinions on what is good and what is not?Of course I was! But while I would like to give myself sole credit for this, I must in fact give a shout-out to my mom, who obviously also has superior taste in horror movies. Just look at this list! It speaks for itself, so I'll shut up now.Dracula (1958, Terence Fisher)Dracula: Prince of Darkness (1966, Terence Fisher)Dracula Has Risen from the Grave (1968, Freddie Francis)Night of the Living Dead (1968, George A. Romero)Dawn of the Dead (1978, George A. Romero)The Descent (2005, Neil Marshall)Dog Soldiers (2002, Neil Marshall)Candyman (1992, Bernard Rose)Halloween (1978, John Carpenter)Ju-on: The Grudge (2002, Takashi Shimizu)Ringu (1998, Hideo Nakata)A Tale of Two Sisters (2003, Jee-woon Kim)Alien (1979, Ridley Scott)Pitch Black (2000, David Twohy)The Blair Witch Project (1999, Daniel Myrick & Eduardo SánchezJaws (1975, Steven Spielberg)Suspiria (1977, Dario Argento)Demons (1985, Lamberto Bava)Cold Prey (2006, Roar Uthaug)Dark Water (2001, Hideo Nakata)[...]

SHOCKtober: 233-213


You guessed it–each movie featured today received TWO VOTES.233. The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) -- 2011, Tom Six232. I Walked with a Zombie -- 1943, Jacques Tourneur231. Insidious -- 2010, James Wan230. Interview with the Vampire -- 1994, Neil Jordan229. Intruder -- 1989, Scott Spiegel228. Island of Lost Souls -- 1932, Erle C. Kenton227. It -- 2017, Andy Muschietti226. Jeepers Creepers -- 2001, Victor Salva225. Killer Party -- 1986, William Fruet224. King Kong -- 1933, Merien C. Cooper & Ernest B. Schoedsack223. The Lair of the White Worm -- 1988, Ken Russell222. Lake Mungo -- 2008, Joel Anderson221. The Last Man on Earth -- 1964, Ubaldo Ragona & Sidney Salkow220. The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue -- 1974, Jorge Grau219. Ludlow -- 2010, Stacie Ponder (I DID NOT PAY FOR THIS AND YES IT'S OBVIOUSLY FLATTERING BUT POSTING IT MAKES ME FEEL WEIRD BUT WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO)218. Maniac -- 2012, Franck Khalfoun217. May -- 2002, Lucky McKee216. Nightbreed -- 1990, Clive Barker215. Night of the Comet -- 1984, Thom Eberhardt214. Nosferatu the Vampyre -- 1979, Werner Herzog213. Popcorn -- 1991, Mark Herrier & Alan OrmsbyWhat a nicely varied list we have here today! But only two votes for Lake Mungo, are you people nuts? That movie deserves two million votes!Also, I love Killer Party so much. If you haven't seen it, well, this video spoils the last few seconds of it...but the song is so worth it! allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="560">[...]

SHOCKtober: 255-234


Aw yeah, firmly ensconced in the last of the twos. Each film got TWO VOTES EACH!255. Demons 2 -- 1986, Lamberto Bava254. Les diaboliques -- 1955, Henri-Georges Clouzot253. Don't Be Afraid of the Dark -- 1973, John Newland252. Don't Deliver Us from Evil -- 1971, Joël Séria251. Don't Go in the House -- 1979, Joseph Ellison250. Bram Stoker's Dracula -- 1992, Francis Ford Coppola249. Eraserhead -- 1977, David Lynch248. Final Destination -- 2000, James Wong247. FleshEater -- 1988, S. William Hinzman246. Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed -- 1969, Terence Fisher245. Friday the 13th Part III -- 1982, Steve Miner244. Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter -- 1984, Joseph Zito243. Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood -- 1988, John Carl Buechler242. From Dusk Till Dawn -- 1996, Robert Rodriguez241. Funny Games -- 1997, Michael Haneke240. Ghost Ship -- 2002, Steve Beck239. Green Room -- 2015, Jeremy Saulnier238. Gremlins -- 1984, Joe Dante237. Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer -- 1986, John McNaughton236. Honeymoon -- 2014, Leigh Janiak235. Horror Express -- 1972, Eugenio Martin234. Horror of Dracula -- 1958, Terence FisherWow, check out all those Friday the 13ths on this chunk o' list! Why, you know would go great with all these Friday mentions? A copy of my new book, Death Count! Just think, you two people who listed Part III (only two? for shame!) could bond over the movie and all my illustrations of the deaths therein. Even more importantly, you could bond over how great Chris Higgins is! Because she's so great! I am just saying. Death Count. Yeah.I mean heck, if I can't pimp the book here, then where can I pimp it? And look! Amazon finally got the 'look inside' feature running so now you can–yes–look inside. Woo hoo! Chris Higgins![...]

