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RuneHead News

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Few Minor Updates

Wed, 11 Nov 2009 10:51:52 GMT

Today we have added a few small but hopefully useful updates to the RuneHead Hiscores Catalogue.

- Firstly we have added the "Mobilising Armies" stats to the memberlists, the update system and the mini-game pages.
- Secondly we have some additional options to the memberlist embedding page which will allow certain aspects of the memberlist to be hidden when put on your website. The old system will still work if you are using an embedded memberlist, so you won't need to change your website code unless you want to use these additional options.
- Finally we have added 2 new categories to the memberlist registration service and the Admin Control Panel. Soul Wars and God Wars Dungeon Groups can now be selected.

We hope you enjoy these changes and as always, let us know if you have any problems or any suggestions for the Hiscores Catalogue by contacting us.

Memberlist Size Increased

Tue, 21 Jul 2009 07:25:03 GMT

Hello everyone,

RuneHead has just moved to a much more powerful server and we have decided to increase the memberlist size to 2,000 members. We will be monitoring the site for performance impacts.


Small Changes / Fixes

Sun, 08 Mar 2009 05:20:32 GMT

Hi all,

A few changes small changes / fixes have just been released for the RuneHead Hiscores Catalogue.

The changes include:
- On the personal stats page you can now see all the memberlists that the member you are viewing is on.
- Under the Admin Control Panel you can now specify your IRC Channel.
- Under the Admin Control Panel you can now choose "Worldwide" as a Timezone option..
- The home world selection and its corresponding flags that display on the memberlists have been updated.

In addition to that, we have also fixed up a few small issues that were causing some display problems on some browsers. Google Chrome has also been added to the official list of supported browsers. If you have any problems with the way a page displays, please contact us.

RuneHead News Feed Fixed

Sat, 19 Jul 2008 01:25:27 GMT

We're having small problems with out RuneScape news feed seeing as changed their site layout a few days ago.

We are looking to resolve the problem shortly and apologies for those who have been using the feed and are now having difficulties.

Edit: The news feed is now fixed. Clooth from offered to help rewrite the script from scratch since our old one was a bit messy. Thanks Clooth!

Internal Clan Banner Hosting

Wed, 07 May 2008 04:22:15 GMT

All the memberlist clan / group banner hosting has been changed so all the banners will now be hosted internally on the RuneHead server instead of linking to an external website.

Making this change will have the following advantages over the old method:
- Since the banner will hosted internally on the RuneHead server, the loading of the banner will be faster and the RuneHead server won't need to rely on the external website being active.
- Hosting all the banners internally will allow us to better monitor the banners to ensure only clean banners are being used on the memberlists.
- Unlike some image hosting websites, RuneHead won't delete your banner after a certain period of time. So you can be sure your banner will be functioning when people view your memberlist.

If you own a memberlist, when you log into the Admin Control Panel there will now be a "Browse" button under the "Requested Changes" section you can click which will allow you to Browse for the banner you wish to use.

As before, each banner change request will need to be validated by an Admin. This will usually be done in less than 24-48 hours.

All the current banners have been copied over the RuneHead server, so you won't need to change anything if you are already using a banner on your memberlist.

If you wish to remove your current banner or the banner change request you can use the "Clear" button in the Admin Control Panel.

If you have any problems or questions with this update, please contact us.

Fist of Guthix Minigame

Sun, 20 Apr 2008 05:29:25 GMT

The new minigame Fist of Guthix has been added to the RuneScape Hiscores Catalogue.

This will carry over to every page that has the other minigame stats such as the memberlists, personal stats page, minigame database and the compare page.

Each memberlist will need to be updated before the stats will show for this new minigame.

Import / Export Members

Fri, 18 Apr 2008 11:32:32 GMT

We have added a new feature to the Admin Control Panel, an Import / Export Members feature.

This will feature will allow you:
- Import members from a .txt or .csv file on your computer and specify each members' RuneScape name rank.
- Export all your members from your memberlist into a text tab delimited (.txt) file.

How to use these features is explained under the Admin CP Guide, but if you have trouble understanding how they work then please contact us.

Minigames Update

Sat, 23 Feb 2008 01:45:50 GMT

We have just released an update that will now allow you to see each memberlist's minigame statistics.

With this update the minigame stats will now show on all the memberlists. You will also be able to use the compare feature to compare the minigame stats between memberlists.

In addition to this we have also introduced a "Minigames Database" page. Through this page you will be able to see the minigame stats of each clans / non-clan groups like you can with the other memberlist database pages.

The minigame stats will show once you update your memberlist or allow the auto updater to update it (assuming you have this switched on).

On a side note, the "Clan Database" / "Non-Clan Database" pages have also been updated to allow you to display all clan / non-clan groups at once in addition to just being able to just clans / non-clan groups separately.

We hope you enjoy these updates.

Clan Signatures

Wed, 06 Feb 2008 21:13:24 GMT

Hello everyone!

We have great news to bring everyone who uses our Hiscores Catalogue, and it's something that many have wanted for a long time!

