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Preview: Peak Oil Premonitions

Peak Oil Premonitions

For those who believe mankind needs to re-evaluate and change the roles each one of us plays in our ecosystem of finite resources, to redirect our impact on future generations and their ways of life.

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The transition has begun in earnest.


Update: June 12, 2009;The transition has begun in earnest. Of the big three auto builders in North America, Ford is standing tall with a world class hybrid model line-up. Many towns and cities throughout the world have established sustainability strategies in addition to existing recycling programs. Carbon trading, although controversial, is slowly growing. May you/we live in interesting times!

How Resilient Is Healthcare? Health After Oil blog


Imagine the American healthcare industry as the proverbial proud oak tree that refuses to bend during a windstorm. For decades the industry has been deft at fending off resolution of the Three Cs, cost, coverage and quality of care. Predictably, this political success has nurtured a lack of resilience, by which I mean the ability of an organization to absorb exogenous shocks or disturbances and

The Good Life video from


This video is actually a good depiction of my husband and me (I have the role of the guy and he the wife) only he hasn't arrived at the acceptance stage yet!)

Permaculture: Farms for a future


NPR: Power Hungry: Visualizing the Electric Grid


Full interactive U.S. map here.

How Corporations Stole Your Power, and What You Can Do


Click here for full article and video on Chelsea Green.What does this have to do with peak oil, you say? Well, if we are to have stronger, more localized communities in order to become more sustainable and not rely on mass energy, corporations deemed as persons will not help the matter much.

Alternet: Oil Has Peaked: Now Begins the Transition


Full article here.As The Oil Drum pointed out last week, oil has peaked. We have officially entered the post-oil age in which the transition to lower energy lives is inevitable. (No doubt, pundits and policy wonks will debate this ad nauseum for the far too long, and to them I say, "AAAAAAAAAAAARGH!")This energy transition can happen gracefully with fore-thought and planning, or, if we continue

Open Letter to President Obama. (Stay in touch and please bookmark!)


Mr. President, I know it's been since May 2008 during your campaign that I met you in Northern Indiana and gave you Heinberg's book on oil depletion with my blog address written on the inside cover. I really hope you remembered or chose to take the book with you to the White House during your move. I also hope that with recent news that you can keep your Blackberry, that you can/would bookmark

"Removable Insulation" Here and Now!


Three North American firms - no ads intended, but all sites listed below have an FAQ - providing installable, removable insulation panelling or similar usage with varying degrees of flexibility: (firm based in Alberta, Canada) (Texas, USA) (throughout Canada)

Renewables, Here and Now!


The article describes how to implement clean and renewable energy carrier technologies here and now, based on established methodologies in first world countries located in temperate climate zones.

Jim Rogers sees oil at US$200 as world is running out of reserves


INTERNATIONAL. Investor Jim Rogers is bullish on oil as crude prices collapsed to four-year lows and the world is running out of known oil reserves.Rogers said he is the world's worst market timer and a horrible short-term trader, but a sharp sell-off in oil prices suggested a bottom.Rogers, who remains bullish on commodities, estimated known world oil reserves at today's consumption rate are

Choosing What Our Cities Will Look Like in a World Without Oil


As we draw nearer to reaching the point of Peak Oil, it benefits us to imagine what our cities will look like in a world without oil. Does this conjure up images of cities turned into urban farms just to produce enough food for us all? Do we devote all our energy to growing, bartering and trading the food we grow? Or will the city become divided, with the wealthy moving to the center while higher

World unaware as oil dries up: Experts


For more than a century it has been cheaper than coffee and as constant as ocean waves.Getting it is simple. You select the grade, insert the nozzle, squeeze the handle and gasoline comes out. There seems no end to it. Until now.On top of the other problems plaguing the world, such as global warming and the current financial meltdown, there's a third pressing issue that threatens to bring the

Slight Majority Of U.S. Energy CFOs Disagree That World Has Reached Peak Oil


Approximately 48% of U.S. E&P chief financial officers believe that the world has reached its peak petroleum production rate or will reach it within the next few years, while another 52% disagree with that statement, according to a new survey by Chicago-based national professional services firm BDO Seidman LLP.The BDO Seidman Natural Resources 2009 Outlook survey was conducted by Market

Square Foot Gardening Tips: January


Patti Moreno sent me an email to her new YouTube short with Mel Bartholomew (Square Foot Gardening) and asked me to spread it around! I'm getting antsy for spring due to all of the new seed catalogs coming almost daily to me! I will also post a pic of the garden window I use every year for my seed starts in late winter!

"we can solve our energy problems with existing technologies today"


"...There is enough baseload solar potential in one 90-mile-by-90-mile grid in the American Southwest to power the whole country. A similar grid in North Africa could power all of Europe. India and China have equally large solar resources, more than enough to replace new coal.And CSP is a decades old technology, that uses mostly commodity materials--steel, concrete and glass. The central

Peak Oil - How Will You Ride the Slide?


Biogas - the Wave of the Future in an Oil-Exporting Country?


HOW SUSTAINABLE IS THIS TECHNIOLOGY?The material, components and technical know how for the implementation is readily available. The utilities for the operation of biogas technology are wastes, which are free, cheap and in abundance. There is no requirement for the addition of chemicals. Income is increased in many folds through energy, fertilizer, health and waste disposal. Maintenance is very

Throw Away Consumables as Building Materials

2008-07-27T07:40:13.135-04:00  site has links and film trailers of an American architect who uses throw-away consumables to build "earthships";  (huge US website, incl. hard to get internships)has UK followers (16 home project) here: "..15,000 tyres would be recycled to construct the homes, at a time when the UK is planning to burn

Charles Hugh Smith: Oil Down $16 to $130, Everything Wonderful Again: Not


Full blog post here.Frequent contributor U. Doran sent in this link from the Association for the Study of Peak Oil & Gas-USA: Peak Oil Is A Done Deal .Bottom line: Saudi Arabia and Russia, which together pump about 23% of the world's oil, are both in depletion decline. So are Mexico, the North Sea, etc.Simply put: every time the "Oil Bull" is declared dead, as it was in January, it rises with

Rethink, Regroup, Rebuild - UrbanRevision


How would you rebuild a city block? Where would you start? Where would you end? The Re:Vision Community is here to learn, discuss, share, expound and, ultimately, create a sustainable street that can be the blueprint for cities everywhere. Look around or dig in. There’s a lot to do here. Because there’s a lot to be done out there.Check out the personal statements of the members, e.g. Paul

Energy-inefficient houses help to suck up the 50% of the entire US energy demand


Adapting Buildings and Cities for Climate ChangeThis challenging and exciting text gives an insight into the real changes that are necessary to give our modern day built environment both 'sustainability' and 'survivability'. The book is based on the premise that climate change is going to happen and its impacts on our lives are going to be far worse than generally expected. Sue Roaf argues that

More on the Pickens Plan in Forbes


Click here for full article.

Oil at $150 Next Week?


Peak Oil 101 from T. Boone Pickens: The Pickens Plan


The Pickens PlanI don't really understand his affection for the role of natural gas in transportation. Most of us oil buffs know that natural gas has a sharper cliff than oil does once it runs out! He must have his money bets on the natural gas, I don't know. I do appreciate and respect his desire to bring people onto the same page and his concern for the next generations.