A reminder!


I've gotten quite a warm reception and some very kind words about Death Count. I'm delighted that folks are delighted! Some people have even gone so far as to post pictures of the book or of themselves with the book and I love it so much...not to be greedy, I'm definitely hoping for some pets-with-Death Count shots in the future.

This is courtesy of our forever pal Jason at My New Plaid Pants!
If you've yet to get in on the hot, hot Death Count action, it's available at Amazon–they even discounted the price to $19.07, what a deal! I'm still working on the Kindle edition, hopefully I'll have that soon and I'll update.

Signed copies are still available directly from me for $19.95 , and there are also a few sketch editions left for $45. If you'd like a signed or sketched version, Paypal me at stacieponder (at) gmail dot com. If it's a sketch edition, be sure to tell me which character (from Part One–Jason X) you'd like! And be sure to include a mailing address. Sorry my dudes, sketch edition and signed copies are available in the US only. [SKETCH EDITION SOLD OUT! SIGNED COPIES STILL AVAILABLE]

I just really want to post pictures of people with my book forever. IT'S THE BEST THING. Tag me on "social" "media" or email the pics my way or something. Just keep 'em coming, man, I'm jonesin' for it!

SHOCKtober: 275-256


Whoa, I can't believe last, we have arrived at the point in the list where each movie received TWO VOTES. That's right! So long, solo acts...we're in Twinsie Town. Just think–if you voted for one of these films and you meet the other person who voted for the same film, well, you'll have something to talk about. Won't that be nice?275. A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master -- 1988, Renny Harlin274. A Tale of Two Sisters -- 2003, Jee-woon Kim273. All Cheerleaders Die -- 2013, Lucky McKee & Chris Sivertson272. Alligator -- 1980, Lewis Teague271. American Mary -- 2012, Jen Soska & Sylvia Soska270. Antichrist -- 2009, Lars von Trier269. A Bay of Blood -- 1971, Mario Bava268. Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon -- 2006, Scott Glosserman267. Black Swan -- 2010, Darren Aronofsky266. Blue Velvet -- 1986, David Lynch265. Burial Ground: The Nights of Terror -- 1981, Andrea Bianchi264. Cannibal Holocaust -- 1980, Ruggero Deodato263. Castle of Blood -- 1964, Sergio Corbucci & Antonio Margheriti262. Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things -- 1972, Bob Clark261. Creep -- 2014, Patrick Brice260. The Curse of Frankenstein -- 1957, Terence Fisher259. Day of the Dead -- 1985, George A. Romero258. Dead of Night -- 1945, Alberto Cavalcanti, Charles Crichton, Basil Dearden, Robert Hamer257. Deadgirl -- 2008, Marcel Sarmiento & Gadi Harel256. The Deadly Spawn -- 1983, Douglas McKeownA whole messa great movies on today's chunk o' list! I'm not gonna tell you which ones are great, though. You'll have to guess.[...]

