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Updated: 2015-10-03T10:44:17Z


Second to last Okiedoke post


Today I take a big step toward accomplishing one of two major goals I set for myself decades ago as a young buck. That step is to idle this blog. And it’s not a step I take lightly, for I’ve … Continue reading

Drawing the Motmot and more


Little Axe blogger, Debby Cotter Kaspari, took her little 3″ X 5″ sketch book to the Panamanian jungle. Rufous Motmot by D. Kaspari As a dedicated field artist she uses her signature gesture drawings, field notes and camera to accentuate … Continue reading

Oklahomans can pass on turnpike PikePass


Uh … The Oklahoma Turnpike Authority will stop issuing automatic violations for failure to pay tolls until the agency can match its records with Tax Commission records new license plate numbers. Wouldn’t it make sense to just suspend automatic violations … Continue reading

Not worth the paper it’s printed on


But to be fair, it is pretty nice paper.

And I’m not even Republican


I’ve been known to criticize my congressman a bit here on this blog. It really isn’t personal. And for anyone who may think otherwise, perhaps this invitation I received in today’s mail will convince you: But what can I get … Continue reading

Images to reflect Oklahoma democracy


News aggregator Topix is advertising a new feature: Sounds like fun, however I don’t think any of these photos will be getting many votes from Okies. Come to think of it, it would be kind of like voting for a … Continue reading

White is cool with Obama


Call me a racist, but when we started to build our home 25 years ago, I thought I’d be more comfortable living with whites rather than darks. Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing personal against darkies. It’s just … Continue reading

DUI checkpoint not adding up


Every once in a while a DUI checkpoint is set up here in Little Axe. They have been located just off of Hwy 9 on 156th St. Police were there again this Memorial Day weekend, Sunday from 5pm – 9pm. … Continue reading

Small Monument, Big Debt


How automakers can reduce repairs


So, President Obama wants to see a “leaner, meaner” GM and Chrysler. Something like Nissan, maybe. Listening to Car Talk last week, I heard Tom and Ray comment on how they were unable to obtain a part to repair the … Continue reading