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Exploring the metaverse with monthly meetings in Second Life

Published: 2007-12-05T08:39:44-08:00


Virtual Worlds play a part in Knowledge workspace


As reported on Community Mobilization, a recent Forester Research report states that virtual worlds and spaces a re a key component of the knowledge workspace. The report identifies several Web 2.0 technologies that companies should adopt for stronger information connections:...

ACS Office News


I wanted to make a few announcements here about the ACS Second Life Office. We have decided to add a few volunteer positions to help us manage all of the activity that is going on. I am very pleased to...

Stanley Milgram experiment comes to a Virtual World


The electric-shock obedience experiment sent Stanley Milgram into infamy. It also was the catalyst for American Psychological Association to adopt ethical considerations when performing psychological experiments on people. Plus One reports that a group in London re-ran the same experiment...

SL Future Salon on ARGs *Tonight* Friday, Nov. 27th at 4 PM PST


Aaaaaaaarg, it's the future salon on ARGs. Theater with your software and stories gone wild: Come to the 5th floor auditorium of Sheep Tower on Sheep island (<--SLURL) at 4 PM PST *tonight* 11/27 for the Second Life Future Salon...

SL Future Salon on Alternate Reality Games, Monday, November 27th at 4 PM PST


Update: More posted here. The SL Future Salon on ARGs will meet in the 5th floor auditorium of Sheep Tower (<--SLURL) at 4 PM PST, Monday, November 27th (if all goes well the tower will be talking to us ;))....

Virtual Laguna Beach Field Trip Rescheduled Again


Ack, sorry to have to reschedule on such short notice and for a second time, but we're going to have to postpone the field trip to Virtual Laguna Beach for another week. I'd planned for guests from MTV,, and...

Change Is Afoot!


The SL Future Salon now has its own podcast channel on compliments of John Swords AKA Johnny Ming. Our first podcast on the network--a conversation about transparency and lifelogging with Justin Hall and Mark Barrett--is up for listening. Some...

Read-Ahead for Tuesday's SL Future Salon


This Tuesday at 6 PM PST the Second Life Future Salon will meet with Justin Hall and Mark Barrett on the 5th floor auditorium of Sheep Tower on Sheep Island [<--SLURL, click to launch Second Life]. More details here. The...

Next SL Future Salon Tuesday, September 26th with Justin Hall and Mark Barrett


The Second Life Future Salon continues on Tuesday, September 26th at 6 PM PST with Justin Hall and Mark Barrett. We'll be talking on Skype and streaming live into the Sheep Tower 5th floor conference room [<--SLURL] on Sheep Island....

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes to the SL Future Salon


Hi everybody, As you've seen, things have been quiet with the Second Life Future Salon for a couple of months. I'm working on changing that. Please never mind the site holes as we update. The situation is pretty classic, though...