SHOCKtober: 297-276


Oooh we're still in the land of ONE VOTE EACH...hey over there, I think that's the way out! Wait, didn't we pass that tree already? Oh no, we're back at the beginning...WHY WON'T IT LET US LEAVE297. Vampyres -- 1974, José Ramón Larraz296. Visiting Hours -- 1982, Jean-Claude Lord295. Wait Until Dark -- 1967, Terence Young294. War of the Gargantuas -- 1966, Ishirô Honda293. War of the Worlds -- 2005, Steven Spielberg292. Warlock Moon -- 1973, Bill Herbert291. The Watcher in the Woods -- 1980, John Hough & Vincent McEveety290. We Are Still Here -- 2015, Ted Geoghegan289. We Are What We Are -- 2010, Jorge Michel Grau288. Werewolf of London -- 1935, Stuart Walker287. What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? -- 1962, Robert Aldrich286. When a Stranger Calls Back -- 1993, Fred Walton285. White Zombie -- 1932, Victor Halperin284. Willow Creek -- 2013, Bobcat Goldthwait283. Winterbeast -- 1992, Christopher Thies282. Without Warning -- 1980, Greydon Clark281. Wolf Creek -- 2005, Greg McLean280. Would You Rather -- 2012, David Guy Levy279. Wrong Turn -- 2003, Rob Schmidt278. Xtro -- 1982, Harry Bromley Davenport277. Zodiac -- 2007, David Fincher276. Zombi 3 -- 1988, Lucio Fulci, Bruno Mattei, Claudio FragrassoApparently Wrong Turn 7 is in the works...? Wrong Turn 7. SEVEN. SEVENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNI love the first film in the series so much, it's a great time. And then I am done! Seven Wrong Turns, what a world.Oh, and When a Stranger Calls Back is actually pretty great, that is all.[...]

SHOCKtober: 319-298


Hey hey, we're under 300! But we're still in the land of the onesies, films that got ONE VOTE EACH.319. The Undead -- 1957, Roger Corman318. The Unholy -- 1988, Camilo Vila317. The Wailing -- 2016, Hong-jin Na316. The Woman in Black -- 1989, Herbert Wise315. The Woman in Black -- 2012, James Watkins314. Theater of Blood -- 1973, Douglas Hickox313. They Look Like People -- 2015, Perry Blackshear312. Thirteen Ghosts -- 2001, Steve Beck311. Thriller: A Cruel Picture -- 1973, Bo Arne Vibenius310. Tomb of Ligeia -- 1964, Roger Corman309. Tomie: Replay -- 2000, Tomijiro Mitsuishi308. The Toxic Avenger -- 1984, Michael Herz & Lloyd Kaufman307. Trick or Treat -- 1986, Charles Martin Smith306. Trigger Man -- 2007, Ti West305. Trilogy of Terror -- 1975, Dan Curtis304. Trollhunter -- 2010, André Øvredal303. Twilight Zone: The Movie -- 1983, Joe Dante, John Landis, George Miller, Steven Spielberg302. Twins of Evil -- 1971, John Hough301. Twixt -- 2011, Francis Ford Coppola300. Urban Legend -- 1998, Jamie Blanks299. Valerie and Her Week of Wonders -- 1970, Jaromil Jires298. Vampire's Kiss -- 1988, Robert BiermanTrilogy of Terror is a stone cold classic. The whole thing is terrific but of course it's the "Amelia" segment that's essentially one of the greatest horror films of all time, all on its own. And that shit was made for TV!The official title of Thirteen Ghosts (2001) is apparently Thir13en Ghosts, but that reads as "Thirthirteenen Ghosts" and that is so ridiculous that I will not use it. I WILL NOT.The end of the "You wanna see something really scary?" framing narrative in Twilight know, where Dan Ackroyd (of all people) turns into a ghoul used to scare the crap outta me.[...]

