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The Sunnye Side of the Web

"Wherever you go, whatever the weather, always bring your own sunshine."

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I'm back


It's been a long time since I posted here and my life has changed radically. I don't think I have, but my life has. I am an unwilling widow. It's not as if we didn't see it coming. Herb was officially diagnosed with Alzheimer's shortly after we moved to Nebraska in 2007. His condition deteriorated until he died on May 14, 2011. Some day I'll write about those years--I kept notes--but not

Strangers and friends


"Strangers are friends you haven't met yet." I said that to a new friend who is moving into town last week and hearing myself made me stop and think. That may have been true when my children were young, and each time we moved to a new town and state I quoted that to my children. But it's not a quote I would use to my grandchildren because the world has changed for the worse. And I feel a little



I think it's time for a new resolution -- to try to keep up with this blog. With the new Presidential campaign in full swing (although I'm still hoping for an open convention), I'll have plenty of feelings to share here. As a political junkie, I've been observing and participating in the American political process actively since 1952 and intend to continue to do so until my 100th birthday. I do

Raising Cain


My daughter, Teena, recently asked me what interests me about Herman Cain (for President). I really enjoyed sitting down and noting the things about him that have caught my attention:I think the two things I most like about him are, first: He's not a politician. That will be a disadvantage to some extent because he will have to learn how to handle Congress but I suspect that even the new Congress



So now we learn that some of the rebels in Libya are members of Al Quaeda! Surprise, surprise. (Click on the title to see the article).Would someone like to explain to me why Obama, without consulting Congress, bombs Libya to keep a militant dictator from killing his own people in the streets when he turned away from Ahmadinejad when he did it in Iran?

The Best Thing on the Web


Thanks to my smart daughter, I just discovered is going to be fun. If you'd like to try it out, try this

Wake UP


I simply HAVE to wake up and blog! There's so much going on out there that it's really hard to stay silent.After years of hearing people like Bill Maher and Jeanene Garofola call President Bush a liar and stupid and even calling for his assassination (which was seen often on the Daily Kos), not to mention the thorough assassination through outright lies and refusal to report the truth about

My Review of Triple Basket Deep Fryer


Originally submitted at Brylane HomeFry different foods at once! Cool-touch stainless design comes with 3 baskets: a jumbo for big batches, plus 2 side-by-side baskets for smaller batches. Immersion element preheats and recovers oil temperature quickly. Adjustable thermostat, ready light, odor filter, detachable, easy-clean 4½-lt.... Triple Basket Deep FryerYou people

THIS Is Some of What is Behind the Tea Party's Ire


Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post writes: “The first African American president takes office, and almost immediately we see the birth of a big, passionate national movement - overwhelmingly white and lavishly funded - that tries its best to delegitimize that president, seeks to thwart his every initiative, and manages to bring the discredited and moribund opposition

Letter to Steven and Cokie Roberts


This morning I watched Cokie Roberts and her husband Steven on Book TV talking about his new book about immigration in America.A very great deal of that discussion involved a diatribe by Steven about how the current discussion about immigration is typical of America. He spent a long time discussing how different ethnic people came here and suffered discrimination.Steven and Cokie don't seem to

Letter to John Kerry


“We have an electorate that doesn’t always pay that much attention to what’s going on so people are influenced by a simple slogan rather than the facts or the truth or what’s happening,” Sen. John Kerry told reporters after touring the Boston Medical Center yesterday. Sen. Kerry, I'm a member of that electorate. I pay attention to what's happening because I've been interested in politics and

Well, I Tried........


It's not that I haven't been keeping up.I have.It's that I haven't put my blogging as a top priority. I think I'll do that now -- at least a blog a week --and I think I'll cover subjects other than politics even though politics is still my favorite subject!For now, though, I've been thinking:There is no doubt to anyone who has seriously studied the history of our nation that although some of the

Goodbye, America


by WAYNE ALLYN ROOT Barack Obama is no fool. He is not incompetent. To the contrary, he is brilliant. He knows exactly what he's doing. He is purposely overwhelming the U.S. economy to create systemic failure, economic crisis and social chaos -- thereby destroying capitalism and our country from within. Barack Obama is my college classmate (Columbia University, class of '83).

