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i lost myself.. i lost my dreams..
replaced by hate.. along with tears..
found my heart.. sinking too deep..
under the sunset.. in the blood sea..
i lost it there.. i lost wat i feel..
i found hope.. but it was a dream..
nth's been right.. nth's been real..
all was wrong.. all was fears..
since i lost you.. i cant heal..
without my soul.. i cant be..
i cant hope.. im not me..
ur were my heart.. filled my veins..
with your love.. hold my tears..
but when ur gone.. it all dissapeared..
faught my self.. changed my keys..
keys of my heart.. death & screams..
they used to be love.. pasion & feels
now theyre gone.. replaced by fear..



its unbeleivable.. no matter wat i do .. wat i say.. i just cant get to you..
i miss you.. ill jst keep writing until i get you..
i remember the day u said i do.. i remember the next & also remember the nights too..
it didnt last long.. but it for forever ruled..
its a night to remember.. ill never forget you..
burry me inside your heart.. in your arms in deep into..
i guess we never moved on.. we never made it through..
i always moved on.. but its diffrent with you..
your the one i want.. i hope you feel it too..
but i guess you dont.. you never tried too..
just give it a chance... dont make it seam cruel..
it unbeleivable.. undescribable.. untrue..
i have nth to say how much.. nth to describe my feeling to you..
help go on.. u complete.. im not me without you..



Black Shadowz Through My Eyez, Pail Flowerz Grew On Liez

Like The Luv Tht Had 2 Die, Like The Tearz I Alwayz Cried

Like The Dayz Tht End With Nightz, Like The Birdz Tht Never Fly

& Like The Heartz With No Lifez...Thtz How Our Love Alwayz Die..

Like How Friendship End With Fightz, Like A River Alwayz Dry

Like A B-day With No Prize, Like a Car With No Tirez..

& Like A Kid Tht Nvr Smilez.. Thtz How Our Love Turned 2 Liez..

We Were Happy 2gother, yea We Were Free...

We Were Living In Heaven, It Turned A Dream..

Wt Wrong Did I Do, Wt Wrong Happened..

Life Iz Cruel, Smile Iz Never...

No Existance of Love, No Existance of Life..

only Dreamz Of Love, Dreamz & Liez...

I Once Was Happy, I Once Did Smile..

Bt Now I Lost U, I Only Got My.. Cry

Why Did U Go, Why Did U Fly..

I Shouldve Said Sth, I Shouldve Fight

I Shoulfve moved.. I Shouldve Tried...

perfet mine


i look into ur eyez... in there bright.. i see myself, they give me pride..
i touch ur hair.. ur my perfet tail.. ur not a fairy, & i wont fail...
i seek ur heart.. i find it there.. i seek ur soul, i find it cares..
ur my perfect word.. u made it happen when u were there...

& still i cant stop staring inside ur eyez.. they hold so much
still i cant stop toching ur hair... it feels so soft ;p
srill i cant stop seeking ur heart.. bc itz the center of my soul

2night i pray for us 2 stay 2gother... itz my christmas day & i want u 4ever
2night i sleep another... itz my perfect night.. & itz heaven...
so0 many lightz in my dreamz.. so0 many lightz in my life..
so0 fightz in my dreamz.. theyre solved in my life...

my life iz perfect bc of u...

unbloody veins



fire burns me

but ice inside my heart

from reality

i am 2 far

unbloody my veins

oh yes they r

hate i see

on every single part

unbloody veins

frozen heart

like melting steal

all of my parts

i dont need forgivness

in this dark cave

all i am is hopless

yeah hopless slave

theres no use in strentgh

u tried 2 gave

coz its 2 late

its time for my grave

gd bye myself



i used 2 kno sth i used 2 laugh

life used 2 make sence but now its crap

i cant find myself am tired from the facts

the only thing for me is that

its all gone no more fun

no more laughing no more games

its all gone i cant run

i can do nth 2 erase my sins

no forgivness no love.. just hate

no more prettyness life have.. no taste

no more sadness no more hateless

well thats wat.. u say

wake up 2 madness 2 mindless.. 2 see my heartless

just nth 2 find myself

just nth is making sence

i've lost myself

since i've been this

without u am selfless, heartless, & mindless

fighting for this i cant win this

gd bye myself am titred of this

gd bye myself gd bye myself gd by myself

When U Said Gd Bye..



why do you say you've had enough while you need some more?

why do you lie to your self while you cant ignore..?

what have i done to you?

what wrong did i do?

did i break your heart or took it in the depth of mine?

did i burn your soul or kept it safe from time?

i hide behind the mask of happines...

while my eyes are filled with sorrow

i try to ignore my emptiness,,,

but once again am lead to your soul

look at me, try me... dont just walk away

spare my soul, spare me... dont just walk away

for i need you now more than i ever did ..

i need you now & nth would stop it but death..

every night as i go to sleep i pray...

pray for you to be mine..

pray for mine to be yours

but still theres no answer..

sometimes i feel like god is deaf or not there

maybe he's just ignoring me... maybe he doesnt care

i dunno what happened when i wasnt there..

he stole your heart.. does he really care

i dont think any1 can love you as i did that night

for my love to you.. is a love thats deaf & blind

i see no wrong.. i hear no right

nth but tears.. that filled my eyes...

filled it that night when you said gd bye...



