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Violence will not be heard again in your land, nor devastation or destruction within your borders; But you will call your walls salvation, and your gates praise. Isaiah 60:18

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Jesus Speaks to the Women


Jesus Speaks to the Women36x24 mixed mediaStations of the CrossCorona Christian ChurchI dyed the batik background and appliqued the foreground image with hand dyed fabric. Machine quilted; metallic paint and crystals.



The best part was working in the slum along side Kenyans Jimmy Olo and Samuel Mwiti.What a powerful time we had those 5 days. It was special to us, and we gave it all we had. I was also with Becky Munson and Michael Stafford. We were a great group! We didn't have to say a word to each other or plan a thing! I have never had that much harmony in a group of people working on something! I will

.... and all who live in it


The earth is the Lord's and everything in it. It's only by the Lord's love for me though Jesus Christ that I can even begin to understand these words. All my senses are overwhelmed by this verse. There is no category to this statement. Take it or leave it; It is his; the earth; everything. And if that's hard to understand then maybe this will help: the world. And all who live in it.I wonder

New Psalms


Oh Lord I am callingwill call and must always call. I will also callas others callCall out to you like birds would caw cawThe sound comes back to me as your people are the mountain thatmakes the echo.I hear them call, we callan abrasive music, cawOh Lord you hear us.



You said my name and red and green gems fell out of your mouth.My name was given to me by my mother and then again by you.It hung there making music,making me real.I was a phantom, I was baited breath;unformed and messyout of my container.From all the words, I can only rememberthe shade of red leaking aroundmy name.The letters formed from purpleopulence, some iron bar bent



Mark and I went to the Gamble House in Pasadena last month. Go.Sock in it's native settingMy elbow is healed! My knitting has resumed. Inspired to make socks.

Start here..


I'm heavily into the craft/sew/knit mode. So I'll be posting most of my projects here. I like Squarespace and hope to chart the inspiration I've been lead to by the work in Nairobi and the attention I'm making toward art. I hope to record the journey I've begun to find my place in developing the path of fiber for sustained living. Hand made, provision for life and meaning- it's a calling

First Quilt of 2009


This is how much I love Valentine's Day.

Making Plans


Plans are in the works to return to Kenya at the end of March. I hope to get back to Amani Ya Juu. What a beautiful place that can inspire all the working women of Mathare. They are free to work at something they love and enjoy the community that it makes. January is turning into a new kind of month for me. It's very good to be home and taking better care of things. We are so thankful.

Come Early!!


If for nothing else, come see the costmes!!Merry Christmas

Nairobi Journal


November 16It's cool and overcast. The open reserve next to the airport has giraffes in the distance. But I guess I'm feeling too serious to get excited about it. Or still tired.Keith is laughing all the time. He's so glad to see Arty. I get the front seat. Tim is patient and engaged. I can be quiet. There's a lot of traffic and roundabouts and so may walking.It all looks familiar. I

Nairobi Journal


November 15Remembering back to that Saturday night all I can think of is "I'm tired!" We hadn't even begun. But maybe that's just my memory. I was sick. The fires, the traffic, the drama aver the fires, the drama over the traffic. All of us were nervous about our tickets. During all of this I called out to God, but it didn't carry assurance. I just called. Once. That's all the energy I

Children of Mathare


In impossible circumstances, the children taught at the Hope Center are surrounded by dedicated people who love God. We felt very privledged to visit and develope friendships with those who love them. Tim and I traveled with Eastside's own Santa Arty VanGeloof. He has so much to give because he lets all that he gets pass right through his hands. It's fun to watch him in action. Together

A Few Shots of Taos


Long overdue, but still worth sharing. Tina and I went to New Mexico to have one of my favorite trips ever. We ate well, traveled well and shopped well. Got a little sight of fiber processing and took in the hand spun type crowd. There are so many doing lovely creative things. I'm hoping to share that enthusiasm with those I meet while traveling to Kenya this week. Tim and I are taking our

Kazuri Beads


Tim Swaney took these shots and many more of the bead workshop called Kazuri Beads. The Brighton Jewelry company has struck water with the proceeds from their Clean Water promotion in Kibera, one of the slums of Nairobi, Kenya. Karin's group from our church was in the neighboring Mathare slum. You can still find Brighton Kazuri Beads at Ear Abstracts in Yorba Linda and help the families in the

Thanks for this Kim


Dyed and Spun Shetland


A Note About Nairobi


Thanks Paul, I know your thoughts come from your experience. I certainly don't have any special quality to offer. But I'm willing. Our plans have changed to travel in November. I hope to teach and/or encourage some possibly forgotten and abandoned fiber crafts. There is an active group who manage and oversee micro-business financing applications. I hope for a long term benefit for them, but

What I've Spun


Nairobi's Hope


Have a look at what our friend Tim is doing in Nairobi:www.timbuskey.blogspot.comKarin will be leaving on the 20th for 2 weeks to The Hope Center. The video page tells of 120+ children that are being helped. The number in the past year has risen to over 2000.I hope that you'll sponsor a child Tim and I are planning to go in September.

A Month of Spinning


I've begun.



What kind of seeds are bones?that lay down in the earth to become earthThen the texture of springs and things unseen before-The worst came to themand they fell-unthinkable to reverse their purposean insult to their creationWe are not in the time of knowingit is not to be saidwhat comes of calcium and withered marrowBut if bones are seeds once hatched fromcreations painful rootsWe will see its

Couldn't Everyone Use One of These?




He is continuing,my friend is extended.The cries in mystery lay idle.But revealed when he touched them.He is transforming-my friend is overturnedby grace which lies amongst soiled creation, given eternity in time.He is dying.My friend is prophetic.The passing can't be fleshas bones do; dry and whitened.He is living-my friend is writing courage.The law of justice pressinglight from darkness; words



My friend Joel is writing again. You should read him.