From a Gentle Heart


Just finished reading Laura Bush's Spoken From the Heart. Lovely book, lovely life. And surprising to me. I'm a fairly political creature -- keep up with the news via CNN, ABC, NBC and Fox so I know pretty much what's going on. I was amazed at what Laura Bush accomplished during her White House years.Of course I knew she founded the annual book fair in D.C. because I've been an avid watcher of

Catch Up


I haven't been good about blogging lately. Maybe it's the absolutely stunning stupidity in the national political scene that has me frustrated. I don't know. I can't believe the nastiness -- Dems whining about threats of violence (most of which seem to be a product of the MainMedium's imagination) after six or seven years of threatening to assassinate President Bush and calling him traitor and



Okay. I've given Obama plenty of time to show what he really is. And it looks like he's someone who is going to have his way whether the American people want him to or not. It looks like he doesn't know a thing about American history, American values or the American constitution. Since he taught constitutional law at one point I'd rather think he's stupid rather than think he truly wants to turn

Pat Boone's "President Without A Country"


The president without a country By Pat Boone "We're no longer a Christian nation." - President Barack Obama, June 2007" America has been arrogant." - President Barack Obama"After 9/11, America didn't always live up to her ideals."- President Barack Obama"You might say that America is a Muslim nation."- President Barack Obama, Egypt 2009Thinking about these and other statements made by the man who

Obama Wants Names


I remember during WWII being shocked at hearing how German children were encouraged to report friends and family to the government who opposed Hitler. Since I was being taught that I was free to speak out in opposition to my government if I had good reason to oppose something about it, reporting others for their political opinions seemed particularly frightening to me.So now we learn that the

Cash for Our Clunker


So we (Hubby and I) decided to turn in our trusty 1995 Pontiac TransPort (his fav car of all time) to the cash for clunkers program.Why not? It has 230,000 miles on it, occasionally runs its own battery down for no apparent reason and the windshield wipers work only in sunshine. Since we transport our Downs grandchild to a special school 25 miles away four days a week, we do need something newer

A TACKY WHITE HOUSE and Other Thoughts


Since the present President of the United States refers to the former President as "Bush" I see no reason why anyone should refer to him as anything other than "Obama." He doesn't havc enough respect for the office to wear a coat and tie in the Oval Office, anyway. He'd rather be cool. So it's just as cool to call him "Obama."But it's not cool to be invited to dinner at the White House anymore.

Housing/Financial Crisis Warnings


Obama, Henry Gates and Cassius Clay/Muhammed Ali


Admitting that he didn't know anything about the circumstances involved and still calling the arresting officer's action "stupid" probably wasn't the most racist thing we've seen Obama say or do since his election but it ranks up there as one of the dumbest. He should apologize.According to reports, the professor was in the act of jimmying his own front door because he had forgotten his key when

Whom Should Congress Permanently Honor?


What is WRONG with these people?A Congresswoman wants a PERMANENT resolution to honor Michael Jackson? Why? What did he ever do that made a real difference? Although those who do not know music claim he changed it some way for the better -- without defining just what that was -- so what? He was an entertainer, for heavens' sake. I take that back, he never did anything for heavens' sake --

Anger, Frustration and Obama. Thoughts.


I'm coming to believe that Average Americans are just plain narcissistic and stupid. (Thank you, National Education Association.) Narcissistic because they value entertainment and looks over facts and intellect in almost all phases of life. It's a "me first" mentality that is sick and destructive to a fully functioning society.Here's some venting: 1. After 8 years of whining and criticism of

King Obama and his Gangster Government