... thiz time i dnt want 2 write poemz i just wanna talk..i'm 14 yearz old, im holding up 2 life bye a thin thread.. that between every 2 secondz i feel itz goanna break.. & im going 2 collapse.. ppl alwayz talk or remember boyz & menz, gurlz & womenz.. no1 ever remember how it was 2 be a teenager, going through all these thoughts, pain.. etc.. my poemz point iz just 2 show ppl a glimpse about wat a teenager feelz.. no mater how much i write it would only be a glimpse from reality, if it wasnt of my family or my friendz i would have been dead since long agoo.. ** Think **

Beneath death



i feel so complicated
i cant see through my eyes
i'm becoming so furstrated
2 find myself telling lies
i feel like i'm so faked
covered with blue eyes
inside i am naked
but covered outside

i cant see myself
like i was
i cant find myself
the way it was
am fighting 2 death
but there i am
going underneath
the earth & the facts x2

am becoming so numb
my legs cant touch
the earth am a dump
this is 2 much
looking for my tomb
waiting 2 lunch
2 go 2 hell
but its still 2 much

i cant go 2 hell
its like going up
ilost myself
into this dark
its beneath death
the way i am
& am calling death
2 take me back

Funnyy hehehe



wanna be a celebrity...

wanna get all those funny themes..wanna get my mind so clear..

but the most i

wanna be some body real...wanna stop all those drowning tears..
wanna get an automatic gear...

but most i wanna do... here...

wanna get me a lover...wanna be a copper...wanna get this faster...

wanna be a master...

wanna feel those happy tears..wanna find some body real...

wanna love wanna heal...but most i wanna do in here..

wanna find me a soul so clear...wanna get rit from my fears...

wanna get my glass so clean..but most i wanna do in here...

wanna get there faster...wanna find my lover...

wanna eat some mustard... wanna be a master...

since i was born i heared a lot...

now its time for me to talk..

i wanna fly get an ipod... wanna run and wanna walk

wanna take off this plaster..wanna eat some caustard..

wanna get me a lover...wanna be a master..

poisin crawlz



i cant wait to cry.. im longing for my tears

i try 2 keep them in.. but no i cant keep

theyre over flowing, getting out of my ears

instead of my blood, theyre filling my veins

going through my heart, then down 2 my knees

i try 2 keep them in.. but no i cant keep

i feel like death is knocking on my door..

i feel like hell under me has overflowed

i feel like god doesnt feel my holes

within me poisin crawls..

i cant feel my pain, it freezed my veins

im burried within.. fire & fears..

now ur gone but death is near

feeling high,,, lost my feelz

i in heaven when ur here

i feel in hell by my tears..

i eat & eat 2 keep it down.. i swallow tears then spit them out

i fight myself round by round i see myself within the croud

with every word i hear ur sound i had u once i was proud..

i feel like death..

I'll Be Waiting



whenever u feel alone

just think of wat we've done

remmember the tone

remmember the fun

or pick up the phone

& call at once

i'll be waiting

beside the phone

i'll be waiting

beside the door

we'll never part

u'r never far

the things we done

is never gone

whenever u miss

me or think

just try the bst

i'll never rest

i always knew

u'll be back soon

i'll be waiting..

dont take much time

just be back

its time go fly

but plz be back

in the sky

u'r fading back

but in mine

ur on the track

I Love You



i dnt want 2 be popular or rich

dnt want famous neither pretiness

but all i want is one look 2 ur eyes

& a chance 2 say that i love u

i love u i dnt care wat i'll lose or gain

without u am nth am just an empty frame

when i look at u ur like the moon

so beatifull & so small

yet so much harder 2 get

then i rise my face up & i say i love u

i say it 2 u i love u

i love u i dnt care wat i'll lose or gain

without u am nth am just an empty frame

am down on my knees i beg & bleed

only one look plz ur heinece

a little pitty for this broken kid

thats laying underneath ur legs

asking & praying begging & saying

i love baby i love u