It is... Clan Signatures!

We've teamed up with to provide this exciting new feature. Draynor has a great reputation for their brilliant RuneScape-related signatures, and we're proud to work with them.

We recommend you head on over to Clan Signatures to get a signature for your clan!

Also, another thing to note.. You don't need to be a clan leader to use the signatures. Anyone who knows their clan link at RuneHead can use this service.

Here's an example, by the way:


Thanks for using the RuneHead Hiscores Catalogue and we hope you enjoy this new feature (image)

Additional Summoning Updates

Mon, 04 Feb 2008 12:50:59 GMT

With the release of Summoning a few weeks back, the RuneScape combat system has been changed. While combat levels are now higher under P2P worlds when a player has summoning levels, they remain the same as before on F2P worlds regardless of whether the player has summoning levels or not.

Therefore, we have released a new update that will allow users to view combat levels for the memberlists and other features in both P2P and F2P combat formats.

On the memberlists and throughout the other features you will get an option to choose whether to display either P2P or F2P combat.

The only pages which won't have this option will be the personal stats page and the compare feature as they will display both P2P and F2P combat at the same time.

The F2P combat level will only display after a memberlist has been updated either manually or automatically. This is required as the F2P combat level is held in the database to save recalculating it every time a memberlist is displayed.

Finally, Summoning has now been added as an extra row under the Compare feature when you select "Combat Related Skills".

If you find a page which isn't working how it should after this update, please let us know either by posting on the forum or emailing

We hope you enjoy this update.

2 Years of the Hiscores Catalogue!

Sun, 03 Feb 2008 05:42:56 GMT

Today we celebrate 2 years since the RuneHead hiscores catalogue (formerly RSHSC) was released as a public service.

First of all, I would like to thank all the staff and users for all the support and dedication to this site. Without the hard work from the staff and the support from users (through visits, suggestions and error reports) this site simply wouldn't go anywhere.

We do realise that lately the amount of updates to the hiscores catalogue (and site in general) have be down a lot, but that doesn't mean there won't be updates in the future. We are currently working on a few updates at the moment and definitely will plan more for the future.

Remember, if you have any suggestions for the hiscores catalogue or the website please let us know either by posting on the forum or contacting us by emailing

Thanks for the ongoing support,
RuneHead Staff.

Summoning Added to Hiscores

Wed, 16 Jan 2008 09:55:38 GMT

We have added the new Summoning skill to the RuneHead Hiscores Catalogue.

This update will not only introduce a new skill for each memberlist, but will also affect the combat level for those that have a Summoning level higher than 1.

Therefore, the combat formula has also been updated to support this. Since this formula is new, there may be some cases where the combat level is incorrect. If you find this to be the case or if you find something else not working with this update, please let us know by emailing

Happy Holidays

Thu, 27 Dec 2007 17:15:50 GMT

Happy holidays from all of us here at RuneHead.

We're quiet right now, yes, but we're far from dead. We just wanted to let everyone know that we're doing new stuff and reorganizing our site. We have a new design coming shortly, and we hope it helps people navigate throughout our site easier.

We're also open to your feedback, you may post on our newly created "Comments & Suggestions" forum.

Again, happy holidays, and we'll see you in the new year with some site changes!

RuneHead Future

Sat, 29 Sep 2007 14:12:45 GMT

Hi All,

With the departure of Ks Jeppe earlier this week, it has left a few questions open about the future of RuneHead and its services. I would like to clear up on a few things in regards to that.

First of all though, I would like to thank Ks Jeppe for the many years of dedication to RS fan / help sites (this includes both running RuneHead and being part of the Tip.It Crew). Without this dedication and hard work, the RSHSC (now the Hiscores Catalogue) would not have survived. Not only has Ks Jeppe hosted this service for over a year and a half, she has also helped improve it in many ways. This hard work is greatly appreciated.

Now as for the future of RuneHead. We have made a few decisions about what will be happening in the future for the site. The main points are as follows:
- The Editorials has been removed (hopefully temporary). Unfortunately over time we have had a few problems in releasing regular articles. However, there are plans to revive this service; probably running in a different way to ensure articles are released regularly and that the service is running strong for a long period of time.
- The Hiscores Catalogue and IRC will keep running as normal. There are no plans to stop any of those services in the near future. The other staff and I definitely will be looking to keep improving the Hiscores Catalogue and IRC as time goes on as well.
- We will also be looking to introduce new features in the future. Discussion about this is currently happening.

Overall, it is sad to see Ks Jeppe leave; but there comes a time to move on and the time was right for her. I wish all her of the best in the future (as I'm sure many others do as well).

The rest of the staff and myself will do all we can to keep RuneHead running strongly as we look towards the future.

Thats all for me folks..

Thu, 27 Sep 2007 19:33:53 GMT

Hey all,

This is never a good news message to write for me... It was hard when I left Tip.It, and it's even harder here. RuneHead was a great project for me, it was a a chance to do a difference and bring things to the RuneScape users that they didn’t have the possibility to get before. Some of it succeeded, and other stuff failed, but the one great thing, for me at least, is that I know that the 150.000 users RuneHead has, have been with us, using us, and benefiting from us for one and a half years now.