SHOCKtober: 341-320


I think maybe someday we'll encounter movies that received more than ONE VOTE...?341. The Pit -- 1962, Edward Abraham340. The Poughkeepsie Tapes -- 2007, John Erick Dowdle339. The Psychic -- 1977, Lucio Fulci338. The Raven -- 1935, Lew Landers337. The Raven -- 1963, Roger Corman336. The Red Queen Kills Seven Times -- 1972, Emilio Miraglia335. The Relic -- 1997, Peter Hyams334. The Sacrament -- 2013, Ti West333. The Sect -- 1991, Michele Soavi332. The Seduction -- 1982, David Schmoeller331. The Signal -- 2007, David Bruckner, Dan Bush, Jacob Gentry330. The Sixth Sense -- 1999, M. Night Shyamalan329. The Skeleton Key -- 2005, Iain Softley328. The Spiral Staircase -- 1946, Robert Siodmak327. The Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh -- 1971, Sergio Martino326. The Tall Man -- 2012, Pascal Laugier325. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 -- 1986, Tobe Hooper324. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre -- 2003, Marcus Nispel323. The Thing from Another World -- 1951, Christian Nyby, Howard Hawks322. The Town That Dreaded Sundown -- 1976, Charles B. Pierce321. The Town That Dreaded Sundown -- 2014, Alfonso Gomez-Rejon320. The Ugly -- 1997, Scott ReynoldsThe Poughkeepsie Tapes was recently released on Blu-ray and now that it's finally available I kind of can't be bothered to give it a go. That mask is certainly creepy, and I've heard good things (why, there's one person out there who would even call it a favorite!), I just don't feel like I'm on its wavelength at the moment.And that's just a little something about me!Here's more little somethings about me regarding today's chunk o' list"The Seduction needs to get in my eyeballs immediately. Morgan Fairchild as a television anchorwoman? Now that is a wavelength I am on, yes please.Also yes please to the 2000 made-for-TV remake of The Spiral Staircase I just learned about, starring Judd Nelson, Nicolette Sheridan, Holland Taylor, Candyse McClure of television's Battlestar Galactica, and the dude who played Madonna's boyfriend in the "Papa Don't Preach" video. If Heaven is a movie, sure this must be it?Also also, I wasn't into The Psychic when I saw it way back when, but I want to give it another go. It's got so many ingredients I love, surely the problem must have been me.Also also also, seeing the 2003 Texas Chainsaw Massacre here (a film I didn't hate), man. Horror friends, remember the Platinum Dunes days? They were dark but we made it through! We're stronger than we ever thought possible.[...]

Happy Holiday!


I don't know about you, but I went all in to celebrate Friday the 13th yesterday. I mean, it was Friday, October 13, aka a high horror holiday.First of all, YES I'm mentioning it again: my book Death Count went on sale yesterday and it's available at Amazon. I'm selling a limited sketch edition (and I do mean "limited" and "selling"! get in while the getting's good) and [SKETCH EDITION SOLD OUT!] signed copies directly...for more info on that, check out yesterday's announcement post. Spread the word! I'll be spreading the word frequently because you know what? That book took a lot of work and I think it's good and a good time and I'm excited about it. SO THERE.Fox! I love Fox. Speaking of Fox, she's going to be a playable character in the Friday the 13th game soon, and I cannot fucking wait. I CAN'T WAIT.Speaking of Friday the 13th: The Game, I wrote about the most recent update for the game at Kotaku yesterday. The new content focuses on The Final Chapter and spoiler alert, it's so much fun. Part IV Jason is playable (complete with movie-appropriate theme music), and there's a huge new map with locations from the film, including Jarvis House and the Party House next door. The game is still janky at times, and it's still *absolutely* best to play in a private group with friends. But for all of its issues, it's obvious that the developers have a lot of love for the film series and as a fan of said series, it's a real treat.Speaking of Kotaku, I also posted a list of horror movie recommendations for horror game fans. The inverse would work as well–like a movie? Check out this game. As I noted in the piece, it's not a list of 1:1 recommendations ("Do you like Silent Hill? Watch Silent Hill!") because that would be such a boring, pointless list. But it was a good brain exercise for me, and if I can introduce someone to a new movie or game, well, then the exercise was worth it. (That is something I never say.)Speaking of...uh, me...I capped off yesterday's festivities with this double feature...YES AT THE DRIVE-IN:What a hoot. It was really fun to see them with someone who had never seen either film. Pet Sematary was the bigger hit of the two, considered scarier for sure. I get it. While my heart lies with Friday, it is basically just, you know, a predictable series of murders. (Although the no-Jason twist was a big surprise.) Pet Sematary is more suspenseful, and I was surprised at how well it holds up. It's a solid, solidly depressing film!As many times as I've seen Friday the 13th, though, I still picked up on a tidbit I ain't never picked up on before: Crazy Ralph had a wife! This changes everything! Okay, not really, but still, I can't help but wonder about her. Poor Mrs. Ralph.Also, another tidbit: Brenda was totally the gay one, right? She was all into vegetarianism and healthy eating, she curled up with a book at night, she wore that frumpy nightgown, she said the game of strip Monopoly was about to get "interesting" because Alice was going to take her shirt off...come on now.Man, yesterday was such a good day. There should be Friday, October 13ths more often![...]