I can't even start to say how sorry I am that I never fully got the time to make RuneHead as great and big as I had in mind, but you all know how it is, IRL comes in the way, and now it's finally time for me to move on. RuneScape fansites have been in my life since i joined the Tip.It Crew in Jan 03, I've met a lot of great people, and had a blast. I hope that you'll all keep on using RuneHead, and help the staff here keep the site running.

If you have any concerns, or any messages to send me, please feel free to send me a pm on the RuneHead forums, i'll try to check them once in a while (image)

All the love in the world to all the great people using this site,

- More information will be posted soon by Eeeeediot, WestScript or jerrcs.

Memberlists - Printable Version

Sat, 08 Sep 2007 00:54:10 GMT

A "Printable Version" option has been added to the top right hand side of the memberlists. Using this feature will allow you to generate a printable version of any memberlist in a Portable Document Format (PDF) file.

After generating this PDF document you can then either print or save this document to your computer. This feature will be handy if you want to keep a record of your memberlist before a clan war or simply want to keep an archive of your memberlist at a certain time in your clan / group's history.

This feature will also work for all the ways you can normally view your memberlist (changing the skill, viewing the personal stats page, viewing stats for a single rank etc.).

You will need to have Adobe Reader or another PDF reader installed in order to view the printable version. Adobe Reader can be downloaded from:
It is recommended you upgrade to the latest version of Adobe if you haven't got it already.

If you find a printable version of any memberlist not displaying properly, contact us, let us know and we'll get it sorted.

RuneHead and RuneScript merger

Sun, 05 Aug 2007 21:57:34 GMT

I'm very happy to announce that as part of RuneHead's expanding services, RuneScript is now an official division of RuneHead. RuneScript is a widely used IRC bot made for RuneScape. It is a compilation of scripts that retrieve statistics on players via the hi-scores, and analyse the data it finds to give helpful information to people who request it.

The RuneScript leaders and crew are welcomed to the RuneHead team and they will continue to develop the bot independently. The merger will see the sharing and coordination of technical and non-technical resources.

For the meanwhile, the sites will link extensively to each other while important behind the scene issues are being sorted out. Both websites and forums will stay as they are for this phase. When we see that things are ready, we will move to the next phase of bringing the sites and communities closer together.

Please feel free to discuss this issue on either forum and we hope to keep you updated with all the latest developments.

New Updater / Other Updates

Sun, 29 Jul 2007 03:32:33 GMT

In line with Jagex releasing a text version of the official RuneScape Hiscores, the updater inside the Admin Control Panel has been updated to use the new, faster hiscores which has made updating at least 300-500% times faster.

Along with update, a lot of smaller updates have been added over the last few weeks / months to improve the Admin Control Panel and the memberlists. Some of more noticeable updates go as follows:
- The amount of members you can add to your memberlist and update at once has been increased to 100.
- A new colour wheel has replaced the old colour table. This new colour wheel will now give you a choice of 4096 colours to choose from compared to 216 using the old colour table.
- You can choose to filter a memberlist by a certain rank and / or a certain search term by either clicking on a rank or enter a search term.
- A total XP field has been added to the stats table on the memberlists. This will display the total XP of the memberlist under a certain skill.


Mon, 23 Jul 2007 20:15:52 GMT

Hey all...

As some of you might be aware, I personally have some in real life problems right now with a house that was flooded due to extensive rain, and therefore my computer was ruined. Since I was without a computer, i sadly paid the bill for our database server about 24 hours late, and therefore it has been down for that time. It should all be sorted now though, and RuneHead is back, stronger than ever. I hope this didn't inconvenience you too much, but i can assure you that we'll do our very best not to let this happen ever again. We are currently working on broadening the access to our server billing, so that we have multiple leaders with the ability to step in and recover the servers if any late-payments, or bandwidth overtakes should occur.

Also, I'd like to point out that this is the only major downtime we've had in the 4 years RuneHead has been online, and since we've tried that out now, and agreed that it wasn't for us, we wont do it again (image) (and no, it wasn't on purpose, blame me (image) )

Thanks for your understanding, and please don't hate us (image)

Report a Memberlist

Sun, 17 Jun 2007 05:48:21 GMT

A "Report List" feature has been added to the Hiscores Catalogue memberlists. This feature will allow you to report any memberlists that are breaking the guidelines of this service or are under the wrong memberlist category.

To report a memberlist simply click on the "Report List" link at the top right hand corner of the memberlist and fill in the appropriate details under the report screen. Appropriate action will be taken as a result. If no action needs to be taken, the report will be removed.

Note: This feature isn't designed as an alternative for "Remove Me" requests. Any reports of this nature will be removed without action. Please use the Hiscores Catalogue Abuse Reporting part of the forum or contact us to request to be removed from a memberlist.